Top 15 Things Brock Lesnar Will Never Live Down

There are more than enough reasons to dislike a man like Brock Lesnar. The wrestling world, the fighting world, and the real world can all take a look at this polarizing man and compile a list of reasons to hate him. On the flip side, Lesnar doesn't make it easy for people to like him as he really doesn't care either way.

In many ways, Brock Lesnar is a simple man; an old farm boy grown mean who came around to kick ass and make money ... and that's exactly what he does. There's nothing particularly mysterious about Brock Lesnar. The man looks out for number one, supports his family, and attempts to live in solitude.

Brock Lesnar has been called "The Beast" and with just reason. While this is technically a wrestling nickname, these nonhuman-like attributes were once showcased inside of the octagon where, for a period of time, Lesnar served as the UFC Heavyweight Champion. When the well dried up with Dana White, Lesnar would find his way back to Vince McMahon.

In WWE, Brock Lesnar has it good; making millions of dollars a year to work a limited schedule while not actually receiving stiff shots to the face. And, for the WWE fans out there, keep in mind: one day Lesnar will once again tire of the company and simply leave without any regret or second thought.

Throughout his storied career, Brock Lesnar has been the centerpiece of controversy on multiple occasions. Some of which continue to follow Lesnar around to this day. The past is never too far away, no matter how much we ignore it or pretend that it no longer exists and the same applied to Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar probably doesn't give a damn about anything he has done in the past and certainly doesn't care about those unwilling to let it fade away. Nevertheless, let's take a look at Brock Lesnar and that pesky past.

These are the top 15 things Brock Lesnar will never live down:

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15 Relationship with Sable 

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There is this strange stigma that exists where it is socially acceptable for older men to date younger women but older women dating younger men is frowned upon. When in actually, love is love regardless of age and time.

Brock Lesnar is married to former WWE Diva Sable, who just happens to be ten years his senior. Sable turned on many a man and teenage boy back in the Attitude Era and now she comes home to Lesnar.

Perhaps this is a simply case on envy.

14 Relationship with Paul Heyman 

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Don't you wish that somehow Paul Heyman had the money, resources, and inspiration to once again run a wrestling promotion; one that may actually compete with the almighty WWE and reignite a Wrestling War?

Well, that's not going to happen and nowadays the only time we get to see Paul Heyman is when he's serving as The Advocate of Brock Lesnar. Heyman is the mouthpiece who consistently gets Lesnar over.

However, there are those who believe that Brock Lesnar would not be able to walk on his own in WWE if not for Paul Heyman.

13 Perceived Lack of Intelligence 

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Brock Lesnar is not exactly a renowned physicist, that is clear. Lesnar is a fighter who has taken his share of blows to head. While we don't know Lesnar's exact IQ, the general feeling is that it isn't breaking any ceilings.

"The Beast" is viewed as a man of action, not a man of deep thought. However, we also don't know how deep Lesnar's thoughts run, as he may in fact be a quiet philosopher in his own right.

Of course, this doesn't change the perception that Brock Lesnar lacks intelligence.

12 The Post-Fight Interview 

"I'm going to go home tonight, I'm gonna drink a Coors Light. That's a Coors Light because Bud Light won't pay me nothing. I'm gonna sit down with my friends and family and hell, I might ever get on top of my wife tonight. See y'all later."

The words spoken by a not-so-humble Brock Lesnar during the UFC 100 post-fight interview, an event which saw Bud Light serve as a sponsor and comments that gained Lesnar much backlash.

While entertaining, this interview will continue to follow Brock Lesnar around.

11 General Attitude 

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There are plenty of professional wrestlers and fighters who fans would feel comfortable approaching in public. However, Brock Lesnar is a scary dude and one that doesn't seek your approval or attention.

Brock Lesnar's general attitude towards life is viewed as somewhat skewed, though many may agree with and enjoy Lesnar's outlook. However, for those who side with the former, Lesnar will always be considered a jacked-up-jerk.

Once again: Brock Lesnar doesn't care.

10 Association with Guns 

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Brock Lesnar is an avid hunter and proud member of the NRA (National Riffle Association), which is always a touchy subject in the ever-growing political world we live in.

Brock Lesnar is a Conservative man who surely rubs Liberals the wrong way. The gun debate will never end and nobody will ever convince Lesnar that it is necessary for him to relinquish his firearms.

Therefore, the left will continue to scowl in Brock Lesnar's direction.

9 Initial Push in WWE 

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There are many great professional wrestler who work years and years perfecting their craft and never receive anything for all their efforts. Then there are those who have a path which is much less rocky.

Brock Lesnar was brought into the WWE in 2002 as an unstoppable rookie who became the youngest WWE Champion of all time at SummerSlam when he defeated The Rock. Lesnar was launched into superstardom.

This left a bad taste in the mouths of many hardcore wrestling fans and wrestlers alike who still get down on Brock Lesnar for his initial push.

8 Leaving WWE 

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WrestleMania XX: Brock Lesnar competes against Goldberg in a snooze match. The only excitement would come by way of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who was serving as special referee that night at Madison Square Garden.

Coincidently, the match would mark the end of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, as both would leave the company following the bout. However, with Lesnar in his prime, his departure had more of an impact.

The wrestling enthusiasts will always speculate what could have been had Brock Lesnar remained with WWE.

7 Reason for Leaving WWE 

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The main reason Brock Lesnar left WWE in the first place was due to life on the road; a life which Lesnar did not enjoy and a life that is a necessary part of being a professional wrestler.

Obviously with his new deal, Brock Lesnar does not have to travel as much as he only makes sporadic appearances in WWE. Meanwhile, the other guys and girls are hitting that road on the daily.

This can't sit well with everyone who endures the grind.

6 Money 

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One would believe that working for WWE sets one up financially for life. Such is not the case. While a Superstar can stand to make a lot of money, many have gone broke due to poor decisions.

Some performers work for whatever they can get while others are provided with special contracts. This is where Brock Lesnar fits into the mix, as the part-time performer stands to make more money than most full-time Superstars.

This is usually not well-received with the "boys in the back."

5 Lack of Passion for WWE 

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It's a strange circumstance: how the WWE Universe long to see Brock Lesnar knowing full well that Lesnar doesn't care about WWE. Lesnar admitted on the Stone Cold podcast that WWE is "just a job."

While others bleed the business, Brock Lesnar just collects checks. Lesnar does not share the same passion as Kevin Owens or Daniel Bryan. They wrestle because they are wrestlers, Lesnar wrestles for monetary gain.

Passion for some, dollar signs for others.

4 The Streak 

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The debate continues about "The Streak." There are those who are happy with the decision to have Brock Lesnar hand The Undertaker his first loss at WrestleMania while others disagree.

Should "The Streak" have ended at all? Who knows. That was for Vince McMahon to decide and that decision was extremely controversial. That loss in New Orleans literally left fans in tears.

The very fans that will never allow Brock Lesnar to forget that he should not have ended "The Streak."

3 Leaving UFC 

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Much like WWE fans resenting Brock Lesnar for leaving the company in 2004, UFC fans feel the same abandonment. Lesnar was a major draw in UFC but would ultimately leave the promotion; largely due to a stomach condition.

However, some fanatic fight fans are not willing to accept the fact that Brock Lesnar returned to WWE, where the fighting is manufactured and the results predetermined. Those fight fans can be harsh.

In the eyes of those fans, Brock Lesnar is a punk.

2 Tramp Stamp 

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The bottom portion of a person's back is fair game for ink, as people place tattoos everywhere nowadays including in private areas. However, the lower back tattoo has gained a unflattering nickname: "tramp stamp."

In an odd decision, Brock Lesnar would decide to place one of these stamps on his lower back with a tattoo that reads: "KILL 'EM ALL." Strange place for a man to wear such a bold credo.

Nevertheless, the internet likes to have fun with Brock Lesnar's "tramp stamp."

1 Losing the UFC Heavyweight Championship 

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When Brock Lesnar became the UFC Heavyweight Champion, the former WWE Champion would prove to the world that he was much more than just a "fake wrestler" and that he could hang in the world of real fighting.

While champion, Brock Lesnar walked around with a certain arrogance; more so than usual. The gold may have gone to his Lesnar's head. However, that would all come to an end at UFC 121.

By way of TKO (punches), challenger Cain Velasquez would defeat Brock Lesnar and claim the UFC Heavyweight Championship in a fight Lesnar will never live down.

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