Top 15 Things Ric Flair Wants You To Forget About Charlotte

Ric Flair, arguably the greatest wrestler who’s ever lived, is today a very proud daddy watching his daughter’s career go from strength to strength.

Flair amassed a ton of titles during his time in the ring, and in his heyday, he was one fierce competitor. His kids would therefore be hard-pressed to taste anything near like the amount of success that Ric enjoyed, but that hasn’t stopped them giving it a good go. A couple of them have tried to follow in his footsteps but have come up way short and have failed miserably. But Charlotte on the other hand, is making great strides in the world of wrestling, and keeps generating rave reviews, plenty of which have come from her doting dad who can’t stop singing his daughter’s praises. All this adulation that’s come her way is certainly justified considering she’s already won the WWE Divas Championship and the Raw Women’s Championship, which she’s won four times. That’s a pretty impressive record that she’s put together considering she only entered the ring around four years ago.

Over this period there have been plenty of triumphs, but there’ve also been plenty of forgettable moments – moments that Ric, her family, and I’m sure she too would like to forget and banish from her own and everyone else’s memories. Ric’s always going to stand by his daughter, but there’ve been times where he’s undoubtedly found it tough. These are 15 things Ric wants you to forget about his daughter – currently one of the best women in wrestling – Charlotte.

15 She Grew Up With An Absent Father

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This is the case for a lot of the children in pro wrestling families. Having a parent that’s a wrestler certainly isn’t easy, because quality time spent with that parent is always going to be limited – limited to when that person’s flitting back for a pit-stop in between travelling and wrestling commitments.

Ric, being one of the best, was always going to have more commitments than the average wrestler, and so he was always out and about – basically an absent father. It’s hard for any young kid to take, but Charlotte just learnt to live with it, although it was mightily hard for her to deal with.

Ric would want you to forget that she was a child with an absent father, mainly because it shows him in a kind of bad light - but hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to make it big in this industry.

14 Charlotte Was Clueless About Ric’s Stature In Wrestling

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It’s amazing to think, that growing up with a wrestling megastar like Ric Flair as your dad, that you wouldn’t have any idea just how big he was in the industry. Perhaps that’s because she was used to it – she was used to hearing people queuing up for autographs and screaming his name, used to seeing him on TV – so she just thought that’s what it was like for all wrestlers. But of course, Ric got a lot of special attention. That’s because he was, and is special. Charlotte didn’t know she had a superstar daddy. But when she entered the industry and embarked on a career in pro wrestling, she finally got an inkling that her family name really meant something, and that it was all because of Ric’s accomplishments.

13 She Wasn’t Into Wrestling

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With Ric being the superstar that he was during his days in the ring, you’d have thought the young Charlotte might have been at least a little bit into wrestling growing up, especially since her brothers were into it too. But she just really didn’t give a damn about it; perhaps because she saw how her dad was absent all the time, or because she was just sick of it. It could have made her rebel and want nothing to do with the industry.

She didn’t know much about what it entailed, but didn’t think she’d fit into that environment anyway. Ric pushed her to pursue other things, but I’m sure he’d have loved it if she’d taken some interest in wrestling like her brothers. It also would’ve meant she’d have enjoyed a lot smoother a time when she eventually started wrestling, because a lot of the goings on in the industry, even the most basic things, came as a surprise to her and she took some time to get acclimatized to it all.

12 She Didn’t Want To Follow In Her Dad’s Footsteps

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Most kids don’t need any prompting to follow in their parent's footsteps and choose the same career path. Charlotte’s siblings certainly didn’t need any pushing towards wrestling, but now that you know that she didn’t really know much about wrestling, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you to know that her dream wasn’t to continue the Flair family legacy and emulate her dad’s accomplishments in the ring – I’m sure Ric would’ve loved it if she had looked up to him and wanted to do what daddy was doing. But despite all of Ric’s achievements, it was actually her brother, Reid, who pushed her to pursue wrestling. He was already on the indies at the time, and kept saying how great it’d be if they wrestled together. So Charlotte started wrestling at her brother’s insistence, not because she wanted to carry on from her dad.

11 She Didn’t Progress To A Higher Standard In Other Sports

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Ric never pushed Charlotte into wrestling, but one thing he did push her into was other sports. He’s sport’s mad and wanted his kids to be actively involved in some sport or other. From a young age, Charlotte was taken to various sporting events, and this – combined with Ric’s pushing – caused her to become quite a sporty little young woman.

Ric really wanted Charlotte to try her hand at different sports, find one she loved, stick at it, and become the best. She did do decently well at volleyball, and won state championships at high school, and her sporting prowess was enough to get her a scholarship to study at college. Here she continued with volleyball and was also a gymnast and a basketball enthusiast, but her sporting career didn’t reach the heights that Ric so desperately wanted. He wanted her to reach the top, which she didn’t achieve, although I’m sure she’s making up for it now in the world of wrestling.

10 The Domestic Dispute

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This is one incident, that Ric would obviously like to erase from the history books. Thankfully they’ve managed to put that incident to bed and mend their father-daughter relationship since that day in 2008, which couldn’t have been easy to do.

This domestic dispute occurred in 2008, so about four years before Charlotte embarked on a wrestling career. At the time, she was dating Riki Johnson, and although the details remain a little sketchy – of course no one’s come out and revealed what actually happened – it’s thought that Ric wasn’t happy with their relationship. Apparently Charlotte and Riki weren’t happy with Ric’s meddling, and so on one occasion, things escalated and Ric ended up getting assaulted by his daughter. Police were called and she ended up assaulting the police officer too; she was charged – the sentence was later suspended – but Ric refused to press charges. Nevertheless it’s an incident I’m sure he’d like everyone to forget.

9 She’s Hot-Headed

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Ric’s got many great qualities, many he’d love his daughter to have too. But one thing that he probably didn’t want to pass on to his daughter, is his hot-headedness – she seems to have that character trait too, and it’s landed both of them in a bit of strife over the years.

Ric’s hot-headed nature has meant he’s got a pretty extensive rap sheet. His legal issues include; lawsuits, assault, road rage, being held in contempt of court – not necessarily something he’d have wanted his daughter to deal with too.

Charlotte’s legal misdemeanors don’t add up to form a rap sheet quite as long as Ric’s, but she’s already shown she has a tendency to lose it. There's that arrest for assaulting her dad and a police officer – certainly not something a dad would want his daughter to have on her record.

8 Relationship Woes

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Just like Charlotte’s a little hot-headed, like Ric, there’s something else – another bad character trait – that seems to have rubbed off on Charlotte. Well, actually I wouldn’t call it a character trait; it’s more that this particular aspect of her life is turning out to mirror his, and that certainly wouldn’t be what Ric would’ve wanted for his baby girl.

Ric’s renowned to be a bit of a lady’s man. He’s had a string of failed relationships and it seems as if Charlotte’s like her dad in that she can’t seem to find the right partner. Relationship woes are one thing, but these two have had to deal with marriage woes too, and several ones at that. They haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to relationships and marriage; Ric’s been divorced four times, but Charlotte’s catching up and is already on two – not really something they’d be bragging about.

7 She Didn’t Really Want To Work With Him

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Some people might think that having a man of Ric Flair’s stature in your corner would be a great thing. Charlotte felt that too, to an extent. But deep down she didn’t really want him around, especially as her career progressed.

Ric’s input was of course invaluable when it came to her growing with the company and developing as a wrestler. But she knew that having daddy around, essentially meant that she wasn’t capable of producing the goods on her own, she needed dad’s help and experience. The way Charlotte saw it, it meant her mic skills weren’t up scratch, and consequently, she always felt very self-conscious working and doing segments with Ric.

Ric and Charlotte have both said they’re totally cool with the split.

6 That Controversial Segment With Paige

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This was undoubtedly one of Charlotte’s most controversial moments to date onscreen.

In 2015, there was a segment in which a contract signing between Charlotte and Paige was taking place. But that whole segment began in pretty controversial - some may say shocking – circumstances. Paige made a reference to Reid, Charlotte’s real-life brother who had died a couple of years previously. The derogatory statement – well, question – was: “your little baby brother, he didn’t have much fight in him, did he?” Everyone including the Flair family was deeply shocked when that came out. It was obviously WWE’s decision and Flair understood this and knew that Charlotte had to go along with it, but he still found it incredibly distressing and has said it made him cry.

5 The Split

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This segment failed miserably. Plenty of people got on Charlotte’s back after she split with her dad onscreen, not because they were angry over the split – well, some must have been – but because Charlotte’s performance was a bust. I’ve mentioned previously how Charlotte felt self-conscious working with her dad because it meant she didn’t have the skills to go at it alone – she certainly didn’t have the skills on this occasion.

Charlotte villainously disowned Ric as her manager, and this resulted in Ric disappearing from TV for a while. But Charlotte sucked when playing that role. Her voice was breaking repeatedly and sincerity was lacking; the crowd picked up on this and gave her a hard time. It’s quite possibly the worst – not most controversial, but the worst – segment Charlotte’s been involved in.

4 Her Relationship With Alberto Del Rio

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By the time Alberto Del Rio returned to the WWE in late 2015, he was in the midst of separating from his wife and Charlotte was just about finalizing her second divorce, to TNA wrestler Bram. When Del Rio returned to the company he and Charlotte reportedly had a fling.

We now know Del Rio is in a relationship with Paige and rumor has it Del Rio began seeing Paige while still hooking up with Charlotte. That drove a wedge between Paige and Charlotte, who were previously on amicable terms, having known each other since their days in NXT.

Charlotte is poised to be the female face of the WWE, so this must be behind her, but Ric clearly doesn't want fans thinking of this fling when thinking of Charlotte.

3 She Was Treated Like A Jobber When She Debuted With Raw

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When Charlotte first arrived at WWE, she was sent off to their developmental territory, NXT. Pretty soon she became NXT Women’s Champion, so when it was time for her to make the move to Raw, everyone thought she’d enjoy at least the same level of success and be treated like a NXT Champion. She’s doing just fine now, but when she started out with Raw, Charlotte was treated like a jobber, which mystified a lot of people and must have left Ric baffled. Two-and-a-half minutes into her main roster debut, she’d tasted defeat at the hands of Natalya.

Apparently, Natalya also thought it would’ve been right to put Charlotte over for the RAW audience. But then Triple H and Vince got involved and didn’t think Charlotte should go over, so of course, they got their wish and Natalya emerged victorious.

2 Charlotte Slapping Ric

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On an episode of Monday Night Raw in December 2016, the week after a title loss to Sasha Banks, the fans were left stunned, when in the closing segment, Charlotte ferociously slapped her legendary dad.

It began with Charlotte issuing a public apology to Ric for previously splitting from him on-screen. Ric Flair accepted the apology, they hug it out, but then the demons started dancing around in Charlotte’s head, she changed her mind and slapped her dad across the face, sending him sprawling into the ropes.

Sure, it was a storyline, but Ric would want you to forget that segment, firstly because of Charlotte’s terrible performance, but also, of course, because of that almighty slap. Whether real or not, who wants to remember the image of their daughter slapping them across the face?

1 She’s Regarded To Have Horrible Mic Skills

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No dad would want their daughter to be ridiculed by the masses for something they’re not particularly good at. Well, in Charlotte’s case, there’s one thing she’s sucked at, and that’s her mic skills. I’ve mentioned this a few times now; during her onscreen split with her dad, plenty of people found her performance to be cringeworthy and it ruined what may have otherwise have been a decent segment. She lacks sincerity during such performances, and her mic skills are pretty dire - so perhaps she should have kept Ric around for a while longer after all. There’s no doubting her wrestling ability though, but until she works on the other – and equally as important – aspect of wrestling, she’s always going to be the subject of criticism.

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