Top 15 Terrible Wrestling Moments That Almost Made Us Stop Watching

The history of professional wrestling is a storied one. With incredible matches and enthralling storylines, we have seen some of the best moments of our lives come out of the world of wrestling. Howev

The history of professional wrestling is a storied one. With incredible matches and enthralling storylines, we have seen some of the best moments of our lives come out of the world of wrestling. However, even with all of the success, pro wrestling has not always hit the mark when it comes to ideas or storylines coming to fruition. We have seen some very off-putting angles, that were carried out in poor taste by a wrestling promotion. Whether it's seriously faking someone's death, or pouring out a recently passed employee's "ashes" on another wrestler, some of the items on this list, you just have to shake your head at. Sometimes these antics can even make someone question their fandom.

Just as in every live program, slip ups are bound to happen such as an error or an air ball. This can transfer to the creative idea making in the wrestling industry, sometimes terrible ideas just happen once in a while. However, this doesn't make it any less funny, or sometimes disgusting, when we look back at these mishaps. These moments don't have to just be bad ideas the promotion had planned though; unplanned events that had everyone raising an eyebrow at, will also be included in this list. From a slip of a tongue to a slip in judgement, these accidental misfortunes are some of the worst things we have seen.

Every wrestling promotion has most likely looked back at their history, wishing they could take back a storyline that seems silly that it somehow made it to into the ring. In this article, we will be looking at the worst moments in all of wrestling's history. Ranging from offensive to just plain weird, the wrestling world has seen it all.

Here are the top 15 terrible moments in wrestling, that almost made us quit watching. As always feel free to let us know when you almost quit in the comments below.

15 Jeff Hardy Wrestles Sting Under The Influence


Jeff Hardy was one of the most popular wrestlers on the scene at one point, but his questionable decision making in his personal life ended up leading to his demise. A prime example of this could be seen at the 2011 TNA Victory Road match, which pitted Jeff Hardy against Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The match started off bad, as Hardy's theme music played for over 30 seconds until Jeff finally found the entrance. When he did show up, he stumbled awkwardly to the ring, obviously under the influence of something.

While being booed heavily by the fans, Hardy responded with some classy middle fingers. When the match began, Hardy avoided Sting as best as he could, most likely realizing he could not compete with the aggressive Sting. After easily getting Hardy to the ground, Sting forcefully held him down for the count, ending the pitiful match quite quickly. The disappointment in Sting's eyes after winning the title was very apparent, as he had to end the match before it got even worse for Hardy. The entire match made a mockery of wrestling.

14 Vince Makes Trish Bark Like A Dog


This is one of the more misogynist moments that the wrestling industry has ever seen. Vince and Trish always had a rocky relationship on-screen, but this moment just takes the cake for the worst of the two, as Vince made Trish get on all fours and bark like a dog! Really nothing funny about the act, as it was just humiliating for Trish Stratus. Even though many are upset about the direction the WWE has taken in the past few years, a good thing about the reforms is something like this will never happen again.

13 Al Snow Eats His Own Dog


During Al Snow's feud with Big Boss Man, the Big Boss Man brought Al some dinner which he claimed was a hot dog. While he was technically right, he didn't actually mean the type of hot dog you might think of. It turned out he actually served Al his own dead dog, Pepper, which Al ended up eating. The entire storyline was in awful taste, as the idea of serving someone his own dog should never happen anywhere, not even in wrestling. With the infamous Kennel From Hell match that occurred after the serving of the dog, the questionable idea was all for nothing.

12 Vince McMahon Fakes His Own Death


We all know that Vince isn't afraid to swing for the fences in his storylines. However, the time that he faked his own death was a total swing and a miss. Yes, this actually happened somehow. On Vince's appreciation night on Raw, a video was shown of Vince's limo exploding, leading many to believe he was dead. Death is nothing to be joked about, as many screaming fans even called 911 to alert the police of the "accident". The only reason this storyline isn't higher, is due to the fact that it was overshadowed by the real life death of Chris Benoit, which put an end to this storyline.

11 CM Punk Pours Out Paul Bearer's Ashes


This idea would have been offensive even if Paul Bearer didn't actually die, but the fact that he actually did pass away three weeks earlier makes this one of the most disgusting segments ever. CM Punk was in need of a little advantage against The Undertaker, so he stored Taker's deceased manager's "ashes" in an urn. During their feud, CM Punk poured out the ashes on The Undertaker. Paul Bearer's son was upset with the angle, and voiced his displeasure with the WWE. Going way over the edge on this one, this feud had one of the those moments when you just have to shake your head.

10 The Anonymous Raw General Manager


For a bit more than a year, Raw fans were treated to an email alert, which meant the anonymous Raw general manager was ready to let us know his rulings for the upcoming matches. With so much of a buildup, the WWE could have done some really cool things with the angle. Instead, it was revealed that the leprechaun Hornswoggle was running the scenes the whole time as a joke. Another botched opportunity for the WWE, they turned something that could have been very interesting into a not so funny joke. In truth the entire Hornswoggle saga could have been enough to make any wrestling fan want to give up on wrestling.

9 The Blindfold Match


To get right to the chase, this one is hilariously stupid. Jake "The Snake" Roberts went up against Rick Martel at WrestleMania VII in a blindfold match. Lasting a little bit over eight minutes, this match would have been better off ending as quickly as possible. As you may have guessed, the match consisted of the two wandering around aimlessly trying to find the other. Luckily for us, Roberts finally found Martel, ending the match with a DDT. Considered one of the most boring matches in the history of wrestling, let's try to keep the blindfolds out of the ring.

8 Mae Young Births A What?


A total waste of time with no payoff at all, the Mae Young getting pregnant storyline was a total miss for the WWE. After sleeping with Mark Henry, the 77-year-old Mae Young somehow became pregnant and the birth was recorded on live television. Instead of a baby being birthed, a hand covered in blood was revealed by the doctor, and totally confused the viewers. Whether it was just a joke, or trying to mean something more, the entire angle was completely unfunny and one of the stupidest ideas in wrestling history. When the "grown up" hand arrived back on WWE television more than a decade later, it was more of an insult to our intelligence.

7 Sandman is Crucified


ECW was testing the waters to see what they could get away with. Needless to say, they got carried away with this one. During a feud between Raven and Sandman, Raven had Sandman crucified on a cross. The fans, who had become known as ECW Mutants due to their bloodthirst, were actually silenced, as this moment was too much even for them. Raven was actually forced to break character and apologize for the incident.

This angle also burned a bridge with Kurt Angle. Angle was coming off his gold medal win at the '96 Olympics and was set to join ECW. He was at this event and started an angle with Taz, but stormed out in disgust after the crucifixion. He threatened to sue the company if they ever showed any footage of him at that show.

6 Gobbledy Gooker


The 1990 Survivor Series in the WWE was very important for the wrestling industry, as it was the debut of The Undertaker. However, the Survivor Series was not perfect at all, as it contained one of the worst moments in wrestling history as well. An oversized egg was on display months before the actually hatching, so many were excited for what was in the egg. Instead of something remotely interesting, the Gobbledy Gooker "hatched", so the buildup to what was in the egg turned out to be a total joke. The dancing chicken, who was played by Héctor Guerrero, was booed heavily by the fans, as he danced around the stage.

5 Vince Says The "N" Word

Backstage at the 2005 Survivor Series, Vince McMahon uttered one of the worst words in American history. Trying to act hip with John Cena, Vince awkwardly said "What's up my n***a!" on live television. It was obviously planned, as we then see McMahon walk by the confused and outraged Booker T. It may be worse that it was planned, because somehow a group of people liked the thought of this terrible idea.

Hulk Hogan's recent controversy has since brought new light on this again, as Hogan is upset he was terminated from the company for saying the word, but Vince said it well before him.

4 The Crucifixion Controversy


The Attitude Era was a time of wild storylines, and this item on the list is one of the best examples of that. The angle includes The Undertaker, his Ministry stable, and Stephanie McMahon. At Backlash 1999, Undertaker abducted Stephanie, holding her for ransom while he tried to take as much as he could from Vince McMahon. After Backlash, The Undertaker and his ministry rolled out with Stephanie strapped to The Undertaker's symbol, which eerily looks like a cross.

The "Unholy Wedding," as it was called, was one of the most offensive story arcs in all of wrestling. This segment was cringe worthy at best, and was one time that the Attitude Era gave fans a reason to turn away.

3 Katie Vick


Who would have thought that necrophilia would make it's way into a wrestling storyline? Well, it did, and here is the story. Triple H came out to do an interview, excited to reveal a dark secret in Kane's history. Triple H explained how Kane allegedly had a girlfriend named Katie Vick, who was sadly killed after Kane tried to make sexual advances on her, which led to him crashing the car. Triple H also went on to show a video of Kane visiting Katie's open casket. This is where it gets real weird.

The video then shows Triple H (dressed as Kane) remove Katie's clothes, get naked, and then climb into the coffin where he has sex with her dead body. He then proceeds to pick up a piece of Katie's brain matter, where he proudly exclaimed "I screwed your brains out!" This is by far one of the most sickening storylines we have ever seen in all of wrestling.

2 Mass Transit Incident


Going into some of the deeper and darker wresting incidents for this one, the Mass Transit incident which happened in ECW was one of the most brutal and saddening moments of all-time in wrestling. The infamous accident occurred in 1996, at the Wonderland Ballroom in Revere, Massachusetts, for a house show for ECW. The match pitted Eric Kulas, an inexperienced 17-year-old who lied about his age, against New Jack of the The Gangstas stable.

Towards the end of the match, the incident came when New Jack bladed Eric Kulas, or Mass Transit as he was called, way too deeply with a surgical scalpel. As the blood spurted from Kulas' head, he then passed out, ending the match. How something like this was able to happen, as a kid could just lie their way into a dangerous wrestling promotion, was one of the most tragic incidents ever. Additionally, at this point ECW almost became too violent to watch on television, and was most likely the reason for the increased censorship of the product.

1 God vs. The McMahons


Probably the most offensive tag-team match in all of wrestling, this one is just ridiculous. After Shawn Michaels found religion in the early 2000s, Vince told Shawn that his win at WrestleMania was an "act of God". This statement by Vince, was followed up with a tag-team match for Backlash in 2006. The match pitted Vince and his son Shane, against Shawn Michael and...God.

God's entrance was a lone spotlight that shined on the entrance stage. The fans let the company knew how they felt, as the entire match was drowned out by boos. To make matters worse, McMahon got the win meaning he beat the almighty God. Yes, this tag-team match was somehow a thing in the WWE. God vs. The McMahons, takes the cake for no.1 for this article, as the moment made every single fan turn off their television in unison.

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