Top 15 Retired Wrestlers Who Are In WAY Better Shape Now

In between the constant travel, personal appearances and actual in-ring action, wrestlers and WWE stars, in particular, have very little time to work out on a daily basis. Though the stars of the professional wrestling do sacrifice the small amounts of spare time that they have for the gym, many simply don’t have the energy or time to do spend hours in the gym. You may see the dilemma that some of these wrestlers must go through, seeing as how they get paid to wrestle in their underwear.

In some cases, when it’s time to hang up their boots some wrestlers succumb to the lazy life, gaining a ton of weight and looking nothing like their former selves. In other cases, some former wrestlers relish the time that they have off so that they can perfect their body in a way they never imagined while working full time. Today we are going to be taking a look at 15 former wrestlers who after leaving the squared circle seemed to get in even better shape than when they left. Keep in mind that some of these people were in great shape before, but the time off the road allowed them to get healthy, which is also a major factor of being in great shape.

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15 Eve Torres

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Eve Torres was always in shape, working as a professional dancer before even entering the WWE in 2007. When she entered and won the Diva Search in 2007, she fit the mold of another WWE Diva bikini model, who despite being in shape wasn’t really as athletic as the previous generation of women. After a semi-successful wrestling career, Torres asked to be released from her contract so that she could focus on her role as an instructor for her husband’s - Rener Gracie - self-defense school.

Since leaving the WWE, Torres has become fully engrossed in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She currently holds a purple belt in the martial art and is in better shape than she has ever been in. It seems she's spent the time away from WWE wisely.

14 Cameron

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After Cameron was eliminated first during the 2011 revival of Tough Enough, she was immediately signed to a contract by the WWE. She made her debut on the main roster in 2012 as one of Brodus Clay’s “Funkadactyls”, before striking out on a solo career in 2014. As a singles star, Cameron didn’t shine as much as her former Funkadactyl partner Naomi and retired in 2016 following her WWE release.

Since retiring, Cameron has taken an extra interest in her physical fitness and was recently featured in People Magazine in regards to her routines. In the publication, Cameron admitted that being on the road discourages you from working out every day, which is why she now is in the gym five times a week.

13 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson is considered one of the most beautiful women to ever grace a wrestling ring, which is ironic seeing as how she got into the business as a fluke. In 199 Wilson’s boyfriend brought her to a WCW show, and she was immediately hired by the company as a valet. When the WWE bought WCW in 2001, Wilson was seized upon as a new sex symbol for the company. Wilson would go on to pose in multiple spreads for Playboy, before ultimately ending her in-ring career in 2008.

Though Wilson was in good shape while working for the WWE, she has kicked it up a notch since establishing her own Torrie Wilson Fit brand. The company is based on Wilson’s own workout methods and healthy lifestyle choices, and the results are pretty evident. Torrie looks great, as the 41-year-old has more muscle definition than she ever had while in the squared circle.

12 Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool had a six-year career in the WWE, retiring shortly after marrying The Undertaker in 2010. During her wrestling career, McCool was a top talent and made history by winning both Women’s Championships simultaneously before they were unified shortly before her retirement. McCool was forced to retire due to nagging injuries, including a broken sternum, torn joint capsules and a torn MCL. Since then McCool has successfully fought and beat skin cancer, which may have caused her to put more of an emphasis on health.

Today the former WWE Women’s Champion looks to be in the best shape of her life, frequently posting pictures of her and The Undertaker performing CrossFit and participating in fun runs. She was most recently seen during The Undertaker’s final match at WrestleMania 33 looking as good as she did when she debuted.

11 Triple H

via dailyddt.com

I don’t care if I get flak for this entry, but even though Triple H was featured in a WrestleMania match this year, he is basically retired from in-ring competition at this point. I mean the guy has only had two television matches in the past three and a half years and has admitted himself that he is annoyed by needing to wrestle at this point. It would seem to me that the “end of an era” match between The Undertaker and Triple H at WrestleMania XXVIII marked the end of Triple H’s career, as that is the time that he transitioned to a full-time behind the scenes role. During that time The Game’s body appeared to be melting, with his formerly sculpted frame looking more and more flabby by the day.

Fast forward to WrestleMania 33 and The Game looks like an entirely different person. Maybe it’s due to him shaving his head, or maybe it has to do with his 1 AM workouts. Either way, the man is in tremendous shape and is way more intimidating than he was during his final run.

10 Bob Holly

via tjrwrestling.net

I don’t know if it’s part of the veteran wrestler handbook or what, but it seems like every guy who leaves wrestling focuses on getting huge biceps. Hardcore Bob Holly is no exception to that rule and seems to be in better shape than he has ever been before. Holly obviously is still hitting the gym, but also keeps in shape by hosting occasional wrestling seminars. On his Twitter, other wrestlers have praised Holly for getting more things done in the gym by 8 AM than most get done in a week.

Holly still takes independent bookings sparingly since retiring from full-time wrestling, and the former Hardcore Champion still looks like a million bucks. The real question is given his history and size, are potential students and opponents brave enough to step in the ring with the grizzled veteran.


via ddpyoga.com

Diamond Dallas Page jumped into the wrestling business older than most who decide to join the profession. Though he had worked as a manager for years prior to his 1994 in-ring debut, Page didn’t actually work a match until he was 35 years old. To put that into perspective, that would be like if Randy Orton (a 17-year veteran) started wrestling today. Needless to say, Page’s body suffered severely due to his late arrival into the game, and he was barely able to have a significant run by the time he entered the WWE in 2001.

After retiring from full-time wrestling in 2005, DDP had to find a way to deal with his nagging injuries and developed DDP Yoga. The program uses dynamic resistance to strengthen the body without the aid of weights, or the impact of running/jumping. Page, who suffered a severe neck injury in 2002, is now able to contort his body in ways he could have never dreamed of 10 years ago.

8 Al Snow

via youtube.com

Given that Al Snow has recently opened up his own wrestling school, and he is easier to find on Instagram than on wrestling shows, I think it’s safe to say he’s at least semi-retired. Man, has retirement been good to Snow, who is absolutely jacked well into his 50s. While cruising through the former WWE Hardcore Champions Instagram account, you can see countless pictures of a completely transformed Snow. Gone is the long hair and flabby midsection, in favor of huge arms and a redefined physique.

It’s actually pretty astonishing to see someone who resided in the lower-card for most of their career finally look like a top guy. Sadly Snow may be about 20 years too late to work on top, but hey maybe he can be a surprise Royal Rumble entrant next year.

7 Trish Stratus

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Much like DDP, Trish Stratus has also carved out her own little piece of the yoga world with the creation of Stratusphere Yoga. The studio is billed as “Canada’s Largest eco-friendly yoga studio”, and has won awards every year since it’s inception in 2008. Following wrestling, Stratus removed her breast implants, and decided to focus on her body in a way that she was unable to while being on the road with WWE. Her determination has certainly paid off, as Stratus has a body that is arguably better than the one she had during her run in the WWE. Besides being sculpted from head to toe, the former WWE Women’s Champion is also more flexible than she has ever been in her life.

6 CM Punk

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In 2014 CM Punk retired, and the wrestling world wept. Punk had single-handedly brought wrestling back into the mainstream with his 2011 version of the Summer of Punk. After leaving the WWE on bad terms Punk embarked on a journey to fight in the UFC, which pushed him mentally and physically. Part of his training required the former WWE Champion to train multiple times daily at Duke Roufus’ Roufusport MMA Academy. The result was a Punk who slimmed down to a very tone 170 lbs by UFC 203 in 2016. To be fair though, Punk had been working his way down from his initially billed weight of 218 lbs for nearly a decade. Even though he lost his debut fight in the UFC, Punk still looked as if in he was in top shape for the bout.

5 Kaitlyn

via flexoffense.com

So this entry may be a little dicey, as some people don’t appreciate a woman who is as muscular as former WWE Diva Kaitlyn. While in the WWE, Kaitlyn was blonde and looked more like a fitness model than anything else. Since retiring from the ring in 2014 the fitness fanatic has literally packed on the muscle, looking like the She-Hulk every day. That’s not to say she hasn’t retained her femininity, as the CEO of Celestial Bodiez has done her best to break the stigma of muscular women looking “manly”. So far Kaitlyn has done a good job breaking that glass ceiling, landing spots on the cover of multiple publications, most recently Iron Man Magazine in April of 2016. Her Instagram account also is a must-follow.

4 Scott Hall

via inquisitr.com

When Scott Hall first debuted on the professional wrestling scene in 1984, he was a mountain of a muscle and as strong as an ox. As time went on Hall transitioned from a few failed gimmicks before finally finding success as Razor Ramon in WWE. It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that Hall (along with some notable others) jumped sides to WCW during the Monday Night War. In doing so, the former Intercontinental Champion began his personal descent into drugs and alcohol, a result of not having the watchful eye of Vince McMahon over his shoulder. By the time Hall retired from in ring competition, he was an overweight and drugged out former shell of himself.

In 2013 DDP offered his help to the ailing Hall, who accepted and was able to finally get on the healthy path. Since then Hall has regained his ability to sparingly work in the ring, and gotten back into the good graces of the WWE. Sure he doesn’t look like he did in 1984, but he looks a hell of a lot better than he did in 2012.

3 Kozlov

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For the first part of his WWE run, Kozlov was billed as a monster heel from Eastern Europe and for good reason. When Kozlov first showed up in 2006 he looked menacing, with his lack of entrance music and old school wrestler build. After eventually becoming a comedy act in the WWE with partner Santino Marella, Kozlov retired in 2011 to focus on other endeavors. One of those endeavors was taking on roles in Hollywood, where he has appeared in both John Wick 2 and Fast & Furious 6. You wouldn’t recognize him if you saw him, however, as the former WWE Tag Team Champion has toned his body and transformed into a completely different person. Kozlov attributed his body’s change to needing to be more flexible for stunt work.

2 Mick Foley

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During his run as the general manager of RAW, fans got to see Mick Foley shrink before their eyes. As one of the many wrestlers saved by DDP Yoga, Foley was finally able to shed the weight that had plagued him through most of his career. The Hardcore Legend was able to drop an amazing 100 pounds in less than a single year, shocking fans with his transformation. It’s good to see Foley finally taking care of his body in a way that will better his life, and at this point, he is lighter than he was in WCW. The real test for Foley will be whether or not he will be able to keep the weight off, as he lost a significant amount of weight in 2004, only to gain it all back less than two years later.

1 The Rock

via instagram.com

If Dwayne Johnson was The Rock when he first left the WWE in 2004, then he had to be “The Boulder” by the time he returned in 2011. I mean look at this guy when he starred in The Game Plan compared to when he played the title role in 2014’s Hercules. It is simply staggering how much muscle the former WWE Champion was able to put on in under 10 years. In order to maintain his muscle mass, Johnson has to eat over 5,000 calories...per day. Those calories are spread out between seven meals a day, along with 2-4 workouts per day, six days per week. It seems as if The Rock has perfect control over his body size, so hopefully he slims down at some point so that he can prevent strain on his body.

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