Top 15 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About John Cena

John Cena has established a name in wrestling by beating the best, and being the best, and WWE had advanced a lot due to his unique efforts and skill set. He has bettered WWE, and sold a ton of merchandise during his near 15 year run in the company. When you think of WWE, you may think of John Cena.

It can also be said, that he has not been a complete benefit to the WWE throughout his career. He has made mistakes along the way that have cost him relationships, friends, and money. WWE does not want you to see, read, or even hear about this list.

Cena's success story had many ups and downs. More ups if anything, Cena was one of the most influential WWE men to ever set food in the ring, and is currently making his way into broader forms of entertainment. Many times, professional athletes do stuff that ultimately hurt them, and the brand(s) they promote. This list compiles such statistics and information regarding Cena.

It's truly difficult to not detail the incorrect, or stuff he shouldn't have done in his career. Though the following quote may seen unrelated to the title of the article, it really isn't. His drive and determination has guided him through WWE, to the highest level of wrestling:

"People can say whatever they want about the sport of bodybuilding, but to get prepared to do a contest or even think about doing a contest, or even to get into decent shape, it requires a certain amount of discipline, and it comes from taking a new year's resolution to a lifestyle."

But Cena's drive has caused him to make mistakes, as everybody does once in a while. He hasn't just slipped up once or twice though, he has made many mistakes. Irreversible mistakes indeed.

So what is in this article? Detailed summaries of mistakes, promoting mistakes, and stuff in general WWE wouldn't want you to continue to hear about. You may have heard some of these things, but our hope is that you learn a few things today too.

As always feel free to leave some comments below, and let us know what we forgot. Here are the 15 things WWE wants you to forget about John Cena.

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15 Cena's Marriage

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John Cena got married his high school sweeheart Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009. In 2012, they were divorced.

WWE tried very hard, and so did Cena, to keep these matters private. Few times would his wife be mentioned on television, or noted by commentators. In 2012, Elizabeth was talked about on air, and Cena praised her; they were separated shortly after.

Though this may seem like a minor detailed "life" thing, it doesn't help WWE or Cena's brand to know that he got divorced early on. His private life is his, and his only, but when you are famous like Cena, every aspect of your life is covered through the media. Keep in mind that many rumors were flying around about Cena's extramarital affairs being the reason for the divorce.

14 He Buried The Nexus

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During the year 2010, The Nexus became a very prominent group in wrestling. Shortly after it's success, John Cena got involved. After running red hot in 2010, they feuded with a team that Cena was on, and Cena proceeded to bury the group of eight. In the end Cena single handedly defeated the NXT guys, and they lost their reputation. If Cena stayed clear of Nexus, the group could have been very famous and successful rather than disjointed.

13 Slapping Stephanie McMahon's Butt

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In 2003, during an episode of Smackdown, Cena was rapping about Stephanie McMahon and a couple other people. When John was convinced his hip hop career would take off, he was reckless. In fact, he has always been reckless.

During his rap the last line said this.

"Nobody's watching us Steph, why don't you let me smack that a**!"

Stephanie played it cool, and didn't want to appear angry. Cena then slapped her butt, and she actually presented it to Cena. Considering the fact that Cena is the face of the WWE, and McMahon is representing a women's empowerment movement, the WWE may not want to release this clip on the WWE network.

12 No Selling

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John Cena is representative of American culture; he is the typical strong dude, who never stays down. This could be a problem in professional wrestling, as selling is the only way to effectively tell a story in he ring.

Once, Cena was attacked by Punk with a chair, the former WWE Champion got up right after this, and acted like nothing happened. WWE wants wrestlers to at least sell getting dominated or wrestled to the ground. Cena has never mastered the art of selling, which is a staple of the American style of wrestling.

The "no selling" affects the realistic approach wrestlers have, and WWE would like people to forget instances when he does this.

11 BURYING Alberto Del Rio

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Sometimes, Cena goes a little TOO hard, like the night he dominated Albert Del Rio in 2011. Cena really didn't have to dominate this match, especially a month after Del Rio won the WWE Championship at Night of Champions. Cena can be immature and he was in this instance, by choosing to go over another Superstar who the WWE was pushing to be another big player, he effectively squashed Del Rio before he started.

10 Bull Buchanan (B-2)

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It was a truly weird combination when these two wrestlers got together during Cena's rookie years. At this point in time, Cena was obsessed with hip hop, and the WWE weirdly named the his partner in crime Bull Buchanan "B-2". While the gimmick sort of worked, it was only due to the talent that Cena already possessed. Equally as weird, Cena would dump Buchanan and pick up a new enforcer named "Red Dogg", who was equally as useless as B-2.

In either case, the idea of John Cena needing an enforcer is hilarious by today's standards in the WWE.

9 Mickie James

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During 2008, John Cena starred with Mickie James in vignettes during Raw. It was obvious there was some sexual tension going on here, as the two shared kisses on screen; Cena even mentioned something about underwear on set. The two Superstars were allegedly involved in an affair, which would lead to John Cena politicking to have the former Women's Champion released from the company. The WWE obviously complied with their top star's demands, and James has never been seen on WWE programming again.

8 AJ Lee

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In 2012, John Cena and Ryback were to compete in a triple threat match. During this time, Cena was feuding with Dolph Ziggler regarding having an on-screen relationship with AJ Lee. The two went back and forth for Lee, and after she eventually turned on Cena, she said the reason was because John "broke her heart". Now there are a few things wrong here. First, AJ Lee had about five different relationships on screen during that time period, making Cena look like a fool shortly after his own run of failed on screen romances. Secondly, AJ Lee is persona non grata in the WWE right now, and surely they don't want us to remember that their top star was involved with someone who is now married to CM Punk.

7 Ready To Rumble

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The infamous film Ready to Rumble came out in the year 2000, and featured most of the WCW roster. What many don't know is, that John Cena was actually in this movie. Cena had blonde hair in the film, and was an extra playing a training wrestler, which is ironic since he was just training as a wrestler at this time.

I'm sure Cena doesn't brag about being in the movie, considering he had a very minimal role. WWE wants people to forget this because their star who dominated the WWE is depicted as nothing. He is shown as a minimal wrestler, and it can't help views very much. The good news is, he isn't blonde anymore.

6 Lower Pay Per View Buys

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In 2012 from the months, starting with February, and ending in July, John Cena main evented five PPV's. These events were pretty average to be honest, and Cena had really bad matches, such as Kane at Elimination Chamber. During this time, Cena was the company's top star, but was not drawing top pay per view buys. The WWE saw a significant drop in their monthly buy-rate due to ridiculous matches between their franchise guy, and people like John Laurinaitis.

5 He Is Becoming A Movie Star (Just Like The Rock)

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As much as John Cena claimed that he would never leave the WWE in the same fashion as The Rock did 13 years ago, he sure is making some similar decisions. He started by starring in WWE sponsored movies, and has slowly transitioned into non-wrestling related projects. With his scene stealing performances in Trainwreck, which had some very homoerotic themes that the WWE may want you to forget, Cena's star is on the rise. Given the entirety of a three year feud was built on Cena attacking The Rock's Hollywood aspirations, it'd be pretty ironic if he did the same thing to WWE fans.

4 The Sad Case Of Zack Ryder

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Before Cena was to wrestle at WrestleMania XXVIII in 2012, he was involved in a weird storyline with Zack Ryder, Eve Torres, and Kane. In the storyline, Ryder was the new United States Champion, with Cena acting as a mentor of sorts. A returning Kane saw this as an opportunity to use Ryder as bait, to force Cena to "embrace the evil". Sound good right? Well not so much.

In the end, instead of Ryder proving he was a fighting champion, he was forced to wear a body cast and have John Cena repeatedly save him. Then to add insult to injury, John Cena stole his girlfriend (Eve), and kissed her while Ryder watched. Now this isn't all to say that Cena forced this course of events, but he certainly had the pull backstage to make sure Ryder wasn't buried to the extent that he was.

3 Total Divas Fame

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Apparently the WWE doesn't want anyone to know that John Cena is prominently featured on their reality show Total Divas. The show often follows the life and antics of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, all while interacting with his real life girlfriend Nikki Bella. As much as he is a mainstay on the program, WWE has never acknowledged their main star's appearance on the show, or that he is in a relationship with Nikki Bella. Perhaps it is because Total Divas features Cena cursing, drinking and acting like a complete goofball.

2 Alter Ego

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After years of building up John Cena as an unstoppable force of perseverance, the WWE has run into a little problem... he is getting older. Now this isn't to say that Cena has lost a step, as it can be argued that he was having the best matches of his career in 2015. But WWE has spent the better part of two decades making us believe that "Super Cena" is relentless, and will conquer any problem. The issue with this however, is that now that Cena is soooooooo over, can we really believe that a guy like Sami Zayn (no disrespect) has a chance against Cena? Not likely.

Because of this preconception, WWE may hope fans will forget about his alter ego, at least sometime in the near future. If not, well then "Super Cena" will come out to some matches, dominate, and well... go home.

1 Howard Stern Show Appearance

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On The Howard Stern Show, Cena voiced his opinions about steroid use, having sex with overweight girls, and his use of alcohol. WWE doesn't want Cena coming off as controversial in the media, or sexist in any manner. He told a story about being dared to have sex with a fat girl, and following through with it because he had to "take one for the team". He depicted his experience as a pleasant one, but his comments were a bit demeaning to women everywhere. This is especially important to forget, as a major part of the Be A Star campaign is to not highlight the physical differences between people.

WWE hopes fans can chalk this one up, and forget it ever occurred. His words hurt his own reputation, but also WWE's validity as a NICE GUY league. But I mean come on, everyone knows fighters aren't nice guys... it's just common sense.

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