Top 15 Times Fans Invaded The Ring

Attending a sporting event of any kind is usually a fun time. For most of us, it's just great to be able to see our favorite athletes perform live, while being among the company of friends or family and enjoying some popcorn, nachos, hot dogs and maybe even a cold beverage or two. The idea of invading the field of play simply isn't something that crosses our mind.

I think most of us long ago reached the point where we realized that fan interruptions at sporting events are incredibly dumb. I'm not sure what goes through someone's mind that makes them believe it's a good idea to disrupt a game and attempt to embarrass themselves in front of thousands of people and everyone watching on television. Sure, they're probably just looking for their 15 seconds of fame, but the embarrassment they will undoubtedly suffer and the knowledge that they will miss the rest of the event and likely be banned from all future events at that venue and possible face criminal charges, should be enough to dissuade anyone from doing it. Yet it continues to happen on a regular basis.

The idea of streaking across a baseball diamond or interrupting a Montreal Canadiens practice to attempt to score on Jose Theodore may seem dumb, but it takes even higher levels of stupidity to try to invade a wrestling or boxing ring. You have the embarrassment and sure fire ejection that comes with invading any sporting event, but you get the added risk of potentially being pummeled by someone whose entire career is predicated on their ability to pummel people.

In honor of those folks who have taken that risk, jumped the barricade and invaded the ring only to be tackled to the ground seconds later, we've decided to give them the attention they don't deserve and look at the top 15 times fans invaded the ring.

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16 Fan disrupts Ryback/Miz match

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WWE superstar Ryback had knocked down the Miz and was standing in the corner of the ring preparing for his signature Meat Hook Clothesline move during a September 24, 2012 edition of Monday Night Raw when a fan tried to enter the ring. The man was tackled by security guards and the referee before he could do anything and the match continued on with Ryback hitting the Miz with the clothesline. Considering Ryback was gearing up for a clothesline, the fan's lucky security got to him before Ryback.

15 Fan runs toward, away from The Miz

During a segment of the March 7, 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE Champion Miz hit John Cena with the title belt. As he stood over the laid out Cena, a fan entered the ring. The man looked at the Miz momentarily as if he was ready to go toe to toe with the champion before scurrying out of the ring and away from the security guard. As he was being chased, the man ran back into the ring and tried to slip out again before he was apprehended.

14 Fan interrupts Cena/Hardy match

During a June 2, 2008 number one contender's match for the WWE Title on Monday Night Raw John Cena had his opponent Jeff Hardy in a headlock when a fan ran into the ring. The fan didn't try to interfere in the match, he just raised his arms to the air in excitement before being grabbed by a security guard. Cena released Hardy from the headlock and the two took a moment to laugh while the crowd cheered the fan's dismissal.

13 A new member of the Shield

During the WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view in September of 2015, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were waiting for Chris Jericho to be introduced as their surprise tag team partner for a match against the Wyatt Family, when a fan sporting attire similar to that of the former Shield members entered the ring. The man stood next to Reigns and Ambrose and looked Reigns in the face before being tackled by security. The man was reportedly charged with trespassing and sentenced to 10 days in jail.

12 Roman Reigns hit by briefcase

This one is a little different as the fan didn't physical entire the ring, but he still invaded in his own way. During an August 2015 WWE house show in Vancouver, British Columbia, Roman Reigns was fighting Bray Wyatt when a fan threw a replica Money in the Bank briefcase into the ring and struck Reigns in the back of the head. Security quickly grabbed the man and escorted him out of the building amid chants of "throw him out".

11 Referee and announcer take out fans

During a December 15, 1997 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, Diamond Dallas Page was in the ring cutting a promo and calling out Curt Hennig. When the NWO music hit two fans tried to rush the ring. The first fan was knocked to the ground and kicked by referee Randy “Pee Wee” Anderson. Anderson then grabbed the fan by the shirt and put his hands around the guy's face and took him back to the ground until security removed him. The second fan, meanwhile, was immediately yanked feet first out of the ring by the announcer as soon as he entered.

10 Fan tries to strip at WrestleMania 23

John Cena and Shawn Michaels were in the ring preparing to begin their main event match at WrestleMania 23 when a fan jumped into the ring and took off his shirt. The fan was quickly tackled by security and referee Mike Chioda. As the fan was escorted from the ring, Michaels sat on the turnbuckle and waved goodbye. If you're going to make the dumb decision to invade the ring, you might as well do it on the grandest stage of them all.

9 Macho Man's takedown

During the May 17, 1999 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, Macho Man Randy Savage put a beatdown on Kevin Nash and then began putting lipstick on Nash's face. A fan slipped past security and into the ring, but he was tackled to the ground by Savage. Savage punched the fan to keep him down and then security quickly grabbed the man while Savage went back to beating Nash.

8 An impromptu fan match

At the beginning of a tag team match that pitted John Cena and Daniel Bryan against Antonio Cesaro and Tyson Kidd during an April 2015 taping of WWE Smackdown in London, England a comedy group known as Trollstation invaded the ring and began fighting with each other. One of the members of the quintet hit another with a Rock Bottom and then stood on the ropes and raised his arm in the air before sliding out of the ring. The five of them were taken down by the referee and security guards and escorted from the ring. The group caught the incident on video and uploaded it to FunnyOrDie.com

7 Nash's fan beatdown

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The July 7, 1996 WCW pay-per-view Bash at the Beach is often remembered as the night Hulk Hogan turned heel and joined forces with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the New World Order. What seldom gets mentioned is that after the match ended that when Sting and a referee were carrying Randy Savage away, a fan tried to enter the ring. The man was knocked to the ground by Kevin Nash and received several kicks from Nash and Hall before falling to the outside and being apprehended by security.

6 Fan knocks Guerrero off a ladder

Typically when a fan invades a ring their actions have no real impact on the ongoing match. That was not the case during a May 27, 2002 edition of Monday Night Raw. During a ladder match for the Intercontinental Title between the late Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam, Guerrero was climbing the ladder to retrieve the belt when a fan wearing an Edmonton Oilers jersey entered the ring and pushed the ladder from underneath Guerrero. Guerrero jump as the ladder was pushed and fortunately, landed on his feet. The fan put up his fists in preparation for a fight before he was tackled from behind by the referee, and received a punch and kick from Guerrero.

5 Randy Orton gets attacked

During a 2013 house show in Cape Town, South Africa, WWE Superstar Randy Orton was standing on the turnbuckle raising his arms in his signature pose as part of his entrance when a fan came up from behind and swung his fist up between Orton's legs hitting him with a low blow. The fan stood ready for a battle with the Viper, before he was grabbed by security. As the fan was being shoved out of the ring, Orton kicked him and gave him the middle finger.

4 Referee Mark Curtis shows off his wrestling skills

A September 8, 1997 match on WCW Monday Nitro pitted Dean Malenko against Psycosis. After fighting some of the match outside of the ring, Malenko threw his opponent back into the ring and re-entered himself, followed shortly after by a fan who had jumped the barricade. The fan was immediately kneed in the head by 150 pound referee Mark Curtis. Curtis then grabbed the fan in a choke hold unto security could apprehend him. This incident earned Curtis the moniker, The Shooter. A great part of this clip is Bobby Heenan is so unfazed and he still manages to get a good dig in on the fan.

3 Triple H saves his mother-in-law

It's unclear what this fan was trying to do, but one thing was certain; he had jumped the barricade and was heading towards Linda McMahon. Triple H was the biggest heel in the company but storylines and characters are tossed aside when a wrestler feels someone is in danger. Triple H didn't hesitate in taking the invader to the ground and immediately went back into character once security had a hold of him. What a pro.

Going after the owner's wife? It's safe to say this fan hasn't been allowed at a WWE event since.

2 Raven gets his promo interrupted

WCW Superstar Raven was sitting in the corner of the ring cutting a promo for a feud with Diamond Dallas Page during a 1998 edition of Thunder when a fan grabbed him from behind by the head and pulled him to the floor outside of the ring. The fan was grabbed by security and Raven returned to the ring and continued his promo, although it took a minute for his microphone to work again.


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