Top 15 Things Triple H Will Never Live Down

Calling oneself "The Game" is indeed a bold statement. Especially when competing with a locker room full of hungry athletes who themselves are looking for a unique distinction; a nickname that will separate them from the pack and place them alone in a place of solidarity. That elusive place that many seek but few actually find. In professional wrestling that place is known as the top of the card.

Love or hate Triple H, "The Game" found that place many years ago and refused to give it up for anybody. There are those who debate whether or not Triple H actually earned this spot or if he simply fell into it by falling in love with Stephanie McMahon. No mater which side you stand, there is no denying that Triple H has left an impression on WWE that cannot be ignored.

The truth about Triple H is that he is a strong talent with great in-ring ability and sense. Triple H has been and will go down as one of the best heel characters in WWE history en route to his eventual Hall of Fame induction. Unfortunately for Triple H, his accomplishments will always come along with that pesky little asterisk. However, the thirteen-time World Champion has surely accepted this fact.

Many wrestlers have come and gone through the WWE system and many have left an open-ended conversation to be had about their careers but perhaps no conversation will run as deep as the one regarding Triple H and his WWE legacy. For "The Game," his in-ring days are all but over but his presence in WWE will continue to linger for years as he settles into a corporate position.

This is a look back at some of the situations and circumstances that have come along with being Triple H; those instances, problems, and issues that may following him around for the remainder of days with WWE.

These are the top 15 things Triple H will never live down:

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15 The Bother of Daniel Bryan 

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Let's begin with something more recent and the constant lambasting of crowd favorite Daniel Bryan. During the rise of Bryan, both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were harsh critics of the "B+ Player."

And believe no statement to the contrary, labeling Daniel Bryan as such was not just for storyline purposes. Those feelings were real. Triple H placed himself into the main feud heading into WrestleMania XXX for no real reason as the title match should have gone to Daniel Bryan all along.

Think back to a night when Monday Night Raw was live in Seattle. The crowd would not even allow Triple H to speak as the "Daniel Bryan" chant echoed throughout the arena. That look of resentment of Triple H's face said it all that night.

14 Stolen Main Event 

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WrestleMania XXV was set to be a massive night as the 25th anniversary of WWE's biggest event was sure to awe the fans. In the main event that evening, Triple H would defend the WWE Championship against Randy Orton.

This main event featured a bout that fans had seen before and were not completely behind in terms of investment. The main reason for this: the main event that year belonged to the hottest WWE Superstar on the roster, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy was at the top of his game as WWE Champion but was "screwed" by his brother at the Royal Rumble and ultimately taken away from the WrestleMania main event; a match he so rightly deserved.

13 Not Funny 

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Fans of the Attitude Era will recall some solid humor taking place between Triple H and Shawn Michaels during the original days of D-Generation X. Likewise, the "genesis" of D-Generation X would also provide some strong comedy.

However, these were the days of the creative peak in WWE; when the writers and performers were unfiltered and allowed to push the limits. Take away all the help and leave Triple H on stage alone and he's really not that funny.

The modern day version of D-Generation X was exciting for a minute but quickly felt stale. Two old men trying to act like young dudes ... the shock had simply worn off.

12 Movies 

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While Triple H is not the only WWE Superstar guilty of this cinematic crime, his movie career hasn't exactly produced any classics to stand along side the likes of "Casablanca." Like many of his fellow wrestlers, Triple H's movies have bombed.

The most notorious film failure of Triple H was released in 2011; a little feature known as "The Chaperone" in which Triple H plays a former bank robber attempting to "go straight" by way of chaperoning his daughter's school trip.

Needless to say this film was not recognized by The Academy and has not made any lists of all-time greatest feature films.

11 Burying Scott Steiner 

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In 2002, Scott Steiner would make his return to WWE in an entirely different light. No longer was Steiner simply a tag team All-American type wrestler. Steiner was now "Big Poppa Pump."

Ultimately, Scott Steiner turned out to be a much bigger star in WCW than WWE. However, with his return to the company, there was reason to believe that Steiner may contend as a top player with the company.

This of course was derailed by Triple H who would get involved in an angle with Scott Steiner; an angle that did everything except make Steiner look like a powerhouse. Instead, the angle would place "The King of Kings" above yet another peasant.

10 Steroid Praise 

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In a 2004, while being interviewed by ESPN, Triple H would state that: "steroids get a bad rap." This is not something becoming of a WWE executive and this interview has obviously been "forgotten" by those within the company.

One must believe that a long and stern conversation between Triple H and Vince McMahon has since taking place in regards to comments about steroids and how to properly answer them in a "politically correct" manner.

Nevertheless, Triple H said it and the statement is out there. WWE can pretend it never happened all they want but fans known better.

9 Burying Rob Van Dam 

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When Rob Van Dam arrived in WWE back in 2001, the ECW original was already one of the most popular wrestlers around. Even those who were only first experiencing RVD discovered an instant connection.

Rob Van Dam was red hot for the longest time in WWE, quickly rising through the ranks while Triple H was away nursing an injury. "The Game" had already spent enough time competing with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock that a new charismatic star was not going to pose a threat.

It has been widely reported over the years that Triple H would use his backstage pull to hold down Rob Van Dam, not allowing him to get over as much as he should have.

8 Burying Booker T 

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The idea of having Booker T walk out of WrestleMania XIX as the brand new World Heavyweight Champion was an exciting idea that had fans all riled up for the five-time WCW Champion.

Then the realization of who Booker T would be facing kicked in and all hope was lost. Sure, Triple H has lost in the big match before but the odds of him losing to Booker were slim to say the least.

Of course, Booker T would lose his only major WrestleMania match in a bout that really needed to see a different outcome.

7 Katie Vick 

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The infamous Katie Vick storyline has been widely criticized and has been considered one of the worst angles in the history of WWE. This thing must have looked bad on paper but was given the green light anyway.

While WWE has gone down some dark roads with Kane in the past, this one would finally take that extra step too far over the line. The idea was rather simple: Kane was perceived to be a murderer and soon the necrophilia would come into play.

This would bring about the horrendous segment of Triple H wearing a Kane mask and simulating the act with a mannequin in a casket. What a glorious moment for "The Game."

6 Problems with CM Punk 

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At this point anybody who has interest in the CM Punk/WWE saga will know all which was said about Triple H by the former WWE Champion. Punk felt wronged by Triple H, who of course saw things differently.

Triple H and CM Punk were penciled in to square off at WrestleMania XXX; a match that made no real sense to wrestling fans. Obviously, the bout would never occur as Punk left the company following that year's Royal Rumble.

CM Punk has exposed a lot about WWE since his departure and his problems with Triple H are far from resolved.

5 Involvement in the "Screwjob" 

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Whenever the "Montreal Screwjob" is brought up in conversations three names are automatically mentioned: Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, and Bret Hart. However, one name often left out of the conversation is Triple H.

The truth about the "Montreal Screwjob" is that Triple H played just as much of a role in that infamous night in Quebec as Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. Triple H knew full and well what was going to happen to Bret Hart once his buddy applied that Sharp Shooter.

While Bret Hart was definitely wrong in his refusal to lose, fans must not forget where Triple H stood that night.

4 Relationship with Chyna 

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If Triple H could erase every WWE fan's memory of Chyna, he would do so in a heartbeat. "The Game" and the troubled ex- Diva were once a romantic item, another situation Triple H would like you to forget.

On the Stone Cold Podcast, Triple H spoke of Chyna and the reasons she will likely never find her name in the WWE Hall of Fame and to this Chyna was not please as she continues to bash Triple H over the internet.

As much as it may bother him, Triple H will always be linked to Chyna; there is no other way around that problem.

3 Association with The Kliq 

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Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman ... Triple H. The five men who are collectively known as "The Kliq." The very group who were once said to have major influence backstage in WWE.

Numerous tales have been told about these five men over the years, many of which are far from flattering. The Kliq have been accused of changing scripts and altering storylines for their own benefit.

This is something Triple H will never be able to distance himself from as his association with The Kliq may or may not have contributed greatly to his success.

2 Relationship with Stephanie 

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This is another story that has long been told by a number of different parties. However, the absolute truth behind the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon relationship is really not for public ears.

They fell in love, they got married, they stand to inherent the WWE. All of this is literally their business. The downside to finding the love of his life is that Triple H will always be accused of using Stephanie to find his way to the top.

Is there any truth to that? Perhaps. Triple H has definitely earned a lot while also taking a lot away from others. It's a tricky situation.

1 Considered a McMahon 

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Keeping with his marriage to Stephanie, a certain distinction has been placed on Triple H, especially in recent years. Triple H is now considered a McMahon and that's just the way it goes.

No matter how much farther Triple H travels in his professional career, that McMahon label is not going anywhere. Triple H's business sense will always be compared to that of his father-in-law, as he slowly takes over more duties in WWE.

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