Top 15 Things John Cena Has Never Done In WWE

John Cena has been the "face that runs the place" for the WWE for almost a decade now, as the goody-two shoes character has been the guy who represents the company at the top and ushered them into success in the last decade. Cena has not only been a loyal employee for the WWE in the ring but outside it as well, as he keeps the reputation of the company at a high by granting wishes for "Make A Wish Foundation" and being an ideal role model for the kids who have been the main target audience for the WWE in the recent years.

Cena has been "The Guy" for the WWE to rely on during their PG Era, as they trusted him to keep the company in a shining light and consistently kept pushing him to the top, much to the anguish of the hardcore wrestling fans. Ever since changing from the entertaining Doctor of Thuganomics to Mr. Hustle, Loyalty & Respect, he has been criticized for becoming stale and boring from a long time back but he's always there to entertain the fans. The 15 time World Champion might have seemingly won it all in the WWE, but there are some things he hasn't done yet.

As surprising as it might come, Cena actually has a list of achievements he's yet to accomplish in the company, as even the most successful superstar of the WWE in the past decade has some things left to fill on his resume. Let's take a look at the top 15 things John Cena has never done in the WWE.

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15 Successfully Cash In Money In The Bank

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John Cena has only participated in the Money in the Bank match once in his career, but he went onto win the WWE Championship Briefcase in the 2012 Money in the Bank PPV, getting the opportunity to cash in whenever he wanted to challenge for the WWE Championship. But Cena, like the good, fighting guy that he is, announced that he would cash in his briefcase on the 1000th episode of Raw against WWE Champion CM Punk. He went onto lose the match via disqualification and became the 2nd man to not be able to successfully cash in the briefcase. Cena couldn't capitalize on the thing which made the briefcase so special, as he has yet to even compete in another Money in the Bank match since and spoiled the record of the briefcase with his failure to successfully cash it in.

14 Have A Manager Or Valet

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John Cena might be the ultimate good guy in the WWE, but he always likes to work alone as he has never needed or appointed anyone to be his manager or valet and accompany him to the ring. Cena was only a heel for a limited amount of time with his Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick, but his attitude points out that he doesn't need anyone to "have his back" at ringside and therefore has never had a manager or valet in his career. Though he might have some other wrestlers accompany him to the ring in one odd-matches, he hasn't ever had a full time manager to do the talking for him as he can manage that very well and therefore no-one can add the name of a manager alongside Cena. John might fill out this achievement if he turns heel anytime soon, but there's a chance we can see him become a manager for a budding wrestler when he retires from in-ring competition.

13 Face Roman Reigns 1 On 1

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This is a match which has been brewing up in speculation ever since Roman Reigns was visibly established as the new Superman, much like John Cena himself. Reigns continues to show incredible resiliency in the ring, which made fans think he's John Cena 2.0 heading into the new era but the two have interestingly never squared off in a one on one match in the WWE so far. Cena has gone onto face Reigns former Shield brothers in Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in multiple occasions, but is yet to fight the Big Dog in a WWE ring as the fans have been really intrigued at how this match would actually go down because of both of them having the same strengths. WWE seems hesitant at making this match a reality as Cena was drafted in a different show than Reigns, as the Big Dog might have faced every other prominent WWE superstar in the company, but he's yet to face the challenge that is John Cena.

12 Form A Stable

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John Cena might have many things to his name, but forming a wrestling stable during his time in the WWE will never be an accomplishment of his as he just hasn't seem to done it. WWE has loved to book him as this solo guy who will win the matches against all odds, but making him form his own stable could've been very intriguing, especially if we had to see how Cena would lead these men. The stable didn't exactly have to be a heel one either, just watching him lead a stable of young guys and putting him over could've been the way he could've added an edge to his stale gimmick. We've seen so many iconic wrestlers like Triple H, The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan form some memorable stables over the years, as Cena could've added another memorable achievement to his resume with forming a stable as fans would've loved to see how he managed the stable and put them over before him.

11 Have Any Sort Of Meaningful Tag Title Reign

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John Cena might have(almost) won it all in the WWE, but he's never had any real tag team title reign in the company as he's won the WWE Tag Team Titles twice and The World Tag Team titles twice as well. He won the World Tag Team titles with Shawn Michaels and Batista, but their reigns just didn't feel right as Super Cena was ever-ruling in the WWE at the time and many didn't take his reign seriously because of him being a main eventer. He's also won the WWE Tag Team Titles twice, but under the most unfortunate circumstances as he won it first with The Miz whom he was feuding with at the time, as they won the titles from the Corre only to lose it under ten minutes, as the Corre reinvoked their rematch immediately after Cena and the Miz had won making it the shortest tag title reign in history. He also won it with David Otunga when he was forced to become a member of the Nexus, but all these reigns weren't meaningful enough to be taken seriously as Cena never established himself as a good tag team guy and was always great riding solo.

10 Win The Intercontinental Championship

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He might be one of the biggest stars in WWE history, but Cena's yet to win the Intercontinental Championship which would make him a grand slam champion. Cena has won every world title in the WWE so far, as well as winning the United States Championship and Tag Team titles numerous times, but is yet to win the Intercontinental Championship in his WWE career. Cena hasn't really challenged for the championship that much either, and the lack of this championship is keeping him from becoming a triple crown and grand slam championship. Going by the prestige of the championship and the legends who have won it, Cena will need to win this in order to assert himself as one of the best champions in WWE history and going by the fact that the IC title is on the same brand as him, maybe we can see him gunning for it in the future.

9 Pin Vince McMahon 

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John Cena might have seemingly defied the authority all throughout his career, but he hasn't been able to defeat the Chairman of the company in Vince McMahon clean in his career. They have only faced off a couple of times as Cena faced McMahon in 2006 in a match which ended by disqualification with a bad finish, with Triple H hitting Cena with a sledge hammer and ending the match by DQ. They also faced in 2010 in a gauntlet match as Cena showed his superhuman skills by going through all the superstars he had to face, but in the end Batista came out and shockingly laid him out for McMahon to pin him and win the match. Cena might have the ability to say that he defeated almost every prominent wrestler during his time clean in the ring, but he couldn't seem to get the better of the Chairman who showed him who's the boss.

8 Break Royal Rumble Records

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John Cena might have won the Royal Rumble match twice, but he still has yet to break many of the records set by other wrestlers in the match. Cena hasn't really participated in that many Royal Rumble matches in the first place. Among the records he hasn't broken is Stone Cold Steve Austin's record of winning the Royal Rumble match 3 times. He is also left to beat the record for most eliminations in a single royal rumble match, which was set by Roman Reigns who eliminated 12 people in the 2014 Rumble match as well as Kane's record of most Rumble eliminations of all time with 44. Cena might be in the big leagues when the Rumble is upon us each year, but he's yet to break any of the prominent records in the match he might have won twice, but still doesn't hold an actual record for.

7 Participate In Or Win The King Of The Ring

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The King of the Ring has been a building block for many legendary wrestlers in the past, as many promising wrestlers first got the crown before going onto establishing themselves as the top guys of the company, but John Cena never seemed to be on that path. The Face that runs the place started out as The Doctor of Thuganomics before becoming Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect but doesn't have the name of "King" to his name as he never even participated in the King of the Ring in his career. Though it's true that the King of the Ring crown has lost prominence in the past few years, but watching him participate or even win King of the Ring and become "King Cena" would've been intriguing as this is a big achievement which he hasn't accomplished in the company yet. Maybe we can see him win the tournament in the long run to give some hilarious segments as King Cena, but the possibility of that is low as Cena doesn't have the coveted title of "King" to his name, even if he's the top star of the company.

6 Host His Own Talk Show In WWE

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This is a thing that Cena has surprisingly hasn't done in his WWE career, as he's quite amazing on the mic and is easily capable of hosting his own in-ring talk show to make for some entertaining segments. Now we've seen a lot of wrestlers host their own talk show, from Chris Jericho's "Highlight Reel" to the latest in Dean Ambrose's "Ambrose Asylum", but Cena has surprisingly never had one in the company. Cena is obviously more concerned with his wrestling than talking in the WWE, but going by how good he is in the mic and at entertaining fans, him hosting a talk show and getting guests would have brought the funny side of his character out in the open. Talk shows also burst into chaos after a point of time, so we could've seen some budding rivalries as well as entertaining segments if this happened, but sadly it didn't.

5 Defeat AJ Styles

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Wrestling fans always wanted to see John Cena take on AJ Styles because of both the superstars gaining popularity and being the top stars of their own promotions in the last decade, as Cena was THE Guy of WWE while Styles was a major reason at TNA gaining popularity as well. So when AJ arrived in the WWE earlier this year, this dream became a reality as AJ turned heel on Cena and started feuding with him. What happened next was an incredible feud as they vented out emotional promos week in, week out and Styles went onto defeat Cena in their first match when The Club interfered and laid Cena out. John would face Styles again, but in a 6 man tag team match when he, Enzo Amore & Big Cass defeated The Club as Cena pinned Styles to win the match for his team. But when Cena got the opportunity to get one over Styles at SummerSlam, Styles showed incredible skill and resilience and won the match clean, leaving Cena to be 0-2 against Styles in singles competition. We can't really state Cena defeated Styles because of the 6 man match being a tag match, and when it comes in singles competition, Cena is yet to get one over The Champ that Runs the Camp, but it's rather sure that they'll feud again because of their amazing chemistry.

4 Work More Consecutive WrestleManias Than The Undertaker

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John Cena has been a major attraction for the WWE ever since his Doctor of Thuganomics days, as he gained the United States Championship in his first match at the grandest stage of them all. Cena had since competed in a top card match in every WrestleMania for almost 12 years, as he tried to challenge The Undertaker for his record of working the most number of consecutive WrestleMania matches at 15 matches from WrestleMania 17-32. But Cena got injured before WrestleMania 32, keeping him out of the grand show as he failed to extend his run of working consecutive matches and even though he appeared in the event itself, that doesn't count as a match. Cena couldn't match up to the Phenom in terms of working consecutive WrestleMania matches and age isn't on his side to start off a new run of consecutive matches, but we can't really count out the unreal workhorse of John Cena from anything.

3 Surpass Ric Flair's 16 World Championship Reigns

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John Cena has been the holder of the top prize in the WWE numerous times in his career, as he has been entrusted by the company to keep their biggest belt in the right hands as they often had him winning the title from someone else. Cena won his first WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 21, and has since won the biggest belt in the WWE 15 times as he's getting closer and closer to Ric Flair's 16 time World Championship record which is recognized by the WWE as the biggest in history of wrestling. Cena hasn't held the title in some years now, but is expected to tie the Nature Boy anytime soon as he inches closer and closer towards the feat, but he is yet to actually surpass Flair in terms of most World Championships won in the WWE and most fans don't really want him to surpass the Nature Boy.

2 Face The Undertaker On The Big Stage

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John Cena has faced many legends at the big stages as he had the "once in a lifetime" match twice at the grandest stage of all time against The Rock and has faced almost every living legend in the WWE so far at the big stages. But Cena has yet to face the Undertaker at the grandest stage of them all, as he hasn't tried to stop the Phenom in his den yet. Cena has faced The Undertaker in the past as he faced the Phenom during his early days in the company and the two haven't really crossed paths since then because of both being in different brands. But Cena hasn't challenged The Undertaker at WrestleMania yet, even though that's something the fans really want to see happen. The match was apparently set for WrestleMania 32 before Cena got injured, but it could be a possibility this year if The Undertaker agrees to work in the event as the WWE officials really want this to happen as it could sell out the event in its own. While we have to wait and watch whether that actually happens, even Super Cena hasn't dared to mess with The Undertaker in his holy grail and has strayed away from him at the grandest stage of them all.

1 Turn Heel

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One thing which has been plaguing the reputation of John Cena has been his hesitance at turning heel, as it has been something which wrestling fans have been begging to happen for years now. Cena started out as a heel off sorts with his Doctor of Thuganomics character, but once he turned into a more kid-friendly character which he is right now, he became that character kids loved and hasn't budged since. Cena has had opportunities to turn heel, but WWE's persistence at turning their top attraction into a heel hasn't allowed him to do so and this looks almost impossible right now, as Cena is getting more and more popular in the entertainment business. Cena has done some heel-ish things as a face and has the potential to be a superb heel, but because of how loved he is by kids and the company not wanting him to turn into a villain, that looks like something Cena will never do in the WWE.

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