Top 15 Shocking Stories About The Personal Lives Of Members Of D-Generation X

The wrestling stable D-Generation X provided us with many entertaining – good and bad – moments during their years as an active wrestling stable. There have been highs and there have been lows, but plenty of entertaining moments on screen, not to mention a huge amount of raucous goings on off it.

As I’m sure plenty of you will testify, DX made the Attitude Era what it was. Their stable’s synonymous with that period – possibly the greatest era in wrestling.

Originally founded by Shawn Michaels and Triple H, Chyna – and a guy a lot of people tend to forget about – Rick Rude, DX then expanded with other members coming on board. This made for a number of entertaining segments, with X-Pac, The New Age Outlaws and Tori – and kind of Tori’s boyfriend at the time, Kane – getting involved with DX in some way or another.

The stable disbanded in 2000 but certain members have come together and have reunited since then. The DX reboot in 2006 was one such instance, where the original founding members Shawn Michaels and Triple H teamed up once again, this time as a tag team – rated as one of the greatest Tag Team Champion pairings of all time.

We can all recollect and think of DX’s crazy antics in front of the cameras. But what about what went on with members of the group in their personal lives? Here are some interesting – and shocking – real-life stories about members of DX.

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15 Chyna and X-Pac’s tumultuous relationship

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Chyna’s one of the original founding members of DX. Just before the formation of the stable, she began working in WWE as a bodyguard for Triple H, and down the line X-Pac and other wrestlers who would be involved with DX.

Chyna’s had a pretty horrid life; you could write a book on all she’s gone through. She also hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to relationships. Whilst working as Triple H’s enforcer, the two were actually dating, but this ended in disaster – I’ll get into that later. They broke up in 2000, and then in 2003, she began dating another DX member, X-Pac. Things actually got serious between the two and they were actually engaged twice, but the relationship was toxic. X-Pac had his problems, as did Chyna, and they just let out all of their frustrations on each other which meant things got violent, and quite frequently. Chyna was actually arrested in 2005 for beating X-Pac; due to Chyna’s physical prowess, it’s safe to say she could have – maybe she did – cause some serious damage. In the end, it was better for everyone that the relationship ran its course.

14 Triple H’s steroid use was covered up

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It’s pretty safe to say that steroid use is rife in the world of wrestling. Sure, people work hard to build their physiques, spending plenty of time in the gym, eating right, and adhering to that bodybuilding lifestyle. But sometimes that’s not enough; these guys are in the business to entertain, to achieve mind-blowing feats in the ring, and to do that, they feel a little help’s needed.

The 1994 Steroid Trial almost brought Vince’s wrestling empire crashing down. But it didn’t stop these athletes taking performance enhancers. Look at some of the facts and by the powers of deduction, you can say that WWE did their best to cover up and keep quiet about some of their wrestler’s steroid use. Triple H, being the golden boy, was one of these wrestlers WWE protected.

When Scott Steiner returned for his second stint in WWE in 2002, his muscle gain was just ridiculous. WWE asked him to do a steroid test, which he agreed to do on one condition; that Triple H would do one too. Neither test happened which led Steiner to believe and plenty of other people, that it didn’t happen because Triple H’s steroid use would be exposed. Of course WWE didn’t bring the matter to light but Scott Steiner was very vocal about his views; they were both allowed to wrestle on and it actually enhanced the growing animosity between Steiner and Triple H.

13 Triple H and the "Am I F***n Going Over?" story

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WWE writer Matthew Randazzo brought this story to light. On one occasion Randazzo brought a script to Vince’s room, and Triple H, who was there getting changed, answered the door. He immediately answered the door and rifled through the script. “Am I f****n going over?” he asked, “that’s all I want to know.” Randazzo told him he was and that was that. A couple of months down the line the situation repeated itself, but this time Randazzo told Triple H he kind of wasn't going over. To say Triple H wasn’t best pleased about this would be an understatement. After an explanation from Randazzo, which Triple H wasn’t happy with, he ripped that particular page out, dashed the script on the floor and slammed the door shut. Hours later the script was changed by those who had the authority to do so, and Triple H was happy. The “am I going over” story apparently occurred quite regularly.

12 X-Pac’s life was in serious turmoil

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X-Pac, much like Chyna, was a highly damaged individual. Plenty had happened in his life and on several occasions, he was close to giving up on life altogether. He’s been quite open about his troubles, and it makes for a pretty hard read. During his childhood he was molested and basically raised himself. He dropped out of school at a young age, got involved with pretty much every type of hardcore drug there is, has been in toxic relationships and has literally lost his mind, which resulted in Triple H and Vince sending him to rehab.

A lot of these troubles stayed with X-Pac while he was in wrestling and a member of DX, and it’s pretty unbelievable that he managed to plough on day after day. Rehab seems to have helped a tad, but it’s going to take an almighty effort and plenty of years before those mental demons have been eradicated from his head for good.

11 Road Dogg’s Desert Storm marriage

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Road Dogg comes from an army family. His dad served in the U.S. Marine Corps and Road Dogg – Brian James – followed suit. He was in the army for six years, and this spell occurred after he had made his wrestling debut. This time coincided with Operation Desert Storm where he played a prominent role in the war against Iraq. He was actually a platoon sergeant and was essentially running certain aspects of the operation. So, James was on the front line and knew of the dangers of the situation. He also knew there was a good chance he wouldn’t make it out of there, so he decided to tie the knot. He got married there, made it back safely, won a ton of wrestling titles and has three kids; it’s all worked out for him in the end.

10 X-Pac’s near-death in-ring experience

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As if X-Pac hadn’t gone through enough, in 2013 he nearly died due to an injury he sustained in the ring. While he was performing the Bronco Buster, the turnbuckle wasn’t covered, and he landed horizontally and in his own words, the “turnbuckle ripped me another hole.” He was obviously in pain but still went to an event later that night. That’s when the blood started gushing from his rectum. The hotel resembled a murder scene; he’d lost so much blood that he almost bled to death before the ambulance arrived and took him off for emergency surgery.

Butt jokes could be humorous, but there was nothing funny about this near-death experience. But up until the blood started gushing, X-Pac wasn’t worried about a thing. He was more interested in giving his opponent during that match, Jerry Lynn, a proper send off.

9 The Stephanie McMahon – Triple H – Chyna saga

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Triple H and Chyna, two of the original founding members of DX, actually dated for a period. They dated for four years, from 1996-2000, but it was far from the perfect relationship. Chyna claims Triple H was cheating on her with Stephanie McMahon – she found love letters between the two when they were still together.

When Triple H’s and Stephanie’s relationship became common knowledge, initially Vince wasn’t best pleased as they were going against company policy.

As a result of all of this, Chyna had a bit of a run in with the McMahons and the next day she was given her marching orders.

Years later, Chyna was still doing well for herself and was still a massive star in the wrestling industry. Despite this she wasn’t re-signed, possibly due to everything that had gone on before, but also because she had become a sex icon and WWE was trying to steer towards being more family friendly.

8 Triple H and HBK really hated The Rock

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Triple H and The Rock have been involved in a long-running professional feud that’s lasted decades. They got involved in a ton of altercations and feuded many times over these years. Their hate for one another can be attributed to many reasons; they used to go off script and there’d be constant backbiting between the two and over the years everything just escalated. Their rivalry was mostly on a professional level and as a result, the two often brought out the best in each other on-screen.

HBK and The Rock also had a tremendous amount of dislike for each other. At a Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrestling event, The Rock’s grandma was working there as an event coordinator and apparently, Shawn Michaels was seriously rude to her. Of course, The Rock wasn’t pleased and they almost went at it then and there. When they were both with WWE, Michaels wasn’t happy about The Rock getting a major push – he wanted his best buddy, Triple H to be the one at the top. But Vince put his foot down that particular time, and we all know where The Rock ended up.

It seems all parties have since patched things up.

7 The New Age Outlaws Once Hated Triple H

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The New Age Outlaws became part of DX when the stable first debuted in 1997. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn had been doing quite well for themselves in The Attitude Era, although you wouldn’t think it due to their alleged mistreatment at the hands of Triple H while the Tag Team were with DX.

Apparently HBK and Triple wanted nothing to do with them, that was until they saw how they worked the crowd. But even while they were accepted into DX, things were far from perfect. In a shoot interview, they both revealed that Triple H was always a jerk to them and it took every bit of restraint on their part not to stand up to him and do something about it. But Gunn said; “whipping his ass would have gotten me fired, and I wasn’t about to sacrifice my career and providing for my kids and my family at the time just for whipping his ass, so I always let it blow off.”

Today they’ve all kissed and made up and are back to being friends.

6 One Night In China

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I’ve mentioned that despite being one of the best wrestlers in the business, Chyna wasn’t re-signed to WWE, partly because WWE was going in a more family friendly direction. Chyna didn’t feature in their plans because she’d become quite a notable sex icon, due to her activities with X-Pac.

While Chyna and X-Pac were dating, they made a sex tape. A prominent company obtained the tape, worked their magic on it, and eventually released it; One Night In China sold over 100,000 copies and apparently, it became quite a nice little earner for the pair – although Chyna denied she earned anything from the tape.

But she’d gotten the porn bug – if there’s such a thing – and went on to star in more adult films for which she did earn some decent money.

5 Shawn Michaels was ridiculed after posing for Playgirl

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There were always urban legends floating around that Shawn Michaels had male relationships. Rumors that he was actually in a relationship with the boss and other wrestlers on the roster were exacerbated when he posed for the magazine, Playgirl, in 1996 – a magazine that mainly had a homosexual readership.

He was teased endlessly about it; being gay wasn’t exactly an accepted thing at the time. Wrestlers and fans alike used to shoot on him about it and it became a source of great embarrassment for HBK. So why did he pose for Playgirl? He did so because he thought the magazine was aimed at women – kind of like Playboy’s aimed towards men. He probably should have done his research. This would soon be a source of Bret Hart's worked shoot on Michaels in their '97 feud.

4 Chyna’s breast bursts

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Chyna had a body that people wanted to see, whether to gawk at or for other reasons – she knew it and was more than happy to flaunt her assets. From adult films to appearing on magazine covers, Chyna did it all. But her body got some help; she had breast implants. She didn’t actually like the implants – the size wasn’t the right fit for her body and she didn’t feel comfortable. The implants seemingly didn’t agree with her body either, as one of them actually burst while she was doing her thing in the ring. So, after surgery to fix the damage, Chyna got custom implants. They were pricy at $6,000, but importantly, she felt they fitted her body perfectly. Since those implants were created, they’ve been marketed to other female bodybuilders and larger women.

3 Shawn Michaels’ hate for the DX reboot

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Michaels loved Triple H and being a part of DX, so when the stable became active again in 2006, it would have been safe to assume that both men were all for it and were looking forward to getting up to some of their old antics; the fans certainly were. But this reboot was almost a decade from when it all started. Both wrestlers were a lot older and had been through a lot since then – especially Shawn Michaels. They weren’t the same anti-authority rebels, and Michaels had had a tumultuous time of it battling with drug and alcohol addictions.

He’d also dedicated his life to God, so the old Michaels was dead and buried, hence he didn’t think the reboot would work or be successful. Perhaps he thought it may have brought some of his old destructive habits back into his life. Michaels has said he actually regrets a lot of what went on during those earlier years with DX and he cringes as he recollects his parts in all the shenanigans.

2 DX almost screwing Monday Night Raw

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DX got up to all sorts of crazy stuff. Their antics were legendary in The Attitude Era, but having said that, not everyone approved – in fact, there were quite a lot of people who didn’t and were disgusted by what was going on.

Tons of people used to call in to the USA Network to complain about DX, mainly about Triple H and HBK. These people were mainly concerned parents, not wanting their kids to be subjected to the crude adult humor that came along with DX at the time.

The USA Network got into serious hot water over it, as did WWE and Raw, and at one point, there was even some serious concern that Monday Night Raw would get axed. Luckily it didn’t develop into anything more serious than some unhappy parents.

1 Triple H was Shawn Michaels’ carer

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Michaels and Triple H have been best friends, have fallen out, but they’ve always loved each like brothers and have been there for one another when needed.

It must have ripped Triple H apart to see his best buddy going through such a difficult time, as was the case in 1998. Michaels was scheduled to face the new guy on the block and the next big thing, Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV. But the event almost didn’t take place.

Leading up to the event, Michaels was in a seriously bad state due to injuries and his alcohol and painkiller addictions. Triple H was basically assigned to take care of him, not that he would have needed any prompting to do so. He chaperoned him to events and practically had to be with Michaels and babysit him constantly to ensure he stayed on the right track. That’s true friendship right there.

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