Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Game

Triple H will go down in wrestling history as one of the most controversial figures of all-time. Triple H’s early WWE career saw him develop heat backstage for his role in The Kliq, as Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman allowed Triple H to join their group of friends backstage and pulled the strings in the locker room. If that part of his career didn’t create enough drama, Triple H entered a relationship with Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon and now holds plenty of power backstage.

Everyone developed their own opinion of Triple H as a human being. His in-ring work and wrestling intelligence can’t be debated. His body of work shows he would have become a legend in the industry regardless of his power. However, his power behind the scenes also sees him receive a great deal of negative feedback. These up and down factors have all made him a fascinating figure to follow throughout his career. It feels like everything about Triple H is well known, but there are still some interesting gems. We’ll examine them now with fifteen stories you may not know about Triple H.

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15 Suggested Idea For Montreal Screwjob

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Several former employees have tried to take credit for coming up with the idea for the infamous, "Montreal Screwjob." However, Triple H is the one that actually threw it out there in a conversation with Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels. Bret Hart refused to lose the WWE Championship to Michaels in Canada on his final contracted date before heading to WCW.

Michaels and Triple H each have revealed that Hunter was the one to say they should teach Bret a lesson by fixing the finish. There was no way Hart would have agreed to lose to Michaels, let alone tap out to his own Sharpshooter finisher. McMahon went through with the unthinkable of having the finish go against one his talent’s knowledge. You have to wonder how many things would have changed or been different if Triple H never gave his input.

14 Didn't Believe In Daniel Bryan

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Everyone gives Triple H credit for his ability to find great talent today. His signings for NXT, and the new stars created on the main roster because of it, have seen fans show Triple H some love. This wasn’t always the case, however, one of the popular rising talents for WWE at the time was Daniel Bryan and Triple H initially wasn't a fan.

Fans believed in Bryan and forced management to make him win the WWE World Championship at WrestleMania XXX. Management did not want Bryan to be the face of the company. Triple H was rumored to be on the side of Vince McMahon in not believing Bryan had what was needed to have that spot. Bryan and Triple H ended up having great chemistry on television, but their differences backstage didn’t make them like each other for a time.

13 Brought Bruno Sammartino and The Ultimate Warrior Back To The WWE Family

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Triple H has had personal wars with several wrestlers throughout his career. That makes it more interesting to realize that he has become a peacemaker in recent years. Two wrestlers in particular held a grudge against the WWE for their bitter falling outs and those two were Bruno Sammartino and The Ultimate Warrior. Both men viewed Vince McMahon as an enemy and showed no signs of making peace with the company.

This all changed when Triple H stepped in as the surprising voice of reason. Triple H talked each man into being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. Sammartino has once again become part of the WWE family seeing his legendary career celebrated. Warrior unfortunately passed away days after his HOF induction but WWE continues to honor him with the annual "Warrior Award" given to those who exhibit strength and perseverance.

12 Once Believed John Cena Sucked

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John Cena is unquestionably the biggest WWE star of the past decade. WWE has struggled to find someone to surpass him as the face of the company. The day he retires will be one of the toughest days in WWE history. Although Cena seems untouchable today, he didn’t always have the support of the top voices and one person definitely disliked his work.

Triple H has admitted on various documentaries and interview projects that he was not impressed with Cena in the early stage of his WWE career. Before Cena embraced the rapper gimmick that got him over with the fans, Triple H actually believed he should have been fired. Triple H remained a critic for a few years due to Cena’s unique in-ring style, but Cena has clearly made him come around. Triple H’s role in management now has him desperately wanting more performers like Cena.

11 Walked Floyd Mayweather To The Ring With 50 Cent And Justin Bieber

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An absolutely bizarre visual in Triple H’s career saw him appear side-by-side with musicians 50 Cent and Justin Bieber to walk boxer Floyd Mayweather to the ring for one of his fights. Mayweather developed a friendship with Triple H when he worked for the WWE in 2007. Triple H being an intelligent businessman likely made sure to keep that connection strong.

It all culminated with Triple H being requested to be a member of “The Money Team” for one of Mayweather’s big PPV fights. The image of Triple H with Bieber and 50 Cent definitely stands out among the funnier moments of his career. Triple H recently sent out tweets expressing support for Mayweather during his last few fights in the boxing ring. We may very well see Mayweather make his big WWE return now that he’s done with boxing and has a good friend in a high place.

10 Ric Flair Stopped Randy Savage From Burying Him

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Triple H's stint in WCW is forgotten these days. The company never viewed him as anything special and he was regarded as a lower-card performer. Utilizing his wrestling intelligence to understand the climate, Triple H chose to leave WCW for a smaller contract but bigger opportunity with the WWE.

One legend in WCW didn’t appreciate Triple H’s decision. Randy Savage found out about it and wanted to destroy the young man within seconds for his final television appearance before heading to the WWE. Ric Flair stepped in and talked Savage out of it. Flair claims he believed that the young star deserved to leave with a fresh slate. Triple H ended up repaying the favor by helping Flair in many ways when The Nature Boy returned to WWE in the 2000s.

9 Almost Ended Relationship With Stephanie

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The controversy surrounding Triple H and Stephanie's relationship became a big problem real fast. Triple H especially dealt with the brunt of the criticism. Everyone started to judge him under a microscope. Fans, critics and even the wrestlers in his own locker room thought less of him assuming he was trying to get the perks that came with dating the boss’ daughter.

The Undertaker actually spoke up to help convince Triple H to make the right decision. Triple H contemplated ending the relationship due to the negative impact it had on his professional reputation. Undertaker served as a locker room leader and flat out told Triple H to stop worrying about what others think. The conscience of the WWE gave his blessing for Triple H to continue the relationship if they truly wanted to be together.

8 His Groomsmen Were All Wrestlers

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Triple H is viewed as one of the most passionate wrestlers of all time. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that has spent as much time in their life dedicated to the wrestling industry. It only made sense that all of Triple H’s close friends are wrestlers. The wedding between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was an event of wrestling royalty.

Triple H's groomsmen were all fellow wrestlers he considered his closest friends in the real world. Triple H selected Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, The Undertaker, William Regal, Ric Flair and Shane McMahon for the honored positions in his wedding party. All of the groomsmen were special to Triple H and his legendary list of friends would win a battle against any other group of groomsmen in the history of weddings.

7 Doesn't Have A Close Relationship With Shane McMahon

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Shane McMahon and Triple H were once close enough for Triple H to have Shane be in his wedding party. That didn’t last the test of time as the brothers-in-law have not allegedly remained close over the years. Shane’s mystery disappearance from the WWE for many years is rumored to have been due to frustration with Vince McMahon picking Stephanie and Triple H to succeed him over Shane.

Mick Foley’s interview with Shane saw the latter give an evasive answer when asked about his current relationship with Triple H. The two are viewed to have very different mentalities for the wrestling business. Both wanting power to see their visions come into fruition likely caused a rift in the McMahon family. Shane recently returning to the company and sticking around could change that, but it remains to be seen.

6 Backstage Feud With Kevin Dunn

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Outside of the members of the McMahon family including Triple H, Kevin Dunn is the most powerful person in the WWE. Dunn is the Vice President of Television Production and is regarded as Vince McMahon's right hand man. In fact, they go all the way back to their dads Vince McMahon Sr. and Dennis Dunn working together in the early days of the WWE.

Kevin is one of the highest paid employees today and gets a great deal of respect from Vince. Triple H, however, doesn’t share the same respect for Dunn. They apparently have drastic differences in their viewpoints when discussing the future of the company. Rumors circulated that Triple H and Stephanie plan to replace Dunn when Vince officially steps down. Dunn in turn has tried to bury many of Triple H’s NXT projects coming up to the main roster. The power struggle is just the latest in the WWE landscape.

5 Failed Horribly At Acting Career

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Triple H has tried to play it off like he had more loyalty to the wrestling business than The Rock and turned down many of the similar acting opportunities presented to him. This is clearly inaccurate as he took a big role with the hopes of more coming his way. Triple H played Jarko Grimwood in Blade: Trinity, a popular film series at the time.

His acting work left a lot to be desired, especially compared to The Rock’s rise in Hollywood. Triple H made some appearances on various sitcom episodes but never received another leading role until the WWE Studios casted him in The Chaperone. The movie was a complete disaster and actually an embarrassing moment in Triple H’s career. The Game failing in Hollywood had to hurt his ego at the time, but he is definitely over it now as the man in charge holding the future of wrestling in his hands.

4 Forgave Members Of DX For Trashing Him

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One great thing about Triple H, especially now in his current position of power, is the fact that he doesn’t hold grudges if it’s not good for business. Three of his D-Generation X friends all trashed him in shoot interviews calling him every name in the book. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were the most vocal trying to discredit Triple H by saying he slept his way to the top. X-Pac insulted him when dating Triple H’s ex, Chyna.

To his credit, Triple H made peace with all of them. X-Pac is once again a member of the WWE family appearing at the Hall of Fame events and various other projects. Road Dogg is currently one of the top backstage personnel for the WWE working as a producer helping run the shows. Billy Gunn also received a position in the company as a trainer until he was fired for failing a drug test. Triple H not only forgave them all for their words but gave them chances to make more money.

3 Hated CM Punk From Day One

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Some people just don’t get along in life. They can share similar passions, work together and have the same goals, but the genuine disdain between them will always remain. That was the story for Triple H and CM Punk in the WWE. Triple H allegedly mocked Punk during his early days in the company for his unique look and in-ring style. Punk remembered this and always held a grudge.

Things would intensify when Punk became one of the top stars in the company. Through the power of his unpredictable worked shoot interviews, Punk connected with the fans. Triple H just happened to be one of his main targets on the microphone. It culminated with Triple H shockingly defeating Punk in their singles match despite it making sense for the younger star to win. Punk and Triple H always loathed each other and it resulted in Punk no longer wanting to work for the WWE.

2 Wanted To Wrestle In ECW

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A recent secret about Triple H to surface shocked the wrestling community. Former WWE backstage writer and producer Bruce Prichard has a podcast and is revealing new tidbits from past years. One of his stories featured Triple H frequently asking if he could wrestle for ECW during WWE’s working relationship with them. Don’t get it wrong. Triple H never wanted to leave WWE.

Vince McMahon sent a few of WWE’s contracted talents to ECW on multiple occasions to help the smaller promotion out. Prichard claims Triple H always expressed interest in heading to ECW for a few shows and volunteered. WWE typically sent lesser stars in the working relationship and Triple H was clearly too big of a name. Triple H wrestling in ECW would've been cool and it sucks we could have seen it happen but didn't.

1 Every Wrestler He Mentors Becomes A Star

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The most shocking thing about Triple H’s career is listing all of the names he's mentored and realizing how successful they all are. Randy Orton and Batista each credit Triple H’s teaching for helping them grow as performers in the Evolution faction. Both men went on to become legends and likely future WWE Hall of Famers. The inception of NXT with Triple H in charge has led to a slew of new names learning from The Game.

Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor are three of the current stars Triple H has most tried to help with their career progression from smaller promotions to the WWE. All three men are huge players in WWE right now. Almost all of the NXT stars to come to the main roster having inherited Triple H’s knowledge are better off for it. His wrestling intelligence of Triple H has seen all of his protégés blossom into huge stars.

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