Top 15 Strangest WWE Real Life Friendships You Won't Believe

The friendships in WWE are hard to figure out given the drastic differences in personalities between most of the wrestlers. It is similar to any other line of work where certain peers are bonded with you due to common interests or understanding each other while you can develop a dislike for those that rub you the wrong way. Various social media beefs like Baron Corbin and Finn Balor or Kevin Owens and Randy Orton show what happen when people don’t get along. However, social media also gives us a glimpse into the lives of wrestlers that like each other.

Wrestlers travel together between shows and spend their days hanging out in different places when on long tours together. You can now figure out who is close with each other based off what is posted on social media. Instagram shows the visual of wrestlers doing things together and Twitter gives them the platform to share sentiments about their friends. We'll take a look at some of the friendships you wouldn’t predict based off what is known about the wrestlers involved. These bonds will be examined when it comes to the lives of our favorites. Here are fifteen of the strangest real life friendships in WWE you wouldn’t expect.

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15 Finn Balor and Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore is considered one of the least popular wrestlers in the history of the WWE locker room. The other wrestlers hate Enzo for the disrespectful loud mouth antics rubbing them the wrong way. Roman Reigns kicked him off a tour bus and the rest of the locker room banned him from getting dressed with them. One wrestler that has been friends with Amore for a few years now is Finn Balor.

Funny enough, the reputation of Balor portrays as a soft-spoken and respectful person backstage. Enzo’s lack of a filter has helped Finn out in the past. Balor wasn’t going to use any body paint for his promo pictures when joining NXT until Enzo convinced him it would be best. The two used to spend time together sightseeing and doing cool things in between cities. It is unknown how much time they spend together these days, but their friendship is still believed to exist.

14 Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan

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Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan were polar opposites as wrestlers. Henry played the monster heel dominating his opponents with brute strength. Bryan was an underdog that fans rallied behind due to being the unlikeliest of heroes. Despite being opposites, they had entertaining matches against each other and became close friends backstage.

WWE 24’s special on Bryan’s retirement speech in 2016 featured a small moment between Henry and Bryan sharing their friendship on camera. Bryan revealed Henry was always one of his biggest supporters and a friendly face to have in the locker room. Henry has admitted that he went to bat for Bryan in matches that Vince McMahon wanted Mark to win. The two shared an emotional embrace in what was assumed to be Bryan’s retirement at the time.

13 Jinder Mahal and Braun Strowman

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Jinder Mahal and Braun Strowman have never directly worked together and appear to have very little in common from the outside looking in. Both men work on separate brands as main eventers on Raw and SmackDown respectively. A huge surprise would show fans that Mahal and Strowman actually grew to be close friends in 2016 and early 2017 when Mahal was still on Raw.

An interview with Jinder saw him reveal that he often drove with Braun before he was moved to SmackDown in the Superstar Shakeup. Mahal shared a story about the two accidentally hitting a deer and needing help from the other wrestlers driving behind them. 2017 has been kind to both friends getting the biggest pushes of their careers and becoming top heels for WWE.

12 Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt

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Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt have wrestled countless times over the past few years. Both men are at the top of WWE’s new crop of talents trying to hold down main event spots in a post-John Cena world. Now that Cena is no longer a full-time wrestler, wrestlers like Reigns and Wyatt have been tasked with main eventing live events all over the world.

Wyatt and Reigns have a friendship that likely formed out of respect from working together so long. Both men were leaders of their respective factions as The Shield and The Wyatt Family feuded for months before becoming singles stars. Reigns and Wyatt each have spoken out in interviews regarding how great the other is when listing favorite opponents. They love working together and will likely have many opportunities to do so through the years.

11 Sasha Banks and Kalisto

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The friendship between Sasha Banks and Kalisto has seen them become quite close. Both wrestlers apparently live close to each other. Banks and Kalisto consistently have pictures together on social media of them hanging out together on off days. The spouses of each are always in the pictures as well as they seem to double date during their limited time off.

Kalisto protects his gimmick by turning his head or editing a picture over his face to ensure no one sees him without the mask. However, it is specified that is him in every picture. Banks has stated she is a huge fan of his work and considers one of the most underrated wrestlers today. Both wrestlers working on the Raw brand means they spend most days together between work and off time hang outs.

10 Fandango and The Ascension

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Fandango and Tyler Breeze are arguably the most entertaining tag team on the main roster today as Breezango. It has been quite some time since Breeze or Fandango has wrestled on Smackdown, but they appear in comedic backstage skits parodying popular shows. The Ascension have become a regular as the forgotten tag team takes part in the hijinks with Fandango and Breeze.

A little known fact is that Fandango and both members of The Ascension have been good friends for many years. All of them worked together in WWE developmental before Fandango was called up. The WWE reality show Swerved has shown them hanging out in real life situations as they were pranked together at a restaurant. It is more than likely that Fandango gave his buddies a platform to perform with the Breezango skits.

9 Dean Ambrose and The Usos

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Everyone knows that Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are close friends, but Ambrose is also close with a couple of Roman’s relatives. Jimmy and Jey Uso are friends of Ambrose as they often hang out together when on the same tours. Chris Jericho named them as the wrestlers he most enjoyed hanging out with at the back of the bus where the louder wrestlers would have drinks and entertain each other.

2016 saw them get closer together as Ambrose and the Usos were each on SmackDown while Reigns was on Raw. Ambrose started riding to shows with the Usos. In one interview, the Usos referred to Ambrose as an unofficial member of the family considering he is close to them and their cousin Roman. Ambrose has referenced wanting a match teaming with Seth Rollins against the Uso, but that doesn’t seem likely after the match change for the upcoming Survivor Series show.

8 Nia Jax and Mike Rome

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Ring announcers are the broadcasters closest to the wrestlers. Commentators and backstage interviewers typically don’t travel to live events as they are only needed for the television shows. Ring announcers however go on the tours from city to city with the wrestlers making their schedules quite hectic. It has led to a couple of strange friendships.

Mike Rome is a close friend of Nia Jax as seen on social media. Jax and Alexa Bliss are best friends that travel together between shows. Rome joins them on their trips in different cities. Various live streams from each of the wrestlers have shown Jax, Bliss and Rome shopping together at Target before shows. Nia however turned on her friend for entertainment value when she joined Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to call Rome a “NERD” for a viral video.

7 Titus O'Neil and Sami Zayn

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Two wrestlers to become close through the power of charitable actions are Titus O'Neil and Sami Zayn. There was a short time feud between O’Neil and Zayn back in NXT when the former was already a main roster talent and the latter was making a name. They apparently developed a bond that would see them become friends later on when Sami joined the main roster.

Zayn plugged the fact that his friend Titus took part in a TED Talk to help inspire others. O’Neil is known for his actions outside the ring dedicating a lot of time to help others which Zayn has commended him on. The respect was reciprocated when Titus praised Sami for the work he is doing helping people in Syria. Both guys share similar generous views on helping others in need that made them become friends.

6 Paul Heyman and Maria Kanellis

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Most wrestling personalities stop interacting with each other when they are no longer in the same company. A true friendship will survive the company firing one or both people involved. Maria Kanellis and Paul Heyman remained friends after working together in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Heyman was running the developmental promotion when Maria was coming up leading to her viewing him as a mentor.

Kanellis has stated that Heyman is the inspiration for her manager character that has shined in Ring of Honor, New Japan and Impact Wrestling before she returned to WWE. Heyman went out of his way to give advice to Maria and her husband Mike Kanellis. According to Mike, Heyman played a role in getting them a contract offer with WWE proving he is a great friend to have.

5 Kevin Owens and Big Show

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Many fans wonder what the point of having older wrestlers like Big Show on the roster is in 2017. Big Show is rarely on television anymore and usually just loses lackluster matches to younger wrestlers. However, his backstage presence is very important in helping the morale of a younger locker room. Various new stars have praised Big Show for helping them out and Kevin Owens is one of them.

Owens has spoken out glowingly about Big Show in various interviews when it comes to getting advice from someone that has been there a long time. Big Show returned the favor by naming Owens as one of the wrestlers that gives him faith in the future of the business. Owens even went out of his way to find an old Big Show shirt he purchased as a teenager and posted a picture wearing it on social media to celebrate the legend on one of his great matches with Braun Strowman this year.

4 John Cena and Michael Cole

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This generation’s version of Steve Austin and Jim Ross may be John Cena and Michael Cole. Austin and Ross were best friends outside of the ring that added an extra level of emotional attachment when Ross would call the big Austin matches. WWE started using their friendship as part of a storyline. Cena has formed a similar friendship with today’s voice of WWE.

This friendship was shown in 2010 when John Cena was forced to “retire” as per the stipulation of a match result. To sell this storyline as being real, Cena embraced Cole and thanked him as he would do in this situation if it really happened. Cole was playing a heel at the time making it confusing to most viewers until it was realized that they are good friends in real life.

3 Charlotte Flair and A.J. Styles

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A.J. Styles joining the WWE roster has seen him make many new friends over the past two years. One of his closest friends this year is Charlotte Flair. Charlotte moving over to SmackDown in the Superstar Shakeup has seen her become a good friend of Styles. Both wrestlers have posted pictures with the other when traveling and often try to poke fun at the other by catching them sleeping on a plane.

Styles and Flair even teamed together in a video game tournament on Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown YouTube channel. It is more interesting they are friends when you realize A.J. became close with Ric Flair in Impact Wrestling. Flair and Styles worked together most nights and would become friends. Styles is now friends with Charlotte just a few years later showing just how weird the wrestling business can be.

2 Vince McMahon and R-Truth

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One of the few wrestlers to form a friendship with Vince McMahon is R-Truth. Most wouldn’t expect it since R-Truth is barely on television these days and spent most of his career as a mid-carder. However, McMahon loved the work of R-Truth and has ensured he remained on the roster for the past decade. The two were seen spending time together in pictures when visiting soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.

McMahon also reportedly views R-Truth as a great presence in the locker room. That is why he is still on the live event tours despite not having a role on television. Don’t be surprised if R-Truth gets a backstage job as a producer or trainer with WWE when he retires from competing in the ring. He is one of the very few wrestlers to become a close friend of Vince, especially of the current talent.

1 Shinsuke Nakamura and James Ellsworth

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The weirdest friendship in WWE right now has to be Shinsuke Nakamura and James Ellsworth. Nakamura has made new friends since joining the SmackDown brand on the main roster after his call-up from NXT. The social media pictures of Nakmaura see him hanging out with comedic enhancement talent Ellsworth when they are on a long tour together.

Nakamura is an avid surfer and tried to teach Ellsworth how to surf at one point to humorous results. Most main event names hang out with other top stars, but Nakmaura found a buddy in the most random of people. Another few close friends of Nakamura are Sin Cara and Greg Hamilton. You know Nakamura is the coolest wrestler alive when he hangs out with a masked wrestler, ring announcer and jobber without losing any of his cool points.

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