Top 15 Things Wrestling Fans Have Been Begging WWE To Do

WWE has always been the king of wrestling shows, given their ratings, but has lately been getting a lot of heat from the so-called Internet Wrestling Community. Given the plethora of ideas shared on the Internet, the creative team now has to work more deliriously to ensure the storyline turns out to be the least predicted scenario. Going by the revenue that WWE generates each year, the creative team have not been failing Vince McMahon so much as the wrestling fans estimate.

When Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the WrestleMania XXX go-home match, the WWE Universe set Mercedes-Benz Superdome abuzz with the archetypal Daniel Bryan chants echoing inside of the New Orleans-based arena. Such moments helped wrestling fans believe that WWE might actually help their indie darlings get their much-deserved spotlight at the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

Most expectations of the WWE Universe are unworkable. Should the creative team of WWE alter the storyline based on the mood-swings of their fans, they may end up delivering a clumsy product that the likes of Total Nonstop Action has perfected. However, criticisms from the fans are often right on the money.

Though the Roman Reigns story could not be brought to an abrupt end akin to the expectations of the fans, WWE should try not to overdo as they are currently doing. For a wrestler with no evident character or charisma, such an extraordinary push only seems to infuriate the fanbase  notwithstanding the number of main-event wrestlers, who are on the sidelines with injuries.

WWE Universe has been begging management and the creative team to bring forth new changes, and this article looks at the top 15 issues that the fans have raised and still remain unaddressed by Vince McMahon's empire.

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15 Send Kane and Big Show home

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Kane and Big Show are undeniably Hall of Fame materials already, but their association with WWE should end for the good. The Demon has had exciting feuds throughout his career while Big Show has consistently been the go-to person for a twist in any storyline. However, thanks to their age and longevity in the company, they have become boring to watch, and part-time appearance will likely be on the cards should WWE fail to find proper replacements.

14 Stop the Dolph Ziggler booking

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The booking of Dolph Ziggler is everything that is wrong with WWE these days. He possesses no clear-cut character and is neither a jobber nor a main-eventer – but an intermediate. If he loses on Raw, chances are high that he wins hands down in SmackDown or vice-versa. WWE seems to have given almost everyone on the roster the intermediate role and such wrestlers hardly ever make WWE more interesting. Fans have been asking for better character building of the performers and it has to start with Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Roman Reigns.

13 Give Michael Cole the pink slip

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Michael Cole has been getting a lot of stick from the fanbase since his move to RAW back in 2008. Fans believe that his major contribution to WWE comes from the period when The Rock used to humiliate him during the backstage interviews. Alongside John Bradshaw Layfield, he forms arguably the worst pair of commentators the company has ever had. With Mauro Ronallo slowly winning the crowd over, fans have asked for the sacking of the four-time Slammy Award winner.

12 Retire Sweet Chin Music AKA Superkick

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Shawn Michaels added a different level of glory to the superkick, but, since his retirement, the famous finisher has lost its significance, with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Tamina, Kevin Owens, The Usos and Alberto del Rio undermining the legacy of Sweet Chin Music. With the superkick slowly becoming just another move in every jobber’s arsenal, fans have been calling out for the move the Heartbreak Kid glorified to be retired.

11 Push AJ Styles

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Fans do not seem to grasp the idea that AJ Styles has bypassed working in NXT, and has walked into the main roster. Fans are expecting WWE to put John Cena and AJ Styles in a match already, but the fact that the former TNA wrestler made his name elsewhere will keep him from becoming the face of WWE. However, with WWE reputed to pull off the unpredictable, WrestleMania 33 might see the Phenomenal One take on the leader of Cenation.

10 Book the Wyatt Family better

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The Wyatt Family could easily be the best recent gimmick that WWE has come up with. However, they choose to use them as glorified jobbers while they could build exciting storylines with the four men. Their feuds are short-lived, and they are used merely as fillers between the opening segment and the go-home match more often than not. Sure, they get big feuds, but they always seem to come out on the losing end. Given the fact that The Undertaker and Kane could retire very soon, fans have been begging WWE to book the Wyatts better to carry their legacy.

9 The Undertaker vs. Sting

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Even before Sting debuted in WWE, professional wrestling fans had been going bananas over a potential skirmish between the Stinger and The Undertaker. With both men on the wrong side of 50, this dream match has remained improbable, and the recent injury suffered by the Icon during his Night of the Champions bout against Seth Rollins has demolished the thin probability. The WWE had the chance to do this match last year at WrestleMania 31, but instead chose to have Sting job to Triple H.

8 Push Cesaro

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Cesaro has been used as a mid-carder in WWE but, given his in-ring abilities, he should be propelled to the Sheamus heights at the very least. Though his marketability is not as huge as those of Seth Rollins or Randy Orton are, he deserves more than a United States Championship run. Despite legends such as Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Steve Austin and John Cena voicing their unrest over the treatment of the Swiss wrestler, he continues to be in the level of Dolph Ziggler and others floating in the midcard.

7 Bring back the Bra and Panties match

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Melina and Candice Michelle were embroiled in the last bra and panties match in March 2007. Fans have been yearning for the return of the highly coveted match in the Divas division, but such a stipulation remains as likely as TNA boasting better ratings than WWE. With the Divas Revolution now being executed, odds are that we have already seen the last time women will strip each other in a WWE ring.

6 End the Roman Reigns show

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With John Cena, Seth Rollins, Sting, Randy Orton and Cesaro injured, it is understandable that WWE is desperately trying to make Roman Reigns the face of the company. However, with the fans already foreseeing him to challenge Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania this year, they should probably avoid making the former Shield member seem the strongest wrestler in the roster. Vince McMahon may not like the prospect of watching the WWE Universe booing his babyface in unison and should contemplate pushing other wrestlers.

5 Bring back Shane McMahon

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Shane McMahon currently makes his money away from WWE, but fans are dreaming of a potential return to WWE in a storyline that will see him take down the Authority, thereby joining hands with the then-babyface of the company. Should he return to wrestling in the near future, the creative team may win over fans again as they will then have a storyline with mammoth potential. However, his return looks unlikely as he currently works with very successful Chinese companies.

4 Finish the Authority storyline

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The Authority has lost their prominence considerably among the fans since the Daniel Bryan storyline, and fans branded their attempts to propel Roman Reigns to superstardom in the Daniel Bryan role as cringe-worthy. Fans believe that the only way to spice up the boring stable is to cause a rift between Triple H and Vince McMahon. As the WWE Universe has seen both men lock horns with each other often, dissociation of the Authority could appease discontented fans.

3 Bring back CM Punk

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CM Punk left WWE after a multitude of altercations with management, but his pipebomb promos still garner a large number of views on YouTube every day. Given the fact wrestlers with poor microphone skills main event the shows of late, WWE fans are crying out for the UFC fighter to return to WWE. The Raw debut of Austin Aries, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor and the return of Seth Rollins will be the key moments in 2016, and fans are dreaming of Punk facing the above mentioned men in the squared ring. Unfortunately, it was Punk's decision to leave and from what he's said, it seems he has no intention of going back.

2 End the PG Era

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Chris Benoit, Linda McMahon’s senate ambitions, and a desire to appeal to families made WWE go PG. Though WWE seems to have monetarily benefitted from their decision to appeal to younger fans, a huge number of fans have stopped watching the show and are begging WWE to recreate something similar in tune to Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era. Though WWE will not stay this way for long, fans are praying that their next change should not be worse than the PG Era.

1 Fire Ranjin Singh and his team

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Ranjin Singh managed The Great Khali thanks to their ethnic similarity and now spearheads the WWE creative team. Fans have been crying out for an overhaul of the creative team, as storylines are not half as entertaining as they once used to be. Even Goldust publicly acceded that WWE could no longer incorporate interesting stories into wrestling. Should WWE announce that the sacking of their creative team, they will augment their viewership.

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