Top 15 Things WWE Wants You to Forget About the McMahon Family

Building an empire is a long and tedious task that requires ruthless disregard for for the feelings and finances of others. The act of knocking someone over for the sake of one small step is all part of the journey towards the top; every step along the way, no matter how small, is of great significance in the long run.

Once an empire is established, who can be trusted to keep faith and maintain all that has been built? This is the sullen role of family, forced participants in a game they wish not play. Bloodlines run deep and trust runs thin. While the Outside Others will look to destroy the empire, family will hold it together – at least one would believe.

Vince McMahon rules an empire - an entertainment empire which was built from regional foundations and transformed into a worldwide conglomerate. McMahon established WWE on the concept of professional wrestling and the broad spectrum that is the entertainment industry and whenever the empire was threatened; Vince McMahon would find a way to overcome.

There was once a time when WWE was close to defeat. The money of Ted Turner and the vision of Eric Bischoff came closer than anyone to toppling Vince McMahon and tearing down the WWE empire. In the wake of Turner and Bischoff, there have been no real challenges to Vince McMahon and his empire.

While the McMahon family as a whole may reign supreme, they are much like every other family on the block: secrets, scandals, embarrassments, failures; such are the ways of family. The following article will peer into the lives of the McMahon family; more specifically the things that have been swept under the rug – hidden and hopefully forgotten.

These are the top 15 things WWE wants you to forget about the McMahon family:

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15 Shane Almost Swindled

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Early last year, Shane McMahon almost lost a substantial amount of money when he was nearly swindled by a con-man named Calvin Darden Jr. out of twenty million dollars, according to the New York Post – a story kept rather quiet but something that happened nonetheless.

Surely, a crude businessman like Vince McMahon must have been a little disappointed with his son and his close-to-disastrous “investment.” The McMahon family should be more wise to such sleazy and sinister situations.

Shane was under the impression that he was investing in Maxim magazine.

14 Vince vs. Stephanie

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Vince McMahon has made many on-screen foes over the years and has participated in a number of WWE matches but a certain match stand outs as a disturbed contest: Vince McMahon vs. Stephanie McMahon at No Mercy 2003 in an I Quit match.

The whole storyline leading up to the final battle between father and daughter was absurd. This angle included a sedated form of spousal abuse, an on-air mistress, and a distraught daughter out to seek vengeance for herself and her mother.

Vince vs. Shane worked but Vince vs. Stephanie was surrounded with this strange impression of an abusive father.

13 Shane On-Screen

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Shane McMahon officially resigned from his role in WWE on January 1st, 2010; leaving the company to pursue other business endeavors, specifically YOU on Demand – a subscription and transaction Video on Demand service provider.

In 1990, Shane McMahon made his first on-screen WWE appearance as a referee named Shane Stevens. Of course, Shane would later be recognized on television as the son of Vince McMahon. Henceforth, playing the character-version of Shane O'Mac.

Shane McMahon – while not a classically trained wrestler – actually had some good matches while with WWE. However, his days are seemingly overlooked. Perhaps more as a business move than anything else but overlooked all the same.

12 Stephanie and Triple H

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Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are currently the centerpieces of WWE programming as The Authority. While everybody has been well aware of their relationship for quite some time, it is the greasy underbelly of this romance that WWE wants you to forget.

The story of Triple H and Stephanie began with a storyline in which the couple were married as an evil plot against Vince McMahon. Well, this angle would result in real life emotion and romance and of course, the eventual nuptials of Triple H and Stephanie.

The hidden factor of this story is that while Triple H was courting young Stephanie McMahon; he was already romantically linked to another woman (Chyna).

11 Kiss My Ass Club

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Vince McMahon has certainly come up with some perverse concepts for the WWE. While some consider McMahon a genius, others beg to differ. These days it is painfully obvious that McMahon is out of touch with his audience… but then again, maybe he was never in touch.

The Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club was a far-fetched idea that forced employees to literally kiss the ass of Vince McMahon out in the middle of the ring. McMahon would very proudly drop his pants and display his thong-clad booty to the world in preparation of that posterior smooch.

These actions are no longer acceptable in the WWE of today and while we do miss many those edgier concepts, the old man with his pants around his ankles is not one of them.

10 Billionaire to Millionaire

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Vince McMahon is a rich man – a very rich man who has more money than any of us will ever acquire. McMahon is part of the “higher class.” The people who own vacation homes and yachts and all sorts of ridiculously unnecessary material possessions.

Vince McMahon is currently a millionaire who was once a billionaire. Thanks to the drop of WWE stock, McMahon lost a cool three-hundred-and-fifty-million dollars, enough to officially place his worth under the billion dollar marker.

This is definitely a shot to the ego of Vince McMahon as well as public information which you are supposed to forget reading about.

9 Montreal Screwjob

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The Montreal Screwjob is considered the most controversial night in professional wrestling – a night where Vince McMahon made the decision to take the WWE Championship away from Bret Hart without Hart having any knowledge of the situation.

The Montreal Screwjob was then and this is now. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels have made amends and the past is left in the past where it belongs, but that doesn't mean that future generations of wrestling fans should not be informed of the happenings on that night in Montreal.

WWE would like nothing more than to keep this incident locked away in their video vault.

8 Linda On-Screen

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Linda McMahon has appeared on WWE television a lot less than Vince, Shane, and Stephanie but has sporadically showed up throughout the years. Linda would often serve as the “voice of reason” among the insanity of the McMahon family.

However, when Linda McMahon decided she wanted to be a politician, her on-screen days with WWE were over as she now had a Political Image to build and uphold – a Republican Image – a bleeding red elephant image.

Due to these political circumstances, WWE would like you to forget about Linda McMahon having ever been featured on their programming.


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The XFL was one of the great blunders in the history of professional sports. This obnoxious Vince McMahon experiment which was meant to revolutionize the game of football was really just a season long joke.

The XFL was classless, careless, and too damn cocky for its own good. What kind of self-respecting football league allows a player to wear a jersey that states “HE HATE ME” in place of a surname? Completely outrageous.

The XFL is dead and WWE would like to keep it that way.

6 The "Death" of Mr. McMahon

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In 2007, an angle took place on Monday Night Raw that would see Vince McMahon entering his limousine at the close of the show only to have the vehicle blown up in what was perceived to be the demise of the Mr. McMahon character.

The storyline would play out briefly with Stephanie McMahon crying in front of the live audience but the angle was soon dropped as it coincided with the brutal murder-suicide incident involving Chris Benoit and his family.

This was a very dark time in professional wrestling and any reminders of the Vince McMahon death angle will surely lead to the grisly real life story that unfolded at the Benoit residence.

5 The Infidelity of Vince McMahon

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While the idea of Vince McMahon being unfaithful to Linda has played out in a number of different storylines, a real life version of such incidents has occurred. Vince has strayed from his wife in the past and has publicly discussed his infidelity.

However, Vince going on record about his affairs was some time ago and now it is time to move on and forget about what you heard. Who knows what kind of strange activities Vince is up to these days but those days are meant to be forgotten.

The affairs of the boss are now a “hush, hush” situation.

4 Linda Loses ... Twice

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In the world of professional wrestling, wins and losses are merely part of the show; it's all an act anyway, right? Well, in the political world, wins and loses matter and Linda McMahon found that out the hard way.

In 2010 and 2012, Linda McMahon ran to become the U.S. Senator from Connecticut. McMahon would lose both elections as her WWE affiliation was used against her campaign but she never really stood a chance, anyway.

Fun Fact: Fandango has more victories at WrestleMania than Linda McMahon in the General Election.

3 Rita Chatterton Scandal

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During the 1980s, a woman by the Rita Marie (real name: Rita Chatterton) would make history by becoming the first ever female referee in WWE. However, according to Chatterton, her time with the company was volatile as she was plagued with sexual harassment from Vince McMahon.

While appearing on the Geraldo Rivera television program, Now It Can Be Told; Chatterton accused McMahon of forceful sexual conduct towards her while in his limousine. Strong allegations that provided McMahon with the kind of attention which he did not seek.

This scandal is meant to no longer be discussed in WWE.

2 Steroid Scandal

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Vince McMahon was once indicted in Federal Court following a steroid controversy that spread company wide and called into question the morals of McMahon, as he was accused of distributing and even forcing steroids upon his wrestlers.

This scandal temporarily rocked the foundation of WWE as Vince was force to step away from his role and allow his wife Linda to take over his duties with the company. McMahon was eventually acquitted of any charges and resumed with his role as the leader of WWE.

The steroid debate in professional wrestling has been going strong for a long time. However, with the new image of WWE, steroids are an absolute no as public backlash has proven to be overwhelming and intolerable.

1 WWE is a Wrestling Company

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Yes, this list has consisted of things that may seem a lot worse than wrestling but not to the McMahon family whose empire was built on professional wrestling.

The WWE is a wrestling promotion, no matter how hard Vince and everybody else attempt to ram the “entertainment” concept down our throats. We are definitely entertained but this entertainment comes by way of WRESTLING.

The WWE at its core a wrestling company.

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