Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Brock Lesnar And Sable's Relationship

Brock Lesnar and Sable are regarded to be one of wrestling’s power couples. That’s because they both became huge names in the business, and Brock in particular has taken his career to even greater hei

Brock Lesnar and Sable are regarded to be one of wrestling’s power couples. That’s because they both became huge names in the business, and Brock in particular has taken his career to even greater heights in the recent past; today, he’s one of the major draws in the business, is regarded to be one of the greatest athletes in professional wrestling history, and is earning megabucks as the second highest-paid wrestler on WWE’s roster. Add his UFC accomplishments and future endeavors in the octagon into the mix, and Brock’s one busy man, striving to reach the top and stay there in both of his professions.

With Brock being such a high-profile athlete, and Sable – Rena Lesnar – being such a decorated wrestler in her time, it’s no surprise that the couple gets plenty of attention wherever they go – which they hate by the way, but we’ll get into that in a bit. The media and fans want to know what makes them tick, want some insight into their lives and relationship – it’s just part and parcel of being stars. Despite being extremely private, we’ve been fed snippets of interesting information about the couple over the years – things that make for some interesting reading.

These are the top 15 things you didn’t know about the power couple – about Brock Lesnar and Sable’s relationship.

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15 They Once Called Off Their Engagement


Every couple has their ups and downs; relationships are very rarely all sunshine and roses, and Brock and Sable’s relationship was no different. The couple went through numerous rocky patches before tying the knot and even separated for a period of time in order to figure out whether being with each other was what they each really wanted. This all happened during the early stages of their relationship, within the first few years of them getting together; better then than now! Things got so bad, they even broke off their engagement; some sources say that this happened multiple times.

This rocky patch in their relationship took place around the time Brock left the WWE, went to Japan and started to pursue other endeavors. But in the end, everything got sorted out; they married in 2006 and have been together ever since.

14 Their Relationship Is Never Mentioned on WWE Programming


It's ironic that despite Sable being one of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era in the late '90s, that she is never mentioned on WWE programming. It's even more ironic given the fact that she is married to their top part-time superstar Brock Lesnar. Despite the UFC prominently featuring the couple kissing and hugging following Lesnar's fights, the WWE still refuses to acknowledge the duo's marriage. It's not like Sable left the WWE on bad terms or anything, as the former Women's Champion buried the hatchet with Vince McMahon prior to her departure.

We can assume by comments made by both Lesnar and Sable that the duo just wanted to maintain their privacy as a couple. Sable explained the situation, “I maintain a focus on keeping my personal life private because any time you’re in the public spotlight, people see your profile and think they know you as a person."

13 They began dating while Sable was still married to Marc Mero


Marc Mero made his professional wrestling debut way back in 1990, and so had already been around for quite some time when Sable came onto the wrestling scene. But the two actually got married in 1994 – Sable was making the rounds in the modeling world at the time and caught Mero’s attention. So they tied the knot, and a couple of years later, she broke into the wrestling business. Sable’s rise to stardom may have had something to do with their eventual separation. They divorced amicably in 2004, after having been separated for quite a while.

However, prior to the divorce being finalized, word was she had already begun dating Brock; whether Sable’s involvement with Brock is what caused their separation in the first place, we’ll never know, but they were certainly an item when Sable signed those divorce papers.

12 Sable Quit WWE To Spend More Time With Brock


When Sable returned to the WWE in 2003, she was under the impression that she was going to have actual storylines, and not what she called just "swimsuit competitions." Inside sources at the WWE were vocal about Sable's desire to leave the company following Brock's departure in 2004.

Dissatisfied with her role in the company, Sable made the sacrifice and let her contract expire because she felt it would be more beneficial to spend time with Lesnar at home. The former Playboy cover model was reportedly happy to leave life on the road, as Lesnar's release from the Minnesota Vikings allowed him to be home full-time. On her way out of the WWE, Sable did take a few shots at the WWE stating that there is a double standard between men and women who leave the industry. Seeing as how Brock is back and Sable isn't, it makes us wonder if she was right.

11 Both have sued the WWE, then returned


Not many have taken on the might of Vince McMahon, his cronies and his legal muscle, and then come back after everything’s done to resume their careers with his promotion, but both Sable and Brock have done just that. We’ve touched upon how Sable sued the promotion in 1999 for sexual harassment and improper working conditions. She filed a $110 million lawsuit against WWE. Vince also counter-sued her during this period for using the name, Sable; it was therefore pretty remarkable that she was back into the fold in 2003.

While he was making waves in the UFC, Brock sued WWE for “breach of contract". Brock had also signed a non-compete clause and WWE said that he had breached the agreement. Eventually, all was settled and both parties reached an agreement. We all know what’s happened since then; Brock’s become one of the biggest stars in the business.

10 They live the simple life


There are a lot of wrestlers, and celebrities in general, who strive to buy mansions in the big cities, fancy cars, and everything they could ever want available to them whenever they want it. If you’ve got the money, enjoy it, spend it right? That’s what most so-called celebs do. The Lesnars enjoy having money alright, but they don’t spend it in what most people would deem to be a conventional way. They like to keep pretty much every aspect of their lives simple; they like their privacy and like to keep to themselves. They are very comfortable living a life of solitude. The way they act, and from what they’ve said in the past, you and I might perceive them to be a family of loners, but it’s just what they'd prefer, which leads us nicely onto the next point.

9 They bought a house in Saskatoon, Canada


The reason for the Lesnars buying a house in Canada was so that they could live a rural existence. Living that kind of life in an open space is where Brock feels most comfortable, as he was brought up in that rural environment and was never swayed by the money and fame to move to one of the big cities in the United States. To live life in peace and continue doing what he loves to do, he bought a house in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

What I’ve just described – the open spaces and natural environment – pretty much describes Saskatchewan, and so he and the whole family have made it their home. The couple are proud of their Canadian ties too; Brock even billed himself out of Canada at UFC 200 and donned tights with the Canadian flag.

8 They hate being bothered by fans


If you see Brock and Sable out and about and the thought of getting an autograph or selfie crosses your mind, do so with caution – approach at your own risk. A lot of wrestlers and celebs will think nothing of sparing a few seconds of their time to make people's days and take a picture with them, but the Lesnars don’t fall into this category. When they’re at events and on duty, they’re cool about it, but if someone spots and approaches them randomly on the street, that person better be prepared for rejection. The couple has actually been known to be quite rude and quite abrupt with fans in such instances. They’re not the warmest, friendliest of couples; again, it boils down to the privacy thing – living a life of solitude with each other, and only each other.

7 Sable's 10 years older than Brock


Age is nothing but a number – Brock and Sable certainly think so. They’ve been married for about a decade now, and the 10-year age difference between the two doesn’t seem to be a troublesome factor in their relationship. They’ve done all the normal things couples do – bought a house settled down, had kids and so everything seems to be going smoothly. But the age difference – which is pretty big – puzzles a lot of people. Normally it’s the other way around – normally it’s the guy who’s older, wants to feel like the young buck and so gets with someone a lot younger than him. Perhaps Brock wanted a more mature woman.

Brock was in his mid-20s when he started dating Sable, who was in her mid-30s at the time. It’s worked out well for them, as they’re still a happy family and are going strong.

6 They’re both hunters


This again demonstrates that the Lesnars aren’t your conventional celebrity duo. They’re extremely private, live in the middle of nowhere and they love nothing more than to spend their days hunting. It stems from Brock’s childhood. He lived on a farm where there was tons of wildlife. He got a Crossman air rifle at the age of six and used it to control the blackbird population at the farm – his initial foray into hunting – and he was hooked. At the time, he also used to accompany his dad as he went about hunting deer; thus his love for deer hunting was born.

He’s now introduced hunting to his family, and apparently Sable is quite an accomplished hunter. Bowhunting’s her thing, but she’s not bad with a rifle in her hands either. Their daughter also likes to get in on the action; Brock bought her a bow and a b.b. gun.

Aside from deer hunting, ice fishing’s also their thing. The Lesnars are certainly an outdoorsy family – not one to be sitting on the couch all day watching TV and playing video games.

5 They have a mixed family dynamic


When Brock and Sable got together, they were bringing two families together and kids were involved. Yes, both Brock and Sable were already parents when they tied the knot, as they had kids from previous relationships. In all, there are five kids that are a part of their family – although they’re not really kids anymore.

Before getting with Sable, Brock dated and was at one point actually engaged to a woman named Nicole McClain. They have a couple of kids together – a twin boy and a girl who are now in their teens. Sable had a daughter who’s a lot older than her step siblings. Before getting with Marc Mero, Sable was married to Wayne W. Richardson and they had a daughter together in 1988. They’re now actually grandparents, as Sable’s daughter gave birth in 2012.

The Lesnar family was complete when their first boy came along in 2009. Another boy followed a year later and now young Turk and Duke are the most recent additions to the Lesnar household.

4 Money’s their motivator


They may not care for all the flashy things that money can buy, they may live the simple life, but one thing that the Lesnars do care about is how much money’s in their bank account. For a lot of people, wrestling is something they do because they love the action and want to win trophies and accolades. It’s not that Brock doesn’t care about these things – he’s won plenty during his time in the industry – but trophies, titles and belts essentially equates to more money, and that’s what keeps Brock going. They just don't hang on to trophies or material things; they couldn’t tell you where they keep Brock’s UFC titles, NCAA Plaque or WWE Championship belts. They're probably stuffed away in a closet somewhere gathering dust. But there’s one thing they do know, and that’s how much money’s in their bank account, which we can assume is a lot.

3 Crazy prank story


Talking on ESPN's Highly Questionable, Brock revealed that he’s got a romantic side to his personality – well, you can judge whether this incident was romantic or just downright disgusting.

When their son was one, Brock and Sable went off on holiday for a vacation, leaving their son at home in the care of babysitters. Before they embarked on their tropical vacation, Brock convinced Sable to leave her wedding ring at home because he didn’t want it to get stolen. She did just that, and that’s when the fun and games started. When they were off on holiday, Brock told his son’s carers to take the wedding ring and hide it and to pretend that their son had swallowed it. He took the prank to the next level and even managed to find an x-ray of some random kid’s stomach with a wedding ring inside.

When they returned from their holiday, Sable took it upon herself to search for the ring, sifting through a ton of dirty diapers. She did this for two days while Brock looked on sheepishly, wondering how she’d react when she found out the truth. Why did Brock go to such lengths to prank his wife? Their five-year anniversary was coming up and Brock wanted to get her a new ring, which he did, during the vow renewal ceremony he organized. Now that’s pretty romantic from the big fella.

2 Although there’s a kid involved, Mero and the Lesnars have zero contact


If a guy gets with a woman who was recently married, very rarely do the two guys get along. There’s usually plenty of hatred and animosity between the two, and you’d have expected this to be the case with Marc Mero and Brock too, especially since Brock and Sable began dating when she was still married to Marc, but everyone’s actually been quite mature about it, perhaps because there are kids involved.

Brock and Sable have their own family, but Sable’s daughter from her previous marriage is also in the picture. Mariah’s actually Sable's daughter from her first marriage, but when her husband died and she got involved with Marc, Marc adopted Mariah and the two became very close. She’s all grown up now with a kid of her own, and so Marc now has zero contact with the Lesnars. There may be no contact, but the respect is there – there’s no animosity between the Meros and the Lesnars.

1 Everything’s panned out the way they wanted it to


Brock and Sable are in a place in their lives today where everything is just as they want it to be; they may take delight in living the simple life, but they live the perfect life too.

They both busted their bums in wrestling, and then Brock rose to fame in both wrestling and the world of MMA. Spending all of that time on the road, living out of a suitcase, being away from family for so long were all sacrifices that paid off. Brock was never comfortable with that lifestyle, but he knew it was what he needed to do to reach the top, and when he reached that pedestal, he knew there’d be plenty of opportunities that would come his way, and then he’d be the boss. He’s accomplished that; he works a limited schedule and is still making megabucks – everything’s currently sunshine and roses for the Lesnar family.

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Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Brock Lesnar And Sable's Relationship