Top 15 Sexy Divas Who Have a Bright WWE Future

The WWE is an ever-revolving turnstile of talent with wrestlers coming in, getting injured and getting released regularly. Rarely is the main roster the same for more than a couple of weeks at a time

The WWE is an ever-revolving turnstile of talent with wrestlers coming in, getting injured and getting released regularly. Rarely is the main roster the same for more than a couple of weeks at a time and one of the things wrestling fans demand is that the talent stay fresh, so rarely does a month go by on either Monday Night Raw or NXT’s weekly show that doesn’t present a new face.

Thanks to NXT, women’s wrestling has changed over the last 18 months. People like Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte have shown that women can do more than just look pretty at ringside. It’s easy to understand why there’s so much talent right now when most of the new women cite Lita and Trish Stratus as their idols. WWE officials have been a little hesitant to allow their female roster to deliver long, competitive matches that rival those of the men, seeming to believe Monday Night Raw and pay-per-view fans simply tolerate women’s matches because they get to see a little skin. The sad fact is, it’s probably true of most fans who follow the main roster based on the years of programming that has been presented. It would take time to get the women over, but the WWE should recognize there’s a lot of money in it if they do it right.

If we fast-forward five years, we hope there is a roster full of talented women (let’s cross our fingers they’ve dropped the “Diva” designation by then) who are seen on a level playing field with their male counterparts. Because it’s part of the WWE formula, they’re all going to have to be good looking, and with that in mind, we present 15 Sexy Divas Who Have A Bright WWE Future.

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15 Eden Stiles


It’s always been a bit of a gray area whether Lillian Garcia was a Diva because she wasn’t an in-ring talent, but we’re going to include Eden anyway. She’s the beautiful ring announcer you see every week on SmackDown, Main Event and co-announcing pay-per-view events. She has also served as a backstage announcer on Monday Night Raw and it’s always funny to watch her interview Stardust because, in real life, she’s actually married to him. Eden and Cody Runnels have been a couple for a long time and she was even at his side for the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Tournament that NXT held. If you haven’t check out her online show Eden’s Style, it’s on WWE's YouTube page.

14 Alexa Bliss 


It’s hard to tell if the career of Alexa Bliss is going to be in-ring or on the outside. Despite coming back from various injuries and scoring a count-out victory over then NXT Women’s Champ Sasha Banks, Bliss has been seen less inside the ring lately and more serving as the valet for Blake and Murphy, the former NXT Tag Team Champions. She’s a fantastic actress by wrestling standards, can hold her own in the ring and is one of the most beautiful women in wrestling today. If she doesn’t make it to the main roster soon, there is something wrong with this world. We hope she’s battling on the inside of the ring, but we’ll be just as entertained if she stays on the outside.

13 Summer Rae


We really wish we could put Summer Rae higher up on this list, but it doesn’t appear that WWE is going to put her in the ring anytime soon and considering how long she’s been with the company, she has yet to be part of any compelling storyline. If you want to see what Summer is capable of, check out her in-ring wrestling work on NXT. It wasn’t as crisp as some of her colleagues, but it was also better than several of the Divas we see in the ring every week on Monday Night Raw. She’s great hamming it up and makes the most of every role she has, so here’s hoping the WWE gives her something befitting her talent soon.

12 Asuka 


It has been two decades since the WWE has presented an Asian female as a serious threat to the Women’s Championship (before it was called the Divas Championship) and that was the monstrous Bull Nakano against Alundra Blayze. Asuka, formerly known as Kana in Japan, is one of the best female wrestlers in the world and is currently in NXT learning both the WWE way of doing things and improving her English. If the WWE can get over the language barrier and get serious about presenting quality women’s wrestling, Asuka could be on the WWE roster for a very long time once the call-up happens.

11 Aliyah 


If there’s one woman on this list you’re probably unfamiliar with, it’s Aliyah. She’s one of the trainees at NXT who recently made the transition to working house shows and has popped up on the weekly NXT show a couple of times. The thing that makes us believe this beauty has a career in front of her has less to do with her ability and more about the fact that she has been one of the up-and-coming cornerstones of WWE Network’s show, Breaking Ground. They wouldn’t have made her one of the prime wrestlers that they followed in the documentary series if they didn’t see a bright future for her.

10 Naomi 


It never hurts to have a family in the business and when you marry into the most famous family in the Samoan Anoai family, via her marriage to one of The Usos, your spot is pretty secure. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Stuck first in the cheerleading Funkadactyls, then as a sidekick for The Usos and now as the “one who takes the pin” in Team B.A.D., the real-life Trinity Fatu hasn’t been in the greatest storylines, but during that time, she has quietly become one of the better wrestlers on the women’s roster, when she’s allowed to show it. There’s another woman who had a similar story. Her name was Trish Stratus. If Naomi can just get that one storyline where she clicks with the crowd, she could also be a future Hall of Famer.

9 Charlotte 


There are second and third generation wrestlers like Randy Orton, The Rock and Goldust who have had great careers. Then there are ones like David Sammartino, Scott Putski and Erik Watts who could never live up to their father’s legacies. Which one will Charlotte ultimately end up as? If the WWE allows her to the play to her natural heel tendencies, passed down by her father Ric Flair, Charlotte has a shot at being one of the all-time greats. If they try to present her as a face, it’s going to be an awkward ride. She’s got the pedigree, she wasn’t buried upon entry into WWE like many NXT graduates and she was the one to end Nikki Bella’s streak. The future looks very bright for Charlotte and hopefully we’re all booing her during it.

8 Paige 


Given her young age and the fact she’s been part of the main event storylines since she debuted the day after WrestleMania XXX, it could be safe to assume that WWE views Paige as the person upon whom to build the Divas division, the way Alundra Blayze, Trish Stratus and The Bella Twins have been presented in the past. If the WWE could figure out the personality she should portray, things would really line up with her. There have been so many switches from heel to babyface that it’s been hard to get a handle on the character of Paige. Her in-ring work is among the top few in the division and with more call-ups from NXT, it should only improve as her opponents’ skill levels improve.

7 Carmella 


The real-life Leah Van Dale was a New England Patriots cheerleader, a Los Angeles Lakers girl and is among the first WWE NXT stars who didn’t have seasoning in the indies. While some trainees never see a live show or television after years of training, it only took five months for Carmella to make her debut as the valet for Enzo Amore and Big Cass. A few months later and she was competing in matches at a level well beyond her experience would dictate. She’s regularly featured on NXT programming and has one of the clearest defined characters on the roster. She’s also real-life best friends with Bayley and is dating Big Cass...and you can’t teach that.

6 Nia Jax


There are going to be people who see the inclusion of Nia Jax on the list and wonder why she he is here. To them, we say beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and it’s nice to the see the WWE recognizing that. She’s got the pedigree, as a cousin of The Rock and DNA connected to the Anoai family, and thus far has shown that despite being a bigger girl can hold her own with the fitness model types WWE tends to employ. While it’s still early in her development, she was granted a title match with Bayley on her second NXT special and seems like the kind of person who could play a monster heel for years on the main roster, which is something they were probably hoping for Tamina Snuka, but never materialized.

5 Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch is at a very pivotal point in her career in the WWE. She’s only been around for six months and while she has been part of the “Divas Revolution” she hasn’t been the star of it. She was third banana in PCB, and considering the least valuable members of the other two stables are Tamina Snuka and Alicia Fox, we’re a little fearful she’s going to be looked at as a B or C level Diva. One look at her amazing NXT Takeover match with Sasha Banks will show you she’s as good as any woman in the ring today. She’s also goofy and has a great personality, as her interviews show. With her orange hair and Tank Girl goggles, she really sticks out from the crowd and hopefully will be able to navigate her way to the top, where she belongs.

4 Eva Marie 


There have been few women in the history of wrestling who have garnered the kind of heat that has followed Eva Marie. She was seen by most wrestling fans as having no place in the business, appearing at ringside a few times and then being shipped off to Total Divas. At some point, she wanted to get back into the ring, so she first trained with Brian Kendrick and then went to NXT. Unfortunately, fans don’t forget easily and she has been booed harder than anybody in the history of the developmental league. If the WWE can figure a way to take one of the most beautiful women in the company, put her on the main roster, and get that kind of reaction, they’re going to be laughing all the way to the bank.

3 Bayley 


We dream of a day when Bayley is standing on the second rope, holding her Divas championship for the WrestleMania crowd to see after a hard fought match worthy of the big show. Will it happen? Hard to say. Bayley does a great job playing to smaller crowds at Full Sail University and is able to make a connection with every fan in that room. Will she be able to take that unique talent and do it in front of the large WWE audiences? We hope so. She’s got a cute girl next door quality that few females wrestlers have ever had. Her technical ability is second to none, but part of the charm of her interviews is that she’s so earnest and awkward. She doesn’t look like the usual Diva, but is still attractive to most. Will Vince McMahon be able to see this unique package and present it correctly, and will Bayley be up for the challenge? We hope so.

2 Dana Brooke 


Far too often, the WWE tries to find a wrestler who they think can be “The Next (insert superstar’s name here)” but what they fail to realize is that what makes a megastar is not trying to copy successes of the past, but allowing its athletes to figure out their own path. The last time we saw a beautiful blonde former fitness model who could take a great bump, she ended up being future Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. The WWE have that exact formula again with Dana Brooke who is showing she’s a lot more than her lame introductory vignettes. She’s coming into her own in a tag team with Emma and hopefully she’ll be allowed to follow her path, and not one that will cause her to fail in being the next Trish Stratus.

1 Sasha Banks 


A lot of fans have complained that the WWE is taking it too slow with Sasha Banks since her call-up from the NXT roster, but when have wrestling fans ever been patient? If they knew that Lita was going to be THE Lita when she was first managing Essa Rios or Trish Stratus was going to be THE Trish Stratus when she was a valet for Test and Albert, you’d have heard them call foul, the way they are with Banks. She’s a multi-tool athlete whose as vicious on the microphone as she is in the ring and if WWE is looking to build its Diva division over the next decade, she’s the obvious pick because she’s, well, Beautiful and Dangerous.

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