Top 15 Steamiest Segments In Wrestling History

Wrestling is about the skills and talent of the competitors, but we'd be lying to ourselves if we didn't admit that the WWE and other promotions market to a very specific target: rowdy males. While this isn't as obvious now, it definitely was in the Attitude Era.

Just as much as the wrestling of the 1990s/2000s was about stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Shawn Michaels, it was also about pushing the envelope in terms of suggestive content. Many of the female wrestlers were often dressed in scantily clad outfits and would often engage in silly segments and matches that we never ever see anymore. Hell, they have even snuck in some fairly suggestive content into the PG era of the WWE.

With wrestling much more family oriented now, we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and go through 15 of the steamiest segments in wrestling history.

15 Trish's Table Promo

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As you could imagine with her being one of the most famous and sexiest Women's performers in WWE history, you have been seeing a lot of Trish Stratus on this list. Many years ago, ahead of a big tag team match featuring The Dudley Boyz (who love to slam people through tables), Trish decided to taunt Bubba Ray with a series of seriously steamy table promos. She was often seen writhing on a wide variety of different tables, basically trying to get in the heads of The Dudley Boyz. This plan backfired, however, as Stratus did indeed get slammed through a table by Bubba Ray and D-Von.

14 Triple H And Trish Get Caught

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This segment was as silly as it was sexy. If you have watched the WWE anytime in the last decade-plus, you know that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are an item on and offscreen. Flashback many years and that fact was still the same. Despite that fact, Triple H didn't see a problem with him being alone in a room with a scantily-clad Trish Stratus. While he was just showing Trish a few wrestling holds and stretches, these put the two in some very precarious positions and when McMahon walked in, it didn't look like the two were only "stretching." It was a very memorable segment and was definitely something no one involved will ever forget.

13 Christy Hemme And Lilian Garcia

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While Christy Hemme was a full-time Diva and used to being in scandalous segments on TV, Lillian Garcia was only a ring announcer who was not usually in the spotlight. However, she found herself in the spotlight on an episode of Raw in 2004 when Hemme planted a big fat smooch right on her lips for the world to see. While it was definitely an eye-opener for males everywhere, there is a story behind the kiss. It has been reported that this entire event was put together by Vince McMahon to embarrass Lilian Garcia after she had partied a little too hard on the road.

12 The Wet And Wild Match

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Now, this match had no other goal than to attract a higher rating from the male population. And to be honest, it probably worked. The funny thing is, the WWE didn't even try to hide it as they officially called it a Wet and Wild match. The match pitted Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle against each other in a match full of water balloons, water toys and of course, a ton of water. As you could imagine, both were wearing skimpy white outfits, and you better believe they got pretty wet. While the match wasn't a technical masterpiece by any means, most of the male audience in attendence probably felt that they got their money's worth.

11 The First Ever Bra And Panties Match

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This match has the rare distinction of being the first ever bra and panties match in history, where the goal is literally to strip your opponent down to their underwear. Yeah, that's not one we're ever going to see on WWE TV again. It pitted rivals Lita and Trish Stratus against one another for the prestigious WWE Women's Championship. This match helped to further along one of the best women's feuds in history, and established Lita as a bonafide sex symbol, whereas she wasn't really seen in that way ahead of this match.

10 Dawn Marie And Torrie Wilson At The Hotel

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This sexy hotel meeting between the two divas was teased for a long time and when the video was finally released, fans were treated to a sultry scene in which the two shared a passionate kiss and male fans everywhere had their jaws drop to the floor. No doubt it was a sexy moment, but what led to the meeting even happening was less than sexy. See, Dawn Marie was set to marry Al (Torrie Wilson's father), and was willing to do anything to make sure it didn't happen, include kissing Dawn Marie. Yes, that was a real storyline.

9 The Pajama Pillow Fight

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While sleepover pillow fights are normally reserved for the minds of teenage boys, one actually took place on national TV during an episode of Raw. It featured a number of the biggest women's stars at the time including Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Jillian, Maryse and many more. It featured many sexy superstars and is one of the more recent examples on this list, showing that the WWE still isn't afraid to get a little bit suggestive from time to time. And while there was some wrestling involved, it was mainly an excuse to have a bunch of beautiful women prance around in next to no clothing, hitting each other with pillows.

8 Stacy Keibler Wows Vince McMahon

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When this segment began, few knew it would become one of the sexiest things in wrestling. Vince McMahon was holding interviews for a personal assistant and after shutting down a few people, none other than the lovely Stacy Keibler came down to the ring. And instead of listing her qualifications and experience, she decided to do a little dance for him, which he definitely didn't mind. Sure, Stacy looked great, but perhaps the best thing about this entire segment was the amazing videos and GIF we have of Mr. McMahon looking completely flabbergasted by Stacy Keibler and her long legs.

7 Melina's Ring Entrance

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Wrestling is famous for its many different superstar entrances, but there have been perhaps none as memorable as Melina's. Just the way she goes about doing everything from the jump to the mat to the slide under the ropes is pretty hard to ignore. Don't believe us? Go back and look at the crowd during her entrance and you will surely see a lot of stares and photos being taken. In addition to her entrance, Melina was actually a solid contributor and was a solid member of the WWE team for many years and was likely best known for her role as the manager of the tag team MNM, but also had a few title reigns herself.

6 The Famous Schoolgirl Battle Royal

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Once again, this sounds like something straight from the mind of a 14-year-old boy, yet it found itself on a PPV nonetheless. Taboo Tuesday was all about getting the fans what they wanted and after a large vote, what they wanted was a seven-woman battle royale in which the women were dressed as schoolgirls. Not only were the women involved sexy, but many of them were actually incredible wrestlers and the match wasn't as terrible as it definitely could have been. Don't expect to see this type of match stipulation return anytime soon as like we said earlier, the WWE now steers clear from matches or segments like this.

5 Lana Tricks Enzo Amore

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Or do they? Just as we said, the WWE no longer engages in the same steamy and sexy antics that they used to, but then again, they can do something like this. It appears that Lana was craving herself some Enzo, and invited him into her hotel room. While Enzo tried to resist, once he saw Lana in that amazing robe, all bets were off. It looked like the two were about to get down to business when something happened. Unfortunately for Enzo, this was all a ruse and Rusev quickly emerged and utterly demolished Enzo, while Lana looked on, looking outstanding by the way.

4 Eva Marie's Wardrobe Malfunction

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Eva Marie is an interesting character. She is about as green as they come when it comes to wrestlers, so she basically got on WWE TV a number of times simply for how gorgeous she is. Eva Marie was about to make her long-awaited debut match on SmackDown when something unthinkable happened and her top came undone and almost fell off! So not only was this scene pretty sexy, it was also hilariously done to once again prolong the wait for Eva Marie's in-ring debut. While she has since left the WWE, I wouldn't put it past her to sometime return to the WWE once she has honed her skills a little bit.

3 Torrie Wilson And Sable's Swimsuit Contest

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If you were to ask a random sample of older WWE fans who the sexiest woman in wrestling history, half would say Sable and the other half would say Torrie Wilson. Well, these two came together to battle for sexy supremacy in a good old-fashioned bikini contest in 2003. They two each pranced around in some impossibly steamy bikinis, and this could have easily come in at number one on this list with how sexy it was. Oh, and in case you didn't know, the segment ended with a kiss between the two, because of course, it did.

2 Sable And The Potato Sack

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Walking to the ring in a potato sack is something not many people thought Sable would do. However, she not only did it, but it became known as one of the sexiest things of all time to take place in a wrestling ring. She was supposed to disrobe Marc Mero for his match but instead disrobed herself, showing off a bikini that maybe used about 10 pieces of string in total. While this is one of the oldest examples on the list, it definitely deserved a spot on this list and it's crazy that even in the potato sack, Sable managed to look that damn good.

1 Live Celebration

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When you really think about it, there is no other segment that could ever come in at number one on this list. There was no gimmick match and there was no sugarcoating this. This segment was literally marketed as a live sex celebration, on national TV, in front of thousands of fans (children included). It was incredibly cringey, while also being kind of steamy at the same time. It doesn't get much steamier than literally feigning intercourse in the middle of the ring in a bed. It helps that Edge and Lita were really together in real life, so the chemistry was there, but this whole steamy segment was just incredibly bizarre to see take place.

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