Top 15 Smallest Wrestlers Of All Time: Where Are They Now?

The average professional wrestler in the WWE  ranges between 6'2" and 6'8" while weighing around 260 pounds. In sports, that is normal size and most of these guys would go unnoticed. However, when you put them in wrestling tights and put them in a ring in front of thousands of screaming fans, they are larger than life.

However, Mark Twain once said, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." So even though there are some very big professional wrestlers today, that does not always translate into winning.

In fact, there are plenty of wrestlers that do not clear five feet tall that have done incredible things for the sport. From the beautiful WWE Divas to the old school midget wrestlers, we have gone out and found the 15 smallest wrestlers of all time and where they are now.

15 Rey Mysterio Jr. 

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Long before Rey Mysterio Jr. won a WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, he was earning his way through the wrestling industry beginning with the ECW. He spent a small amount of time working for Extreme Championship Wrestling and had storylines involving Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera, who were also both starting out in the ECW.

It was the beginning of the Cruiserweight revolution that became one of the most exciting styles of wrestling in both the WCW and WWE. His finishing move became known as the 619 and was one of the best signature moves of the last 25 years of professional wrestling.

For being 5’6” tall, Rey Mysterio Jr. accomplished more wrestling achievements than men twice his size. With the WWE, he won the World Heavyweight title twice, Championship belt once, Cruiserweight three times, Intercontinental belt two times, and the Tag Team Championship four times.

After leaving the WWE, he hit the independent circuit before finally landing in the Lucha Underground, where he has just recently signed a new one year deal to be both a wrestler and a consultant for the show.

14 Ember Moon 

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Ember Moon is a name that is currently rising the Women’s chart in the WWE NXT promotion. She is currently signed on with the WWE having been trained at the Booker T Pro Wrestling Alliance down in Houston, Texas in 2007. She has been wrestling for a very long time and has finally caught a break.

If you have a chance to catch her next match, do so. She is one of the more skilled female wrestlers in the WWE and is very well trained. It shows during her matches with her clean diving crossbody maneuvers and her terrific finisher, the O-Face. She has the potential to be the next WWE Women’s Champion and her athleticism is no joke either. Over her last 19 matches, she has a 14-5 record and is starting to make some serious noise in the league.

13 La Parkita

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La Parkita is a Mexican Luchador that has spent the majority of his career wrestling in the Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion, or AAA. The AAA is one of the biggest promotions in Mexico has exploded over the past few years after Jeff Jarrett helped construct a relationship between TNA and AAA before leaving TNA and working for the AAA.

La Parkita's real name is Alberto Perez Jimenez and he is the twin brother to Espectrito II. The twins have another brother, also on the list, that simply goes by the name Espectrito. He had a solid career wrestling with his brothers and had it not been for a wild night of partying and hiring a couple of prostitutes to continue the party, he and his twin brother might be alive today.

He was a legendary short wrestler that spent the majority of his career wrestling in the various independent circuits following his firing from AAA.

12 Layla El 

Layla El was one of the few WWE Divas that came out of virtually nowhere to win a contest to become a Diva in the WWE. She spent 2006 kickstarting her career into professional wrestling when she showed up on SummerSlam. It was not long before she was sent to the ECW and formed a dance group with Kelly Kelly and Brooke Adams in a segment called Extreme Expose. It was a lame excuse to let three of the WWE’s sexiest women tease the male audience members.

It worked too. They ended up shaking their beautiful bodies for the fans for about a year before each member started to branch out and do different things for the company. She ended up winning the WWE Women’s Championship in 2010 followed by the WWE Divas Championship in 2012 before retiring in August of 2015. She is now enjoying life as a married woman in Arizona having gotten married to former WWE wrestler Ricky Ortiz.


11 Terri Runnels

Before she appeared in the WWE, Terri Runnels was a WCW manager for two years between 1990 and 1991. She wasn’t the Terri Runnels we all know and love, she was a sexy accountant named Alexandra York. Only the hardcore wrestling fans will remember those days. She was a huge tease back in those days always walking around in the short skirts and tight tops.

But she left and eventually showed up at the Royal Rumble in 1996 only this time, she was with her real life husband, Goldust. She went by the name of Marlena and it lasted another few years before she changed her image again, this time going by Terri Runnels.

She continues to make appearances and is now considered a very successful corporate spokesperson, attending several meet-and-greet events around the country. She also has a clothing line called Threats 2 Threads by Terri Runnels.

10 Espectrito 

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Espectrito, whose real name was Mario Perez Jimenez, was the first ever IWC World Mini-Estrella Champion to also win the Mexican National Mini-Estrella Championship belt. At just 4’9”, it is tough to think that such a tiny man could be such a huge influence in his industry but he was a legend among mini professional wrestlers.

Although he was mostly a Mexican Luchador mini wrestler, he spent a few years in the WWE from 1997 to 1999. His role was more of a comical role as he was a miniature version of the popular WWE big man Vader. He was fortunate enough to wrestler with his real life brother who was best known as Mini Mankind. It did not last long before that turned stale.

On January 23rd of this past year, he passed away at the age of 49.

9 Espectrito II 

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After reading all about Espectrito I, you would think that Espectrito II is his son. He isn’t. Espectrito II is actually Alejandro Perez Jimenez, his real life brother and former tag team partner under the name Mini Mankind.

Espectrito II, was part of a family of mini wrestlers starting with his older brother Mario, who was best known as Espectrito, and his twin brother Alberto, who wrestled under the name of La Parkita. All three brothers spent a lot of time in the AAA, a lucha libre wrestling company based out of Mexico.

Sadly, the twin brothers were murdered on June 29, 2009 by two ladies posing as prostitutes that poisoned the brothers with plans on robbing them and disappearing into oblivion. However, because of their small size, the drinks were too powerful and it ended up killing them instead. Both women were eventually found and are serving 47 years in prison for the murders of the two brothers.

8 Mascarita Sagrada 

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Mascarita Sagrada is one of the most used wrestler names in mini Lucha Libre wrestling having been used by at least three different wrestlers at least once during the course of their careers.

The Mascarita Sagrada we are referring to is best known in the WWE as Mini Nova who teamed up with Max Mini to wrestle at Bad Blood in 1997. He was lucky because this match was not originally intended for Pay-Per-View. It was going to happen on Raw but after Brian Pillman died earlier in the day, the WWE had to replace his match and they pushed this one up.

They ended up sticking around for a couple of years and even landed a match at the 1998 Royal Rumble in a six-man tag team match featuring five other mini wrestlers.

He now wrestles in the widely popular Lucha Underground.

7 Mascarita Dorada 

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It took Mascarita Dorada 13 years before he finally made it to the WWE in 2013. He started off in the AAA, like almost all of the Mexican lucha libra wrestlers before him did, and worked his way up the ladder until he was big enough to sign with the WWE.

Once he got into the WWE, he changed his name to El Torito, another common name for mini Mexican wrestlers, and by January of 2014, was participant number 20 in the Royal Rumble. Surprisingly, he was able to eliminate one man, Fandango, who stands 6’4” tall. That might have been the first time that a wrestler eliminated another wrestler, who had a two foot height advantage over him, at the Royal Rumble. He remained active in the WWE until they released just this past year and he is now wrestling in the Independent Circuit.

6 Hornswoggle

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Of all the tiny wrestlers on this list that weren’t a WWE Diva, Hornswoggle just might be the most famous of them all. He began his career under the name Little Bastard before the WWE changed it to Hornswoggle for an unexplained reason.

Hornswoggle started off as Finlay’s right hand man, a mini leprechaun that appeared from under the ring during Finlay’s matches and attacked his opponents. But after a few years, that storyline had to change and he started to have a love affair with A.J. Lee, among many other fascinating storylines that made little sense in real life but in the WWE, it made perfect sense.

He can say he was the only WWE wrestler in history to never speak a word of English, just gibberish, and still makeout with A.J. Lee and Maxine.

He has since been released from the WWE and is now wrestling on various independent shows.

5 AJ Lee

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She is cute, petite, sex, sort, and most importantly, she is one of the most beautiful WWE Divas in wrestling history. She is AJ Lee, the third shortest WWE Diva in wrestling history. She is also a fan favourite and three-time Pro Wrestling Illustrated Women of the Year.

The three-time Divas Championship title holder used her personality to connect and get over with the WWE fans. AJ would eventually become the most popular Diva on the roster and it's a shame she is no longer part of the WWE locker room.

Since her departure from WWE, she has bene doing what most former Divas do, writing. In April of 2017, AJ will release a memoir titled "Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Bones, and Break the Rules." AJ has also stood by her husband CM Punk on his quest to being a UFC Fighter.

4 Little Beaver

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Lionel Giroux, Little Beaver, is part of a prestigious group of midget wrestlers that started back in the the 1950s. He was famous among midget wrestlers and was actually the second biggest name behind Sky Low Low. He even won the 1973 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Midget Wrestler of the Year award.

But his biggest achievement happened much later in his career, in 1987, during his final in-ring appearance, when he was chosen to wrestle at WrestleMania III. The match teamed him up with Hillbilly Jim and Haiti Kid as they faced off against King Kong Bundy, Little Tokyo, and Lord Littlebrook.

Sadly, because of King Kong Bundy’s size, he weighed about 458 pounds, after an elbow drop nearly crushed Little Beaver’s back, he was forced to retire from the sport. Little Beaver paased away on December 4, 1995.

3 Dink the Clown 

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Claude Giroux was born in St.Jean, Quebec in Canada on July 13, 1956. He was never a big guy and as he grew up, he realized he would never be in the NBA so he became a midget wrestler. He was trained by the fighter, Sky Low Low, and became best known as Dink the Clown, Doink the Clown’s slapstick partner.

As Dink, Claude participated in all the comical antics expected from a midget clown in the WWE. He even went as far as to be wrestle in a tag team match with Doink against Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon. But his most ridiculous moment was during the 1994 Survivor Series when he was part of Clowns ‘R’ Us, a group made up of mini clowns. At this point, the fans were over it and Dink was sent packing from the WWE.

He no longer wrestles and is living his life in peace and quiet with his family instead of in front of 30,000 crazed fans every night.

2 Tzuki 

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In 1997, Tzuki, who had to change his wrestling name to Max Mini, wrestled other tiny wrestlers who were dressed up as various other WWE Superstars. His first match was when he teamed up with a miniature version of Goldust to take on Mini Vader and Mini Mankind. The match was not worth talking about but it was a start for Tzuki.

He went on to wrestle in 42 matches (four on Pay-Per-View) during his wrestling career which spans across several promotions including AAA, CMLL, NEW, and the WWE. He retired with a 31-7 record including four draws. His most exciting match happened during In Your House 18: Badd Blood in 1997 when he teamed with Mini Nova to battle Mosaic and Tarantula in front of almost 22,000 fans.

He continues to wrestle in the Mexican Independent Circuit, most recently for the Promociones El Cholo De Tijuana.

1 Sky Low Low 

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Sky Low Low dates back to the 1940s when he made his original NWA debut. He was one of the best midget wrestlers in the world too having won a 30-man midget tournament in Paris during the 1949 season to claim the NWA World Midget Championship.

He managed to stick around until he was 70 years old before dying of a heart attack. The Canadian born tiny wrestler was more than just the shortest ever, he was a game changer. He showed the world that height is simply a number. Since he began wrestling, the sport has grown into an international success that allows anyone a chance if they simply work hard enough. There is no limits to the person the WWE will accept into the company as long as you earn it.

For over 40 years, Sky Low Low earned it.

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