Top 15 Retired Wrestlers We'd Love To See Have One More Match

The life of a professional wrestler is an unusual, unorthodox, and unruly way of living. The road becomes home as families are left behind and the intimate and precious moments are missed due to the hectic schedule that a wrestler must endure.

John Cena himself has stated that the reason he does not wish to have any children is due to his unapologetic career choice. The wrestling ring does not care if you missed your little girl's first word or you son's first steps.

Many of those who choose professional wrestling as a way of life will be absent from significant moments in the lives of their children. It is a tough reality but one that comes along with the territory. Children must watch their father play a character on their television set while longing for one of the most important characters in life to come back home: Dad.

In many cases, professional wrestlers only begin to truly know their children at the end of their careers when the babies have grown and become awkward adolescents. It is a time of reintroduction and renewed relationships.

However, professional wrestling is not your typical day job; there are no unions, no pension plans, wrestlers are what is known as “independent contractors.” Therefore, retirement often doesn't mean what retirement is supposed to mean.

Over the years, many professional wrestlers have “retired” only to return a few months or years later. This can be a circumstance of financial troubles or simply missing the thrill of being out in front of the live crowd. Either way, retirement is tricky.

These days, WWE talents are required to pass physical testing before they are allowed to take any bumps in the ring. When it comes to the older gentlemen, this can force them out of the ring despite any desire they may have to compete.

In this article we will take a look at some of our favorite wrestlers who are currently enjoying “retirement.” Those we wish we could see lace up their boots one last time.

These are the 15 retired wrestlers who we would love to see have one more match:

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15 Jake Roberts

via 411mania.com

Jake “The Snake” Roberts was all but dead; ready to give up on life and fade away into obscurity. That was until DDP Yoga managed to take the WWE legend and turn him back into a healthy and happy man.

Jake Roberts was such a conniving character during his days in WWE. One of the true menacing heels of his generation. The man who carried around a snake in a bag was always able to entertain or strike fear into the hearts of the live audience.

One last match for Jake Roberts could be fun to watch; if not for anything but to at least see somebody meet his snake Damien up close and personal.

14 Roddy Piper

via fansided.com

Every once and a while “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is brought back to WWE television to conduct a segment of his iconic, “Piper's Pit.” This is usually a ploy to further a feud between two superstars with Piper serving as mediator.

The segments are usually a success as Piper has always been one of the best when it comes to spontaneity and mic skills. However, for younger fans, these occasional glimpses into the psyche of Piper are merely a sample to a much larger character.

Roddy Piper could cut promos with the bet of them, which would be the best part of Piper having one more feud in WWE. The build-up would be incredible, especially if Piper were placed opposite on young heel and great talker. Someone like Bray Wyatt.

13 Scott Hall

via dailywrestlingnews.com

This past year at WrestleMania, during the Triple H vs. Sting match, appearances were made by both D-Generation X and the nWo. While everybody was taking bumps, seeing Scott Hall take a hard back drop to the floor was a solid spot.

Scott Hall has a number of health issues and is certainly not in ring shape but the idea of an in-ring return for one more match definitely touches home for fans of the 1990s. Scott Hall as Razor Ramon one last time would be awesome.

Of course, there is also the possibility of Scott Hall performing along side his big buddy Kevin Nash in one last tag team match for The Outsiders.

12 Goldberg

via scifighting.com

Throughout the Monday Night War, much of the army assembled by Eric Bischoff consisted of repackaged WWE talent – a formula that worked for a while but would eventually lead to the collapse of World Championship Wrestling.

Aside from Guys like Ric Flair and Sting, who had been part of the organization since long before the war, WCW was not really turning out their own talent. That was until the day the world was introduced to Bill Goldberg – an ex-football player turned wrestling powerhouse.

Goldberg is far from being a great wrestler in any traditional sense of the word but that doesn't mean one last squash match wouldn't make for a good angle.

11 Trish and Lita

via thesmackdownhotel.com

Trish Stratus and Lita come in as a joint entry on our list for a two reasons. First: there is no denying that Trish and Lita are the two best female wrestlers of all time. Second: the Divas of today couldn't hang with Trish or Lita.

While these two ladies have done battle countless times, their most memorable match came when the girls were given the main event spot on Monday Night Raw in a match for the Women's Championship. The match that could very well be the greatest female wrestling match ever.

Therefore, we conclude that if Trish and Lita were to come back for one more match; the best option would be a simultaneous return to the ring in one final showdown.

10 CM Punk

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Having your final match be the Royal Rumble match is not usually the way a wrestler will end their career. In the case of CM Punk, the 2014 Royal Rumble match was in fact his final bout in WWE; his final match ever as it would appear.

However, for fans of Punk, this doesn't sit right. The unexpected departure from WWE was one thing but the expectation remained that Punk and WWE would work things out and the Straight Edge Superstar would eventually be back in the ring … such is not the case.

While his bridges in WWE have been emphatically burned; CM Punk may not be seen with the company any time soon but with Vince McMahon, anything is possible.


via WWE.com

John Bradshaw Layfield lost the Intercontinental Championship to Rey Mysterio in a twenty-one second match at WrestleMania XXV, causing him to grab a mic and quit immediately afterward; promptly ending his in-ring career.

These days, JBL sits at the announce table on Monday Night Raw and serves as the most entertaining commentator at the table. JBL has always been a sharp speaker which made the transition from the ring to the announce team that much easier.

However, one more time with the bullhorn limousine would be quite a sight. Perhaps someday JBL will leave the table for one more match.

8 Bret Hart

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Bret Hart coming home to WWE was a big deal for fans of The Hitman. The one guy who you never thought you would see again inside of a WWE ring made his long-awaited and much anticipated return and all was right in the WWE universe.

Since then, Bret Hart has had a match with Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XXVI and has even won the United States Championship. However, those were far from being real bouts as Hart's abilities in the ring were limited.

Bret Hart coming down the aisle in those pink tights one last time and putting on the style of match he could have in his prime is merely a dream … a nice dream at least.

7 Booker T

via ecwfrenchtribute.free.fr

Booker T can now be heard on Monday night as one-third of the Monday Night Raw announce team along side JBL and Michael Cole. Booker certainly provides an interesting take on things. You have to wonder if he realizes how often he using the term, “like I said.”

Nevertheless, Booker T is one of the more likable characters in all of professional wrestling. There is a certain undefinable way to Booker T that draws the people toward the former five-time WCW Champion. Magnetic energy.

Booker T appears to be in shape and by all accounts should be able to step into the ring again if he so chooses.

6 Edge

via wwe.com

Heading into WrestleMania XXVII, Edge was the reigning, defending World Heavyweight Champion. That night he would place the title on the line against Alberto Del Rio in a winning effort in what would end up being his final match.

The years of hard hitting action had taken their toll and finally got the better of the Rated-R Superstar, as Edge would be forced to retire and relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship – at a young age.

The feeling among fans is that Edge did not get a proper sendoff bout and if he could just do it one more time; a much bigger deal could be made surrounding the match.

5 Mick Foley

via mindofcarnage.com

During the WrestleMania XXVII Axxess event, an up-and-coming superstar named Dean Ambrose would confront Mick Foley is a staged situation that would spill over into social media as Ambrose would continue his onslaught on Twitter.

This was all meant to lead to a match between Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose. Subsequently, introducing Ambrose to the main WWE roster. Unfortunately, the feud was canceled when Mick Foley could not pass the physical exam. This would have made for a great storyline.

Perhaps if Mick was able to get into better shape, he could get back into he ring but Foley is successful enough to where it is not necessary even if it would be great to witness.

4 Ric Flair

via pwmania.com

Every time Ric Flair comes back to WWE, there is a fire in his eyes that leads us to believe that The Nature Boy would love one last run in the squared circle. However, according to WWE, Flair is retired and will remain as such.

While Ric Flair did in fact wrestle again following his match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXIV, WWE doesn't want you to recognize that. The WWE record books will state that Ric Flair wrestled his final match in Orlando, Florida.

Oh, how great it would be to see The Natch go at it one last time with somebody – anybody really – as Ric Flair would make it work.

3 Hulk Hogan

via wwe.com

Hulk Hogan has been back with the WWE for a little while now – back where he rightfully belongs – back with the company that he helped put on the map. You never realize that you actually missed Hulk Hogan until that music hits.

Like many old time wrestlers, Hogan is not in tip-top shape as his body is a battered mess. In all likelihood, Hogan would not be able to pass the company's physical even though The Hulkster wants to get back into the ring.

Look, it wouldn't make for the most exciting match of all time but Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena seems like something that needs to happen.

2 Shawn Michaels

via 411mania.com

There have been many “retirement” matches over the years but none can compare to the emotion and energy that came along with The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXVI; a match that became an instant classic.

HBK has gone on record to state that he will remain retired, as he wants to keep his promise to The Undertaker. Which is noble as well as rare. Keeping promises in the wrestling industry is not a common trend.

However, HBK fans can hold on tightly to that hope that perhaps some day he will break his promise and get back into the action.

1 Stone Cold Steve Austin

via inquisitr.com

The rumor mill regarding a Stone Cold Steve Austin return to the ring has effectively run dry, as every year the rumblings begin about Austin coming back to work one last match. Obviously, this has yet to take place.

The biggest hope fans had for a Stone Cold return was CM Punk. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk at WrestleMania; a match that was written in the stars. Stone Cold has publicly stated that if he were to come back for one more match, CM Punk would be the guy to face.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the greatest WWE superstar of all time. One last match would be the biggest thing to happen in WWE in quite some time. Well, all we can do now is raise a beer and remain hopeful.

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