Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Tyson Kidd And Natalya's Relationship

Theodore James "T.J." Wilson, aka Tyson Kidd, has been around for quite a bit. He made his debut way back in 1995 and has since wrestled for a number of different promotions, but the best spell of his career by far has been with WWE, where he’s established himself as a dominant force in the tag team division.

His spouse of three years, Natttie Neidhart, has also done pretty well for herself, wrestling in different promotions before attempting to carry on the Hart family dynasty and make a success of things in WWE. She’s won the Divas Championship but must be hoping to add more to her trophy cabinet than the solitary title before she hangs up her boots.

Talking of calling it quits, it’s likely you’ll all probably be able to recall back to TJ’s life-threatening injury which he sustained in 2015. The spinal injury has kept him out of action ever since, and there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether he’ll ever wrestle again. Rumors have been gathering momentum that he’s about to announce his retirement; everyone will understand if that’s the case – he did amazingly well just to pull through the horrific injury – but it’ll be sad for the fans not to see him in the ring again.

TJ’s in-ring retirement might be imminent, but one thing that’s certainly not over, is as strong as ever, is his marriage to Natalya. These are 15 things you didn’t know about TJ, and his rock, Natalya, and their relationship:

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15 Natalya’s Been TJ’s Rock

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Natalya and TJ had only been married a couple of years when he sustained that horrific injury. When I used the term, life-threatening, in the intro, it certainly was just that – their marriage was almost over, as was TJ’s life, and probably his wrestling career. Of course, TJ, must have been suffering immensely, but Natalya also went through hell and back. She lived by his side and felt every ounce of pain as he went on the road to recovery, and even though he’s over the worst, she’s probably still feeling his pain about the fact his career’s almost definitely over.

It must have been a tumultuous time for both of them, but Natalya stood strong and was TJ’s rock throughout. Her social media posts show what a concerned and loving wife she is; she’s been posting sweet and loving messages about TJ throughout his recovery period, saying he’s an inspiration, the love of her life, motivational – that kind of lovey-dovey stuff.

14 TJ’s Been Pals With Teddy and David Hart Smith Since The Age Of Ten

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Now, the Hart family’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest wrestling family around. The Hart wrestling dynasty began with Stu Hart, and was carried on by 14 other members of his family, including Natalya. Over time, various Harts married other wrestlers – just like Natalya and TJ – and the connections just kept on forming, and the family kept growing ever bigger. But TJ didn’t just become associated to all these prestigious Hart family members in 2013 when he became their in-law. They all hail – TJ and the Harts – from the same place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and TJ’s known them, namely Teddy and David Hart Smith from when they were all youngsters. When he was aged 10, he became good buddies with them. He went to school with Teddy and this marked the start of a long and what in the end has turned out to be a prosperous friendship.

13 TJ Was Seriously Close To The Whole Hart Family

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I’ve just mentioned that TJ befriended Teddy and David Hart Smith at the age of 10, and from that moment on his friendship with the Hart boys just continued to grow – but they developed such a close friendship that they were basically brothers, although TJ probably didn’t deem himself to be their brother when he started dating Nattie. But he didn’t just get close to Teddy and David, and obviously Nattie later on. The boys must have sung his praises because TJ became very close to the entire Hart family, and that’s a lot of family members. They treated him like one of their own, and he fit right into their family dynamic; they took him under their wing and can be thanked for getting him started in the wrestling industry.

12 He Lived With The Harts For Several Years

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TJ got to be so close to the Hart family, that he was actually treated like family and lived with them for several years during his younger days. After becoming really close with Teddy and David, he got close to the other family members and they basically took him in and adopted him, so he had a clear path to climb the wrestling ladder, which he did under their supervision, and began to make waves on the Western Canadian independent wrestling scene, before achieving global success and then moving to WWE. When he had started wrestling, he also lived with Davey Boy Smith and his family for a period of time, and he was constantly staying with Matt Hart too – they treated him like one of their own and he was welcome at any time.

11 TJ’s Known Natalya Since He Was 14

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After moving in with the Hart family and spending all his time learning the ropes, inevitably TJ and Natalya’s paths crossed when they were younger. He had known the Harts for about four years when he first began to know Natalya. He was 14 at the time and she was 12 when they first met, and although it wasn’t love at first sight, there was probably a spark there – even at that young age – or it grew over time, because they began dating seven years later. He was already basically part of Natalya’s extended family, so it must have been a tad weird initially for whoever it was to make the move and take their friendship to the next level. But it happened and they’re all the better for it.

10 TJ And Natalya Lived Together For 12 Years Before Tying The Knot

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TJ and Natalya certainly didn’t get married on a whim – it certainly wasn’t a snap decision. In fact, their marriage was probably long overdue – people must have been wondering when they were going to finally make it official and get hitched. That happened in 2013, and it happened after 12 years of being together. They definitely wanted to make sure they were compatible and didn’t rush into things!

They began dating in November 2001, and over the next decade, they went through plenty together, but were still together, so their relationship must have been rock-solid.

Their wedding in 2013 was featured on an episode on Total Divas. There was plenty of drama – as you can expect with it being reality TV – but they did eventually make it down the aisle in the esteemed company of their friends and family.

9 They’re Graduates Of Stu Hart’s Dungeon

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In 1995, at the tender age of 15, TJ began taking wrestling more and more seriously and got his start at Stu Hart's Dungeon. He was there all the time, at the family home where it was located and began messing about in the gym and training school of the Hart mansion’s basement – the so-called Dungeon. But this messing about soon got serious; when he started thinking about wrestling as a long-term thing, he spent hours at the Dungeon, getting trained by his now uncle-in-law, Bret, and honing his craft.

Natalya also graduated from Hart’s Dungeon. She was trained by her uncles, Ross and Bruce and she also did a large bulk of her training with TJ. She became the first woman to receive formal wrestling training at the Dungeon.

8 TJ’s Injury Hit Natalya Seriously Hard

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They’ve known each other for so long and they’ve probably got a bond that few others have, a bond that arises after years and years together, after facing many ups and downs and struggles. But everything they’ve gone through in the past, any relationship woes, heartache, and the stress brought about by the wrestling business and life on the road, pales into comparison when it comes to talking about TJ’s horrific injury. Of course, to say that TJ was badly affected by his injury would be an understatement – he may never get in the ring again. But the injury also hit Natalya seriously hard. She’s said it’s been the toughest time of her life, seeing her hubby going through all the rehab and the recovery, and at the end of it all, he may have to still give up on his love and passion for wrestling.

7 TJ Was Removed From Total Divas

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Natalya, who’s a regular in the Total Divas reality TV series, will no longer be seen in the show with her hubby. In November last year, TJ revealed that his Total Divas days were over – for the time being anyway. Why? He didn’t divulge any information, but there’s been plenty of speculation as to why he’s going to stop making appearances. Many sources say that it’s because of his injury and that WWE doesn’t want him to inadvertently reveal anything about his rehab and the state of his injury.

The company has been private about such things in the past, but this time it may be because they feel Tyson Kidd might speak out about the way the company handled things; they’ve been accused by Bruce Hart of treating the whole injury situation with negligence, although TJ hasn’t confirmed that he’s on the same wavelength.

6 Their Real-Life Marital Problems Were The Basis For An Onscreen Storyline

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Reading this article, you may have got the impression that everything was hunky-dory between the two and that it had always been that way, aside from TJ’s injury of course. But it certainly hasn’t always been that way. Be with someone, the same person, for so long, and there are bound to be ups and downs, but if the relationship’s strong enough, you’ll work through it. TJ and Natalya encountered problems too, just like any other couple. But it must have been tough to work together too, and even more so when those problems then translated themselves into an onscreen storyline. In 2014, the couple were involved in a storyline together which Natalya has said was a take on their real-life marital problems. They seem inseparable, so it’s nice to know they’re a normal couple, and that everything’s not roses all the time.

5 More Total Divas Marriage Woes

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Many people think that Total Divas is entirely scripted, that the storylines that occur on the show are fictional – it is a reality TV show after all. But Natalya has always dismissed the suggestions that the show is made up of fake storylines.

She’s been on the show since it first came to air back in 2013, and is certainly one of the show’s more popular cast members. But she has said that the whole concept of the show put her way outside her comfort zone, and that’s because everything’s very raw on the show – “It’s more real and raw than anybody knows,” to put it in her own words. That included her marital problems. Natalya found it extremely difficult having to open up about her marriage on Total Divas. She was already out of her comfort zone, but then things got personal, and consequently they went through some tumultuous times.

4 What Natalya Learned About Her Marriage Problems

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As a result of it all being so real, Natalya and TJ’s relationship problems were broadcasted to fans of the show. The problems that were already there came to light, but they also learnt plenty about their relationship during their time together on the show. A few of their problems were evident, but on the whole, they thought their relationship was rock-solid and that they didn’t have any issues. But every couple has issues – especially if that couple’s been together for well over a decade – and it took Total Divas to make Natalya realize this. She learnt a lot about their relationship on the show and they actually took it as an opportunity to sort things out. They addressed their problems in kind of a therapeutic way, and even watched segments of the show back to help each other sort things out. Funny how it took them being on Total Divas to strengthen their relationship.

3 They Separate Business From Pleasure

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Having known each other from such a young age, being together for so long and living together for over a decade, you’d have thought they’d have spent most of their lives side by side, especially since they’re in the same profession as each other and their careers have gone down a pretty similar path for the most part. But despite all of this and despite being involved in many onscreen moments together, they’ve managed to separate business from pleasure – it’s their secret to maintaining a long, happy and successful relationship.

They’ve found that line and haven’t crossed it, which must take a tremendous amount of restraint on both their parts. There are ups and downs, like in any workplace, but they’ve dealt with those problems, have maintained their professionalism and have just learned to make the best of it and take every day as it comes.

2 They’re Cat Crazy

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Anyone who follows TJ and Natalya will know that they don’t yet have any kids; well, they actually have a whole bunch – their cats, who they consider part of their family. Both TJ and Natalya are obsessed with their feline family members. TJ was into them first but has converted Natalya into being the ultimate cat lady. Anyone who follows the two on social media will know what I’m talking about. Every opportunity they get, they’re posing with their cats, posting pics, or Tweeting something or other using cat references.

Makaveli’s their favorite cat and he’s treated like their little kid. TJ loves him so much, he even dedicated – when he was wrestling – his wins and accomplishments to him. In a way it's totally adorable that they love their kitty cats so much.

1 Both Started Their WWE Careers Around The Same Time

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It’s amazing to think, looking back at everything now and how things have panned out, how their careers have pretty much gone down a similar path. They met at a young age, received their formal wrestling training at the same place, went around the Canadian independent circuit around the same time, went abroad to Europe and Japan, and then embarked on their WWE careers, again around the same time.

TJ signed with WWE in 2006 and went off to Deep South Wrestling the following year. By this time, Natalya has also gotten herself a contract, and the two went off together to DSW in February 2007 and then also moved to Florida Championship Wrestling when DSW and WWE parted ways. They also appeared on WWE TV for the first time together too on an episode of ECW – TJ appeared, managed by Natalya. So, it’s amazing to think, coming back to one of the previous points in this article, that they’ve managed to separate business and pleasure- they’ve been together on the wrestling circuit pretty much from the word go.

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