Top 15 Shocking High School Photos Of WWE Divas

Here are 15 WWE Divas, past and present, who looked a whole lot different in high school and how insane some changes can be.

High school is a time many of us look back on differently. To some, it was some of the best years of our lives, plenty of friends, fun times and some great moments to look back upon. For others, it was a miserable experience and glad to be past it. Yet high school is an important time in the lives of anyone and a time to look back upon, good and bad. While some people can look the same, others change a lot. The geeks suddenly turn into knockouts while folks who looked great back then age badly. Yet for WWE Divas, high school is a bit different as their changes are pretty notable.

Very few ladies look as familiar in high school. It’s not just different hair color and style or their bodies that are different. They just look so much odder back then, younger yet still have that unique aura about them that made them stand out for fans. Some ladies look back at their high school lives in humor while others try to ignore it. Yet it’s remarkable seeing the changes they had to overcome. Here are 15 WWE Divas, past and present, who looked a whole lot different in high school and show how insane some changes can be.

15 Torrie Wilson

A survivor of the dying days of WCW, Torrie got attention for her great appeal with lush blonde hair and terrific body. She showed it off numerous times, from “Playboy” to the nutty feud with Dawn Marie over her “father” Al that’s become infamous. But as many of these pics show, a lot of WWE Divas looked a lot different in their high school days. This pic is a prime example as Wilson looks nothing like the lady WWE fans would come to know. Not only is she brunette but she also shows little of that knockout body fans would come to know.

14 Beth Phoenix

“The Glamazon” had the wrestling bug early and this pic proves it. She made history by becoming the first female member of the Notre Dame High School varsity wrestling team and won numerous titles in New York. This picture showcases how well she took to it, her face stoic, not smiling but proving she deserves a spot on this team as much as any of the guys around her. It served Phoenix well as she broke out in OVW with her amazing skills, even putting on ladder matches. She then proved herself in WWE with multiple runs as champion, shining well with her power and even had a run in the Royal Rumble.

13 Maria Kanellis

A breakout in the first Diva Search, Maria stood out with her gorgeous red hair and lovely legs. She got attention as a backstage interviewer and was soon winning fans with her persona as a total ditz who got into funny antics. Her runs in the ring weren’t anything special and she was eventually let go from the company. In ROH, she remade herself as a sexy vixen and soon taking off well there in very hot shorts. Her TNA run had her as an arrogant diva and champion and pushed in a big program with Allie which has now ended with her leaving the company.

12 Trish Stratus

She remains one of the most fantastic evolutions of anyone in WWE. When Trish Stratus debuted in 2000, she was just eye candy, a hot blonde in tight clothing and cowboy hat, little more than flaunting her very shapely body. But a little training helped transform her into one of the best female workers of her time. Stratus was absolutely amazing in the ring to become a six-time Women’s champion and one of the hottest women around. “Playboy” came calling numerous times but she always turned them down, preferring to let her work stand on its own.

11 Chyna

Her sad death in 2016 has shifted opinions on Joanie Laurer. After years of being treated as a joke thanks to drug use, arrests and adult films, Chyna is getting respect once more for how much she changed the game. That’s what makes it jarring to see her in these pics from her high school days. Her jawline is totally different, making her smile seem crooked and the lighter hair a mess. She’s also rather thin, with her shirt hanging off her, nowhere near the muscular build she would showcase when she made her debut.

10 Stephanie McMahon


9 Maryse

The stunningly gorgeous French-Canadian is known as a lady fans love to hate. Her debut played into her arrogance and used it to become a top heel in WWE. It served her well with runs as champion and currently pushing real-life husband The Miz to new success in the company. This pic of her in high school shows none of the incredibly sexy woman fans know today. She looks frankly rather plain with dark hair and the light smile isn’t the arrogant smirk fans have come to know so well today.

8 Sunny

7 AJ Lee

AJ Lee was notable for her geeky side, enjoying video games and comics and often dressing like sci-fi characters. She became notable for her great skills in the ring and promo work but also spoke out against the company for their attitude toward female wrestlers and she hated the entire “Divas Movement.” This pic from her high school yearbook (when she was known as April Mendez) shows a surprising look back at Lee. Her teeth are crooked, her jaw not quite as sharp as fans know and it’s funny seeing her dressed down. Lee would go on to have a tremendous amount of success and her run laid the early groundwork for the Women's Revolution in wrestling.

6 Stacy Keibler


5 Jillian Hall


Even Jillian herself has noted how crazy this change is. In high school, she had dark brunette hair and was, quite frankly, rather on the chubby side. She seemed like a good student but was also a bit distracted and not inclined to athletics. Hall changed that, undergoing training and paying her dues on the indie circuit and OVW. Her run in WWE was notable for first having a hideous “growth” on her face that got chewed off by The Boogeyman. Then came her long run as an atrocious singer who fans enjoyed booing massively. She even put out a “joke” Christmas album only to have it become an actual best-selling success.

Hall had some good skills in the ring and her exit cost WWE one of its more fun characters. She’s retired from the game today and noted during a visit to her high school how astounded people were at her change.

4 Charlotte


3 Sable


2 Lita


Since her breakout in 2000, Lita was known for her fiery red hair, her lavish shoulder tattoo and a fantastic skill in the ring. Whether on her own or with the Hardyz and later Edge, Amy Dumas was a standout as a woman who just sparked with a hot presence. Thus, it’s very bizarre seeing this pic of her in high school. Her hair is dark brown and the nutty shirt doesn’t showcase the hot body fans would come to know. It’s striking how different Lita looks without that trademark red-hot hair and outgoing attitude and she’s even talked of being a bit more withdrawn back in high school.

1 The Bella Twins

Brie and Nikki Bella have always had a fantastic following thanks to their looks. Twins are already alluring and two knockout brunettes just make it better. The duo have played on that connection for years, doing the usual twin pranks in school but also had a great bond between them. Then known as the Garcias, the twins hung out constantly in high school and clearly enjoyed their good looks as well as their athleticism. This pic showcases them with Brie wielding a soccer ball while Nikki appears to be leaning on a cane. Nikki has documented that a leg injury put her potential soccer career on hold.

The two are smiling and look great together, showing that mix of heat, mischievousness and skill that’s made the Bellas favorites for some time.

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Top 15 Shocking High School Photos Of WWE Divas