Top 15 Things to Look Forward to from WWE in the Fall

Autumn is coming. Soon the Summer heat will subside and the air will grow crisp. Happiness will be replaced with feelings of gloom and impending doom as the false emotions of Summertime fade away for another year. With the Fall comes the reality that life is not a day at the beach. Life is cold and wet and miserable and it only gets worse as the Fall is merely a precursor to Winter, the most melancholic of all seasons.

The foliage will change colors and the sky will cast its grey shadow down upon the land. The days of brightness and burnt skin will be forgotten as the children settle into a new school year; early mornings, bland uniforms, report cards, and rebellion. The future leaders and losers will be flanked arithmetic and history for it is once again time to learn - class is in session.

Baseball season will come to an end as days spent on the gridiron or at the ice rink will replace Summer nights at the ballpark. The atmosphere changes in the world of sports as suddenly everything seems to be moving at a much quicker pace. The sounds of athletic agony are heard as bones are crushed and ligaments are torn. The Fall is a season for violent competition.

And of course, our old friends over at WWE will continue to put out their own unique brand of perceived violence as the never-ending schedule of the WWE performer will continue without any offseason. No rest for the reckless. Pain is now a more prominent feeling than pleasure but there is no time to pay attention to the body's nagging sorrow because the crowd awaits and they have paid to see a show.

Yes, the WWE will always be there to entertain the people; through every season, year after year.

These are the top 15 things to look forward to from WWE this fall:

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15 WWE World Heavyweight Champion

via bleacherreport.com

Regardless of who holds the WWE World Heavyweight Championship heading into the Fall season, one thing is certain: the title will be seen on WWE programming on a regular basis which is a change from 2014.

Last year, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was held by part-time performer, Brock Lesnar. The Beast would defend the title at Night of Champions and then disappear from WWE for the entire Fall session of competition.

14 Tag Team Shake Up

via 411mania.com

It's no secret that the weakest division in WWE right now is the tag team division. Something is lacking and it is ever apparent while watching these tag team matches. There is a missing element to be found.

Perhaps it has something to do with the tag teams themselves as many teams consist merely of ridiculous gimmicks (New Day, Los Matadores). The tag team division needs a rejuvenation and hopefully the situation will be rectified in the months ahead.

13 Hell in a Cell

via insidepulse.com

Although the Hell in a Cell match feels overplayed in recent years, the event has often offered up some great moments inside of the structure. Those of us who witnessed the days of Mick Foley getting tossed off and through the Cell certainly miss the more barbaric days of the match but, nevertheless, the concept remains.

This year, the Hell in a Cell event will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and you knw that WWE will want to make this a big event considering where it is taking place. Therefore, expect something big in California come Hell in a Cell.

12 The Authority's Next Big Move

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Whether you love or hate The Authority angle that plays out on WWE programming, you might as well get used to it as Triple H and Stephanie are the new on-screen power couple that is here to stay ... but what comes next?

The Authority - aside from making matches and hanging out with Seth Rollins - have not made much of an impact this past Summer leaving one to believe that something is in store as it pertains to Triple H and Stephanie.

11 Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

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The Tables, Ladders, and Chairs concept has  come a long way from the time of The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian. TLC is now its own event on the WWE calendar.

This year TLC will take place at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts (always fun when Cena returns home) and will mark the final event of 2015 - meaning that the official "Road to WrestleMania" is on the horizon.

10 The Rest of John Cena's Year

via tjrwrestling.net

This entry is specifically for the Cena lovers - haters may skip ahead to #9.

John Cena has had a great 2015 as the United States Champion; taking on some new challengers and allowing fans to see a different side of him away from the main event picture.

Will the final months of this year be as kind to John Cena as the rest? Probably. Therefore, sit back and enjoy your leader as he attempts to finish this twelve month melee in strong and passionate fashion.

9 The Direction of the Intercontinental Championship

via strictlysports2014.sportsblog.com

When Daniel Bryan captured the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania, there was definitely going to be a new direction for the prestigious title moving forward and for a short while there was; until Bryan was injured and forced to relinquish the strap.

The current Intercontinental Champion is Ryback, a man who was finally given an opportunity to wear some gold and who has been doing a decent job as champion. Fans should keep an eye on the I.C. title in the coming months.

8 Where Does the United States Championship Stand?

via wwesuperstars.org

Let's face facts: John Cena winning the United States Championship has been the most exciting thing to happen involving the title in man years. Cena has made the U.S. gold feel like a Heavyweight Championship.

Eventually, John Cena will drop the title and the next man who wears it will have to maintain the momentum that has surrounded the championship in recent months. This could make for some tricky scenarios.

7 WWE 2K16

via forum.donanimhaber.com

This October, the latest installment of the WWE video game series will be released when WWE 2K16 is made available to gamers everywhere and who's going to be gracing the cover of this upcoming game? None other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This could also mean that the WWE 2K16 cover-boy could make an appearance on Monday Night Raw - not in podcast form - but live and in the ring, which is really what any Attitude Era junkie craves.

6 The Main Event Scene

via bleacherreport.com

John Cena is back on the main event scene which we all knew was inevitable. However, there is reason to remain hopeful when thinking about the future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

New faces needs to be tossed into the mix. Superstars like Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Bray Wyatt. Even if there is no intention of placing the title on these men; it would still come as a welcomed change to see some fresh challengers on the scene.

5 Survivor Series

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This November, the twenty-ninth annual Survivor Series will take place at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Survivor Series has fallen flat in recent years but perhaps this time around the event will return to its "big four feel" as intended.

Last year, WWE fans were shocked when Sting finally made his debut with the company. However, that was the highlight of the night. This year, things should be different as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion should be included on the card and hopefully WWE have learned from the faults of their past.

4 Finn Balor

via totalwrestlingmagazine.co.uk

Finn Balor is the current NXT Champion and if history is to be believed, the main roster should be in the cards for Balor sooner rather than later. Balor is already thirty-four-years-old and his time in NXT should be coming to an end.

The harsh truth here is that Finn Balor will probably never become WWE World Heavyweight Champion but the Irish sensation is more than ready to compete with the boys of Monday Night.

3 The Continued Success of NXT

via cagesideseats.com

NXT is on fire and the program is no longer considered a joke competition show. NXT is where great, young (for the most part) Superstars are heading to hone their craft and hope for a shot at WWE greatness.

NXT is essentially an independent show with major production value hidden beneath the blanket of a massive entertainment company. Often times the NXT product blows the WWE product out of the water and this trend is sure to continue into the Fall.

2 The Divas Revolution

via dailyddt.com

The Divas Revolution has been working thus far as the girls are finally positioned in a proper manner and given a substantial amount of ring time when compared to Divas matches of the past.

In all likelihood, Nikki Bella will break the record set by AJ Lee as the longest reigning Divas Champion, but then it is time for a change. Smart money should bet on Charlotte but Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks could also assume the role.

1 The First Rumblings of WrestleMania

via heavy.com

All roads in WWE eventually lead to WrestleMania. The biggest event of the year and the place where everything is laid on the line. The seeds of 'Mania ae often planted months in advance - especially for the high-profile matches.

Last fall, a WrestleMania seed was planted between Triple H and Sting at Survivor Series, which of course led to a match on the "grandest stage of them all." This fall, something, somewhere will be planted; it could be the smallest seed, so remain diligent.


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