Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About The McMahon Siblings

The McMahon family is a dynasty in the field of professional wrestling, stretching from when Jesse McMahon started organizing wrestling promotions in the early 1900’s. The most successful of the famil

The McMahon family is a dynasty in the field of professional wrestling, stretching from when Jesse McMahon started organizing wrestling promotions in the early 1900’s. The most successful of the family was to be Vincent Kennedy McMahon who built the WWE into an extremely popular show which attracted millions. Vince’s success drove his children in Stephanie and Shane into aiming to carry on the family heritage onto newer heights as they soon joined in on the action in their early adult years. Both were pivotal to so many historic storylines which made the company what it is today and had to do a lot of work both behind the scenes as well as on-screen to make their family product attractive to the millions watching.

Shane and Stephanie have led quite different lifestyles but have remained quite close even through the difficult years for the company and there are some aspects of their lives which not many know about. Not only have both been quite avidly involved in the family business from quite early in their lives, but have grown their lives out doing numerous works for the company and helping their father build an empire. They also went on to use their popularity to venture into their own personal journeys, but in the end always returned home.

There are so many things which both Shane and Stephanie do backstage which we don’t know about, as they have advertised the company brilliantly throughout the years and helped to develop it into what it is today. From participating in on-screen angles and forming some memorable characters and storylines as the villainous Mr. McMahon’s children to helping to bring WWE to the world stage through endless PR and promotion of the product. Here are some things which you probably didn’t know about Shane and Stephanie McMahon.

15 Stephanie Kicked A Kid Who Said Wrestling Was Fake


When a person says that wrestling is fake to wrestling fans, it definitely gets under our skins. So it’s rather obvious to imagine how the daughter of the owner of a wrestling empire would feel if someone said that to her. A 13-year old Stephanie definitely did not take it well when a kid at her school said that her father’s product was “fake” as she hit the kid. In an interview, Stephanie admitted to kicking a kid in the shins for saying that wrestling was fake:  "It wasn't until I was a little older and the other kids tried to make fun of me that I realized my situation was a little different - I actually kicked a kid in the shins for saying wrestling was fake!"

She showed why she’s daddy’s little princess alright!

14 Shane Essentially Raised Stephanie


It must’ve been a rather difficult and different childhood for both Stephanie and Shane as Vince and Linda McMahon were rarely at home as they were trying to build this company into an empire as one can imagine how Steph and Shane had to look out for each other with their parents being so busy. Stephanie accredits Shane to essentially raising her to be the strong, independent woman she is now and has spoken of the bonding between them even now.

In an interview, Stephanie spoke of how Shane always had her back and raised her while their parents were looking into the family business as their off-screen bond looks as solid as ever - even if their on-screen relationship seems a little tumultuous at times.

13 Shane’s Wife Used To Work For WWE


Shane McMahon’s wife also used to work for the WWE and appeared in WWE TV as well after marrying Shane in 1996. Marissa Mazzola McMahon was the co-host of WWE show LiveWire when it premiered in September 1996 (the same month when she married Shane). She would also appear in WWE in numerous interviews and was a backstage interviewer herself for a point of time during the Attitude Era. Marissa would also be responsible for overseeing the PR relations of WWE as she blended into the McMahon family business quickly after becoming a part of the family.

Vince has always claimed the WWE was a family business, so it was only natural for her to slip into the roles that were required of her. Let's just hope she doesn't get mixed into any on-screen storylines - we have more than enough McMahons on our TVs!

12 Stephanie Was 13 When She Started Working for WWE


It is really no surprise that Vince McMahon is Stephanie's idol as she has stated in so many interviews over the years. Ever since she was a child, Stephanie dreamed of joining her father’s business and she was 13 when she started doing stuff for the WWE. Stephanie appeared in the WWE merchandise catalog, modeling T-shirts and hats at the age of 13 and she admits to being an avid follower of the product as she went to various live events and learned how the business worked, aspiring to be like her father as soon as she laid eyes on his product.

It wasn't long after that she would make her on-screen debut as an innocent pawn in The Undertaker's evil plan to abduct her and marry her. Vince Russo really shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a wrestling product...

11 Shane is Very Good Friends With Brock Lesnar Outside The Ring


Though they haven’t really collided inside a WWE ring, Shane McMahon and wife Marissa are actually really good friends with Brock Lesnar and Sable. Shane’s eldest son Decland attended Little League baseball and softball and Youth USA Wrestling with Brock’s eldest son Brock Jr., and the two personalities became pretty close from there. Since then, they’ve remained close friends with the Lesnars as the two families often visit each other during the summer and like to go on vacations together as well.

Let's hope they never pit these two into an on-screen feud - as somewhat believable as it was for Shane McMahon to go up against an old, battered Taker, there is no chance in hell (McMahon pun intended) that he would stand a chance against Brock Lesnar. Shane would be a permanent resident of Suplex City!

10 Stephanie’s Favorite Wrestler Was Andre The Giant


Stephanie was an avid follower of wrestling growing up and obviously was a fan above everything else and saw her favorite superstars wrestle it out in the ring. Stephanie still regards Andre the Giant as her favorite wrestler growing up and the one who she had so many happy memories with in the past. The enormous Andre was actually quite a sweetheart in real life and was quite close with the McMahon family, as Stephanie has said of how Andre was like a best friend to her when she was growing up and she had so many cherished memories with him. She still tries to uphold the legacy of Andre, being pivotal in setting up the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania. With Stephanie having a say in all the inner workings in WWE, it's safe to say that Andre the Giant's legacy is in good hands.

9 Shane Used To Party With Raven


Who knew that Shane O’Mac was a wild party guy who used to go all in when trying to have a good time? And who’d he find to party with? Raven. That's right, the ECW original who ruled the hardcore scene in both WCW and WWE was Shane's wingman when it came to partying it up.

In a Talk Is Jericho podcast, Raven would reveal how his firing in WWE would be because of him partying with Shane. Shane would apparently accompany Raven to pubs which were open 24/7 and used to get wasted and call up his dad and try to “mock” him late at night and indicated being with Raven. Vince was livid with this and held a grudge against Raven before firing him. As Carlito would say, "That's not cool man".

8 Stephanie Is The Only Woman To Pin The Rock


Stephanie actually had quite a good career as a competitor in the WWE, holding the Women’s title despite not being a professional wrestler. But very few probably remember Stephanie pinning The Rock in a match on RAW during the "Invasion" angle. The Rock was in a handicap match against Test and Stephanie when Booker T and Shane McMahon interfered as the three took the 'Great One" down. With The Brahma Bull down and out, the three invited Stephanie to pin The Rock to humiliate him further. Stephanie actually pinned him and even though it probably won’t be remembered, it’s pretty surreal to think this even happened regardless of the circumstances.

You gotta give it to The Rock, though; he's a company man through and through. What's more embarrassing - being pinned by the boss' daughter, or being beaten by The Hurricane?

7 They’ve Both Written For WWE


Considering that their father has written and booked so many legendary characters and feuds, his children needed no more inspiration to try out their hand in the creative process as well. Shane himself wasn’t that involved in the writing process, as he had a part in only minor changes through his creative writing (he created Kai En Tai’s evil gimmick - "Indeeeeeeeeed") before he was called onto a more on-screen role. Stephanie however has been a big part of WWE’s booking right from 2002, when she was the creative director for TV tapings, responsible for designing and planning all aspects of the show. This got upgraded to Senior Vice President for two years when she was a powerful booker in the WWE.

6 Shane Originally Designed WWE.Com


During his early years in the company, Shane O' Mac used to be heavily involved in the marketing and developmental business of the WWE. In his time trying to develop the company into a more vibrant, attractive product, Shane, along with the WWE digital team, had an idea to launch their own website with the Internet becoming more popular and more available to the general audience with each passing day. Shane would be a key member of designing the layout and outlook of the website and would launch it in 1998 along with his digital team, giving the people an accessible way to look into their favorite superstars and shows. is more evolved and accessible nowadays, but Shane was pivotal to it being what it is now.

5 Many Were Against Stephanie Marrying Triple H


Stephanie started dating Triple H after their on-screen wedding angle and there was a lot of controversy to this whole thing with Triple H being in a relationship with Chyna and her accusing the Game of cheating on him with Stephanie. Chyna was fired for all these accusations as Triple H and Stephanie kept on dating and decided to marry in 2003 which spurred a whole lot of heat on HHH as well as Steph. There was a lot of detesting of HHH from the locker room and Vince himself was against Stephanie marrying him but in the end approved it. Many accusations were thrown at Triple H after it, but the couple now enjoys a happy married life with three children who could also continue the family heritage for the years to come.

4 Shane Started Off As A Referee In The WWE


Vince McMahon must have wanted his son to scratch and claw his way to the top of the food chain in his company, as Shane started off his WWE career as a referee going by the name of Shane Stevens. Shane started referring from as early as 1989, and was a referee for the 1991 Royal Rumble match. After being an official inside the ring, he would leave it to become an official backstage as he was visibly trying to break up a storyline brawl between Ric Flair and Randy Savage at WrestleMania VIII.

He would make his on-screen debut as the son of the chairman during his father's feud with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He would have his own gang of childhood friends with him - the Mean Street Posse - as he would go on to win the European title during his own feud with X-Pac.

3 Stephanie Is Actually A Very Charitable Person


Although she might be this annoying, powerful villainous authority in WWE TV, Stephanie McMahon is actually a very nice person outside the ring and has done a lot of charitable work over the years. On top of being a part of every charity company the WWE is associated with, Stephanie herself formed a charity called Connor’s Cure with husband Triple H this year. The charity is named after Connor Michalek (the recipient of the first ever Warrior Award) who died fighting cancer. The charity aims to gather donations for research on pediatric brain and spinal cancer, and medical care for children and their families. Stephanie is also part of many anti-bullying campaigns the company is associated with and was also recently awarded for her charitable works.

2 Shane Has His Own Business Ventures

Shane O Mac left the WWE in 2010 after a 20 year career in the company, citing that he wants to “pursue other ventures”. Shane was aiming to become his “own man” and quickly became the CEO of China Broadband Inc. He also became the CEO of entertainment company You On Demand in late 2010. He stepped down as CEO in 2013 but still remains as the Vice Chairman of the Board. Besides these, Shane is also among the board of directors of International Sports Management representing sportsmen like Ernie Els and previously Rory Mcllroy. Shane is also co-owner of an Indian Larry Motorcycle shop in Brooklyn, New York. Wonder where Shane disappears at times nowadays from RAW shows? Yep, probably to look after his own business ventures.

1 Stephanie Said "NO" To One Of Vince’s Craziest Story Ideas


Vince McMahon has a lot of ideas going on in his brilliant brain of his, but some of them turn out to be pretty disgusting. One such crazy idea Vince pulled out of his hat was to run an incest angle on daughter Stephanie (pregnant at the time carrying Triple H’s and her child) claiming himself to be the father of Stephanie’s child. Stephanie instantly said no to such an angle as Vince tried to counter-offer her of Shane being the father in a different case, which was turned down by Steph as well. Vince was reportedly livid with this and apparently threatened to fire Stephanie as well, but things mellowed down and everything was scrapped for the greater good, because no one wants to see a McMahon incest angle at all!


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Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About The McMahon Siblings