Top 15 Savage AF Memes About John Cena

When the WWF phased into the WWE, they looked to new stars to direct that phase-out, and bridge the industry deeper into the future. In the 80s it was Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage who carried the industry and made it relevant to fans then. But the industry was interested into appealing to fans NOW. How do they do that, while building a new brand?

It is evident, that the WWE never could have sustained the switch, from the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression Era into the PG Era without John Cena leading the way to cater to a younger demographic.

John Cena has had the longest reign on top of the industry of any top star in the modern era.

It's easy to hate John Cena: he's ripped, he's been on top of the business forever, is a sought after actor, has a net worth of $55 million and is engaged to a bombshell of a beauty, Nikki Bella. This hatred is stemmed from jealousy. Duh. And he's branched out into the social media sphere, at a viral level.

In today's social media world, the best way to mock someone the public is jealous about, is to create a savage meme that makes the person or persons a joke. Here are the 15 most bad ass savage AF memes of John Cena.

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15 Give Me My Shovel!

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One of the biggest knocks on John Cena over the years has been that he's failed to put over many new stars. His reputation on that front has improved over the last few years as he put over Kevin Owens and AJ Styles in high profile matches. Still we can't forget about all the names that Cena has beaten over the course of his WWE career. After all, you don't stay on top for over 10 years without some other careers suffering. Cena has won 16 world titles in the WWE, which means many had to be 'buried'.

Usually Triple H is accused of being the one burying people, but even he put over John Cena several times. Cena's face just works so well with the text here.

14 Fruity Pebbles

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Look, I said the guy has tons of empathy and that he genuinely cares about people. But I never promised he was void of giving someone who offends him a smack down.

Eating a man like John Cena's fruity pebbles, is frightening. It's like lifting a cougar cub up in front of its mother, and reaching a hand to pat her head. Even Cena has to eat. And some of these internal softies, have pungent draws to things that reminds them of their childhoods. They do this, because they want to feel centered. They need it. However, this came during The Rock's feud with John Cena and he infamously called Cena fruity pebbles for the way he dressed. That made it all the funnier when Cena tried to 'embrace the hate' while feuding with Kane and made that epic 'serious' Cena face.

13 Money Issues


Well, John Cena, clearly isn't good at two things (which I know you love to hear haters): marriage and money. He might make tons of money and date or marry beautiful women, but John Cena can't seem to figure these two things out.

When John Cena and his then-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, divorced in 2012, the couple, like most couples, cited many reasons. Cena blamed the split on the remodel of their home. He said it caused intense strife, and as a result, affected their intimacy and their closeness. Huberdeau said something entirely different. She blamed the divorce on Cena's horrible use of money, citing that he spends money flippantly. So flippantly, the two couldn't afford to pay the contractor, who had to take a lien of $110,000, just to survive.

This came at a time when Cena had just beaten Brock Lesnar and made it sound like he was taking time off, only to pop up a couple of weeks later.

12 Pokemon John

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Rawr! I am Pokemon John. I come to eat you. I will eat you. You are mine. I dominate because I am the best. Rawr!

The biggest wear on Cena's legacy is his lack of move-diversity. Fans of the industry chronically point to his dominance, but also his boring dominance. In essence, they look at John Cena like NBA fans look at the San Antonio Spurs: consistent, ready to perform, team oriented and all about the sport.

This is an interesting complaint. It proves how much the American public craves a story, someone who overcomes peaks and valleys. It's the reason Baseball fans are prone to buy a Bryce Harper jersey over a Mike Trout jersey. Trout is always the best. His best becomes average and then it's easy to nitpick. But Harper is chronically up-and-down, and he's fiery. His inconsistency acts as a variable the fan looks forward to. What will he do next?

Cena gets the Pokemon comparison because Pokemon uses only a few moves to win. Harsh, but it's all about the fans, right?

11 Vince McMahon's Club

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With Cena being on top for so long and Vince McMahon clearly viewing him as his favorite, many assume that Cena basically has been kissing Vince McMahon's ass all these years to stay on top. He and Randy Orton have continued to be pushed as top stars after all these years and so it makes sense that someone would generate a meme referring to John Cena as a part of McMahon's exclusive 'Kiss My Ass' club. We can't say for sure that Cena has been kissing up to McMahon. In fact, it may be the other way around, because Vince knows just how much Cena means to him business wise. Cena may be off to explore a career in Hollywood now, so you just know Vince will be playing nice to keep him around as long as he can.

10 Bland As White Paper

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John Cena gets knocked for two major things: He's predictable, and his personality is about as bland as they come. Essentially, John Cena is the WWE's version of Tim Duncan or the San Antonio Spurs. He gets the job done, but does it such a bland manner, nobody really cares.

Isn't it interesting how quick us fans are to knock greatness? We're sickly brainwashed to give credence to entertainment wow-factor over legendary consistency. No wrestler has had the type of dominance Cena has. His impact on the industry has been like nothing ever seen before. He's out-dueled the Rock, by maintaining his wrestling dominance alongside a Hollywood career.

But the dude is boring...

9 A Friendly Wager

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The CM Punk/John Cena feud was arguably WWE's best rivalry of the last 10 years. It worked because Punk was everything Cena was not. Punk wasn't seemingly chiseled out of granite stone. He looked like an average guy, but there was more substance to his work in the ring than Cena. He had a wide arsenal, and ended up bringing out the best in Cena in their many PPV matches. The image of Cena handing a bill over to a smiling CM Punk indicates Cena indeed couldn't get past his five moves of doom and had to fork some money over to The Straight Edge Superstar.

Nonetheless, it also seems Punk and Cena did in fact get along backstage and since this meme was likely created, Cena has in fact pulled new moves out of his arsenal.

8 Poo Face

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Look, I never said Cena was a good actor. Damn, he isn't even an average actor. He's corny. Plays roles comparable to poor-versions of Rambo. At least Rambo served it's purpose during a time when those types of movies were prime box-office delights. I praised Cena for his ability to translate his fake-wrestling skills into an acting career. Like the Rock he's done both mightily, by balancing his two-fold legacy with poise and persistence.

Clearly by this face, one that's flung around quite often by meme makers, Cena is a bad actor. Even his scowls aren't believable. And think about it: What's more important as a fake-wrestler: acting ability or actual wrestling skills? I'd argue the first. Because many people can get 'roided and fit. But not everyone can act the part and make it almost seem real to millions of ravenous fans.

Cena's acting is better served as a poo face. This is him after bad Mexican food.

7 Leave Cena to the Kids

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Oh, how cute little one. You like John Cena. He's your hero? Oh, well, come on over and get yourself some stretchy taffy and gum balls. Here, wear this hat. And put on this bunny outfit. Come take a photo by the Cena cardboard cut out.

I mean come on. If you're a fan of the WWE, above the age of 12, and like John Cena, you've never grown up. It's that simple. What do you like about Cena? He never says or does anything wrong. He's the predictable clean cut hero.

I grew up playing with G.I Joe. I always knew a player was cool, by the types of G.I Joe he or she idolized. If they chose Snake Eyes, they were game. Cool. Could hold their own and do it in an exciting fashion. If he or she chose Duke or Stone, I knew I didn't want to play. They'd turn everything into the same narrative over and over and over.

6 He Sounds Like a Sloth on Speed

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Have you ever heard John Cena talk? It's like a sloth on speed. Just quick enough to calibrate actual language, but do it in such a saltine way, nobody cares what comes out of his mouth. The guy couldn't even work for Wal-Mart and sell a $2 shirt out of a sale bin to homeless people. Shoot, he couldn't even give a shirt AND $2 to a homeless person. Imagine John Cena trying to sell an idea: Prospective client: "So, John, why are you interested in selling pink jelly beans to penguins in Antarctica?" John: "Pink looks pwetty on the bwue ice. Derrr." Moving on.

Worst of all is Cena has always done the Super-Cena schtick in which he takes a beating for so much of the match, takes finisher after finisher and keeps kicking out. He hasn't exactly had the gift of Shawn Michaels in selling a move, so we doubt he could sell bargain items at Wal-Mart.

5 So Bad He Has to Really Do It

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The rumor is this: In Judd Apatow's movie Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer, John Cena was so awkward an actor and so badly an actor, he had to actually have sex with Schumer on set to make his sex scene with her believable.

Whether the sex rumor is true, it says much about Cena's acting. In fact, multiple actors came out roasting the wrestling legend for his awkward approach to something that should be quite comfortable for most men.

In fairness to Cena, he was actually quite funny in the movie, with most of his lines being improvised. Perhaps it goes back to people saying he can't actually act and his best bet would be to do what he does in WWE and come up with lines on the spot.

4 I Taught Her That

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Ah yes, the typical, Cena kicking out at 2 meme. Here we have Nikki Bella finding a way to kick out at two and who would be an expert at that? HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA! It's funny how Nikki Bella ended up getting a long title run around the same time her and Cena became a serious couple. It's because of this that Nikki Bella has garnered a lot of hate from smart fans who think the only reason she was given the long reign was because of Cena's clout backstage. For all her supposed faults, Nikki actually wasn't a bad champion and she brought some importance to the Divas Title by holding it for so long. And she eventually did the right thing in putting Charlotte over before leaving for surgery. Nevertheless, we'll gladly laugh at this meme.

3 Oh No! Not That Arm!

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Cena has suffered quite a few injuries over the last few years which could be a reason why he has chosen to slip into a part-time role and only wrestle at certain periods of the year. Here was Cena recovering from a very serious arm injury and wouldn't you know it, he needs his shoulder if he's going to perform his signature of kicking out at the last possible second! I swear, even in matches Cena eventually lost it always seemed like his opponents had to dish out a good three or four finishers to win. Finishing moves have lost a lot of credibility today and it's in part due to Cena kicking out of so many match after match.

2 I Never Told Anyone

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Nikki Bella and John Cena aren't the most beloved couple from smarks in the business. While they get plenty of mainstream attention and love, and many casual fans love them, you heard a strong majority of fans at WrestleMania choosing to cheer The Miz and Maryse, the heel team, over them. Nikki and Cena are the couple WWE wants plastered all over Hollywood, so any time smarks have a chance to take a shot, they'll do it.

Back in 2014, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella were engaging in a terrible feud where Nikki would reveal nasty 'secrets' about her twin sister. Well, someone chose to poke fun at Cena. And it was brilliant. Cena just can't help himself, can he?

1 The Answer is D

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Nobody gets crapped on more than John Cena. It's crazy how much the dominant wrestler gets made fun of. But when you've been essentially given the industry for so long it's hard not to get crapped on. Going back to a previous entry the running joke is that Cena has his head so far shoved up Vince McMahon's rear end and that's why he's been on top for so long. It's a little unfair to say that the only reason Cena is on top is because he's close to McMahon, but we can't help but laugh at this meme any way you slice it.

We make fun of him, all the time. And Cena has always taken the criticism in stride, so he'd probably have a laugh about this too.

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