Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Undertaker's Bone Street Krew

Everyone on the WWE roster today seems to take to the rest of the roster. As seen in WWE Network shows Total Divas, The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness, Ride Along and Swerved and on YouTube channel UpUpDownDown, animosity between the talents today is almost non-existent.

In the 1990s, however, thanks to the need for keeping their jobs and positions at WWE, the wrestlers formed backstage factions. The Kliq remain the most popular backstage faction in wrestling history thanks to their mischief and badassery while their nemesis Canadian Mafia, headed by Bret Hart, have also told the public numerous stories along the way.

During that period, the WWE locker room also boasted another clique that hardly interfered in booking decisions despite coming across as arguably the most terrifying behind-the-scene group of that period.

Headed by WWE’s most terrifying on-screen character, The Undertaker and Yokozuna, the mysteriously-named Bone Street Krew included Rikishi, Paul Bearer, Savio Vega, Brian Adams, Kama (The Godfather), Mr. Fuji, Henry O. Godwinn and Phineas I. Godwinn.

While The Kliq took care of each other, the BSK chose to take care of the business, at least according to Savio Vega.

Asked about what the BSK stood for a few years ago, Savio Vega said: “If I tell you what BSK is, I’ll have to kill you.” Despite the business becoming more transparent in the recent years, BSK remains mysterious.

The writer will take you through 15 different things you may not know about this group.

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15 Yokozuna founded BSK

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The Undertaker and The Godfather hung around much before joining WWE, but neither wrestler laid the formation for BSK. Yokozuna brought the members of BSK together when he yelled, “BSK. Bone Street Krew in the house!” when every BSK member was in attendance. The now-deceased juggernaut acted as the BSK’s mouthpiece, often talking like a gangster.

However, despite Yokozuna coining the name, The Undertaker seemingly had as much supremacy as the Samoan did. Mideon said recently that one had to speak to Yokozuna and The Deadman in order to become a BSK member.

Sadly, the one who founded BSK became the first to get the boot from WWE for being overweight and reluctant to regain fitness. His career only went downhill after his WWE release as he wrestled in low-key independent events before passing away in 2000.

14 Mideon was the last BSK inductee

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Even during its prime, BSK remained a cryptic group as they seemingly denied making new additions to their group. Mideon or Phineas I. Godwinn was the final inductee, with his tag-team partner Henry O. Godwinn talking the big dogs into taking him under BSK’s wings.

Mideon joined WWE – and BSK – in 1996 from United States Wrestling Association, one year after the formation of the BSK. In a recent interview with WWE, he stated that a spot in the BSK was reserved for him even before he had signed on the dotted lines thanks to his tag-team partner.

After the Godwinns broke up, Mideon teamed with The Undertaker, The Brood, The Acolytes Protection Agency and Viscera to form The Ministry of Darkness before running around semi-naked, wrestling as Naked Mideon. One can only wonder how awesome it would have been had the BSK members formed The Ministry.

13 Savio Vega got the first BSK tattoo

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Whenever a match of his picks up momentum, The Undertaker can be seen pulling down the shoulder straps in his singlet to reveal the legendary BSK tattoo. However, he is not the only person to flaunt a BSK tattoo as everyone but Rikishi in the clique inked BSK on different parts of their body.

Apparently, Savio Vega inked the first BSK tattoo on his arm and knuckles when touring Puerto Rico, his home country, with his wife. The others duly followed, with Papa Shango etching BSK on his back and Henry O. Godwinn tattooing the acronym on his leg. Mideon got two BSK tattoos, on his arm and neck.

Friendships or backstage factions are cornerstones in wrestling, but the BSK members tattooing the acronym on their bodies bear testimony to the strong bond they had established amongst themselves.

12 The fantasy BSK-Kliq warfare never got real

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Many believed that the BSK came into existence to counter The Kliq backstage. Apparently, even the WWE head honchos believed that The Kliq and BSK hardly got along well but, according to the members of either faction, the belief could not be farther from the truth.

Savio Vega recently revealed that he earned a WWE contract, courtesy of a Scott Hall recommendation. Henry O. Godwinn had hung around with Triple H during their World Championship Wrestling days; he remains friends with Kevin Nash. The Undertaker got along with Diesel and Triple H while Shawn Michaels was friends with the Godwinns, Yokozuna and Godfather.

However, although they never locked horns with each other, they were never best friends. Godfather cheekily stated that The Kliq would have never dared to start a fight with BSK while Mideon likened The Kliq and BSK to white collars and blue collars, respectively.

11 Undertaker wrote a song for Henry O. Godwinn

via comicbook.com

WWE has created numerous eerie superstars over the years, ranging from the blood-drinking Gangrel and worm-eating Boogeyman to their spider-walking World Champion Bray Wyatt. However, The Undertaker has always come across as the most cryptic Vince McMahon creation.

His breaking kayfabe during Ric Flair’s farewell and fear of cucumbers have been discussed to death, but his not-so-dark side remains largely under-discussed.

Henry O. Godwinn revealed in a WWE interview that the Phenom used to call him Hillbilly Love thanks to his performing as an Arkansas hog farmer. Apparently, he even wrote a song, which he rapped along with Yokozuna while they were travelling in a car.

The mere thought of The Undertaker coming up with a funny song for a friend like a normal person shall amuse even the most informed wrestling fan.

10 BSK did not approve of Curtain Call

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BSK, much like the rest of the wrestling industry, did not appreciate The Kliq breaking kayfabe on a large scale at Madison Square Garden; heels Triple H and Diesel hugged faces Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall in the middle of the ring in The Outsiders’ final WWE event before their jump to WCW. The Heartbreak Kid said recently that BSK had never commented about their actions, but Mideon revealed that the group’s top shelves Yokozuna and The Undertaker had not approved of the Curtain Call.

The Godwinns had just won the first of their three World Tag Team Championships on that night, but The Kliq outdoing their achievement in a not-so-good ilk did not bode well with BSK. Savio Vega maintains that The Kliq should have never embraced in front of the New York crowd, especially with WCW and WWE going at war.

9 BSK and The Kliq almost fought

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Wrestlers often locked horns with each other behind the scenes in the ‘90s; TheSportster covered all the prominent backstage brawls to have ever taken place recently. Surprisingly, a fight between The Kliq and BSK did not make the list. The closest they had come to fighting each other saw Kevin Nash push Savio Vega after the latter looked to poke fun at his best pal and New World Order teammate Scott Hall at a bar.

With the bar they were visiting about to close, a kid wanted to speak to the then-Razor Ramon, but the drunken wrestler attempted a head-butt. BSK’s Vega made a timely intervention but later started poking fun at The Kliq’s Hall. An infuriated Diesel pushed Vega, who proceeded to replicate his action.

No blood was shed, however, as both factions decided to shrug off the incident.

8 Yokozuna and Undertaker were the spokespersons

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With Yokozuna and The Undertaker being the bosses, the other members often found themselves in a position where they had to seek their approval for everything they did while under the WWE’s umbrella. However, they did not hold authoritarian traits as they often came forward to help the less influential members of the group.

The Undertaker and Yokozuna were in a position that granted them the right to walk into Vince McMahon’s office to have an extended conversation with the majority shareholder himself. Mideon revealed that their being prominent and close to the management helped the younger members of the clique.

To think The Undertaker has always been close to the head honchos and has never done anything akin to what Shawn Michaels and John Cena did to Shane Douglas and Alex Riley, respectively is remarkable and speaks volumes of 'Taker's character.

7 BSK pledged their loyalty to WWE

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The mid ‘90s was not the WWE’s most glorious period as WCW raided them throughout that period. WWE lost their major players such as Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, Randy Savage, Sycho Sid, Bret Hart and Razor Ramon to WCW. However, none from the BSK made the jump.

After a WrestleMania event, the members of the BSK convened to make a promise to stay with the McMahons through thick and thin when turmoil had surrounded the company. Savio Vega said in a shoot interview that The Undertaker, who could have easily penned a more lucrative WCW contract, had served as the inspiration for the rest of the group to remain under the WWE umbrella.

The Undertaker’s loyalty has paid off as he has evolved into a bigger star than almost everyone else who turned his or her back on WWE.

6 Undertaker was an American badass in real life

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The Undertaker has been widely known to be the judge of the wrestler’s court. However, little has been said about his being a boss outside the business. In a shoot interview, Mideon spoke about how he manhandled two giants of human beings nonchalantly.

While touring Germany, the wrestlers were intermingling, with The Kliq, BSK, Gerald Brisco and Steve Austin all drinking together at a bar. An unnamed drunk wrestler apparently ruffled a giant German’s feathers before locking horns with him in the doorway. Mideon tried pulling them apart in vain only for The Undertaker to intervene, grabbing them both by their throats before posting them against the wall. Being the levelheaded person that he is, he gave the involved wrestler a talking to.

The Undertaker truly is a hero.

5 Savio Vega left on a high note

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As discussed above, the whole point of a wrestler joining a backstage faction was to help himself and surround himself with wrestlers who would help him secure his place in the company. Being the anomaly that BSK are, they had other ideas.

Savio Vega, towards the end of his WWE run, decided to fly back to Puerto Rico to work with International Wrestling Association. The Undertaker offered to help him land a two-year WWE contract, but he turned down the offer although he appreciated The Deadman trying to help a BSK brother out.

After his WWE release, he has enjoyed a decent career, wrestling at unconventional venues such as India, Republic of Panama, Ecuador and Kuwait, among other countries in addition to staying a mainstay in the Puerto Rican wrestling scene.

4 Mr. Fuji was BSK’s resident prankster

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BSK were blue-collar badasses who had the looks to qualify as gangsters, but they never forgot to have fun; at least, Mr. Fuji, Yokozuna’s manager did, often at the expense of other talents.

He nailed Freddie Blassie’s clothes to the ceiling at a hotel. He added laxatives – wrestlers’ favourite edible that is not addictive – to colleagues' coffee without them knowing. He cancelled co-workers’ flight tickets without their knowledge to leave them stranded in the airport. He urinated in Lex Luger’s wrestling boots. He urinated in a hotel lobby plant. He forced Sunny to braid Yokozuna’s hair that absolutely reeked. He forced weak-minded wrestlers to pull off ribs on others. The list is endless.

Although none of the above ribs sound pleasant or something you should do to your colleague, one should know that the wrestling business rolled differently in the ‘90s.

3 BSK loved Dominoes

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BSK hit the bar and gym together. BSK shared the same taste in music. BSK hung out and rode together. BSK did everything certified Gs are expected to do. BSK also played dominoes, which can be considered the equivalent of Candy Crush or Pokemon GO of today, together.

Mideon stated in a shoot interview, “Savio played, but the ones that definitely played were me, Rikishi, Yoko and Undertaker.” BSK, thus, proved that being grown up men who come across as heavyweight badasses should never stop one from having fun like regular people do.

A WWE Network special discussing things that The Undertaker has done as a normal person is certain to be a hit. It will perform better than Holy Foley, at the very least.

2 Savio Vega was not fired

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Although many wrestlers, including the members of the Kliq and BSK attest to the fact that they got along well, recent developments reveal a different version of the happenings.

In a shoot interview, Kevin Nash revealed that Savio Vega’s cutting Scott Hall’s hair while the latter was asleep was the final nail in the coffin, as he did not last in WWE long after that incident. However, the Puerto Rican tweeted that he had left WWE at his will before adding that The Kliq had tried fetching him the pink slip only in vain thanks to the timely intervention of BSK’s mouthpiece Yokozuna.

Apparently, his chopping off a little piece of Razor’s famous mullet hardly seems a major wrongdoing, given the ruthlessness of the ribs in the ‘90s, and The Kliq taking offense to that only highlights how egotistical they used to be.

1 BSK has five Hall of Famers — and counting

via WWE.com

Thanks to the non-existence of a more celebrated and recognized replacement, the WWE’s Hall of Fame ring remains the most prestigious in professional wrestling. Despite the likes of Sunny making a mockery out of the ring, it is held in high regard by most of its holders.

The BSK members have five HOF rings among them, with Mr. Fuji, Paul Bearer, Yokozuna, Rikishi and The Godfather boasting one each. However, three of the five were inducted into the HOF only after their demise with only the latter two managing to deliver their HOF speeches themselves.

Although it is safe to assume the Godwinns, Brian Adams and Savio Vega will not get a HOF induction, a HOF ring is already waiting to be worn by The Deadman.

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