Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Vince And Linda McMahon's Relationship

It’s evident that Vince has led a crazy life. His life story, his relationships, his career, none of it’s conventional, but that’s what makes Vince so wacky and wonderful, not to mention hated by many.

From an outsider’s view looking in, you can’t help but marvel and be aghast at some of Vince’s antics. Sure, it’s all – well most of it is anyway – for your viewing pleasure, for your entertainment, and the fact it’s getting a reaction means that Vince is accomplishing his goal.

Through all of this, all of the promiscuity, all of the ludicrous storylines that Vince has created, there’s been one woman who’s been his rock, one woman who’s been with Vince and stuck by him through thick and thin. That woman is Linda McMahon, a woman who deserves an award of some kind for all the crap she’s had to deal with.

Linda prefers to stay out of the limelight as much a possible where wrestling’s concerned. Having said that, wrestling fans know plenty about the couple. After all, they’re a power couple and the moves they make get publicized.

Vince and Linda are billionaires, and both were involved in building the WWE. Nowadways Linda’s a political figure – these are all things that are common knowledge about the McMahons. However, the following are 15 things you might not have known about the most powerful husband and wife team in the world of wrestling.

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15 Vince proposed when Linda was 17

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Vince and Linda McMahon have been together for over half a century. That’s pretty staggering considering everything they’ve each been through, but kudos to them for being strong together.

Their story started when Linda was just 13 and Vince was 16, but that’s another section of this article. What’s remarkable is that they got married four years after meeting, when Linda was 17. Nowadays, most couples who get married that young tend not to last, but Vince decided to pop the question and they’ve been together ever since.

Vince was a college student at the time – they both attended East Carolina University – and after getting married, despite being three years younger, Linda caught up and they ended up graduating and leaving university the same year. After that, it was all about getting on the road with dreams about building an empire – dreams that came true.

14 14.Linda had no idea about wrestling before Vince

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Wrestling isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Some hate it, some love it, but the young Linda just didn’t know anything about it. She didn’t particularly care for it, even when Vince started out in the industry -- she didn’t watch events or any videos or have any favorite superstars.

Vince already had the wrestling bug, and even while at university, he was contemplating following in the footsteps of his father – wrestling promoter, Vince McMahon Sr. – and getting involved in the industry. His dad didn’t like it, but after graduating from university, Vince managed a territory in Maine and tried his hand at commentating.

With wrestling being such a huge part of Vince’s life, Linda decided she had to become involved in some capacity. She was introduced to the world of wrestling entertainment by Vince, and together they’ve put their heads together to, essentially, take over the industry.

13 13.They struggled financially when Shane was born

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It may astound some of you to know that Vince and Linda were actually struggling financially at one point. With Vince getting a foothold in the industry because of his dad, you’d think he would have had it easy and would’ve had the connections and the money would have just fallen into his lap. That’s far from the case.

They, like most people, struggled after earning their degrees. A couple of young twenty somethings, recently married, attempting to make a go of things on their own, they struggled. Vince didn’t get into wrestling right out of uni. He tried his hand as a salesman first, but this wasn’t very lucrative. Linda had to leave her job as a translator when Shane was on the way, and so Vince’s meager income had to suffice and support the three of them.

12 Linda grew the "business" while Vince grew the wrestling

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There’s a reason we didn’t see much of Linda back when she was in WWE. It’s because she liked to stay in the background, keep things ticking, while Vince strutted his stuff in the limelight. Vince is also involved in the overall business side of things, but it’s Linda who essentially grew the business and made WWE the wealthiest wrestling promotion, in terms of net worth, on the planet.

Together, they are certainly a power couple – they work and have filled their coffers as a result of their partnership. In both their business and personal relationships, they are in sync with one another. Living and working together would drive most couples mad, but they’ve made it work. And while Vince strutted his stuff in the ring, his wife was helping to grow the empire -- a perfect balance.

11 Linda’s behind WWE’s charity work

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Since Vince handles the wrestling, Linda pretty much handled everything else for many years in the WWE. Before handing off the reigns to Stephanie, her job also encompassed WWE’s charitable endeavors, especially in the years before her Senate campaign. She wanted to make wrestling more appealing to kids, and as a result ushered in the PG Era. It’s because of Linda that the McMahons have donated large sums of cash to child-orientated charities, the Get R.E.A.L program and various education-based charities. They’ve also donated heavily to numerous other charitable organizations -- USO, Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Starlight Children’s Foundation, to name a few. It is the moves that Linda made as an executive for the company, that has led to the WWE being one of the most charitable organizations in the United States.

10 Both supporters of Donald Trump

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Donald J. Trump needs no introduction – at least we hope he doesn’t. Some people love him, some hate him. Just like Vince, he’s a billionaire. Just like Vince, he likes to shoot his mouth off. No wonder the McMahons and Trump get along like peas in a pod.

The McMahons and Trump first interacted with each other way back in the 1980s. Trump was hosting WrestleMania IV and V and subsequently went on to partake in a number of storylines that were concocted by Vince. "The Battle of the Billionaires" is one such moment that stands out. Trump appeared on WWE TV pretty regularly around this period and was even inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

Aside from wrestling, the McMahons are both avid supporters of Trump’s fledgling political career. They’ve contributed millions to his presidential campaign and donated heavily to his Trump Foundation.

9 With Linda expecting Stephanie, they filed for bankruptcy

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We’ve mentioned how the McMahons were financially destitute when their first born – Shane – came along in 1970. But six years later, the situation hadn’t improved. In fact, it had gotten a whole lot worse.

Many people envision Stephanie McMahon being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but there was no grandeur to speak of in 1976 for the McMahons.

Vince was now working in wrestling, for his dad, but the money wasn’t great in those early days. Vince slogged, scrambled and saved. He worked like a dog in multiple jobs for up to 90 hours a week just to put food on the table. They couldn’t even do that and applied for food stamps. They filed for bankruptcy, but Vince’s work ethic and saving ultimately paid off. He was eventually able to buy his dad’s company – that’s when the financial strain began to ease.

8 Business ventures outside WWE

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Vince is a businessman through and through. It may look like it’s all about wrestling for Vince, but he and his wife are shrewd characters, have keen eyes for business, and have their fingers in many pies.

In the 1970s, they worked hard to eventually be able to increase their stake in Vince’s dad’s business, and then buy it. Towards the end of the '70s, a bit more cash began to roll in and they were able to buy Cape Cod Coliseum – a multipurpose arena - and the Cape Cod Buccaneers hockey team of the Atlantic Coast Hockey League. They had the arena, and so instead of just waiting for the hockey season, they began selling out music concerts, keeping the money coming in throughout the year.

In 2000, the McMahons branched out into yet another sport; they founded the XFL, but this didn’t really take off and is heralded as one of the biggest busts in sports history.

One of their latest ventures is the WWE Network – an internet subscription-based video streaming service where subscribers can get round-the-clock content.

7 Extremely open with each other

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How does a marriage last for 50 years? Openness, transparency, having no skeletons in the closet – that’s how they’ve reigned supreme, been a power couple and have lasted in the industry for so long.

With Vince, what you see is what you get – Linda knows it and has accepted it. But even away from the cameras, a ton of stuff goes on in their lives – stuff that would make any straight-laced cats lose their minds. But the burden’s eased because they have each other to help carry the load – help each other out of sticky situations.

With all the financial disputes, legal charges that have been brought against WWE over the years, allegations that Vince has done this and that, Linda’s political career, they share everything with one another and there are no secrets. Perhaps they have found the secret to a long and happy marriage!

6 Linda never works out with Vince in the gym

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Those of you have seen Vince in the ring know that he likes to take his shirt off. Vince has always been a fan of bodybuilding. He even tried to take over bodybuilding at one stage, creating the World Bodybuilding Federation in 1990, although this turned out to be an epic flop.

But let’s give credit where credit’s due – he’s in terrific shape for a guy in his 70s. That’s because he’s an animal in the gym; no one can hang with him when he’s pounding the iron, not even his son in law Tripe H, who has one of the best bodies in wrestling.

No one works out with Vince. Triple H has claimed Vince is an utter beast in the gym, and Stephanie has said he’s crazy as he leaves work at 11 pm and immediately heads to the gym. Linda has also quipped in, saying that for a guy in his 70s, “Vince puts everyone to shame.” She “knows better” than to get in the gym with Vince as she might get suckered into partaking in his “crazy” workouts.

5 Where it all began

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We’ve established that Vince was three years older than Linda when they first met; he was 16 and she was 13 – but where did it all begin?

It all began in God’s holy place – the church. Yes, they met at church. Perhaps that’s why they’ve remained together for so long – their relationship was blessed from the get-go.

Linda was brought up in a religious household with very strict moral values. It’s kind of funny that this young God-fearing girl ended up marrying the town’s local bad boy. Anyway, because of her values, she attended church every Sunday and sung in the church’s choir. Vince was there one Sunday with his mom, who apparently knew Linda’s parents in some capacity and introduced Linda to Vince. They can thank good old fashioned parental matchmaking for them meeting for the first time and getting together.

4 Her husband’s exploits affected her run for senate

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As I’m sure you’re aware now  with what’s currently going in the States with both the presidential candidates, what occurs in your private life, what you or someone close to you may have said or done in the past, can have huge repercussions in politics.

Both Trump and Clinton are learning that now, and although Linda never got that far in her political career, she did run for Congress, but was hampered by the wild ways of her hubby and his past indiscretions.

In fact, the WWE as a whole affected her political career. The sexual storylines, the company’s treatment of women and just the entire adult-rated themes in WWE at the time really affected Linda when she stepped into the political arena. She tried to clean WWE up a bit just before going into politics – tried to direct it towards kids – but no one was buying it.

3 She Can Still Surprise Vince

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Linda threw a party for Vince at Radio City Music Hall – a surprise party in celebration of their wedding anniversary and 20 years together in business.

But Vince was told the event was a roast of his good friend and former chairman of NBC Sports, Dick Ebersol. Vince was attending the event as one of the roasters and was going over his notes in the car on the way to the event, having no clue that everything being done was actually for him.

He found out the event was actually his party when he recognized some figures from the wrestling world. It turned into a huge laugh with Shane and Stephanie performing a skit on stage imitating their parents.

This just goes to show that even Vince can be fooled!

2 Vince and Linda were equals in building the business

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Vince may be the face of WWE and Linda’s role while she was there was to keep things running in the background, but they’re totally on an equal pedestal when it comes to all things WWE-related. They’re both responsible for making WWE into the success it is today.

It was actually Vince’s granddad – Jesse McMahon – who started off the McMahon wrestling legacy, but as Vince will never tire of saying, it’s he and Linda who did everything themselves.

Vince and Linda always saw themselves as equals when it came to WWE – although the media tends to only focus on the person in the limelight – Vince. Linda was once referred to as the co-chief executive from people within the company, but that’s certainly not the case. They were both listed as co-founder/co-leaders of WWE, and they had an equal part to play in building the company.

1 Linda knows and accepts Vince has cheated on her

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It’s common knowledge that Vince has cheated on his wife numerous times.

While he did many inappropriate things with WWE Divas on screen, that was all for show. Like any wife of an actor, Linda took it all in stride. But there's more to Vince's infidelity than what went on in front of the cameras. By his own admission, Vince has cheated on Linda numerous times when the cameras weren’t rolling. In perhaps the most candid interview of his life, Vince told Playboy back in 2001 that he’s always told Linda when he cheats – lucky her – and that she’s forgiven him. That must be true because they’re still together, and now that he’s in his 70s, his playboy lifestyle seems to be well behind him. Linda’s probably keeping him on a tight leash though.

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