Top 15 Shocking Wrestler-Celebrity Relationships

WWE Superstars are globally recognizable athletes. They could be considered celebrities themselves, but because they are so well known all around the world, many wrestlers actually become romantically

WWE Superstars are globally recognizable athletes. They could be considered celebrities themselves, but because they are so well known all around the world, many wrestlers actually become romantically linked with famous celebrities.

Touring can be a huge problem for many wrestlers in their relationships with these people, but as the following list will prove, many wrestlers have managed to maintain their relationships with people who have just as hectic lives as them.

It makes sense that many wrestlers end up in relationships with people who understand their fame as much as they do. It means that without them actually knowing it, they already have something in common.

Many of the following relationships didn't actually work out, but this could be to do with many different things. There are reasons beyond the control of the wrestler and the celebrity in question, but it seems that these relationships work out much better after the wrestler has actually retired from WWE.

There are many more to mention, so here are just 15 wrestlers who have previously dated celebrities.

16 David Otunga


David is not a very well known WWE wrestler and had been on a long hiatus from WWE until July when he was drafted over to SmackDown Live to become part of their commentary team. Otunga is mostly famous for the fact that he married Academy Award Winner and DreamGirls star Jennifer Hudson.

The duo met back in 2008 and became engaged just seven months later and had their first child in 2009. The couple has had their fair share of ups and downs over the past few years, but the former two-time Tag Team Champion has remained a part of WWE throughout this. And the company often like to remind the WWE Universe that Otunga is engaged to a superstar, whenever they feel the need to.

15 MVP


The former WWE and TNA Superstar was romantically linked to comedian and actress Sherri Shepherd a few years ago. The actress who is best known for her appearances on Everybody Loves Raymond made an appearance on WWE SmackDown back in 2009 and after a segment with Montel Vontavious Porter, it seems that the duo hit it off.

MVP then appeared on Sherri's show that is entitled The View. They were then spotted out in public together many times and even attended Sherri's prom as a couple. The couple were very secretive about their relationship and managed to keep much of it private from the public, but near the end of 2009 both stars decided to call it quits and officially confirmed that they have gone their separate ways.

14 Kelly Kelly


Kelly Kelly is well known for the number of men she dated when she was part of WWE. There was a long list of wrestlers that was headed up by CM Punk, Test, Mike Knox and even Batista but it seems that Kelly also enjoyed dating outside of the company she worked for as well.

Back in 2009 Jeremy Piven guest hosted an episode of Monday Night Raw along with comedian Ken Jeong, and while their episode was definitely not a memorable one, it seems that Piven caught the eye of the WWE Diva. They were then spotted many times afterwards out in public and even went to a New York Jets game together. Their relationship seemingly turned into a fling though since it seems that it didn't last much longer than a few months after Piven's appearance on WWE TV.


12 Paige


Paige has an very long list of ex-boyfriends, but during the last season of Total Divas, the inaugural NXT Women's Champion was dating Kevin Skaff who is the guitarist from A Day To Remember. The couple played a huge part in Total Divas and often showed the ups and downs they had throughout their relationship.

Paige accepted Kevin's marriage proposal in one episode when she had previously stated that she didn't want to be engaged to the musician. The couple then broke up not long afterwards. Paige has since gone on to date the former WWE, World Heavyweight, and United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. This couple have caused much controversy recently especially when the duo then became engaged at a WWC show back in October.

11 Batista


Former WWE World Champion Batista hasn't been seen in WWE since he walked away from the company following his failure to capture the WWE World Championship at WrestleMania XXX two years ago (although that entire run can be considered a flop given how the fans reacted to seeing him again).

Batista has since gone on to land roles in some of the biggest box office hits over the past few years, including James Bond's Spectre and Guardians of The Galaxy. It is thought that Batista is doing so well in Hollywood now that he perhaps won't be returning to WWE for a while. Batista has been married now three times and has been romantically linked with the likes of Melina, Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendez, but most recently he married competitive pole dancer Sarah Jade.

10 JBL


The commentary legend and former WWE World Champion not only completely owns no matter what he does in the wrestling business, but he also managed to bag himself a financial analyst as a girlfriend.

JBL was dating Meredith Whitney while he was still a competitive wrestler and the couple officially married in 2005. Meredith has become well known for forecasting the difficulties of Citigroup during the financial crisis of 2007-08 and many other financial problems in the past few years. JBL himself is known to be an educated man in the terms of finance so it's easy to see how these two connected. JBL was recently drafted over to SmackDown Live during the WWE Draft back in July and has since become one of the best voices over on the Blue Brand.

9 Thea Trinidad

Thea Trinidad is a former TNA and current NXT Superstar. She returned to NXT in the last set of tapings as she faced NXT Women's Champion Asuka, but before her most recent run, she was most notably known as a member of Adam Rose's Rosebuds.

Trinidad appeared on VH1 Reality Show Love and Hip Hop back in 2014 as the girlfriend and Hip Hop artist Rich Dollaz. The duo was rumored to have been romantically linked in real life as well. The show followed the lives of Hip Hop stars in New York and looked at the duo as a couple. They have since broken up and Thea has focused more on her wrestling talent than the world of music over the past few years.

8 Paige, Again


The former NXT and Diva's Champion Paige has a long list of ex-boyfriends as well as Kevin Skaff listed above. Paige also stated that she has dated Emarose singer Bradley Walden. Much like Kevin, Bradley was a part of Total Divas when Paige first appearing as a regular cast member (sensing a trend here?).

The couple looked like they were perfect for each other but it seems that they broke up after that series of Total Divas wrapped up and Paige then began dating Kevin Skaff. But Paige is now engaged to former World Champion Alberto Del Rio and is currently out of action for a lengthy amount of time after undergoing neck surgery. Keep in mind that Paige is still very young and the entire Alberto Del Rio relationship could suffer the same fate as these musicians.

7 David Arquette (Yes, he was a "wrestler")


The former WCW Superstar and Heavyweight Champion married friends star Courteney Cox back in 1999. The couple was a fantastic pairing back when Courtney was a star of the cult sitcom that ended back in 2003. Arquette was famously made the WCW World Champion by accident back in 2000 (perhaps the biggest mistake in the history of wrestling).

The couple had their first child back in 2004 but decided to divorce back in 2013 after 14 years of marriage. As a couple they both founded a production company and seem to have remained friends following the break down of their relationship. Cox has a long list of ex-boyfriends and has since become engaged to Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid while Arquette has recently married Entertainment Tonight correspondent Cristina McLarty.

6 The Rock


It could be argued that The Rock is the bigger celebrity than his girlfriend, but Lauren Hashian is a celebrity in her own right. The singer/songwriter is the daughter of Sib Hashian who is the drummer for rock band Boston.

The Rock has been dating Lauren since 2007 and the couple have recently announced the arrival of their first child. Even though Lauren is technically a celebrity, she rarely makes appearances with her superstar boyfriend, instead, shying away from the camera and enjoying living outside of the celebrity lifestyle. The Rock is obviously a huge film, TV, and wrestling star so it would be hard for Lauren to outshine one of the best known stars in the world, but the couple seem happy with the way its worked out.

5 Stacy Keibler


Stacy Keibler is still fondly remembered by the WWE Universe more than a decade after she left the company. She has since moved on to projects of her own and even appeared on Dancing with the Stars, but the reason she makes this list is because of her fling with Hollywood Superstar George Clooney.

Stacy made waves when she began appearing on TV programs and in 2011 it was revealed that she was linked to George Clooney. She then began appearing at public events and red carpets with her new boyfriend. Sadly the relationship ended in 2013, which didn't come as a surprise to many people surrounding the couple. But the duo have both gone on to get married, to other people, so all's well that ends well.

4 Kelly Kelly, Again


The former WWE Diva left the company back in 2012 but has recently resurfaced in her own reality show WAGS after she was romantically linked to National Hockey League player Sheldon Souray.

The couple were married back in February and have been together now for more than four years. As a hockey player, Souray has played for five different teams and played in the All-Star game three times. Kelly Kelly is a former Divas Champion in WWE in her own right and given that she is technically now a reality TV star as well, there could be many arguments surrounding this couple and who the most famous member of the household actually is right now. WWE Diva turned reality star or NHL superstar? You decide.

3 Torrie Wilson


Torrie Wilson is still widely considered to have been one of the most attractive WWE Divas of all time. So it comes as no surprise that she has also managed to bag herself a celebrity as a partner.

The two-time Playboy Cover Girl dated Major League Baseball player Alex Rodriguez from 2011 until 2015. Alex is well known as one of the most controversial athletes in MLB history (A-Rod was known for massive contracts, steroids, and suspensions during his playing days in the MLB). But Torrie and Alex seemed like the perfect couple throughout all of the allegations and issues that Alex had thrown at him over the years they were together. Torrie was released from WWE in 2008 and has since returned to modeling and fitness.

2 Gail Kim


Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes nowadays and former WWE Women's Champion and current TNA Knockout's Champion Gail Kim has proved that by marrying celebrity chef Robert Irvine (the celebrity chef has become quite popular in modern society thanks to reality television).

Robert served in the British Royal Navy for a decade and has a reputation for being a hard person to work with because of his armed forced training. This is shown in the TV shows that he is apart of where he looks at some of the worst chefs in America. Gail and Irvin met when Robert was a part of an episode of his show filmed at SummerSlam. They hit it off straight away and were married a few years later.

1 Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is a comedian himself outside of WWE so it comes as no surprise that at one point Dolph himself was also dating a comedian. Amy Schumer has become one of the best-known female comedians in America, but a few short years ago, she was in a relationship with the current WWE Intercontinental Champion.

The couple managed to keep their relationship mostly a secret until Amy decided to share the gory details on The Howard Stern Show. She said that she began dating Dolph after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, who was also a comedian. The sex with Dolph was 'too athletic' though so when her ex-boyfriend asked her to get back together with him, she did and broke up with Dolph. The pair remain friends though and still regularly share each other's Tweets.

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