Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Triple H/Steph's Relationship

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon becoming a couple changed the entire landscape of the pro wrestling business and is one of the biggest stories in WWE history. Vince McMahon inherited the WWE from his father and always planned to pass it along to his children to continue the tradition. One of his children happened to fall in love with one of the more successful wrestlers in the promotion with a vision and passion for the backstage work as well. Stephanie and Triple H have worked to create a family life together along with becoming professionally powerful together as they run the WWE along with Vince.

Fans debate if Triple H and Stephanie deserve the positions they are currently in but it’s impossible to criticize them for not working hard enough. Triple H wrestles part time and recently won his 14th WWE World Championship along with the backstage work at all WWE television and, of course, running the entire show in NXT. This is in addition to working out like a monster and being a family man. Stephanie undergoes the same schedule and posts videos of herself working out at midnight despite having to wake up at 6AM to get her kids ready for school. Both partners also play a huge role in the global branding of WWE.

While a great deal of controversy will always surround them, there are very few people in the entertainment industry that work as much as Triple H and Stephanie. Their relationship has been very public in a world of wrestling that spreads juicy stories and gossip like wildfire but they have managed to keep a couple of secrets. Not all of their business is out there for the world to know but a lot of interesting details have managed to leak out despite their attempts to prevent it. Those tales will discussed here as we break down the top fifteen things you didn’t know about the relationship of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

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14 Vince Wanted Stephanie to Date Someone “like” Triple H 

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Stephanie McMahon entering the wrestling business seemed like a foregone conclusion based on the family aspect of WWE’s business model but it was still a bit of a surprise when she made her debut in 1999. While becoming a part of the wrestling bubble with appearances on Raw and SmackDown every week, Vince McMahon actually referenced Triple H as the type of man Stephanie should look for in her romantic life. Triple H has always held a lot of qualities admired by Vince and he wanted Stephanie to find those same traits in a man but not necessarily actually date Triple H as we’ll see later on.

13 Didn’t Date Until Storyline 

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Many new fans believe Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s storyline of becoming a couple on TV was due to a backstage romance in real life, but it was the exact opposite. The two started working together completely professional as part of Triple H’s feud against Vince McMahon but it eventually blossomed into a real relationship. Obviously it worked for them both in real life and for the WWE aspect of television as their storyline marriage lasted a couple of years providing great entertainment. Triple H ascended as a main event star and Stephanie found herself as a performer when they were paired together.

12 Triple H Cheated on Chyna with Stephanie 

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The timelines of Triple H’s relationships with Chyna and Stephanie McMahon always seemed to be close but it actually blurred together. Chyna has confirmed that Triple H and Stephanie started to see each other in real life after working as an on-air couple. The problem is Triple H was still dating Chyna and once Chyna found out; WWE let her contract run out and didn’t give her the option to return. Triple H and Stephanie went public with their relationship and received heat due to how things played out with Chyna. Stephanie and Triple H have tried to avoid speaking about Chyna and how things ended between the three.

11 Triple H was Jealous of Kurt Angle 

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Kurt Angle entered the storyline with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H to make it an official love triangle. The story gave hints that Stephanie would end up leaving Triple H for Angle and it would have made sense for things to culminate that way. Rumors have broken out to suggest that Triple H stopped that out of jealousy of Angle’s star rising in the company. Angle won the WWE Championship in less than a year after debuting on television. Triple H apparently used the logic that fans wouldn’t believe Stephanie could leave him for a guy like Angle, whatever that means, and the story never reached its potential.

10 Vince Wasn’t Happy At First

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Despite Vince McMahon saying he wanted Stephanie to date someone like Triple H, he was not pleased to learn about the relationship. Vince apparently didn’t want Stephanie to date a wrestler since it would make business a lot more difficult. Triple H was already getting a big push so his rise into becoming one of the main world champions looked peculiar considering he was dating the boss’ daughter. All decisions regarding Triple H made by Vince were scrutinized but at the end of the day, Vince would give his approval to the relationship. Things obviously worked out for the best since all three are running the WWE together today over sixteen years later.

9 Triple H Used it to his Advantage 

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For the longest time, Triple H would shut down any ideas of having any extra perks or getting any special treatment out of his relationship. The Game was obviously one of the most talented wrestlers in the company and already a big star but he would dominate the title picture for years after becoming an honorary member of the McMahon family. Many wrestlers on the rise with star potential like Booker T and Rob Van Dam would take suspect losses to Triple H. There was obviously a power abused by Triple H to keep his place at the top of the WWE. Goldberg and Scott Steiner still rant about Triple H sabotaging their careers to this day.

8 WWE Tried to Keep it Off Television 

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The on-air couple of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon provided great entertainment in 2000 with the McMahon-Helmsley era helping both characters grow. While the real life relationship started to get more serious, WWE had an on-air divorce separate them and both would eventually move onto different shows. The brand split saw Triple H as the World Champion on Raw and Stephanie as the General Manager of SmackDown with very limited interaction until adding the reality aspect of their actual marriage in 2009. WWE tried to keep the real life relationship under wraps until the business became more exposed and they were forced to embrace the duo on television again.

7 Their Kids Love the Wrestling Business 

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have three young daughters today that love the wrestling business. Stephanie has stated that the main motivation into getting back into ring shape to perform at SummerSlam 2014 against Brie Bella was so her children would get the opportunity of seeing her wrestle at least once, since her prior matches took place before their birth. The kids also love the rare occasion of Triple H wrestling a big match at the WrestleMania events. Stephanie has admitted that one of her daughters already wants to be a future wrestler. Considering Shane McMahon has been out of the business for years, it would appear the kids of Triple H and Stephanie will be the next generation to run the WWE.

6 Didn’t Want Daniel Bryan to be Champ 

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Triple H hiring some of the recent NXT stars from the independent circuit and creating a new platform has made us forget that he has held down some of our other favorites. Both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon didn’t believe Daniel Bryan was worthy of becoming a WWE World Champion due to his size and less than animated personality. They returned to a villainous position on television by introducing The Authority to talk down Bryan but it was apparently based off true feelings until the crowd demanded Bryan win the title at WrestleMania XXX. Triple H would do the right thing by losing to Bryan but it wasn’t something either he or Stephanie wanted.

5 Disliked CM Punk 

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CM Punk does not make his bitterness against Triple H a secret. Rumors have been out since day one of Triple H viewing Punk as someone that didn’t have the tools to become a main player in the WWE and labeled him an independent wrestling darling. Punk has held a grudge and revealed various ways in which he felt Triple H tried to limit Punk’s success in WWE. Triple H stated on The Steve Austin Podcast that he had no issues with Punk but felt Punk bought into rumors to develop a disdain of him. The rivalry extended to their wives when AJ Lee ripped Stephanie McMahon on Twitter for her vocal tweets about feminism claiming they were hypocritical. The two exchanged into a short twitter debate and it’s clear that both couples have a strong dislike for each other.

4 They Plan to Get Rid of Kevin Dunn 

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The future of WWE will be in the hands of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Vince McMahon, however, still runs the show and his right hand man is executive producer Kevin Dunn. The longtime employee plays a huge role in the production aspect of WWE and his opinion gets a lot of respect from Vince. There have been rumors of a power struggle featuring Dunn trying to bury talents from NXT getting called up to the main roster as a way to make Triple H look bad. The popular belief is Triple H and Stephanie will give Dunn the boot and start to form their own team once they are fully in charge of the WWE.

4. They Are Molding the Future of WWE Together

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Triple H gets all of the credit for NXT and it makes sense but wrestling insider Court Bauer has revealed that Stephanie McMahon also plays a huge role in the behind the scenes aspects of the promotion. NXT has become a hugely popular asset owned by WWE but is a completely different product that provides an alternative. Triple H has hired many of the most talented wrestlers from around the world and Stephanie has a great significance in trying to make women’s wrestling become more respected. The project of NXT shows the vision that the couple of Triple H and Stephanie have for the future of wrestling rather than the limited main roster approach to things with Vince still in charge.

3 The Undertaker encouraged Triple H to date Stephanie 

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During the early stages of their relationship, Triple H wondered if he was doing the right thing by entering an official relationship with Stephanie McMahon. The wrestlers would never view him the same and the entire wrestling world would change with the relationship going public. Triple H asked one wrestler for his opinion on the situation and that was The Undertaker. During that time, The Undertaker served as a locker room leader and his advice was met with a great deal of respect. The Undertaker told Triple H that the relationship was no one’s business but theirs and that Triple H knows how hard he worked to accomplish his goals, so forget about any other opinions. The confidence boost helped Triple H continue the relationship or things may have been different.

2 Triple H’s Groomsmen Were All Wrestlers 

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Triple H is known for having a love of the pro wrestling business that very few can relate to. It has been his desire ever since entering it and it shows with the passion that just seems to grow with each passing year. This of course makes more sense as to why his closest friends are all wrestlers. Triple H and Stephanie’s wedding saw the most intimidating group of groomsmen that could have made up a Survivor Series team. The groomsmen chosen by Triple H were Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, William Regal, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash and Shane McMahon. Compare that to your old high school friends and relatives at your side when you get married to feel bad about yourself.

1 Power Struggle with Shane McMahon 

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The McMahon family drama is  one of the more overplayed storylines in WWE history but the real fascinating story apparently took place behind the scenes. Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon were both supposed to take over the family business but Stephanie’s marriage to Triple H saw the couple get more hands on with the power. Shane allegedly left WWE due to seeing the writing on the wall of Stephanie and Triple H getting the power to follow Vince’s footsteps. It wasn’t until this year that Shane would finally return after leaving to start his own business in 2009. The drama surrounding Shane’s return will provide great entertainment as we see if the backstage power struggle continues as it unfolds on television.

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