Top 15 Sexiest Diva Outfits Of All–Time

Who doesn’t love the Divas and the Knockouts of the squared circle? Who doesn’t have a pulse? Besides doing their best in the ring to show their every bit as skilled as the men, the women of TNA and WWE are some of the most beautiful women in the world. With the characters that some of them play, they also have the ability to ensnare any male (or female) that they so choose.

When you’re running a multi–billion dollar entertainment business, you get the dubious honor or getting meet with and hire some of the hottest women you’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder Vince books himself to be near a lot of these Divas, he’s only trying to protect his investment, right? Whether they’re being booked in bra and panty matches or being booked as the serious competitors some of them strive to be seen as, the Divas wear some pretty revealing ring attire.

Always known for wearing outfits hot enough to melt icecaps, here are the sexiest diva outfits of all time.

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16 Chyna

via forum.wrestlingfigs.com

Yes, this list begins with the back–then divisive (as far as sex appeal goes) now seen by almost everyone as a trainwreck Chyna. The 9th Wonder of the World gave a good deal of some of her WWE checks to doctors to um…scientifically sculpt her body. But make no mistake about it; she did look pretty good for a woman who looked like a bad 70’s sci–fi villain…a male one. The former Playboy cover Amazon looked her best at the greatest WrestleMania of all time, WrestleMania X7, wearing purple wrestling gear instead of her traditional black trunks. Listen to pop for her when she destroys Ivory, this was Chyna at her finest.

15 The Kat

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It's doubtful any list like this would be complete without mentioning Ms. Kitty, the Kat. After all, she introduced a whole generation of attitudinal degenerates to nudity on a wrestling PPV - a vision that will most likely never be seen again. At Armageddon 1999, after wrestling around in the mud for a few minutes, the former Mrs. Lawler decided to celebrate by taking off her top, much to the delight of the masses and the regrets of the whole company as Sgt. Slaughter became the big heel that night, covering up the Kat with a towel and hauling her to back.

14 A.J. Lee

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The first and so far only “adorkable” Diva in history is A.J. Lee. She is the first 21st century Diva, appealing to nerds, hipsters, gamers, and geeks all over the WWE Universe. Despite now being Mrs. Brooks, the craziest lovelorn Diva is also one of the most appealing, simply because of her charisma and because of what she doesn’t show off. Seldom does she show any real amount of skin, but always enough to tantalize. Sadly, she came a few years too early – it would have been awesome to see how she would have fared against the current Diva’s Revolution. Every so often she’ll wear what she wears best to turn heads–just a simple tank top, jeans, and Chuck Taylors.

13 Brooke Tessmacher

via joemccaffrey.wordpress.com

TNA isn’t known for taking former WWE stars and making them better, but Brooke is the big time major exception. Her cup of coffee in WWE included being one–third of the Extreme Expose. But in TNA, she not only shed every ounce of fat on her to become even hotter, she also worked very hard with future hall of famer Tara/Victoria to become of the best in–ring Knockouts the company has ever seen. Every single ounce of Brooke screams girl–next–door, which makes her and her America–inspired, red, white, and blue ring attire the most iconic since Sting’s at the Great American Bash. And yes, far sexier than the Stinger could have ever worn it.

12 Lana

via sportskeeda.com

Who knows what it is but there is something about a lady in red. There's even a whole song or two devoted to it, which is why the future Mrs. Rusev makes this list too. If you have never thought a dressy women's business suit could be sexy, then you have zero idea as to who Lana is. The ravishing Russian has been turning heads for the better part of two years in sultry, too tight but just right fitting suit jacket-matching short skirt combo. Joe McCarthy was right about the spread of Communism, but for all the reasons. No American male wants to defect because of the former Soviet Union's ideals; they just want to see if all Russian women look as good as this one.

11 Lita 

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She might not have been the sole reason for Sisqo's one–hit wonder "Thong Song," but she was as far as wrestling fans were concerned. After the less talented Divas left the ring, it was time for workhorses like Trish and Lita to take center stage. Lita was every grunge-alternative kids favorite Diva. Go back and watch Attitude Era Raws on the Network – she's gets almost as a big a pop as main event males. And when she took her top off to get ready for her Lita–salt, tongues were wagging at not just her looks, but her ability as well. She might be the only Diva ever to know how to effortlessly combine sex appeal and wrestling ability. Surely, her never ending supply of thongs helped, didn't it.

10 Trish Stratus

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Calling the 5–time Diva of the year sexy is an understatement the likes of saying it's pretty cold in her beloved home country Canada - these are just undeniable facts. Some might say beauty is subjective, but when you look like Trish Stratus, there's nothing subjective about it. Stratus knew this full well and made sure her ring attire wasn't too revealing so that fans can focus on her work. But outside the ring, one some occasions for some storyline or another, the hottest Yogi ever would rock white lingerie that could make any man want to leave their wife. Taking one look at Trish it's easy to see why her husband Rob was the biggest heel in the room when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

8 Stephanie McMahon

via celebmafia.com

Seldom known for her ring skills, the Billion Dollar Princess was also seldom known for in ring outfits. But after years from being out of action, combined with intense physical workouts led to Mrs. Levesque showing off what she worked out so hard to achieve. At SummerSlam 2014, when she did battle with Brie Bella, she did so wearing something only the boss' daughter could pull off – a skin tight dominatrixish outfit that showed nothing yet revealed everything. The fans in attendance chanted "you still got it." Indeed, she does, and she's pulled off the rarity of looking even better with age.

7 Jacqueline

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Known more for in ring skills, the future Hall of Fame diva Jaqueline usually gets left out of the conversation, when it comes to sexiest divas. But to be honest, she was part of the same crop that included Sable and Terri, so it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. She would get lost in the shuffle again at Fully Loaded 1998. The fans will always remember Sable’s handprint bikini, but Miss Jacqueline wasn’t exactly wearing granny panty bloomers, either. Her outfit was equally as sexy and memorable and a scientific marvel at that. Such little fabric held in all of the future Pretty Mean Sister’s assets, as Jacqueline wore a bikini that usually was only seen as drawing in comic books.

6 Terri Runnels

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Jerry Lawler dubbed her the horny little she devil, and the former Mrs. Goldust never disappointed. While many fans salivate to this day over Sable and Sunny, Terri often times gets lost in the shuffle and the conversation. Why is anyone's guess - she's just as hot and just as influential. As Alexandra York, she made suits sexy long before Lana reminded us just how phenomenal a girl can look in one. As Marlena, she complimented the bizarre one perfectly as his cigar-smoking "director." But as one part of PMS, Terri truly blossomed as a vixen not to be trifled with, wearing barely–there dresses and shirts, all the while having any man she wanted do her bidding. Just ask Mark Henry and Meat.

5 Stacey Keibler

via lurkerfaqs.com

If you're building the perfect Diva and you're not using the endless legs of Stacey Kiebler, then you need to get your head examined. One of the most wholesome girls of the Attitude Era somehow was able to stay mostly wholesome; maintaining her girl next door looks and even has the distinction of being a WCW find and not an original WWE diva. But she and her legs fit in quite nicely with the rest of the roster. It really never mattered what outfit Stacey was wearing – so long as her legs continued to go on for miles. They're the legs that earned her the nickname of The Weapon Mass Seduction on Dancing with the Stars, and for a time, the legs that tamed the silver-hair fox, George Clooney.

4 Eva Marie

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The WWE's Red Queen gets a bad rap, the entire internet seems obsessed with the idea that Eva Marie was hired for her looks. Can anyone blame Vince–dear Internet, take the stick out of your bum since it's clouding your eyesight. Look at her! She's one of the most beautiful women in the company past, present, or future. And she requested to go to NXT and learn the craft, too. She might have been hired for her radioactive–level sex appeal, but she wants to be known for more than that too. Her in ring attire can eviscerate any male (or female), and slowly but surely she's learning how to eviscerate the competition in the ring. Can the Internet Wrestling Community lay off Eva for a minute and instead pay homage to the queen.

3 Dana Brooke

via villains.wikia.com

There's a reason Dana Brooke is called the Total Diva. Long platinum locks, phenomenal abs, arms, legs, and outfits to accentuate every single one of her attributes. Now, with a in ring skill set being taught to her and a divalicious partnership with Emma has given Brooke all of the tools to become this generation's Trish Stratus, twisting men's wills to do her bidding, while kicking major derrière in the ring. She has a lot left to learn before being called up to the main roster, but the poses and the come hither stare she already has down pat.

2 Sable

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No list about sexy Diva outfits would complete without this entry, it's one of the defining moments of Sable's career, the Attitude Era as a whole, and most likely a young Brock Lesnar, watching from home thinking to himself in a Wayne's World voice, "one day she will be mine, oh yes she will be mine." Enveloped in the thoughts of men everywhere, Sable was already a household name as far as male fans go when Fully Loaded 1998 rolled around. The scheduled contest between the bombshell and Jackie was one of the first bikini contests of the Attitude Era and is still the most memorable. After Jackie revealed her own barely there bikini, the future Mrs. Lesnar unveiled her not there at all bikini – just a set handprints, artfully hiding the best assets in sports entertainment.

1 Sunny

via www.youtube.com

There are bikinis and revealing outfits all throughout the entertainment industry. Ursula Andress' white bikini from Dr. No, Carrie Fisher's slavegirl outfit, and Brittany Spears' flesh colored outfit from the 2000 VMA's come to mind. But none are those outfits are as memorable and tantalizing as the delicious original Diva Sunny's shimmering silver bikini. Wrestling fans know the one - she wore it in for probably a total of a few hours and yet it made its way into every video of the blond bombshell ever. In the mid-nineties, men's hearts and minds were being devoured by succubi like Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson, and Anna Nicole Smith. But none were more tantalizing than Sunny, the most downloaded woman of 1996, the Hall of Fame Diva was the originator of breaking the Internet.

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