Top 15 Things Hulk Hogan Never Did In WCW

Hulk Hogan is one of the most decorated Superstars in the history of professional wrestling. He was a reason the WWE saw a boom during the '80s. He was the reason WCW kickstarted the Monday Night War and nearly put Vince McMahon out of business. He is the reason TNA was actually worth watching for a short amount of time. He is the reason Gawker is in major trouble today.

Hogan has made an impact just about anywhere he's gone, but there's no doubt his biggest impact had to be with WCW. When he pulled off the shocking heel turn and betrayed his millions of Hulkamaniacs, WCW became can't-miss television for the fans as they wanted to see the downfall of their hero.

The Hulkster definitely had an interesting tenure with WCW. There was the formation of the New World Order, we saw him put up legendary bouts against Sting and Goldberg, but there's plenty we wish we saw from Hogan that never happened. Here are 15 things that The Hulkster never did in WCW.

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15 Beat Billy Kidman

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Billy Kidman is often forgotten as a decent mid-card wrestler in both WCW and WWE. He and Paul London formed an awesome tag team during the Ruthless Aggression Era. But many of you may have forgotten that Kidman basically got over because of what he did to Hogan.

While in WCW, Kidman defeated Hogan in three matches. The only thing that didn't help Kidman was his rivalry with The Hulkster was called the Worst Feud of the Year. It was life-changing for Kidman, however. He called it his "career highlight." Kidman was a Cruiserweight Champion in WCW but never quite made it as a true Superstar. It's actually surprising that Hogan let Kidman beat him.

But believe it or not, Hogan never beat Kidman, as the latter pulled off a trio of surprising victories against one of the best ever.

14 Lost a Pay-Per-View Match in 1996

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Hulk Hogan was the man who headlined most Pay-Per-Views during his time in WCW. That was the case with being the most marketable star of the company. And being the main star means almost never losing matches.

Hogan turned heel at Bash at the Beach in 1996 while Kevin Nash and Scott Hall faced Sting, Lex Luger, and Randy Savage in a tag team match. There was no content after Hogan attacked Savage, but it also made sure he didn't "lose." Hogan would face The Giant for the World Heavyweight Championship at Hog Wild, winning the championship.

It was a great year to be Hogan in 1996. He didn't lose any Pay-Per-View matches that year, formed the nWo, and would become the World Heavyweight Champion.

13 Face Bret Hart at a Pay-Per-View

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Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan had a minor feud in WCW. The two men didn't get along in real-life, and that dated back to the days of WWE when Hogan refused to put The Hitman over while telling him he would never reach The Hulkster's status.

As we all know in a hyped up match between Hogan and Sting, Hart would exact revenge. But when Hart left WWE in favour of signing with WCW, fans couldn't help but hope he would face Hogan. The two were among the most popular and profitable stars in the WWE and seeing them face off at a Pay-Per-View would have made plenty of sense.

Unfortunately for fans, this never took place. Hogan and Hart would face off on Nitro, mainly in tag team matches, but they never highlighted a Pay-Per-View.

12 Worked with Rising Stars

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Hogan wasn't willing to put Hart over in WWE, but he was willing to sort of put Billy Kidman over (before burying him). And as we all know, there were bigger names than Kidman who would jump from WCW and join WWE. Those names included Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio.

Basically, those guys were sick of always being put beneath the nWo, and Vince McMahon liked the idea of getting some Cruiserweights in. So he signed Jericho and Guerrero (later Mysterio) and they all had Hall of Fame-worthy careers. But oh, how things could have been so different if WCW used them accordingly.

One of the best ways to do that would have been to have Hogan face them and put them over. Of course, Hogan kept getting in-and-out of the nWo while fighting old timers like Sting, Ric Flair, and Randy Savage. This is easily something Eric Bischoff regrets.

11 Lost on Nitro in 1995

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Hogan formally joined WCW in 1994, but wasn't used in matches as much as he was used to help market the programming. But once 1995 rolled around, things started to come around and Hogan was actually participating in more matches. 1995 was a big year for Hogan, the last time the crowd would think of him as the guy who would never turn his back on the millions who loved him and made him The Hulkster.

Hogan had a great year in 1995, as he never lost a match on Nitro. Then again, nobody is surprised. Do you think he would have actually signed a contract with them if he had to lose a match?

Hogan would defeat Vader at the 1995 edition of Bash at the Beach for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. But his main highlight was going undefeated on Nitro all year.

10 Won the United States Championship

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Looking back at the number of United States Championship, it was definitely kept in good company. Sting won it in 1991. Steve Austin (before he was a big deal), Ricky Steamboat, Vader, Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Diamond Dallas Page, Raven, Goldberg, Lex Luger, and Bret Hart were among the biggest names to hold it at some point.

But you may have noticed there was a huge star who never got his name on the title, and that would be Hulk Hogan. Looking at it from far away, it did make sense. Hogan was the main star and was fighting for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He was never a mid-card wrestler and always had to be at the top regardless of who was on the other side of the ring.

9 Lost Clean to Randy Savage

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Savage and Hogan had quite a history together. They were Vince McMahon's top two Superstars in the '80s and formed the iconic tag team, The Mega Powers. When they broke up, they were still Vince's top two projects. When both left to join WCW, it was a huge loss for McMahon and Bischoff's gain.

It was Savage who Hogan hit the Leg Drop on to show his allegiance to the nWo. Later, Savage was one of the just-about-every-WCW-Superstars to join the stable. Near the end of WCW, the two got into a feud and would fight each other frequently. Any time Hogan DID NOT beat Savage, it would usually be a Savage disqualification victory or a no contest.

Hogan and Savage had quite the path together, and it ended without Hogan losing to his long-time friend/rival cleanly.

8 Concluded Rivalry with Warrior

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These two put on a match for the ages in WWE. Warrior shocked Hogan at WrestleMania VI while winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Their rivalry didn't go too far. Hogan eventually joined WCW and Warrior would join much later. The two had their rivalry renewed for a brief time.

At the 1998 edition of Halloween Havoc, Hogan would beat Warrior in a singles match. However, the two would never rekindle their rivalry again, and that was simply the end of their rivalry. Both would leave WCW a short time later, and would never fight another match.

Hogan and Warrior, two WWE Hall of Famers, put on a clinic of great matches, and some special ones against each other. Unlike what Hogan got to do with Savage, Sting and others, he never got to put one final chapter in his rivalry with Warrior. At least, not the final chapter we wanted.

7 Cut a Proper Heel Promo

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Hogan was a great entertainer in the WWE, but he sure as heck wasn't as strong as a wrestler as he was on the microphone. Everyone knows his best came from talking during promos. But those problems caught up with him fast. When he joined the nWo, he was forced to do some public service announcements with his friends.

Hogan just came off too much like the Real American hero the fans adored him by in the '80s. He kept using "brother," and used the same approach and charisma that made him a huge fan favourite. It became such a problem that WCW was cutting out some of his lines in their vignettes.

That was just a sign that Hogan's time as a heel could not last forever. There just wasn't the ability to pull it off for that long.

6 Won WCW Tag Team Titles

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The WCW World Tag Team Championships lasted from 1975 to 2001. We saw The Road Warriors, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Steiner Brothers, Ricky Steamboat-Dusty Rhodes and Sting-Lex Luger win the championships. But Hogan was one of the few WCW legends that never got his hands on the championship.

Again, Hogan was a huge deal and couldn't be put in tag-team matches very frequently, unless it included his nWo members. Hogan was all about winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, and if he was in tag team matches, it usually included more than one of his nWo members. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were always by his side.

So unfortunately for Hogan, he accomplished plenty in WCW. But his allegiance to the nWo basically held him back from winning the other major titles in WCW.

5 Successfully Bring Back Hulkamania

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Hogan's time with WCW started where he donned the iconic red and yellow colours, tore his shirt off, and threw it into the crowd. He was under his Hulkamaniac gimmick and was cutting the promos where he would exclaim "Say your prayers and eat your vitamins." But of course that all changed at Bash of the Beach 1996, when he completed his heel turn.

He would later show signs of turning good guy. The nWo eventually disbanded and he fought against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. However, Hogan tried to bring back the Hulkamaniac gimmick one last time during the late '90s. He came back in the red and yellow outfit, but it wasn't working. The fans didn't exactly buy it and it just wasn't the same after being such a huge heel.

4 Beat Goldberg Clean

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Hogan's time as the main guy in WCW was slowly running out. The nWo storyline had grown increasingly dull and this physical monster named Goldberg had come out of nowhere with his Unbeaten Streak, becoming the top face of the company.

In 1998, Goldberg would defeat Hogan to win the World Heavyweight Championship. By this time, Hogan wasn't feuding the top stars any more. He fought the likes of Karl Malone and other celebrities, but he wasn't fighting Goldberg, Nash, Hall, Savage, Luger or Hart frequently.

Hogan's nWo faction would feud against some wrestlers like Goldberg a short time before it was sold to WCW. But Hogan never got his chance to avenge his surprising loss to Goldberg. He never beat the monster that got over quickly by taking down Hogan himself.

3 Formally Ended the nWo

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The nWo was formed in 1996 and remained in its prime until 1998. Hogan and his group were always feuding with Lex Luger, Sting, Bret Hart, and others. However, the group never officially ended in a proper formation. The nWo began to split, and Hogan formed nWo Hollywood while Nash formed nWo Wolfpac.

The two sides would clash with one another, but then came the infamous Fingerpoke of Doom incident. There, Nash allowed Hogan to poke him in the chest and pin him for the championship. The two celebrated and the nWo was once again reformed (yay). Hogan eventually clashed with Vince Russo and left the company on terrible terms. Some members of the nWo would stay together.

But there was no epic way of breaking up the faction for Hogan, unfortunately.

2 Received His WCW Sendoff

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Hogan owed a lot to WCW and vice versa. It was Bischoff who wanted him back in professional wrestling while Hogan had a porous start to his acting career. Hogan revamped his legacy, made a ton of money and put WCW on the map. For that, he, Bischoff and Ted Turner had to be thankful for each other.

However, Hogan and new WCW writer Vince Russo quickly developed heat backstage. Russo wanted Jeff Jarrett to beat Hogan at Bash at the Beach, 2000. Hogan refused to lose the match, so he was scripted to win. Russo told Jarrett to simply lie on the ground and let Hogan pin him.

Hogan did that, called out Russo for sinking the company, walked backstage, tossed the title, and never appeared on television again. It ended with him suing WCW for defaming his character. For all he did on WCW, he deserved a proper final match with them. Not to be called out and embarrassed by Russo.

1 Beat Sting Clean

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Without a doubt the top two stars of WCW once Hogan joined the company. These guys were the reason Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff succeeded. Sting cemented his legacy by turning crow and facing Hogan countless times.

It was their rivalry at Starrcade for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship where Sting won (thanks to Hart screwing over Hogan) that gave them arguably the top wrestling feud of the '90s. But Sting and The Hulkster faced off many times before and after that. The two faced off in a number of tag-team matches. They fought in a no contest on Nitro in 1995.

Sting would beat him in 1998 for the title at Boston Brawl and one more time while the two were in WCW. Hogan beat many legends--Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash, Andre The Giant, and Ric Flair in his career. But Sting was the best wrestler by far he never face without defeating clean.

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