Top 15 Things You Need To Know About Lita

Being a high school student and wrestling fan in the early 2000s meant that your eyes were locked on a lovely lady named Lita each and every week. Lita was, and remains, the coolest WWE Diva of all time. With baggy pants, visible thong, fiery red hair, and an arm sleeved with ink, Lita became the alternative Diva; the one who stood out most from the crowd.

For the guys, Lita was the fantasy. The adolescent dream. For the girls, Lita was an inspiration. The one-of-a-kind woman. Lita, alongside wrestling rock stars, The Hardy Boyz were the "it" trio in WWE. Lita paired perfectly with Matt and Jeff as Team Xtreme was born and unlike other wrestling managers/valets, Lita was not just a pretty face used to distract an opponent or the referee.

Often times, Lita would find herself involved in the action as the eccentric Diva could perform moves many of the male talent could not execute. Lita made fans cheer and cry and shiver with excitement. The all-around Diva who refused to stand on the sidelines and watch. When the game was being played, Lita was taking the field as well with a fearless attitude.

Eventually, Lita turned heel as a real life love affair would play out on WWE programming. This change of character provided a fresh outlook on Lita as the "cool chick" turned "bad girl" was now loathed by the very same fans who once popped from their seats. The heel turn - while forced by circumstance - would make Lita the most provocative Diva on the roster.

In this piece we will get to know Lita - whose real name is Amy Dumas - a little better as we take a look at the life and career of the former four-time WWE Women's Champion.

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15 Lip Tattoo 

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Everybody can see in plain sight the tattooed arm of Lita and it has helped define her as a WWE Diva. Lita loves her ink and displays it with pride. However, not all tattoos are visibly to the public.

Lita has the word "PUNK" tattooed on the inside of her lip, a process that surely included much pain but that's Lita: the punk-rock wrestling girl who learned to endure pain thanks to her chosen profession.

14 Relationship with CM Punk 

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If you've seen the CM Punk documentary, Best in the World, then you probably already know that Lita and CM Punk are friends. However, the pair were more than just buddies for two separate stretches of time.

CM Punk and Lita were in fact an item for a while before parting ways; finding themselves back together a few years later before breaking up again, but it would appear as though the pair remained friends.

Strange twist: AJ Lee once idolized Lita and is now the wife of her former boyfriend.

13 Vegan 

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The rise of the vegan lifestyle has reached a point where even dessert shops cater to all-vegan recipes. Good, old fashioned, carnivores cannot seem to grasp this concept, but to each their own consumption.

Lita lives this lifestyle and while not entirely surprising, it could be something unknown to many of her fans. Lita chooses health over heart attack which is good if that's your thing but for many, meat is too hard to eliminate for their diet.

12 A.D.O.R.E. 

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Usually the vegan is an animal lover as well. There are some who choose the lifestyle strictly based on health but the majority of the vegan population have made their decision based on political and social consciousness.

Amy Dumas Operation Rescue and Education (A.D.O.R.E.) is an animal charity founded by Lita whose efforts are put forth into the rescue of hapless animals in need. Lita founded this organization back in 2003 while still an active member of WWE.

11 Georgia State University 

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Prior to professional wrestling and finding herself as Lita, Amy Dumas was interested in education. In fact, Dumas would major in the subject at Georgia State University in the early '90s before dropping out.

While becoming a teacher is an admirable profession, wrestling fans are thankful that Dumas made the transition as they would have missed out on witnessing one of the greatest Divas in WWE History.

10 The Luchagors 

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When her active wrestling career came to an end, Lita would embark on a rock and roll road and form a band known as The Luchagors. In 2007, the band would release their debut album.

Lita is no stranger to the music scene having spent time working as a roadie. Whether or not The Luchagors release another album remains to be seen, but even if she never sings again, Lita will continue to be the Brody Dalle (The Distillers) of wrestling.

9 Full-Time Role in WWE 

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Lita is back with WWE on a full-time basis; not in a wrestling capacity but working as a road agent and creative writer. This is good news for fans of female wrestling as Lita can only help the current situation.

With Lita on board, the WWE Divas stand a chance. The "revolution" has slowed but has not come to a complete halt. Hopefully, Lita along with her expertise and input can help produce positive results for the division.

8 Mexico 

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If you loved watching Lita in WWE, then you owe some gratitude to WCW. Inspired by watching Rey Mysterio perform for the rival company, Lita would decide that she wanted to wrestle like Rey.

This would cause Lita to head South to Mexico where she began to train. Lita was determined to learn and according to her book, would strip to help finance her training. Dedication and determination.

7 ECW 

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Working as Miss Congeniality, Lita would find herself in Extreme Championship Wrestling for a little while and played the role of Danny Doring's girlfriend. However, Lita did not spend a great deal of time in ECW.

Despite the short stay in ECW, Lita would capture attention and was introduced to at least a certain part of the American wrestling audience, as ECW would play a role in launching Lita's career.

6 The Funk'n Conservatory 

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While working for ECW, Lita was introduced to former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Dory Funk Jr. and would decide to train at his wrestling school, The Funk'n Conservatory.

While attended the school, the Funk's would compile video footage of Lita performing; the very footage which would ultimately land her a contract with WWE. Good on them Funk'ers for sending along that video tape.

5 Memphis Championship Wrestling 

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The future Superstars of WWE are lucky enough to have NXT as their breeding ground. However, Superstars and Divas of the past were not so lucky and would need to play minor-league wrestler elsewhere.

Lita was sent along to Memphis Championship Wrestling, before she was given her name and paired with Essa Rios, while serving as his manager and mimicking his move set.

4 Arrested in Georgia 

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Like other professional wrestlers before and after her, Lita found herself in trouble with the law. While not as severe as many of her peers, Lita was still taken into custody back in December of 2011.

While driving in Georgia, Lita had not only been speeding but was also behind the wheel with a suspended licence. This appears to be an isolated incident as Lita's record remains clean otherwise.

3 First-Ever Women's Steel Cage Match 

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Sasha Banks and Bayley made history at NXT TakeOver: Respect by competing in the first-ever Iron Man match feature female competitors. Well, Lita is no stranger to breaking barriers.

On the November 24, 2003 episode of Monday Night Raw, Lita and Victoria would compete in the first-ever Women's Steel Cage match. While Lita would lose the match, it remains monumental.

Charlotte and Sasha Banks for the second Women's Steel Cage match in history?

2 Debuted as a Ho 

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The Godfather was never meant to be a main event player during the Attitude Era, just a fun-loving piece of entertainment. The character was designed to tickle the senses of WWE's male viewers.

While walking to the ring, The Godfather was accompanied by the Ho Train; a group of perceived loose women. This train as it were was once boarded by Lita who played the part for the audience.

1 The Formation of Team Xtreme 

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While most wrestling fans know the story of Lita and The Hardy Boyz, the formation story is often overlooked:

While managing Essa Rios, Lita would discover Rios hanging around The Godfather and his Ho Train. However, it was Rios who left Lita, delivering a powerbomb to the Diva in the process.

This was designed to make way for The Hardy Boyz who had already known and developed a relationship with Lita, as Team Xtreme was born and the trio would catch fire in WWE.

In an odd way, associations with The Godfather had much to do with Lita's success.

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