Top 15 Terribly Disturbing WWE Moments

The wrestling world is full of things that could literally only happen in wrestling. It is also full of things that should have probably never happened, period. The WWE is a prime example of that. It has produced some ground breaking moments throughout it's storied history. It also produced some moments that we all wish we could forget. The problem is sometimes things are just so disturbing you can never get them out of your head, no matter how hard you try.

These moments make you say to yourself "What were they thinking? Other times it just leaves you speechless. It makes you feel bad for everybody who had take part in these moments.

While some of these moments were entertaining to watch, others were just downright painful. These moments probably did no favours for the WWE, when it came to creating new fans. Imagine someone finally giving the WWE a try, hoping to see some actual wrestling, only to turn on their television and witness one of these disturbing events. That would be the last time they gave the WWE a chance. On a positive note, with the new PG Era of the WWE, there has been a whole lot less of these moments.

The following list will include moments that are just outright disturbing. It will also include things that are so gross and disgusting that it becomes disturbing. The list is filled with a bunch of crap, figuratively and literally. It involves the genitals of old ladies and obese people. It also includes consuming stuff, that nobody ever should consider eating themselves. So reader beware, if you are eating anything you might want to put it down.

Here are the top 15 terribly disturbing WWE moments.

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15 A Crappy Burrito

Throughout the years there have been way too many angles in the WWE that involved human faeces. The one that sticks out the most was an angle involving Eddie Guerrero and Big Show. It all started when the Big Show attacked Eddie from behind, with his excuse being he just didn't like Eddie's kind of people (although he likes Mexican food).

Guerrero hatched a plan to order Burritos that were laced with laxative and made sure Big Show got his hands on them. Big Show indeed ate them before heading out to a match with Orlando Jordan. He was showing obvious signs of an upset stomach and had to leave the match, rushing his way to the nearest toilet.

When we get to the bathroom, we are treated to some great pooping sounds from Big Show. Eddie then appears and steals all the toilet paper. But the crap doesn't stop there, as later on Eddie would spray Big Show with a sewage truck.

14 Trip to the Batcave

Mike Shaw's run as Bastion Booger in the WWE was a brief one, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The character of Bastion Booger was that of a fat, grungy, hairy looking man, who wore a singlet that did absolutely nothing to help his looks.

It's hard to pick out just one moment that made Booger so disturbingly gross. He was shown eating out of garbage cans, weirdly rubbing food over himself, and picking his nose, just to name a few things.

The most disgusting thing might of been his finishing move. The move consisted of Booger jumping on his opponents face, with his genitals practically suffocating them as the referee counted one, two, three. Thankfully Booger was little more than a jobber and only a few wrestlers had to take the appropriately named " Trip to the Batcave."

13 Banzai Diarrhea Drop

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This moment is little different than the other moments on this list, since it never actually happened on television. The incident took place in a match between Bret Hart and Yokozuna while on tour in India. Apparently a lot of the wrestlers were suffering from food poisoning, Yokozuna included.

When Yokozuna had Bret set up for his patented Banzai Drop, Hart looked up noticed that something didn't look quite right. Yokozuna had indeed soiled himself. Luckily, Hart was able to get away in the nick of time.

The ring however was not so lucky as Yokuzuna left a nice big brown spot on the mat. It must of been terrible for whatever ring crew member was responsible for cleaning that up.

12 Stephanie's Face Gets Lost

Try to picture a 400 plus pound man, rubbing his big sweaty backside on your face while practically wearing a thong. Doesn't sound too pleasant, does it?

That's what many wrestlers have had the displeasure of experiencing when they stepped in the ring with the big Samoan Rikishi. Which makes the Stinkface particularly disturbing is the fact that Rikishi always looked like he was getting way too much enjoyment out it.

The person that got the worst Stinkface, had to be Stephanie McMahon. She didn't turn away from it, instead she took it like a champ. Rikishi's big bottom nearly swallowed Stephanie's face. I'm sure she had to take a few hot showers after that.

The Stinkface played a decent part in getting Rikishi over with the fans, enough that he was actually inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015.

11 Kissing Ass

In 2001 Vince McMahon opened up an exclusive club, a club that no one in their right mind would want to join. The name of the club was " The Vince McMahonKiss My Ass Club." The point of the club was that in order to get your job back with the WWE, you had to literally kiss Vince McMahon's bare ass.

The first unfortunate member of the club was William Regal. He had been fired after The Alliance lost in the invasion angle. So, with the two men in the ring, Regal got down on his knees while Vince pulled down his pants. Then it got even more disturbing as Vince pulled his underwear down to reveal his ghostly white behind. After some hesitation, Regal applied some lip balm and then laid a big kiss on Vince's cheek. This is sure a moment Regal wish he could forget.

10 Just A Regular Guy

In the year 2002, television shows like Jackass and Fear Factor were pretty popular. The WWE decided to try and grab some of that audience with the use of Tommy Dreamer. The former ECW original started to perform some disgusting acts on Raw. He did things like brush a dog's teeth and then brush his own teeth with the same toothbrush. He also went to a barber to get a haircut, he then proceeded to eat some of his own cut off hair.

The most disturbing thing Dreamer ever did involved The Undertaker. After Tommy finished eating a fan's hot dog that was on the floor, the "American Bad Ass" had enough and came down to the ring. The Undertaker threatened Dreamer to drink his cup of tobacco spit, or else he'd end up in the hospital. Dreamer regrettably agreed, downing the whole cup, tobacco chew included.

Luckily the whole "Just a Regular Guy" gimmick didn't last too long for the hardcore legend Dreamer.

9 How to Eat Worms

The Boogeyman could probably have a list of his own when it comes to disturbing moments. He is by far the most disturbing Superstar in WWE history. One thing The Boogeyman became famous for, was eating live worms. The one moment involving worms that sticks out from the rest of them, is the one involving Sharmell. During a match involving Sharmell's husband Booker T at WrestleMania 22, The Boogeyman shoved a bunch of worms in his mouth, before starting to make out with Sharmell. It was definitely nothing like the famous spaghetti eating scene in Lady and the Tramp.

8 Shrinkage

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The character of Val Venis is only one that could come from the Attiude Era. He portrayed a adult entertainer, who's finishing move was called the "Money Shot." His first feud in the WWE was with a Japanese stable called Kaientai. The feud was initiated by the fact that Venis had an affair with Kaientai's manager Yamaguchi-San's wife.

Eventually Kaientai were able to capture Venis, tie him up and strip him naked. Their plan was to "choppy choppy his pee pee!" They were unsuccessful as the lights were turned off right on time by John Wayne Bobbitt (his penis was actually chopped off by his wife years earlier). Venis also credited "shrinkage" for saving his precious genitals.

7 Old Puppies

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During the Attitude Era of the WWE, the Divas were used more for their looks than actual wrestling ability. So it wasn't a surprise when they announced that they were holding the first (and only) Miss Royal Rumble swimsuit competition in 2000. All of the contestants came out and modelled off their tiny bikini's. The competition was about to be finished but Mae Young had different plans.

She came to the ring wearing a 1950s style bathing suit and immediately teased the fans that they were going to see her "puppies."After some awkward dancing, Mae Young lived up to her promise and pulled down her top. The viewers at home were lucky that her seventy-six year old breasts were censored, the people at the arena weren't so lucky.

6 Tasty Treat

This is the Boogeyman's second appearance on this list, and it is well deserved. During a segment of Piper's Pit with JBL and Jillian Hall, the Boogeyman made surprise guest appearence. When The Boogeyman entered the ring, JBL shoved Jillian towards him. Jillian Hall was known for being a very pretty woman, minus the gigantic growth on her face. The Boogeman sniffed around Jillian's face before starting lick the growth. He must of like what he tasted, as he then ate the growth right off her face. Although the growth was obviously fake, it was still hard not to feel really squeamish watching this.

5 Hanging Out

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In 1999 The Undertaker's Ministry was in a feud with Vince McMahon's Corporation. The Undertaker's plan was to "sacrifice" each member of the Corporation one by one. At WrestleMania XV, his target was The Bossman, who he was facing off against in a Hell in a Cell match.

The Undertaker made quick work of The Bossman. With the help of the Brood he was able get a noose around Bossman's neck and tie it to the top of the cage. The cell was then lifted until The Bossman was hanging by his throat, presumed dead. Of course he wasn't actually dead, as he was back on television a short time later. This is one the worst and most disturbing moments in WrestleMania  and WWE history.

4 Pie Eating Contest

The Bronco Buster is a move where an opponent is sitting in the corner of the ring and the attacking wrestler jumps on the opponents chest, and then continues to bounce up and down. This is all done while the attackers crotch is right in the opponents face.

If you're a straight man, a good looking woman performing this move on you, might be more of a pleasurable experience than a painful one. However if an elderly woman by the name of Mae Young performs a Bronco Buster on you, it will certainly be a very emotional and painful experience.

Mae Young did just that to Eric Bischoff at Bad Blood in 2003, in a supposed redneck pie eating contest against Steve Austin. To makes things worse for Bischoff, Mae was wearing a thong while she did it. Seeing an old lady in a thong is disturbing enough, never mind having that same old lady's crotch be pushed up against your face.

This was probably just more payback for Vince McMahon after Bischoff nearly took down the WWE in the 1990s while he was head of WCW.

3 Michael Cole is Assaulted

With the great size and muscular physique that Heidenreich had, he had the potential to do some big things in the WWE. However his run in the WWE was fairly brief. A couple memorable things about him was his feud with The Undertaker, as well as his WWE Tag team Championship run with Road Warrior Animal.

Unfortunately, he might be remembered most for his awkward simulated sexual assault scene with Michael Cole on SmackDown. Heidenreich grabbed Cole from ringside and took him to a dark room in the back. He pinned Cole to the wall and then started to make some weird humping like movements. This went on for a bit, until Heidenreich revealed he just wanted to read a poem to Cole. It safe to say this angle didn't nothing but hurt the career of Heidenreich.

2 Give a Hand

This the third and final time something Mae Young did makes the list. Back in the year 2000, Mae was in relationship with the " World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry. With a near fifty year age difference between the two of them, it was already an awkward relationship to begin with. Then we got the revelation that the seventy-six-year-old Mae Young was pregnant.

When it was time for her to deliver the baby, they had no time to go to the hospital, so she had to give birth right at the arena. After some awkward moaning from Mae, she gave birth... to a hand! It was never explained why it was a hand, the mystery continues to this day. It's quite possible that Mae might have been cheating on Mark Henry with Thing from the Addams Family.

1 Necrophilia

In October of 2002, Triple H and Kane were involved in a feud with one another. What started this feud? Triple H came out and claimed he knew a secret about Kane. The secret was that Kane had killed his ex girlfriend named Katie Vick. The next week Kane was able tell his side of the story. His said he had too much to drink, got behind the wheel and lost control, killing Katie in the process.

Despite how ridiculous this storyline already was, it was only going to get more bizarre from there. The next week they showed a video clip of Triple H wearing a Kane mask at funeral parlour. Triple H goes up to an open casket, where a mannequin representing the corpse of Katie Vick lies. What he does next is why this moment is the most disturbing in WWE history. Triple H has simulated sex with this mannequin. A couple weeks later and this angle was thankfully like Katie Vick, dead.

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