Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Triple H And Chyna's Controversial Relationship

It’s pretty much common knowledge that their rocky yet headline-making relationship was shrouded in controversy, but why was that so?

Pretty much every wrestling fan knows that Triple and the "Ninth Wonder of the World," Chyna, were dating for a period of time before – although, some may say during, but I’ll get into that – he got with Stephanie McMahon. Since the duo split and Chyna’s rather unceremonious dumping from WWE, there’s been tons of speculation as to what actually ensued between the ex-wrestling superstar couple. Plenty of dirty laundry’s been aired, mainly from Chyna, with Triple H and WWE retorting back to dispute her claims, and plenty of other prominent names in the industry who knew a thing or two about the situation have also chimed in, taking sides and supporting their respective wrestler. Consequently there’s been a ton of stuff spewed about from both camps; ascertaining which statements and accusations are true is anybody’s guess – have a read of what’s been said and make your own minds up.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that their rocky yet headline-making relationship was shrouded in controversy, but why was that so? What went on behind the scenes that we, as wrestling fans, didn’t know about? These are 15 things you probably didn’t know about Triple H and Chyna’s controversial time together, and about how their relationship changed when they officially broke up.

15 Triple H Opened Doors For Chyna


When Chyna and Triple H first began dating, Triple H was already on his way to establishing himself as the next big thing in wrestling, someone who was going to be around for a long time and play an important part in taking the industry forward. It’s also no secret that he was a firm favorite of Vince’s, even at that stage.

Chyna also, was on course to become the next big thing in wrestling – she already was, literally, one of the biggest wrestlers around. So, when they got together they became wrestling’s power couple and seemed to be going places. They probably would’ve also been successful had they not have dated – well, Triple H certainly would have – but when they first got together, many people thought Chyna embarked on the relationship because it was going to be beneficial for her to be with a man of Triple H’s stature within the company.

Whether this was part of the reason they got together or not, when they were a couple, Triple H certainly used his influence to help Chyna out. He opened doors for Chyna, protected her in matches and helped her grow with the company – those are the views of wrestling journalist and close pal to the stars, David Meltzer.

That’s not really sleeping your way to the top. That’s just using the help you’ve got at your disposal; if you have Triple H on your arm and he’s keen to help you out, you’d be a fool not to take him up on that.

14 They Were Planning To Get Married


Despite how much they eventually grew apart, Chyna and Triple H were once extremely close and were even considering getting married. It’s remarkable how far things could go in the other direction – from being about to tie the knot, to hating each other’s guts and not wanting anything to do with each other.

In an interview with wrestling writer and pundit, Vince Russo, Chyna discussed the different facets of hers and Triple H’s relationship, and before revealing how things quickly went south, talked about how close they really were. They had a massive house together in New Hampshire, were progressing through the ranks of WWE, were contemplating marriage, and were basically just in a super-happy, loving and what appeared to be a committed relationship. Everything was roses, but those roses soon began to wilt and eventually died.

13 Allegations Of Violence


Now, just to be clear – as if it wasn’t clear enough - there are NO reasons that justify domestic abuse, but we can deduce that Chyna’s personal problems and substance abuse addictions would’ve played a part in causing arguments to escalate and become violent.

Of the two relationships we know Chyna’s been involved in, violence was an issue. After she and Triple H had split, X-Pac came into the picture, and it was during this time that she was actually arrested for domestic abuse.

But during her relationship with Triple H, she claims it was actually he who was violent towards her. Cracks had begun to appear in their relationship, and by this point, Chyna had an inkling that something was going on. They had a heated argument, and she claims “he swiped my hand, I swiped his hand, and then he hit me. He was crying and felt bad he’d done it, but it happened.” That’s when Chyna claims she realized there was nothing that could be salvaged from their relationship, that they were done for good.

12 Triple H Denies Being Violent And X-Pac Backs Him


Whether Triple H hit Chyna or not, we’ll never truly know, but he’s always stringently denied the harmful allegations, saying that they are a “complete fabrication.”

Sean Waltman (X-Pac) who dated Chyna after she and Triple H had ended things, is also good friends with Triple H. He once revealed that when they were dating, Chyna told him that what she said about the violence wasn’t true, that all Triple H had ever done was push her away.

Incidentally plenty was said by Chyna about what Sean did to her, which he too says is all lies, and he also revealed that some of what she’d gone through in the past – about her being raped in college for example – was just utter fabrication, that she herself had told him this.

11 Chyna Found A Love Letter


Triple H and Chyna don’t seem like the type of people who’d be writing love letters to each other and keeping sentimental letters and notes stashed away in a box somewhere. Well, that’s because they didn’t. But Triple H and Stephanie McMahon did, according to Chyna anyway.

Chyna had been having doubts about their relationship, and had negative thoughts nagging away at her that Triple H was being unfaithful. So one day she decided to do some snooping around. That’s when all those worries became a reality, as she found something that brought her world crashing down. She found a letter among Triple H’s private things, and due to the date on the letter, she deduced that Triple H and Stephanie had been playing her for a fool and had been having at least a year-long affair behind her back.

10 Vince Knew About The Affair


After it was clear that Triple H was cheating on her with Stephanie, Chyna was understandably distraught. So, what does she do? She calls her boss and Stephanie’s dad, Vince. Why she did so within five minutes of finding everything out is beyond me; I guess she just needed someone to talk to and wanted some sort of clarification – perhaps she thought there’d be repercussions because of the boss's daughter’s dating a co-worker and going against company policy. Whatever the reason for calling Vince, she dialled his digits first, and he was strangely calm and collected. That’s because he knew about everything; he was aware Triple H and Stephanie were dating, and revealed so by simply stating, “okay, well, the jig is up."

9 Stephanie Confessed To Everything


Wow, I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall at WWE headquarters the next time they all got together. It would have been incredibly awkward and tense for Chyna, coming into work that next Monday, not knowing what the outcome of the day would be, how people would react to the latest big news.

When Chyna called Vince and he basically revealed he knew, he then said that he’d see her on Monday. So, on Monday, Chyna came to work, and it all just became too much for her. She entered the building and started crying hysterically; that’s when Stephanie took her aside and told her everything, about Triple H being her man, how they loved each other – that’s when the jig was well and truly up.

8 She Thinks Triple H Tried To Get Her To End The Relationship First


Looking back at their controversial time together, Chyna began to analyze certain situations, how everything escalated, how cracks began to form in their relationship, and everything that eventually caused the relationship to blow up in the fashion it did. After a lot of careful consideration, Chyna came to the conclusion that Triple H didn’t want to seem like the bad guy – i.e. end their relationship and reveal he’d been having an affair with Stephanie. So, he started acting out, tried to widen the cracks in their relationship by antagonizing certain situations, and, if Chyna’s claims are to be believed, by being violent towards her.

In Chyna’s mind, all of this occurred because he wanted to get her to leave the relationship first, in which case he’d be able to start dating Stephanie openly and everything would be hunky dory.

7 Chyna Didn’t Want Kids, Triple H Did


After hearing everything, you’d have to say with some level of certainty that it was the fact that Triple H having an affair with Stephanie was the main reason Chyna and Triple H ended things - if everything Chyna’s revealed is to be believed of course. But a lot of people have also chimed in with their take on the matter.

Chyna’s sister for example, Kathy Hamilton, has said that the two breaking up was in huge part because Chyna didn’t want kids. Triple H loved kids and wanted to have them with Chyna, and start their own family, but the prospect of child bearing and motherhood just didn’t sit well with Chyna, and apparently, that was one of the primary reasons why they started to drift apart and eventually ended things.

6 Everyone Knew What Was Going On


This must have been a really awkward phase for Chyna in WWE. Before she went snooping around the house and found that love letter, called Vince and everything came to a head, she had an inkling that something was going on. Triple H and Stephanie were working the storyline incredibly well, but it got people talking, and Chyna just couldn’t block out the rumors that there actually was something going on between the two in real life. It seems she was right not to block out the rumors, seeing as how things turned out.

But she kind of knew in her heart of hearts that something fishy was happening. She has said that she got the impression that Triple H and Stephanie knew that she knew too, so for a period of time, things got extremely awkward in WWE.

5 Chyna Got Sacked By Fax


As a result of everything that occurred, after she found the love letter, came to work that Monday and was confronted by Stephanie, as if that day wasn’t harrowing enough, later that day Chyna ended up being sacked by fax.

After everything was out in the open, the McMahons essentially tried to butter her up, sat her down and started to appeal to the wrestler in her, saying that they were going to work out a new contract for her. So, Chyna went home and that’s when she received the dreaded fax telling her that her services were no longer needed by WWE. That’s a pretty unceremonious way to end things by Vince and a company of WWE’s stature if that's all true. Triple H however, denies the sacking had anything to do with the events of that day, saying she was let go simply because they couldn’t agree on new terms.

4 They Didn’t See Each Other For A Long Time


The last thing you want to do after a breakup is run into your ex. Perhaps, in that respect, it was a good thing that Chyna and Triple H were no longer working at the same company – imagine bumping into each other in the corridors after all that had happened previously!

So, after leaving WWE, Chyna embarked on a career with New Japan Pro Wrestling, and tried to get her wrestling career – which had taken a hit – back on track. In the coming years, she began a relationship with X-Pac and attempted to put the Triple H saga behind her. But Triple H and X-Pac were good friends, so when his buddy was in trouble and needed to go to rehab, it was Triple H who turned up at their door and took X-Pac away. Chyna recalls that they didn’t properly meet or even speak on that occasion – obviously the wounds of the past were yet to heal.

3 First Time They Spoke After The Breakup


Chyna and Triple H barely saw each other or spoke after they broke up. The one time they saw each other was when Triple H turned up to take X-Pac to rehab, but aside from that, there was zero contact. That is until 2015, when they were all in attendance at Roddy Piper’s funeral. The sad occasion must have turned frosty with X-Pac, Triple H and Chyna all in the room.

At the time, some sources say that Triple H and Chyna were in the same room together for around an hour. But as X-Pac puts it so eloquently, she basically “bum rushed Triple H.”

Many people think Chyna went to the funeral specifically for that reason, to have it out with Triple H. Since Chyna and Piper barely worked together, people say she saw it as an opportune moment to get what she needed to say off her chest. Reportedly she said to him it was time they bury the hatchet and resume a civil relationship. Later on when rumors started circulating, X-Pac took to Twitter to share his version of events: “She was very close to being taken down by security, whether she knows it or not, after the threats and lies she's told about him.”

2 Triple H And WWE Ignored Her Pleas For Help


Some say Chyna was sacked from WWE because of what happened with her and Triple H, some say it’s because she wanted to get into acting – actually it was Chyna herself who said this around a year later – and some say the termination was mutual because they couldn’t agree on terms and Chyna wanted to be free to explore other options. But whatever the primary reason may be, it’s safe to say that Chyna’s substance abuse problems had a pretty major part to play in her relationship with Hunter ending in turmoil.

Chyna was aware she had problems. Triple H must have been aware too, but nothing was really done about it. Chyna claims she pleaded with Triple H and WWE to help her out, but apparently, her pleas fell on deaf ears. On the flip side, many have said that WWE would have gladly helped her out if she had reached out to them.

1 She Wanted To Meet With Triple H


Over a decade after they’d broken up, and after everything had seemingly calmed down – as much it could after that kind of a situation anyway - Chyna wanted to bury the hatchet with Triple H and everyone at WWE. She had also led an eventful life since then and wanted to document everything on film. She was in the midst of filming a documentary, The Reconstruction of Chyna, and for that, the production team wanted to delve into her past, much of which was with Triple H and WWE. So, Chyna attempted to meet everyone and gain admission into WWE headquarters. But she was a less than welcome guest. All she wanted was a meeting, but apparently, things turned frosty really quickly. They weren’t even allowed to enter the building and they were turned away without getting to speak to anyone.

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Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Triple H And Chyna's Controversial Relationship