Top 15 Times Chyna Went Off The Rails

When the mighty fall, they generally tend to fall mightily and that was the case with the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna. Born Joan Marie Laurer, Chyna debuted slightly before the Attitude Era began as the silent but fearful bodyguard of Hunter Heart Helmsley. As he progressed into Triple H and DX began to take a foothold over the industry, Chyna followed suit. She once told Mr. Ass and the rest of DX that America was tired of seeing the boys moon everyone before mooning everyone herself.

These days, Chyna is known more for a ridiculous rants or the fact that she became an adult entertainer. On a Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast, former boyfriend and heir apparent to the WWE, Triple H had stated that while Chyna does belong in the Hall of Fame, it’s the adult websites that can pop up when you Google her name that harms her chances of getting inducted.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just the skin flicks that do her in, it’s just about every lifestyle choice and word she’s spoken since leaving the WWE. For someone that in every interview claims she just wants help, she seemingly doesn’t ask the WWE for help, which is something they offer all former employees. It’s depressing, as by all accounts the former Joanie Laurer was a smart woman who even wanted to be an FBI agent. Want proof as to why the mightiest Diva ever isn’t in the Hall of Fame? Look no further than this list.

15 Twerking

14 Sex Tape


13 Reality Television (Surreal Life Season 4)

12 WWYoga

11 Adult Entertainment


10 If This How She Treats Her Friends…


9 Beats on X-Pac


8 Tweets


7 Shrinks Can’t Even Diagnose Her


6 Chyna vs. Vince


5 #ChynaHOF

4 Accuses Triple H of Abuse

3 Says Hunter Cheated on Her w/ Stephanie

2 Begs WWE for Forgiveness

1 Accuses X-Pac of Rape

Chyna once went on the Opie radio show and claimed X-Pac drugged her and raped her. As a child of abuse, Pac took offense and called in to shoot down all of her claims, flat out calling her a fraud. Even if the accusations are unfounded, accusing someone of rape is a serious allegation. Chyna needs a lot more help than just three years away from everyone in Japan, she needs someone to help her regain mental stability. If she ever does get back to a level of normalcy, then perhaps her legacy as one of sports entertainment’s most influential women can be revisited, but until then, she will forever remain a walking tabloid headline and another wrestling tragedy.

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Top 15 Times Chyna Went Off The Rails