Top 15 Talents The WWE Was Crazy To Let Go

If I had to put a guess estimate on how wrestlers have walked through WWE's doors over the years I would have to put my number in the several thousands. With a history of over 50 years (counting its days as Capitol Wrestling Corporation), the company has seen it all in terms of wrestling. They have ruthless brawlers, captivating showmen, skilled technicians and a whole bunch of weirdos (mostly coming from the mid-90s, that was a weird time).

So you would think that the WWE would have a handle by now on how to deal with and analyze their performers to get the best of them right? Well not exactly. You see at one point in them all 15 men and women on this list were contracted WWE performers and could have stayed with the company for years to come if they were treated properly by Vince McMahon.

What we're getting at here is that McMahon has fired or let some people walk out of his company when they could have been used much better than he perceived. Some were legends who deserved better than what they were offered and others were hard-working up and comers who just needed a little more time. Either way, McMahon must have been insane for letting them go. Oh right, I forgot this is Vince McMahon we're talking about.

So for this list it isn't necessarily guys who were straight up fired, it could also have been ones who felt slighted by the company or who asked for their release. The point is, here are 15 guys who the WWE were crazy to not keep on their roster.

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15 Brodus Clay

via wwe.com

Only a man of such charisma like George Murdoch could take a gimmick as dumb as the Funkasaurus on paper and turn it into something worthwhile, but he did.

Debuting in the WWE as Generic Monster #3, Clay eventually took up his dancing gimmick with Naomi and Cameron and actually drew solid cheers from fans. WWE though never really did anything with his heat and instead just kept him lingering around the mid-card.

He eventually got diluted further by being paired up with Tensai and one heel turn later he was officially irrelevant. His raw charisma and decent agility for a man his size should have ensured him a longer stay in WWE but it wasn't meant to be.

14 Evan Bourne

via wrestlingnews.com

I'm going to manage at least two marijuana-related references in this entry. Ready, set GO!

One of WWE's premier HIGH-flyers (there's one), Evan Bourne debuted back in 2009 on ECW and impressed everyone in his first few with his fun moveset and killer agility. Aside from a few tag title runs though the company never really did much with him likely due to his wellness policy violations and seemingly lack of promo skills.

I'm not saying that he was going to be your next world champ, but a nice run with a midcard title should have been given to Bourne just on the basis of his lucha-libre offense and spectacular Shooting Star Press. I mean the company would have to be HIGH to let him go.

Nailed it.

13 Drew Galloway

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On-air, Drew McIntyre was set to be the next big thing in WWE but eventually he faded into a fake rockstar gimmick with Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater. Huh?

From what I gather there were several reasons for Galloway's demotion ranging from his incident with his ex-wife Taryn Terrell to an injury delaying the company's plans for him but nowadays he's champion of the decaying TNA.

He has the in-ring talent and could have easily been sent to NXT to improve his character and promo skills. Not a gigantic miss, but still a pretty poor move on WWE's part to let him go.

12 Maria Kanellis

via rohwrestling.com

Ahhh Maria... hmpff what? Sorry I had a dream there for a second. ANYWAY...

Maria might not have been the best bell to bell wrestler, but it's undeniable that she had a charm and star-quality about her. She is beautiful and was one of the better female talkers on the roster. If anything could be shown by her current position as a manager, she could have easily been repackaged as a manger in the WWE with no problem.

If anything else, the reason why Maria got released (because she was doing too many non-wrestling projects for their tastes) is a dumb one and she shouldn't have been let go for that.

11 Victoria

via fanpop.com

Before there was a Divas Revolution, Victoria was one of the measuring sticks for talent in the Women's Division. While she was gorgeous, she had the skill in the ring to back it up.

Aside from a couple of Women's Championship runs in the mid 2000s though, the company never did much with her. Because of the constant travel and lack of support from creative, Victoria left the company in 2009 and found herself in TNA soon after where she wrestled there for years.

In a time when the WWE was desperate for a female face of the company, Victoria definitely could have been that and deserved better from the company. The WWE should have done more to keep this spider crawling around their walls.

10 Johnny Mundo

via wrestlingnews.com

John Hennigan is a handsome man, there I said it. Moving on, present-time Johnny Mundo is wrestling now in Lucha Underground but at one point in time he was one of WWE's rising stars. Instead of turning out like the next main event star, he became just another high spot guy who fell in the midcard limbo.

While he wasn't going to be a guy who could headline show after show like a John Cena, I think his style could have been a perfect for something like the current NXT brand. Over there he could have found voice and polished his skills rubbing elbows with the best in the world. He's said he'd be open to returning to WWE though, so never say never.

9 Mickie James

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WWE in reality could have cast just about anybody in the role of Trish Stratus' stalker and it would have been instantly believable but they went with Mickie James. What a perfect call.

James made her debut in 2005 and lasted with the company till 2010. In a time when WWE's Divas division was in a sorry state James stood out as one of its highlights with an entertaining gimmick and solid ring work.

The exact reason for James' release has never been explicitly given but it remains a big mistake on their part. James left for TNA and had a solid few years with the company and is now floating around the indie scene and Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling.

By releasing her, WWE missed out on a great crazy versus crazy feud between James and AJ Lee. And that's just a crazy move on WWE's part. #Crazy

8 Ultimo Dragon

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Possibly an unknown name to anyone outside of Japan, everyone should know of the legend of Ultimo Dragon and more importantly, they should know that the WWE were completely inept in using him.

Despite having one of the most legendary crusierweights of all time on their roster, WWE didn't push him at all back in 2004 and ultimately let him go after placing him in a multi man match at WrestleMania XX. It seems possessing amazing technical and high-flying ability plus one of the coolest looks in wrestling history isn't enough to even get you a midcard title in the WWE.

If Jushin Liger can get a match on an NXT special, let's cross our fingers that Triple H will give Ultimo Dragon a call soon.

7 Sean O'Haire

via wwe.com

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know; the WWE gave up too quickly on this charming powerhouse.

Signed by the company from when WCW went belly-up, O'Haire seemed like somebody who checked off all of McMahon' boxes. Ripped, 6-foot-6, and a decent enough wrestler, one would think he would be a surefire star in WWE. Not so much.

O'Haire struggled to find his identity for a while but eventually embraced a "Devil's Advocate" gimmick which he took to like a fish to water. Unfortunately, WWE scrapped it quickly and turned him into just another guy on the roster. After his manager Roddy Piper cut ties with the company in 2003, O'Haire was relegated to Velocity until he left the company in 2004.

6 Gail Kim

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

The WWE had two cracks to utilize Gail Kim's talent and swung out both times. Inconceivable.

For two stints in the 2000s, WWE had Gail Kim on their roster and only gave her a one-month reign as Women's champ. This despite the fact that A) she can wrestler her ass off and B) is hot. I really don't see any reason why she wasn't given the chance to have a run with one of the two Women's titles in her second run.

After all, would you rather have Kelly Kelly or Gail Kim holding one of your championships? I thought so.

5 Bobby Lashley

via maxabout.com

"Black Lesnar" as some people called him, Bobby Lashley has an athletic background which should have made the WWE go bananas for him and by all accounts they did. WWE pushed him to the moon fast from his debut in 2005 and in short time he headlined WrestleMania 23's Battle of the Billionaires. Then he was released kind of out of nowhere in 2008. So, what happened?

From what has been gathered from interviews at the time, Lashley had problems with head writer Michaels Hayes who has a history of being racist to Mark Henry (out of all people to be racist to, why the hell be racist to Henry?). Instead of stamping out Hayes and standing by the wrestler, they protected a racist writer instead. Smooth.

4 Alberto Del Rio

via wrestlingnews.com

He might be back in the company now, but at one point in time the WWE released Alberto Del Rio for standing up for himself. Let me explain.

One Cody Barbierri, at the time WWE's social media manager, apparently made a joke about Del Rio being the one who has to pick up his garbage. Del Rio confronted the guy and told him to apologize. After smirking back at Del Rio and not apologizing, Barbierri got taken to Slap City.

That's not even the crazy part; instead of standing by their on-screen talent, WWE saw fit to release Del Rio and keep the scum social media guy on because he threatened to sue them. At the very least WWE could have fired both guys but the fact that they released Del Rio and not Barbierri is insane.

3 Shelton Benjamin

via worldofwrestling.com

Speaking of insane, how in the hell did WWE screw up Shelton Benjamin?

Possibly the best pure athlete to ever walk through their doors, Benjamin had it all. Charisma, in-ring talent and a great look should have been enough to keep him atop the cards for years. Instead, Benjamin never made it past the Intercontinental Title and his career path was stalled from a terrible Momma's boy gimmick in 2006.

He could have easily been WWE's first fully black world champion but instead he is one of the company's craziest blunders.

2 Randy Savage

via sportskeeda.com

If you have Randy Savage in your company and he wants to wrestle, you better damn well let him wrestle. Apparently not if you're Vince McMahon though.

While McMahon wanted to push forward with a new generation and keep Savage as a commentator, the Macho Man still had some fight in him to wrestle. Now I can understand McMahon's desire to push forward with young talent but Savage is a little different than Hogan.

While Hogan's ring work seemed ancient by the mid 90s, Savage could still keep up with this new generation without any issues. In fact, Savage allegedly laid out a long program that he would work with a mid-carder by the name of Shawn Michaels that would elevate HBK up the card. Instead Savage went to WCW, and that is just a damn shame.

1 Kurt Angle

via wwe.com

If I have to list all of Kurt Angle's accomplishments we would be here for a while so for brevity's sake, let's just say he is REALLY REALLY amazing.

Sound good? Okay now then... Kurt Angle was released/quit the WWE in 2006 seemingly out of nowhere. But Angle just couldn't handle WWE's punishing schedule anymore and asked for a part-time schedule, probably something similar to Shawn Michaels' schedule at the time (close to no house shows but Raw every week).

Vince McMahon disagreed; he wanted Angle to stay on full-time. Due to this disagreement, Angle asked for his release and got it.

So just because Angle wanted less dates, the WWE released him. Why the hell was McMahon being this stubborn with one of his top stars? Only Vinnie Mac knows the answer but he should given Angle what he wanted and because he didn't, this is the guy the WWE was craziest for letting go.

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