Top 15 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About His Kids, Shane And Stephanie

Vince McMahon’s an enigmatic fellow. He always seems to be at the center of some sort of controversy or other and constantly rubs people  the wrong way. He’s not afraid to do things others wouldn’t dream of for the sake of wrestling – and his own coffers – which don’t always come off, but at the end of the day, he’s a businessman who’s earned his corn the only way he knows how – in the wrestling industry. There’s no doubting the fact that he’s done a ton for wrestling and is a hugely entertaining figure, whether he means to be or not.

Vince followed in his father’s wrestling footsteps and was eager for his kids to follow suit. They didn’t need much prompting and began working for their dad as soon as possible -- Shane at the age of 15 and Stephanie at the age of 13 as a model. Kids are always going to possess some personality traits of their dad; the McMahon kids certainly do and this has made them a pair of colorful figures.

Over the years, we’ve come to know more and more about Shane and Stephanie, and so has Vince, some of which he hasn’t been best pleased to know. There have been a number of testy moments for Vince involving Shane and Stephanie since they were introduced to our screens – some which have been Vince’s doing – but on other occasions, they’ve gotten themselves into hot water or have caused embarrassment for themselves and their family. These are 15 things about Shane and Stephanie that Vince would love to eradicate from your memories:

These are 15 things about Shane and Stephanie that Vince would love to eradicate from your memories:

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15 Stephanie's Unholy Marriage To The Undertaker

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Stephanie’s been a part of a number of storylines, some of which have been downright cringeworthy. As her dad, why would Vince subject his daughter to pretty much constant humiliation? But we’ll touch upon that later.

Stephanie debuted in 1999 during the crazy times of the Attitude Era. She was thrust into a weird storyline straight away. At Backlash, The Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie, holding her for ransom in exchange for a deal which would see him take charge of WWE. The next day, Stephanie’s whereabouts were revealed; she was brought to the ring strung up to a cross for the “unholy wedding” conducted by Paul Bearer.

Although storylines like this were just part and parcel of the Attitude Era, many would agree that this was just sheer insanity. Stephanie being taken advantage of in this manner kind of set the tone for her entire wrestling in-ring career.

14 They Had To Fend For Themselves As Kids

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This probably doesn’t paint Vince or Linda McMahon in the best light, hence they’d probably want you to forget about it.

When the McMahon kids were growing up, they didn’t see a whole lot of their parents, especially Vince who was trying to make it work in the wrestling business. He eventually did make it work but for a large majority of the McMahon kids' childhoods, they were broke and were only just getting by. Vince would be on the road for large periods of time, leaving Shane and Stephanie to essentially fend for themselves.

Shane, being the older sibling, practically raised Stephanie, but the two always wanted their dad to be around more. Little did they know they'd one day be around him all the time.

13 Shane Cared More About Partying Than His Work

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Shane’s initial foray into the wrestling world wasn’t anything to shout about. But as he grew up and became of age, he found other pleasures in life, namely drinking and partying. During his early adult years in the late '80s and '90s, Vince brought him into the company in the hope that he’d take things seriously, learn the ropes so to speak and eventually have a more prominent role in his business. But Shane, in his early 20s at the time, was only interested in doing what young guys do – drinking, partying and having a good time. And he wasn’t on his lonesome as he went on his wild escapades either; he had a lot of the wrestling talent by his side, which must have been quite cool at that age. But it began taking over his life and his late nights out drinking were affecting his work.

Shane’s a shrewd businessman now, but that was a period in his life where he got sloppy, and one that Vince would like to eradicate from our memories.

12 Stephanie Was Awful As A Wrestling Personality At First

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When Stephanie began appearing in shows and wrestling events, it’d been all she’d known so you’d have expected there to be something about her. But she lacked pretty much everything that was needed to make it as a female wrestler. Still, she was the boss's daughter – that’s all that counted – and so she was given opportunities and thrust into a number of prominent storylines. The respect from her peers and others in the industry just wasn’t there. Her on-air abilities sucked, and consequently, journalist Dave Meltzer who was with The Wrestling Observer at the time gave Stephanie the honor of being the Worst Non-Wrestling Personality from 2001 to 2003.

It’s expected that being Vince’s daughter, she would get more flack and people would be harsher on her, but it wouldn’t have been one of Vince’s proud daddy moments, that’s for sure.

11 Shane’s Violent Run-ins With Wrestlers

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I’ve mentioned how Vince would’ve been disapproving of Shane’s partying ways during the '90s. He would stay out until the wee hours of the morning hours in order to gain respect from the wrestling talent, and consequently, his work with the company suffered and took a back seat. During these long and wild nights, drinking sometimes lead to other issues.

On one occasion, Shane was out drinking with Bret Hart and was beginning to get sloppy and push his luck. He grabbed Bret’s wife’s butt, something which of course neither Hart or his wife appreciated. Shane had to be put in his place and so violence ensued; if this is what Shane did on his nights out, it probably wasn’t the first violent altercation he had with a wrestler – his antics were a constant headache for Vince who required some patience.

10 Shane Used To Be Severely Bullied By Wrestlers

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No one wants their kids to be bullied. If it happens, you’d do your best to sort it out while keeping it under wraps – it’s not exactly something you’d shout about from the rooftops. Tough guy Vince McMahon’s a real man’s man, so the fact that his son was bullied must have caused him some source of embarrassment. Of course, he’d have wanted to sort out the bullying – well, I think he would’ve – but there also would’ve been a tinge of embarrassment there.

Shane grew up in wrestling and so wanted to be around the action. He began accompanying his dad to Vince McMahon Senior’s company and hanging out backstage. He was like the backstage mascot at the time, and a lot of the talent saw fit to push him around. The older guys beat up on him and from the sound of it, he was bullied severely – it wasn’t just some gentle ribbing. Ivan Putski and his cronies would beat him up in the locker rooms, stretch him out, stuff him into lockers, that kind of stuff, but Shane didn’t stop coming – he was just happy to be around those guys, despite the way he was treated.

9 Stephanie Went Against Company Policy

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Shane’s had his wild days but Stephanie wasn’t straight-laced either. When she began dating Triple H, she’d gone against company policy and this angered Vince to no end.

Vince was kind of contradicting himself at the time. Early in Stephanie’s career, he said that Triple H was the kind of man that he wanted for Stephanie -- kind of, but not the actual man himself. But Stephanie took this literally; they began dating on-screen and pretty soon it became clear that they were in a real-life relationship, despite Triple H being with Chyna – that’s another entry – and Vince being against it. It was the fact that they were co-workers; it made business tricky and went against company policy. Vince actually ordered them to break up, but by that time, the relationship had become serious and so the lovebirds defied his orders.

8 Shane Quit WWE Early

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Shane had grown up in a household where money was tight and his parents were working around-the-clock, scrimping and saving just to put food on the table. Yes, the billionaire businessman was once bankrupt, which must have been hard for the young Shane. It probably also meant that when he was growing up, he missed out on a lot of things. So, when more money started coming in, Shane wanted a piece of it.

He began working at the bottom, working in the company’s warehouse. It was during his third summer there when he asked his dad for a raise. Vince refused and so Shane walked. Shane wanted to buy a car, didn’t get what he was after and so quit working in the warehouse. Shane went out and got himself a job with a construction company that paid him triple what he was making working for his father.

7 Stephanie Being Sexualized Tons Of Times

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Now that Stephanie’s a mom, is essentially running things in WWE with her hubby and is a seriously powerful woman, she and Vince would probably want you to forget about all those storylines and angles which saw her as the helpless victim and taken advantage of – there were tons.

Stephanie started her career on-screen being kidnapped by The Undertaker; since then she’s been part of a lesbian angle, has been stripped, kissed, victimized and basically sexualized tons of times. Her likely embarrassment about this time in her career is not just due to the fact that Stephanie, once playing the helpless little lamb, is now the most powerful woman in the industry. It’s the fact that she’s now heavily into promoting women’s rights -- not exploiting women in those kinds of storylines. There’s a huge contradiction there and people haven’t been shy in letting her know their opinions.

6 Shane NEVER Looked Like A Wrestler

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With Vince being heavily into bodybuilding, he’d probably have expected Shane to follow suit and fall in love with the iron too, but his son had no interest in bodybuilding. Perhaps it was because it may have been rammed down his throat; Vince was living the health and fitness, bodybuilding lifestyle and was around guys who were superhuman athletes – Shane must have gotten sick of it and just went the other way.

When he first appeared on our screens and then started wrestling, Shane didn’t really have the body to match. He had plenty of baby fat, was a bit pudgy, and had zero muscle definition or physical prowess. Vince must have been looking at him, thinking, “Is that really my son out there?” Their physiques couldn’t have been more different from one another.

Shane is definitely in tremendous shape now though, and he does it his way.

5 Those Macho Man/Stephanie Rumors

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In what is perhaps the most bizarre rumor in the history of the wrestling business that has never been directly addressed by the WWE, word was the late Randy Savage had an affair with 17-year-old Stephanie just prior to leaving the WWE. The fact that Vince would refuse to work with Savage in later years, despite giving other past wrestlers second chances, fed this rumor even more.

Whether it is true or not, you have to believe that Vince wishes this rumor never made it out of the wrestling industry. After all, he's the most powerful man in wrestling and the idea that such an affair could happen under his watch is embarrassing. We'll probably never know the truth about this alleged affair, but safe to say, Vince would just rather see the rumor die.

4 Shane Almost Got Vince To Buy MMA Companies

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Here's something that Vince probably wants you to forget, because it makes his son look like a far more forward thinker than the man himself.

In the early 2000s, Shane pushed his dad into the idea of buying UFC. Imagine if that had worked out – Vince at the helm of UFC today would’ve been a mind-trip. Vince said no but the pestering and pushing didn’t stop there. Shane then tried to get his dad to buy the PRIDE MMA, a Japanese promotion. It was actually close to being a done deal, but UFC swooped in and stole PRIDE from under the McMahons' noses, stealing some of their pride too.

Shane showed incredible foresight in seeing the value of the UFC long-term. At the time the company wasn't worth all that much, so it would have been a steal of an investment. Sadly, Vince didn't listen to his son and he wouldn't want you to think he lost out on millions for not heeding his kid's advice.

3 Shane Tried To Run WCW Independently 

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While the entire invasion angle played up Shane McMahon as the owner of WCW, did you know that Shane O' Mac was lobbying to actually run WCW as 'competition' to the WWE? Initially, Shane brought Vince the idea to run WCW as an independent entity from the WWE, keeping the war alive between the two brands, albeit airing on different nights of the week.

For most of the early 2000s many fans thought that Shane would be the heir-apparent to the McMahon creative empire, especially when he "took over" WCW. If Shane would have actually gotten his way and run WCW as its own brand, who knows where we would be today? One thing is for sure, Vince wouldn't have let Shane's version of WCW get too big... or at least bigger than he was comfortable with.

2 Stephanie’s Role In The Triple H/Chyna Saga

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Stephanie had a huge part to play in Triple H and Chyna breaking up, and Chyna’s subsequent termination that followed. In fact, Chyna attributed a lot of her troubles in her life at that time to the duo.

Stephanie and Triple H were having an affair behind Chyna’s back and Chyna claimed that this lasted for over a year. At the time, Chyna was one of the biggest stars around and was destined to get a real push, but understandably things got awkward and she was kind of cast aside.

Vince couldn’t have been proud of his daughter at that stage. He also must have been embarrassed of his daughter’s actions because he didn’t speak out about the affair at the time, even though he knew what was happening.

When Chyna found out about the affair, she confronted Vince who revealed he had known. Chyna was fired by fax later that day. Stephanie’s actions would’ve caused Vince huge complications and cost him one of his biggest stars; it’s got to be one of Stephanie’s worst moments.

1 Stephanie Comparing 9/11 And Her Dad's Steriod Trial

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This was PR disaster number one that Vince would love to eradicate from everyone’s memories.

The 9/11 terror attacks were one of worst events in human history. Everyone remembers where they were at that time, and the loss of human life, threat to security and the scenes that ensued.

WWE’s steroid scandal in 1994 was just as bad, right? You’ve got to be kidding. The steroid trial almost brought down the McMahons, but so what? There’s no comparison whatsoever between the two events.

Stephanie, though, saw it fit to compare the 1994 steroid scandal in WWE to the 9/11 attacks.

Here’s what was said: “A few years ago, some people tried to destroy my family. They attacked my father’s reputation, they attacked my mother’s reputation, and they attacked the World Wrestling Federation. They tried to rip us apart…but all they did was make my family stronger. And that’s exactly how America feels right now. Because on Tuesday, America was attacked. Because America is a united nation. And together, we stand strong. I am incredibly proud to be an American citizen, and I will stand up for my rights and my freedom.”

Vince must have been thrilled with his daughter sticking up for him, but certainly not in that manner.

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