Top 15 Retired Wrestlers Who Have Smoking Hot Daughters

Nowadays there are a ton of wrestling families out there, it’s just the way things tend to work. Kids want to follow in their parent’s footsteps, emulate their success in the ring, make a name for themselves but also carry on their family’s legacy in the wrestling industry. It’s kind of inevitable; grow up in a wrestling household and a large part of your life’s going to be wrestling, so it makes sense to continue along that path in the future. Both guys and girls growing up, if they have family in the business, see wrestling as a viable option. Over the years we’ve therefore seen a lot women coming through the ranks and wrestling on the big stage, women whose parents have also wrestled. Many of these parents are now retired – they’ve been in the industry a long time and now want to take a backseat and let their daughters bask in the limelight of their own success.

But there’s also plenty of daughters of former wrestlers out there who have nothing to do with the industry at all, have taken their own route. However they’re still in the limelight, firstly for being so and so’s daughter, but also be being super-hot. These are 15 retired wrestlers who have smoking hot daughters, some of whom are in the industry, others who are doing their own thing, but they all have one thing in common – they’re all sizzling hot.

15 Mick Foley - Noelle Foley

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The multi-talented Mick Foley was a legend during his time in wrestling. He’s only just retired, but he continues to be involved in the wrestling business. As if wrestling wasn’t enough, he’s also a best-selling author, and is involved in TV, film and radio – he’s certainly a guy who likes to keep busy. It’s therefore safe to assume that when Noelle was growing up in the Foley household, she blossomed into a well-rounded individual. She also blossomed into an absolute stunner, and her name, her pics have been getting picked up more and more over recent years.

She’s now 23 and loves posting sultry pics of herself not wearing very much all over social media, much to everyone’s delight. Noelle looks to be priming herself for some greater involvement in the wrestling industry, and when she does, it’s fair to assume she’s going to be a very popular figure.

14 Carlos Colón Sr. – Stacy

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Carlos Colón Sr. has achieved a long and successful career in wrestling. Today he owns the World Wrestling Council, and is still heavily involved in the business. However he might be before a lot of your time, but you’re all sure to know about his kids; The Colóns tag team consisting of real-life bros, his kids, Primo and Carlito. Today they’re the most famous Colóns of them all, but what a lot of people didn’t know is that Colóns Sr. has a daughter – two in fact – one of whom is an absolute stunner. Mellissa tends to stay out of the limelight, but Stacy’s well known in wrestling circles.

She’s tried to make it in wrestling and has inherited the good-look genes in the family, so that must count for something – we all certainly think so anyway.

13 Tracy Smothers – Jessie Belle

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Tracy Smothers might not be the most well-known wrestler on this list, but he has done the rounds wrestling with different promotions and he has picked up titles here and there. In wrestling circles, his is actually a pretty prominent name, but now it’s his smoking hot daughter, Jessie, who’s taking over the mantle.

Now in her 30s, Jessie began to follow in her father’s footsteps seven years ago, and has had a decent amount of success to, particularly at OVW where she’s held the championship five times – a pretty decent accomplishment. She hasn’t yet had a shot at the bigtime, but continue along the path she’s going on and it’s sure to happen.

Jessie’s also a model, is very active on social media, and is marketing herself superbly in her efforts to climb the wrestling ladder. The fact that she’s smoking hot also helps, and means she’s more likely to be spotted by those at the big leagues, the promotions every wrestlers aspires to get a contract with.

12 Ric Flair – Charlotte Flair

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These two don’t really need any introduction – Ric’s a legend in the industry, arguably the greatest wrestler to have ever stepped in the ring, and Charlotte aka Ashley’s career is going swimmingly – but here it goes.

Ric’s been around for absolute yonks, since the 70s in fact, and he quickly became a stellar name. During this time he also became known for his conquests outside the ring; he’s got a playboy image, a man who’s always got a beautiful woman by his side. Unsurprisingly, he’s also fathered kids – four to be exact – one of whom is the diva we all know and love today, Ashley, and she really is an absolute stunner. She’s got everything you could want from a female wrestler; the looks, the talent, and a famous dad to boot, a family history in wrestling – it’s no surprise she’s achieved plenty of success in a relatively short space of time wrestling with WWE.

11 Brutus Beefcake – Alana Leslie

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Brutus Beefcake was of course, a massive name in the wrestling industry, although he’s mostly known for being Hulk Hogan’s crazy sidekick. But perhaps now he’s able to come out of the Hulkster’s shadow, but still be associated with someone else. Nowadays, when people hear the name Brutus Beefcake, they think of the barber, known for his cutting and his strutting with Hogan, but they also think of his daughter, Alana Leslie, who is a serious hottie. The blonde bombshell looks like she wouldn’t say boo to a goose, but she evidently caught the wrestling bug from her dad because she’s made a concerted effort to try and follow in his footstep.

Baby Beefcake – a pretty awful choice for a ring name – started training and got signed to Jersey Championship Wrestling in 2013, but has since gone off the radar, leading us to believe that her wrestling pursuits and ambitions just didn’t work out.

10 Bret Hart – Beans

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The Hitman’s another legend of the industry. What he’s accomplished is second to none, but he’s now enjoying the fruits of his labor, retirement with his stunning wife Stephanie Washington. Bret’s been in the news quite a bit over recent years, but there’s someone else in his family, his biological family who’s an absolute stunner.

He’s had ups and he’s had downs, but one pretty big positive has got to be the fact that he’s fathered four kids. His third child is 29-year-old Alexandra Sabina Hart, who goes by the nickname Beans – God knows why she got lumbered with that nickname! She’s only slightly younger than her step-mommy, but she too has been looking to get into the limelight. She has announced her intentions to get into wrestling, but as of yet she hasn’t received the news she’s been hoping for. It would be awesome though – imagine Beans and her cousin Natalya representing the Hart family in WWE; the family name and legacy will certainly be in good hands.

9 Dynamite Kid – Bronwyne Billington

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Former British professional wrestler, Dynamite Kid, enjoyed a long and successful career in the ring, but has been through some serious strife recently. Over the past couple of years he had a series of strokes and spent over a year in a care home – seriously tough times for the whole family. But one thing that must have kept him going, kept him fighting, is the fact that his daughter’s now flying the flag for his family in the wrestling industry. She may not be a wrestler, but Bronwyne is still involved, as a manager and professional wrestling valet, and boy does she turn heads.

She performs with her boyfriend, Dan Vander Griendt, and together they make up the Dynamite Duo, traveling the world doing what they do best. They get attention wherever they go, firstly because of who Bronwyne’s dad is, but also because the blonde bombshell is just an absolute stunner. No doubt she has aspirations to work with the big promotions in the future, and we sure hope she gets there because we’d love to see more of Bronwyne on our screens.

8 Sam Houston - Mikala Smith

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Mikala Smith was born into one hell of a wrestling family which is why it’s no surprise that she chose to get into the industry herself. What might be a surprise is that she’s on this list, because a lot of you are probably thinking who the hell is she, but she is hot and that’s the only criteria that matters.

Mikala’s grandad was Grizzly Smith, her uncle’s the great Jake Roberts, she has an aunt who wrestled for WWE named Rockin’ Robin, and both of her parents were wrestlers too, Sam Houston and Baby Doll.

As of yet Mikala hasn’t enjoyed the successes of her esteemed family members, but her career is still in its infancy. She’s done her dues, has spent five years training, has been a valet, and now competes as Samantha Starr – another wrestler looking for a shot at the bigtime.

7 Jim Neidhart – Nattie

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I of course couldn’t make up a list like this without including Natalya, Nattie Neidhart as one of the entries. As a third generation wrestler – I don’t need to go into all her family connections, the Hart family, I’ll be writing forever! - she had a lot to live up to, and so far she’s done a sterling job doing her thing in the ring. She’s just drop-dead gorgeous, and thankfully we’ve seen a lot of her, as she’s been wrestling in WWE for around a decade. She’s a one-time Divas Champion – the highlight of her career – and would no doubt be looking to achieve more over the years. So, she might not be the best, but one thing’s for sure, she’s certainly one of the most beautiful women on the roster – Tyson Kidd’s a lucky man!

6 DDP – Brittany Page

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DDP was a much-loved figure during his time in the wrestling industry, although he’s perhaps more known for his work helping wrestlers and former wrestlers with their problems through his DDP yoga program. It really is a great initiative, a great thing he’s set up, and despite people’s scepticism, it’s done a lot of good to a lot of people over the years. It’s thought that WWE have even been making donations to the program, and they wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t having a major effect.

DDP’s daughter, Brittany, is heavily involved in the yoga program. She works as a yoga consultant, and so definitely has her dad’s giving nature, but she’s certainly got her stunning looks from her mom. We all might be hearing a lot more about Brittany in the not so distant future. Last year four hottie daughters from wrestling, Roddy Piper’s daughter Ariel Toombs – who incidentally is also a stunner – Brooke Hogan, Lacey Von Erich, Brittany herself, and the famous actor Jean-Claude Van Damme’s daughter Bianca Brigitte, announced they were planning on setting up a women’s wrestling league. They also said that there’ll be a couple of surprises involved, so who knows, we could be seeing a lot more of Brittany in the next couple of years, which won’t be a bad thing.

5 Tully Blanchard -Tessa

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Four Horsemen standout Tully Blanchard is a legend of the ring. He spent over three decades wrestling with various different promotions and during this time he established himself as one of the most decorated wrestlers around. Tully retired from the ring in 2007, but his name in wrestling would live on through his daughter, who has started to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Tessa began training quite early at the age of 16, and has since been with quite a few promotions, although she’s still waiting to hit the bigtime. Tessa’s currently wrestling in Japan and is doing quite well for herself, making herself known as an up and coming talent – oh, and she’s gorgeous too. It’s expected she will land a contract with WWE at some point, where she could very well become one of the promotion’s best female superstars.

4 Ricky Knight – Paige

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All you wrestling aficionados will know that everyone’s favorite diva over recent years, Paige, didn’t just stumble into the industry by accident. She made a concerted effort to join WWE, from a really young age, because wrestling’s all she’s known, right from when she was a kid. During her childhood days in the UK, Paige grew up in a wrestling family. Both her parents were professional wrestlers, and when they began running a wrestling school, Paige got involved and quickly got hooked, and we’re all thankful that she did.

Paige is just drop-dead gorgeous – she really does possess the entire package, what’s required to become a major star in the female division with WWE. She has the attitude, sass, sex appeal, is a little controversial, and she’s a more than decent wrestler too.

3 Santino Marella - Bianca Carelli

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Santino Marella had a pretty long career in the industry, notable for his 11-year stint with WWE. He was a much-loved member of the roster, and had a decent amount of success too, without being spectacular, but has now moved on from his WWE and wrestling days. His career might not have been spectacular, but his offspring certainly is.

Bianca Carelli, Santino’s daughter is absolutely stunning. She may not be one of the most well-known hotties on this list, but she’s come into the limelight in recent years after winning beauty pageants. Wrestling doesn’t tickle her fancy – not now anyway – and why should she change anything because she’s doing pretty well in pageants. She won the Miss Teen Ontario-World pageant in 2013, and it’s clear why, why she’s now also probably a favorite among a lot of you.

2 Scott Armstrong – Kayla

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Retired pro wrestler, now referee, Scott Armstrong, had a pretty decent career in the ring and comes from a wrestling family. So – if you were to look for a pattern on this list – you’d expect his two kids, given their dad and three uncles were wrestlers, to follow suit, or at least be interested in wrestling. Kayla might very well be interested in her dad’s profession, but if she is she doesn’t shout about it. In fact, you’d have to say that Kayla is one of the quietest wrestling daughters out there, although in the past few years she has built up quite a large social media presence, mainly because she’s hot. She’s fit too, and enters fitness competitions, has the looks, so if she did want to follow in her dad’s and uncle’s footsteps, she has a solid base from which to get going.

1 Hulk Hogan – Brooke

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Putting Brooke Hogan as the number one entry on this list was a no-brainer. The Hulkster’s basically retired now, and his career’s been on the decline for quite some time. That’s why, many believe, he chose to do that whole reality TV series, Hogan Knows Best. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t great, but it enabled us to learn about his stunning daughter, Brooke. She was the shining light from that series, and it propelled her into the limelight, which is unsurprising because she’s got a vivacious personality. The blonde bombshell has also had a brief spell in wrestling, and is currently in the process of setting up a wrestling promotion to try and rival TNA, so we could be seeing more of Brooke in a wrestling capacity of some sort pretty soon.

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