Top 15 Shocking Women Debuts In WWE

There is a saying in life that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression and this is so accurate when it comes to making your WWE debut.

There have been so many epic male debuts over the past few years that fans reminisce about all the time about Chris Jericho, The Rock, and Kurt Angle. They were all heavy hitting debut's but there have also been some incredible debut's for the WWE's Women's Division over the past few decades as well.

From Sable and Sunny back in the 1990s all the way up to last year's "Divas Revolution" and the NXT women that came through with it, the women have made it their mission to make a difference over the past two decades and the evolution that has taken place over the past twenty years is already evident to even the most casual of wrestling fans.

The women on the following list were not content with just walking into WWE and being counted as another statistic. They were not happy unless the WWE Universe sat up and saw them arrive. These are the women that were ready to make a difference in the WWE and for the most part, many of them went on to become the biggest stars in the company at that time.

The following list will only concentrate on main roster debuts rather than when these women first appeared on the NXT roster.

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15 Tamina

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Compared to her WWE debut, it seems Tamina's WWE career has been something of a rollercoaster. There was so much hype surrounding the first appearance of the daughter of Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka but it seems only her debut lived up to it.

Tamina made her debut back in 2010 along with her cousins The Usos and decided to target The Hart Dynasty, something that led to an epic showdown between the two groups. The WWE Universe sat up and realized that Tamina had arrived but since then she has become something of a sidenote over the past few years. Her involvement in the 'Divas Revolution' in 2015 was minimal and thanks to an injury suffered later in the year, she wasn't even a part of the WWE Draft.

14 Molly Holly

Molly Holly came into WWE in an era when women were there to be seen and not to involve themselves in heavy-hitting storylines. Molly wasn't happy about this and was there to make an impact. This shows in her debut when she ran in and attacked Trish Stratus.

Molly had truly arrived in WWE and made it blatantly obvious that the Women's Division wouldn't be the same again. Molly was the only woman in WWE to ever lose a Hair vs. Hair match at WrestleMania XX and was forced to have her head shaved bald after the match. Molly always cared more about her character in the ring than she did her appearance. It's sad that WWE didn't feel the same about the Women's Division at this point.

13 Aksana

It's hard to make your WWE debut impactful when you've had no build up and the WWE Universe are forced to welcome you as you're making your entrance, but Aksana made the most of her debut despite it lacking the impact of many women before her.

Aksana asked General Manager Theodore Long to allow her to make her in-ring debut on the main roster after competing in NXT, and finally, he allowed her to face Natalya in January 2012. Natalya was looking for Tamina and completely misjudged Aksana which allowed the Lithuanian star to pick up her first win in record time over the former Divas Champion. Aksana has since been released from WWE, but she will be remembered fondly for some incredible moments over her two-year tenure.

12 Trish Stratus

If you would have thought that Trish Stratus would have gone on to become one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time judging her solely on her WWE debut then you would have been diagnosed as crazy.

Stratus appeared in her recognizable cowboy hat on the Sunday Night Heat ramp during Test's match with Gangrel, seemingly just her presence alone helped him to the victory. Trish then appeared later in the night and helped Prince Albert to the win over Joey Abs before Test and Albert officially became a tag team in WWE. Trish was the main instigator in putting the pair together. Tired of the managerial role, Stratus would soon transition into WWE competitor and become the greatest WWE Women's Champion in the history of the company.

11 Chyna

It would be hard to look like Chyna and not make an impact on your WWE debut. The physique of Chyna alone made her stand out from the crowd. During her first televised appearance she would target Goldust and Marlena. She emerged from ringside to choke Marlena and distract Goldust during his match with Triple H.

It was then made obvious that she was the hired muscle/bodyguard for Triple H and the two then became founding members of D-Generation X. Chyna wasn't like any other female WWE at the time and would not focus on the Women's Championship for a long time after he debut, instead preferring to be a part of the male dominated storylines. She then went on to make history by being the first women to be a part of the Royal Rumble and then to win the Intercontinental Championship.

10 Gail Kim

Since Gail Kim's switch from WWE over to TNA she has become recognized as one of the best female wrestlers in the world, but before she was performing for TNA inside their six-sided ring, she was becoming the first female Superstar to win a title in her debut match.

Gail Kim made her debut in a Seven-Women Battle Royal on an episode of Monday Night Raw, at the time Jazz was the Champion. Jazz was injured so she needed to drop the title. Kim lasted to the final two before eliminating Victoria to win the Women's Championship. She held the title for four weeks before she was defeated by Molly Holly, but this debut set her up for a record-breaking career that despite her release from WWE in 2004 ( then resigning in 2008 and subsequent release in 2011), she has still managed to continue doing what she loves on a regular basis.

9 Natalya

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Being the only ever female graduate of the Hart Dungeon comes with its benefits. Natalya was always destined for greatness, especially in WWE so it came as no surprise when WWE decided to allow her to make her debut during a run-in attack.

Natalya ran out during an episode of SmackDown to save Victoria from an attack by Michelle McCool and Cherry. At the time the WWE Universe had no idea who she was but the brutality of the attack showed that Natalya had arrived and she meant business. The duo then teamed up and Natalya instantly became a villain on the SmackDown roster. She then went on to form The Hart Dynasty with her future husband Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith before WWE finally began pushing Natalya towards the Divas Championship picture.

8 Kharma

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Known as Awesome Kong during her run with TNA, Kharma was built up by WWE using some hard-hitting vignettes ahead of her debut. She then revealed herself to the WWE Universe at the 2011 Extreme Rules event following the match between Kelly Kelly and Maryse.

Kharma made her way to the ring and looked like she was going to attack Kelly Kelly but instead turned her attention to Maryse who she then hit with an Implant Buster. Sadly her WWE career didn't follow the same lines of her incredible debut since she later invaded a tag team match to break down crying and then announced to the WWE Universe that she was actually pregnant. Kharma was then forced to take time away from WWE merely weeks after her debut.

7 Mickie James

Back in 2005 Mickie James was relatively unknown as a wrestler after being known as Alexis Laree in TNA but she appeared backstage with Trish Stratus and Ashley and revealed herself as Trish's biggest fan. The storyline would go on to eclipse WWE for more than a year, leading to Mickie winning the Women's Championship from Stratus at WrestleMania 22.

Mickie's in-ring debut was just as impactful as her debut appearance as she was accompanied to the ring by her idol and the 2005 Raw Diva Search on her way to an incredible win over Victoria, who herself  was accompanied by Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson. Mickie showed that she had the ability to become one of the biggest female stars in WWE and went on to prove that in the years that followed.

6 Bayley's Debut at Battleground

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Bayley was already known to the WWE Universe after her incredible run as NXT Women's Champion, but since the main roster and NXT are technically different, Bayley didn't make her main roster debut until this year's Battleground event when she teamed up with Sasha Banks.

Both are former NXT Women's Champions and both were awarded Match of the Year for 2015. Sasha and Bayley have a mutual respect for one another so it came as no surprise when Sasha found herself in a predicament where she needed a tag team partner, Bayley stepped up and helped her record the victory over Women's Champion Charlotte and her protege Dana Brooke. Bayley then made her Raw debut a few weeks later and has since recorded a singles win over Charlotte that has allowed her to be a part of the Triple Threat Women's Championship match at Clash of Champions.

5 Becky Lynch/Charlotte/Sasha Banks

It was the turning point for the WWE Women's Divison. Since AJ Lee walked away from WWE following WrestleMania 31, the entire female locker room and WWE's Creative Team had been at a loss when it came to booking the Women's Division until three familiar faces made their mark on the main roster.

Stephanie introduced the women to the main roster before a brawl ensued and ended with Nikki Bella locked in the Banks Statement, Brie Bella in The Disarmer, and Alicia Fox stuck in The Figure 8. The NXT Women made their mark on WWE by taking out Team Bella before Creative then once again lost control and the revolution was deemed a failure. However, these three women have gone on to all be Women's Champions on the main roster within the first year of their debut, which proves their value to the company.

4 Nikki Bella

If fans can remember a time before Nikki Bella was dating John Cena, way before she became the longest reigning Divas Champion, Nikki wasn't the Bella who was first introduced to the WWE Universe. Instead, it was Brie who began appearing on SmackDown alone.

Brie would crawl under the ring and come back up feeling refreshed halfway through her matches before it was revealed that her twin sister Nikki was actually hiding under the ring and had been rolling out to help her win her matches. The Twins have gone on to become the most famous WWE Divas in the history of the company, starring in two WWE spin-off reality shows as well as being two of the biggest stars on the female roster.

3 Lita

Lita is a former four-time Women's Champion, but before she was embroiled in a love triangle with Matt Hardy and Edge and long before she became an integral part of Team Extreme, Lita actually made her WWE debut alongside Essa Rios.

Lita made her debut merely weeks before Trish Stratus on an episode of Sunday Night Heat in 2000. She ran out to the ring with Essa Rios as he defeated Gillberg to win the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship. Following his Soonsault on Gillberg, Lita climbed up to the top rope and delivered the same move proving that she was more than capable of being a star in WWE. This night would provide a glimpse into the future as Lita would become one of the most renown Women's wrestler in the world.

2 Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix was said to have been the most dominant WWE Diva since Chyna and it is easy to see why when you look back on her WWE career. Beth came into WWE at the most opportune time. Trish had just accidentally dislocated her shoulder at Backlash the night before as she attempted to win back her Women's Championship from Mickie James.

James then went on to attack Trish and her injured arm which allowed Beth to appear and attack Mickie James. James was fuming as there was finally someone just as crazy as her and someone to fit into the slot that Trish had vacated. Beth went on to be known as 'The Glamazon' and a force to be reckoned with before she left WWE and began a family with former WWE Champion Edge.

1 Paige

Any WWE fan who was watching Monday Night Raw the night after WrestleMania XXX will agree that Paige's main roster debut was perhaps one of the greatest of all time. AJ Lee had outlasted the entire female roster the night before at WrestleMania to retain her Divas Championship and was already the longest reigning Divas Champion until Paige stepped forward.

Paige had already made an impact in NXT and was still holding the NXT Women's Championship at the time, but AJ Lee needed some time away from WWE so that she could heal up from injuries sustained in her record-breaking run as Champion. Paige managed to defeat her in record time to become only the second female wrestler to win a Championship on her debut. Paige held the Divas Championship twice, each time dropping it back to AJ Lee.

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