Top 15 Surprising Royal Rumble Entrants of All Time

WrestleMania is obviously the biggest professional wrestling spectacle of the year, but the Royal Rumble may be the most entertaining.

As 30 superstars enter the Royal Rumble match, there are always a few superstars that surprise the fans. Whether they are superstars coming back from injury, NXT up and coming stars, or Hall-of-Famers, the Royal Rumble is bound to surprise us once again.

Beginning in 1988, the Royal Rumble started with 20 participants, which evolved into the 30, as it sits today. With the Royal Rumble’s lottery system, fans never know which superstars are going to be drawn next. Although the majority of superstars in the Royal Rumble are on the WWE main roster, a few surprises are always bound to happen.

There is no other PPV in wrestling like the Royal Rumble, so fans can’t wait to see what happens every year. The Royal Rumble winners guarantee themself in the main event at WrestleMania, so the surprising entries can create quite the intriguing storyline as the Royal Rumble progresses.

The surprising entries have sometimes been the first drawn number or 30th drawn number, so people never know when someone they didn’t expect is going to show up. This year’s Royal Rumble is bound to have a few surprising entries, which should make the PPV quite entertaining. Whether it’s Sting who draws a number, or someone like Randy Orton who finally returns from injury, the Royal Rumble will keep fans guessing and entertained.

With that being said, here are the top 15 Royal Rumble surprise entrants of all-time.

15 15. Bob Backlund, 2000

14 14. Road Dogg, 2012


13 13. The Honky Tonk Man, 2001

12 12. Beth Phoenix, 2010


11 11. Drew Carey, 2001

10 10. Kharma, 2011


9 9. Mr. Perfect, 2002


8 8. Goldust, 2013


7 7. Rob Van Dam, 2009 

6 6. Diesel, 2011


5 5. Booker T, 2011

4 4. Mick Foley, 2004


3 3. Chris Jericho, 2013


2 2. John Cena, 2008

1 1. Edge, 2010


Entering the Rumble as the 29th entrant, Edge surprised everyone by coming back from a six-month injury hiatus. He was expected to be out for 14 months, but returned much earlier than anticipated. After tearing his Achilles tendon in 2009, Edge eliminated Chris Jericho and eventually eliminated John Cena to win the Royal Rumble. Although Edge would be defeated at WrestleMania, he was able to capture two more World Championships before retiring in 2011.

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Top 15 Surprising Royal Rumble Entrants of All Time