Top 15 Superstars Who Violated the WWE Wellness Policy

According to the corportae section of WWE.com, the WWE Wellness Policy reads as follows:

"The “non-medical use” and associated abuse of prescription medications and performance enhancing drugs, as well as the use, possession and/or distribution of illegal drugs, by WWE Talent are unacceptable and prohibited by this Policy, as is the use of masking agents or diuretics taken to conceal or obscure the use of prohibited drugs."

I'm guessing that guest stars who appear from time-time time on Monday Night Raw are not subjected to this policy. In recent weeks, WWE has welcomed Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg to their flagship program; two men who could not pass a urine test if the fate of human existence was depending on their clean sample.

Nevertheless, they are not WWE perfromers. Therefore, such rules and regulations need not apply. However, the idea of two pot-loving and advocating men infiltrating the WWE locker room must be frustrating for those talents who wish they could indulge in a quick toke or bong hit prior to work; especially considering the type of environment in which they perform.

Natural-born skepticism must lead one to question the validity of the Wellness Policy and whether or not certain cases have been overlooked for certain superstars. None of us as the viewing public are truly aware as to what goes on behind the scenes in WWE. Perhaps the policy is straight and true; an honest attempt to keep talent clean.

Past steroid scandals and drug allegations have run rampant over the years in regards to WWE and their performers. Therefore, we can assume that the company have become more diligent as it pertains to testing their employees and caring about their general well-being. One would hope that such a prosperous company would look out for those who have helped place the money in the pockets.

The following article will focus on some of those who have faced suspension due to their negative test results. These are the top 15 superstars who have violated the WWE Wellness Policy.

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15 Darren Young

via cbsnews.com

Darren Young made headlines by becoming the first actively gay superstar to come out while still under contract with WWE. Plenty of support was thrown his way from both fans and wrestlers alike. Young had made a big statement which not too long ago would have been considered taboo.

In October of 2011, Darren Young was suspended for thirty days following his first and so far only violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. The substance in question which lead to Young's suspension? Well, it would appear as though Darren Young had been smoking a little bit of marijuana.

14 Heath Slater

via wrestlezone.com

Heath Slater is a high-flying WWE talent whose most memorable push with the company came back in 2012 during the build-up to the historic 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw. Slater was enlisted to essentially job for past WWE legends.

The year prior to his legends angle, Slater was suspended from WWE for thirty days following a violation of the Wellness Policy. Heath Slater was another one – one of many – who were slapped a suspension for the use of marijuana.

13 Evan Bourne

via sportskeeda.com

Evan Bourne may have worked for WWE but he is perhaps better known by the name Matt Sydal – the name in which he performs on the independent circuit. The innovative style of Bourne/Sydal has often left fans mesmerized.

Although his time in WWE was limited; Bourne was suspended twice for violating the Wellness Policy. And, remaining with our current trend; the reason behind his suspensions should be clear at this point. Yes, it was weed.

12 Carlito

via bleacherreport.com

Carlito is a prominent member of the Colon wrestling family who managed to capture the United States Championship from John Cena on his very first night on the main WWE roster. The future looked bright for Carlito but he has since parted ways with the company.

In 2010, Carlito was released from WWE following his first violation of the Wellness Policy due to his refusal to enter a rehabilitation facility, according to WWE.com. It is said that Carlito had shown up “unfit” to his scheduled appearances.

11 R-Truth

via sportskeeda.com

R-Truth has seen his share of ups and downs while working for the WWE. Truth has never quite elevated past that mid-card rank but he did have a brief moment of main event status back in 2011 as one-half of The Awesome Truth.

However, this run was cut short when R-Truth violated the Wellness Policy prior to Survivor Series. While he was permitted to work his scheduled match, his suspension came into effect immediately following the event. This was another pot smoking violation.

10 Sin Cara

via rowrestling.com

Sin Cara is not the same man beneath the mask. The originally version of the character was played by Luis Alvirde, known best in Mexico as Mistico. When the first version – who was supposed to be a huge star – didn't work out, the WWE simply found a replacement.

The original Sin Cara was suspended in 2011 for the use of a performance enhancing drug. Hey look at that: no weed this time around. It's time to move on from the grass, as our list will begin to shift toward PED use.

9 Ryback

via bleacherreport.com

Ryback, the perpetually hungry WWE superstar whose career has seen his position on the card see-saw back and forth. Will Ryback ever be a top guy within the company? Who knows but the clock is surely ticking for The Big Guy.

Ryback was suspended back in 2006, before all violations were made public and while not a member of the main roster, Ryback was performing in Ohio Valley Wrestling (WWE Developmental). The suspension was caused because of body building supplements which are now off the market.

8 William Regal

via mirror.co.uk

William Regal has been a long-serving loyal employee of WWE who has made a name for himself by wrestling around the world as a tough-as-nails Englishman with superb technical prowess in the ring and a great set of wrestling maneuvers.

William Regal, who has been vocal about his substance abuse problems in the past, has had some issues while working under the WWE banner – having violated the Wellness Policy on two separate occasions.

7 Dolph Ziggler

via wrestlingrumors.net

Dolph Ziggler has come a long way since being a male cheerleader or just an annoying floater introducing himself to people backstage. Dolph Ziggler is currently one of the most over superstars in WWE, thanks to that organic growth between superstar and fan.

In October of 2008, Dolph Ziggler was penalized with a thirty day suspension following his violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. The Show Off has been seemingly well (aside from concussion issues) since this incident.

6 Rey Mysterio

via caq.fr

Rey Mysterio and WWE have recently parted ways and longtime fans of the masked superstar were certainly sad to see him leave the company as Mysterio was a beloved member of the WWE roster for many years.

Throughout his years in WWE, Rey Mysterio would violate the Wellness Policy on two separate occasions and face subsequent suspensions. The culprit involved was said to have performance enhancing drugs.

5 Edge

via business2community.com

Edge and his forced early retirement came as a hard blow to the WWE Universe as The Rated-R Superstar said goodbye to the fans and left the company that he helped revolutionize. The tag team specialist turned eleven-time World Champion is missed.

In 2007, Edge would face his first and only suspension when he violated the WWE Wellness Policy. This was a factor of the pharmaceutical drugs that Edge and a number of WWE superstars had been absorbing into their bodies.

4 Booker T

via 411mania.com

Booker T now sits comfortably at the announce table on Monday Night Raw. Booker earned his role in WWE as one of the hardest workers around. Especially as a guy coming in from WCW, Booker would have to work twice as hard.

However, Booker T would suffer the consequences of violating the WWE Wellness Policy just as everybody else who has made our list. Booker T would serve a thirty day suspension following his failed drug test.

3 Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle needs to return home already, even if for one last match, as the WWE Universe would love to see their Olympic Hero back where he rightfully belongs; in a WWE ring. It is high time to leave the land of has-beens.

In 2006, Kurt Angle was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy which Angle attributes to his working hurt and not being allowed time off. Shortly after this incident, Kurt Angle would ask for and be granted his release from WWE.

2 Jeff Hardy

via wrestlingmedia.org

Jeff Hardy and the story of his WWE career is a story filled with empathy. Supporters of Hardy wanted him to become so much more than he did while while the company. Unfortunately, his personal problems were just too much to overcome.

Jeff Hardy violated the WWE Wellness Policy on more than one occasion for his substance abuse problems. One instance would result in Hardy missing WrestleMania due to his suspension and thus a large payday.

1 Randy Orton

via bleacherreport.com

Randy Orton: The Viper. The Apex Predator. The Legend Killer ... Yes, Randy Orton has made quite the name(s) for himself in WWE. Orton is a decorated superstar who has reach the top of the WWE mountain an impressive twelve-time. However, his suspension record is unique.

Randy Orton has been suspended more than anyone on the current WWE roster – not all drug related as one suspension was the result of “unprofessional conduct.” Orton was first suspended for performance enhancing drug use in 2005 – prior to the WWE Wellness Program. Orton has since failed this test on multiple occasions for more PED use and smoking marijuana; yet Randy Orton remains employed.

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