15Met Playing Pick Up Basketball In Manhattan

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Their chemistry on screen would lead many to believe the duo have been life long friends. Perhaps not life long, though Enzo and Cass originally met during a game of pick-up basketball at The Cage, a famous park in New York City’s Greenwich Village, 10 years prior to rekindling their

camaraderie at NXT in 2013.

Once they arrived at WWE’s developmental territory, the duo ended up working together frequently and their similar backgrounds brought about the formation of the tag team we see today, despite initial plans for both to compete as singles competitors. To both their admissions, Enzo and Cass had to strike a conversation together before remembering where exactly they both recognized each other from once they arrived at WWE’s developmental territory. After figuring it out, the two had enough in common in terms of background and upbringing to come up with the idea for their characters, which faithfully represents who they really based on where they were from.

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