Top 15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is the most powerful man in wrestling as of today, possibly of all time we could say. So you would think that considering how big of a icon Vince has become, his life has become an open book and WWE fans know everything their is to know about Vinnie Mac. In fact, the opposite is true. We as WWE fans do not get to see the whole picture of Vince's life, meaning we really don't know as much about him as we may think. The man behind the WWE we all love is more than just the creator of outrageous storylines and the billionaire man, Vince McMahon is an interesting character in his own right, who deserves a list that pinpoints what has made him...well him.

Whether you care for Vince or not, you do have to admit that he knows how to run a company efficiently and effectively, considering how Vince is one of the richest men in America. However, Mr.McMahon was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, as he had to work hard to become the man he is today. He knows who to push and when to push as it comes to wrestlers, because the chairman really knows what the people want and when they want it (maybe not right now considering Roman Reigns but we will look past that).

Vincent Kennedy McMahon has had an interesting life, and it is a life that many are not aware of, which ultimately could change the entire way you perceive the boss behind the desk. Made from the ground up, Vince McMahon captured the American Dream, and for this, he should be congratulated.

This article will be dedicated to Vince, as it lists some little known facts about him that will help his fans or maybe even not so fans get a better understanding of the life of Vince McMahon.

Here is 15 shocking things you didn't know about Vince McMahon.

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15 Has A Successful Older Brother

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Most people are aware of the McMahon family. Vince, his wife Linda, his son Shane and his daughter Stephanie, but most people do not know that Vince has an older brother, who is very successful as well. He may not be very well known because while Vince lived with their mother, his brother, Rod, lived with their father. Rod works in the steel industry and apparently is doing very well for himself, but has never been photographed publicly. He was supposed to be featured on Monday Night Raw for the Vince McMahon funeral, but the storyline was scrapped when it was found that Vince was faking his death.

14 Traumatic Childhood

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Vince admitted to being abused by one of his stepfathers at a early age. He even said he would have enjoyed killing him if he didn't happen to die earlier. Even with this sad start to his life, it didn't stop Vince from being one of the most polarizing and influential wrestling personalities to ever live. I bet if his stepfather knew what Vince would grow up to do, he probably would not have done anything to ever get on his son's bad side.

13 Met His Wife Linda In Church

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Considering how evil the Mr. McMahon character was, you'd never expect that the real Vince McMahon was in church every Sunday as a youngster. In fact it was in church that he met his wife, Linda. When Vince was 16 and Linda was 13, Vince's mother introduced the two and the rest is history. They remained a couple for their teen years and Vince proposed as soon as he graduated high school. They married in 1966 when Linda was only 17. The two will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this August, which is amazing considering all the wacky stuff Vince has pulled.

12 Overcame Dyslexia

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As he has mentioned it on many talk shows, Vince McMahon has said that he grew up with dyslexia. He has said that with age and working through the disability, he has overcome the problem that once hindered him as a young man. It is pretty impressive that Vince was able to become one of the most successful businessmen in the world, as he didn't let the dyslexia hold him back in any way.

11 Earned An Administration Business Degree

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Vince attended East Carolina University and graduated in 1968. After graduating, he was a non-descriptive traveling salesman, but still something was missing for him. He knew he wanted to work for his father and assume a role in the WWWF, despite his father not loving the idea of Vince joining the force. He wanted his son to have a "nice government job" but could you picture VKM working for the government?

After his short salesman career, the next item in Vince's life is the next item on this list.

10 Had Weird Sexual Experiences At A Young Age

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Vince McMahon revealed quite a bit about himself from an interview with Playboy back in 2001. One of the things he revealed was his early exposure to sex. He recalls being a first grader when he went with his stepbrother and his girlfriends and they would begin 'playing' with him. "I thought that was pretty cool. That was my initiation into sex. At that age you don't necessarily achieve an erection, but it was cool."

He then went on to say that he hung out with a girl who was essentially his cousin. "I remember the two of us being so curious about each other's bodies but not knowing what the hell to do. We would go into the woods and get naked together. It felt good."

9 Wasn't The Only Owner Of The WWE

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Many people know the story of how Vince bought the WWE from his father, but the deal did not make Vince the sole owner of the company. Vince only got 50% of the company while the remaining half was divided up among VJM confidants Gorilla Monsoon, Phil Zacko and Arnold Skaaland. Quickly after the deal, Vince took out a loan from the bank and offered every new owner $100,000 and a lifetime job at the company for their piece of the pie.

All of them agreed, which made Vince the complete owner of the promotion. If some of the men didn't agree though, I wonder how the WWE would have turned out without McMahon running the entire show.

8 His Motorcycle Accident

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Even at 70 years old, you can totally picture Vince McMahon being the type of guy that would relish on a motorcycle. In his 2001 interview with Playboy, McMahon revealed he had been in pretty bad motorcycle accident in 1999. While doing 45 on a side road, a car backed out of its driveway and hit McMahon, sending him flying in the air. McMahon says he was conscious of where the ground was and used his wrestling training to make sure he didn't land on his head.

While he avoided a head injury, McMahon broke his tailbone and separated his pelvis. Of course, that didn't stop him from working.

7 Bedtime Stories To His Kids

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Vince McMahon may have been the worst father in the world on screen, but off screen, he by all means, seems to be very affectionate towards his kids and was indeed an attentive father growing up. One thing he loved was telling bedtime stories to his kids. Being that he considers himself a storyteller, McMahon wasn't going to read stories to his kids, but make up his own. His stories would be so full of action, his kids couldn't sleep after.

I'd tell them a story, kiss them goodnight, and they would be absolutely wired. Linda would have to calm them down. So Shane was scared one night. He thought Dracula was in the closet. I said, "Oh yeah? Watch this." I went in that closet and started growling and yelling, having a battle. I threw a little furniture. Now Shane's really scared to death, until finally his dad walks out of the closet. I said, "Son, you never have to worry about Dracula again. Dracula's dead."

6 Has Been Open About His Infidelity

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Vince McMahon revealed more about his sexual experiences in a Howard Stern interview over a decade ago. McMahon has said that while he had cheated on Linda in the past, he never lied to her. Whenever he was confronted about cheating he would admit to it. There have been countless rumors of Vince having hooked up with women, and urban legends of him having relations with talent. Not many unfaithful men would be quite as open as Vince is, yet remain married for 50 years.

5 Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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Vince McMahon is the definition of rags to riches. It is difficult to think that Vince wasn't always the billionaire personality he is today, but he actually was born with very little. Vince was born in Pinehurst, North Carolina and grew up in a trailer park there with his single mother. Presenting himself as very sophisticated and of extreme upper-class now, it looks as though Vince does not care for keeping his roots.

4 Met Vince Sr. When He Was 12

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Vince McMahon Sr. divorced his wife while Vince Jr. was just an infant, and then left the family. Vince Jr. got to meet his biological father at the age of 12, and was not too upset for the abandonment. The quick forgiveness may be due to the fact that Vince became quickly enthralled in the family business of wrestling, hoping to join it at some point later. We all know how that turned out.

3 His Childhood Name

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Vince McMahon unfortunately had to grow up with the name of his abusive stepfather, Leo Lupton. So until he met his father, Vinnie Mac went by the name of Vince Lupton. Once he met his father at the age of 12 though, Vince quickly took on his rightful surname of McMahon. From there, he said he and his father immediately shared a unique bond which they would hold until Vince Sr.'s death in 1984.

2 Owned A Pro Hockey Team

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Before Vince was one of the most powerful men in wrestling, he purchased the Cape Cod Coliseum and the Cape Cod Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast Hockey League. Even though it was closed in 1984, the Coliseum and the team brought in some nice money for Vince and his wife, which helped him grow his businesses elsewhere. This is the last franchise that he would attempt to purchase a stake in... so far.

1 Owns Yacht Named "Sexy B***h"

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When you own as much money as Vince happens to own, sometimes you wan't to do something a little outlandish with your fortune. McMahon went out and bought a 47 ft. luxury yacht which he properly named "Sexy B***h". McMahon is currently keeping the boat docked in Boca Raton, Florida, so if you are ever in the area, this sight may be something to see! It just goes to show that just because he's rich, he's not like most rich people.

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