Top 15 Things The Rock Has Never Accomplished

Who doesn’t love The Rock? He has everything that you could want in a WWE superstar – in fact, he has more than anyone has. He's strong and slick in the ring and one of the greatest of all-time on the microphone, controlling the audience with wise cracks and a never-ending supply of legendary catchphrases.

And away from the ring, he’s shown that it's not only wrestling fans that love him. Showcasing the acting abilities that we all knew he had considering his convincing performances as either a heel or babyface, The Rock is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today. Making some of the highest grossing films of all-time, a film with The Rock tends to sell out cinema screens around the globe. And he has even made songs and wrote a book, with no end to his talents.

Considering how much he has done so far in his life, it’s difficult to find 15 things that Dwayne Johnson actually hasn’t managed to accomplish so far. This list looks in and out of the ring at some rare accomplishments The Rock has yet to acheieve. However, it’s probably only a matter of time before he ticks off everything here, just because he is The Rock.

15 Beat Goldberg


Goldberg has recently returned to the WWE, 12 years after he departed from the company. His original reign in the WWE was pretty lackluster however, as the WCW legend found it difficult to dominate the WWE landscape. At the same time, the WWE didn't help his cause by thrusting him into the main event scene rather quickly, as he was put against the top dog in the company right out of the gate in The Rock.

14 Win A Major Movie Award


The Rock makes films nowadays and he’s very good at it. With a starring role in the Fast & Furious series and lead acting roles in several blockbusters like San Andreas, it’s fair to say he’s doing pretty well for himself. But the problem is that the millions his movies have made so far haven’t produced any awards at the major film festivals or award ceremonies.

13 Become King of the Ring


Much like the US title (we’ll get to that), the fact The Rock hasn’t won the King of the Ring tournament is something which probably doesn’t ever pop into his mind. But again, it is something he could have done. In what should have been a yearly honor, KOTR has lost some serious momentum somewhere along the way and they've started handing the crown to people who creative had no intention of pushing.

12 Break Ric Flair’s Record


If anyone is going to break this record, it will be John Cena. Or maybe even Triple H. Throughout his time in the wrestling business, The Rock won the main title no less than ten times, with eight of those being the WWE Championship. Flair set the record with 16, though you have to think that The Rock would have surpassed that number had he not pursued and succeeded in his second career as an actor.

Whether this statement is true is an argument for another day, but if The Rock was to stick with the WWE for the same length of time that Triple H has, it seems probably that he would have gone way beyond Flair’s record.

11 Facing Vince McMahon In A Singles Match


In most companies, you wouldn’t dare mock your boss. However, in the WWE, it’s something of a shock if a wrestler doesn’t get into a ring and fight the man who pays their wages. It’s a strange company that Mr. McMahon runs and the fact that this makes the list says an awful lot.

10 Write A Follow Up To His Autobiography


The Rock's autobiography, The Rock Says, was groundbreaking for the WWE because it was one of the first wrestler written books that stayed entirely in character. While for some this was over the top, it provided the feeling that you could really get drawn into the character and forget that The Rock was just a creation.

9 Take The Rock Concerts On Tour

Heel Rock is one of the best things to happen in the WWE in the last 13 years, because it opened a completely new side to The Great One. It also introduced the WWE Universe to the singing ability of Rocky, as he adapted Elvis and Frank Sinatra songs in a hilarious way.

8 Become United States Champion


The fact that The Rock didn’t win the United States Championship likely won’t worry him too much, because there hasn’t really been an opportunity for him to battle for it. A WCW mainstay title, Rock took care of the Intercontinental Championship before the US was brought over to the WWE as a second mid-card title. By the time it was being fought for, The Rock was already out making a new life for himself, although he could have picked it during one of his returns.

7 Appear In A Different Company


One of the reasons The Rock is so adored by fans and officials in the WWE is because he has never been anywhere else and is loyal to a tee. While Triple H and Stone Cold both appeared in WCW before ,making their way to WWE, the third of the big three main event stars of the late 90s has never been anywhere else.

Having come into wrestling from the world of professional football, a young Rock was thrown into the limelight and grasped it with both hands after struggling at first, meaning he never needed to find himself another ring to call home. Ok, so he had a spell in USWA, but it was in no way a rival to the WWE in the same way WCW, ECW or even TNA was. His run with the other promotion was pursued to gain experience before heading to the WWE.

6 Living Down That Photo


The Rock's iconic status around the millennium was as much to do with his look as it was to do with what he did in the ring. Never before had a single eyebrow managed to have women screaming and school children trying to emulate his look during recees. The leather jackets and sunglasses were equally important, as was his brahma bull tattoo, which thankfully still shows up in films.

5 #1 Selling Album

Before he took the film industry by storm, Dwayne Johnson put his name to a few singles which didn’t quite have the same success. It seems a little much to ask that The Rock take the US Billboard charts by storm, considering he is already the most famous and successful wrestler of all-time to transition to Hollywood. But why not? Having become one of the most renowned actors in the world, why not go even further?

4 Be Named 'Superstar of the Decade'


Unlike in recent years, the late '90s had an incredible array of wrestlers who could talk and entertain as well as they could fight. Fans will always long for the new Rock versus Austin rivalry, but there will never be anything that comes close to the chemistry the two had in and out of the ring.

3 Be An Authority Figure


It seems like the best thing for most former stars and legends of the business to do is become a decision maker in the WWE. Stone Cold and Kurt Angle have both been GMs, a role which Daniel Bryan currently holds on SmackDown Live. And of course we have Triple H as the future figurehead of the WWE, so it seems right to include this in the top 15 things The Rock hasn't accomplished.

2 Beat The Hurricane


During The Rock’s Hollywood phase in 2003, he embarked on one of his finest and most charismatic years. Taking on Stone Cold and Goldberg, his return saw him stay right at the top of the card, mixing wrestling with some truly hilarious and crowd angering moments. But for all the work he did, and wins he compiled, it's his time with Gregory Helms that he may be remembered for most from that year.

1 Leave WrestleMania As The New WWE World Heavyweight Champion


It may come as a surprise, but The Rock has never left The Grandest Stage of Them All as a World Champion. Although he has enjoyed some successful title defenses, it seems incredible to think he hasn’t taken the major belt home as a newly crowned champion.

Although in his last few WrestleManias, titles haven’t mattered, when it comes to the big gold belt, he was never able to take it home at the end of the night if he didn't already have it. He's only challenged for the belt twice, which includes the WrestleMania 2000 event in a fatal four way and his loss against Stone Cold at WrestleMania XV.

Maybe he still has another title in him, although his last spell in the company angered some due to the fact the title was taken away from TV and reserved only for John Cena.

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Top 15 Things The Rock Has Never Accomplished