Top 15 Times Chyna Went Off The Rails

When the mighty fall, they generally tend to fall mightily and that was the case with the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna. Born Joan Marie Laurer, Chyna debuted slightly before the Attitude Era began a

When the mighty fall, they generally tend to fall mightily and that was the case with the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna. Born Joan Marie Laurer, Chyna debuted slightly before the Attitude Era began as the silent but fearful bodyguard of Hunter Heart Helmsley. As he progressed into Triple H and DX began to take a foothold over the industry, Chyna followed suit. She once told Mr. Ass and the rest of DX that America was tired of seeing the boys moon everyone before mooning everyone herself.

These days, Chyna is known more for a ridiculous rants or the fact that she became an adult entertainer. On a Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast, former boyfriend and heir apparent to the WWE, Triple H had stated that while Chyna does belong in the Hall of Fame, it’s the adult websites that can pop up when you Google her name that harms her chances of getting inducted.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just the skin flicks that do her in, it’s just about every lifestyle choice and word she’s spoken since leaving the WWE. For someone that in every interview claims she just wants help, she seemingly doesn’t ask the WWE for help, which is something they offer all former employees. It’s depressing, as by all accounts the former Joanie Laurer was a smart woman who even wanted to be an FBI agent. Want proof as to why the mightiest Diva ever isn’t in the Hall of Fame? Look no further than this list.

15 Twerking

We’ll start the list off with one of Chyna’s newest disasters, which is good for a semi–family friendly laugh. According to the former Women’s Champion, fans requested to see her twerk. In the ensuing video, Chyna, dressed like a grandma, does her best to be sultry while performing the dance craze that had been dead for a couple of years. When video of TNA’s Brooke twerking surfaced, it sent men’s heart rates up tenfold. But with Chyna, it was much more depressing.

14 Sex Tape


One of Chyna’s first outcries for help was when she, along with her fiancé at the time, Sean Waltman (that’s X-Pac to wrestling fans) decided to film their unrequited love for one another and titled it One Night in China (since WWE owns Chyna). The celebrity sex tape came out during a time where any celebrity who wanted to get noticed would release one of these. Chyna joined the ranks of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton and it would be the first time we realized her depravity knew no bounds, even if she claimed to have not signed off on the tape.

13 Reality Television (Surreal Life Season 4)

Because baring all for consenting adult buyers wasn’t enough for the former WWE Diva, Chyna would appear on the fourth season of The Surreal Life. The season had fellow Z–Listers like barely famous rapper Da Brat, Verne “Mini Me” Troyer, and Christopher “Peter Brady” Knight. The whole series is filled with past their prime celebrities clinging desperately to what little fame they had in the first place. For Chyna, her tumultuous relationship with Waltman led to a war of words on this show. You can read Pac’s recap of what happened on the show online, as well as his plea to the producers to help her with her addiction not exploit it.

12 WWYoga

This one’s a little tamer considering some of Chyna’s other choices. Recently, a video surfaced of Robby Roadsteamer (supposedly a comedian) teaming up with Chyna for a 90 second yoga video called WWYoga, which is basically poorly executed wrestling moves being passed off as Yoga. The video also serves as one of the first times she’s been on American soil since she left the country to be an English teacher in Japan. It’s unclear if Chyna knows this video is a poor attempt at comedy, but as hard it tries to be funny, it's mostly just sad.

11 Adult Entertainment


Not taking anything away from the men and women who choose adult entertainment as a profession, but anyone playing armchair shrink can opine that since she was on a downward spiral of drugs and depression from no reputable wrestling company/Hollywood studio wanting to cast her, Chyna chose to go this route, most notably in green body paint as She-Hulk. Considering how difficult it is for adult stars to break the stigma and become mainstream celebrities, Chyna has more or less tossed away any hopes she had to become an actual actress or make the WWE Hall of Fame.

10 If This How She Treats Her Friends…


In 2010, according to a friend named Gabriela Targos, the 9th Wonder of the World did not treat Targos so wonderfully. Chyna invited her friend to hang out, but when Targos showed up, she must have had a flashback to her WrestleMania match with Ivory, because Chyna started pounding on her friend like a rag doll. Targos, who was able to escape her clutches, claims Chyna punched her in the face and even beat her with a wire hanger. No charges were filed, but it’s moments like these that make it no wonder why she left the country, as she can’t even keep from decking her friends. Imagine if she ever got her hands on jilted lovers, oh wait…

9 Beats on X-Pac


It’s no secret that X-Pac and Chyna make any couple with issues look like the perfect couple. First, Chyna believed she was threatened by Pac and was fearful that he was trying to kill her in 2003. However, in 2005, she allegedly beat him up in front of Jeff Meecham from the Extreme Mayhem show and even worse, Pac’s two kids. According to Waltman, she was released and showed no remorse.

8 Tweets


Chyna is among the many celebrities that will take to Twitter to interact with this fans, only her tweets are filled with incoherent babble that make it difficult to understand what she's referring to. One particular vitriol fueled rant in 2012 saw her proclaim she is Vivid’s biggest star, demand respect from Vince McMahon and say a bunch of other incoherent things. You can read the rest of the insanity here.

7 Shrinks Can’t Even Diagnose Her


Back in December of 2008 for her birthday, Chyna partied a little too hard and the drinking mixed a little too well with her meds and she was rushed to the hospital. The cuts on her arm probably didn’t look too well to nurses and doctors either. Her blood alcohol was reportedly so high that they had to wait to perform a psych evaluation. But how nuts could she really be if upon awaking she wanted a burger and fries? Seeing as how she’s still alive today, someone must have stopped at In–N–Out Burger for her.

6 Chyna vs. Vince


In the years since leaving the WWE, Chyna was unable to officially call herself Chyna due to WWE copyrights. According to Chyna during a podcast with Vince Russo, the WWE followed her around, followed her career around and would either demand that whoever cast her and called her Chyna would owe them money. In 2007, Laurer changed the game and legally changed her name to Chyna. While not a precedent in wrestling (Warrior did the same thing), Chyna celebrated by challenging Vince to a fight, “You know my number, you know where I live, obviously. And you know my name.”

5 #ChynaHOF

Recently, Chyna has added the hashtag #ChynaHOF to all her Tweets. Chyna’s in ring work should be be recognized, but considering everything she’s done and said since leaving wrestling, giving her a live mic would be a terrible idea for the family friendly WWE. Then there’s that whole adult entertainment thing. Well, at one point, as we mentioned in this article, she Tweeted nearly hundred times in a few hours, trying to rally fans to support her candidacy. If you want people to support you, don't spam their timelines Chyna...

4 Accuses Triple H of Abuse

Recent allegations from Chyna state that Triple H decked her in the middle of an argument. During the course of the Vince Russo podcast, Chyna would tell the sordid details of her breakup with The Game. She claims Hunter wanted her to break it off with her so that he could date Stephanie. She goes further to say that she confronted The Cerebral Assassin on this and took a swipe at him, before he swiped back and decked her. Since she abhors violence (says someone who has two alleged assaults on this list alone), she ended the relationship immediately. Since he is now heir apparent to a publicly–traded company, Triple H had no choice but to acknowledge and deny the allegation.

3 Says Hunter Cheated on Her w/ Stephanie

When you spend two hours with Chyna, you get a lot of pretty insane info. Another allegation from the Russo podcast is that the HHH / Steph courtship had started while The Game and her were still an item. Chyna claims she found love letters, not to mention being left alone at arenas while he would hang out with the McMahons (which she believed to just be Hunter moving up in the company). To be fair, this is one allegation neither Triple H or Stephanie have come out and denied, but given some of the weirdness we've heard from her, it's hard to take things she says seriously.

2 Begs WWE for Forgiveness

Earlier in June 2015, Chyna took to YouTube looking cleaner than she looked in years, begging for forgiveness from Triple H and Vince McMahon and demonstrating a desire to put the past behind them. This all sounds hunky–dory until you realize that within the same year, she had accused Triple of abuse and X-Pac of rape. During the video, a pop up appears, directing you to a Kickstarte for her documentary, The Reconstruction of Chyna. Considering WWE pays for rehab for all employees past and present, she might want to take them up on that offer before asking for forgiveness as a publicity stunt for a movie.

1 Accuses X-Pac of Rape

Chyna once went on the Opie radio show and claimed X-Pac drugged her and raped her. As a child of abuse, Pac took offense and called in to shoot down all of her claims, flat out calling her a fraud. Even if the accusations are unfounded, accusing someone of rape is a serious allegation. Chyna needs a lot more help than just three years away from everyone in Japan, she needs someone to help her regain mental stability. If she ever does get back to a level of normalcy, then perhaps her legacy as one of sports entertainment’s most influential women can be revisited, but until then, she will forever remain a walking tabloid headline and another wrestling tragedy.

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Top 15 Times Chyna Went Off The Rails