Top 15 Times Randy Orton Was A Huge Jerk

Randy Orton may be one of the most physically gifted professional wrestlers of all time, but he's one of the biggest jerks in the industry too. Perhaps it's that natural ability that leads to him thin

Randy Orton may be one of the most physically gifted professional wrestlers of all time, but he's one of the biggest jerks in the industry too. Perhaps it's that natural ability that leads to him thinking that it's okay to talk down to some people or dish out his own personal brand of justice. Maybe it's just the way he is, but there's one thing that's for certain, Randy Orton can be a real jerk and he's proven that time and time again in the past with situations that we will cover in this article.

There doesn't seem to be anyone that is safe from his outbursts as you will see, whether you're a fellow wrestler, a reporter or a fan; there's just no telling where The Viper will spit his venom at next.

While a lot of the major incidents involving Orton getting out of line seem to be behind him, he left quite the black mark on his resume in a short amount of time. Let's go down memory lane and took a look at some of the many examples which saw Orton cross the line.

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15 Venting Frustrations With Police

It takes a certain amount of smugness to consider being pulled over by the cops as an Instagram opportunity, but Randy Orton did in 2014. Orton was pulled over in Florida for having windows that were too tinted, but it doesn't seem like the first time he'd gone through such an experience, posting "Really? Again? You’d think the State Hwy Patrol would have bigger fish to fry then me and my overly tinted windows."

That, along with the photo he posted, showing him in the driver's seat with a cop car waiting behind him, shows just how little he cared for that situation. What it also shows is that he knew that his windows were above the legal limit, but just didn't care.

14 "Eddie's In Hell"

It's hard to take anything that the WWE puts on television too seriously, as the wrestlers are just characters acting out a script. That makes it tough to call anyone a jerk over something they do in character. However, things went a little too far following the death of Eddie Guerrero, which led to the big push Rey Mysterio received in 2005. After Rey won the Royal Rumble, he entered into a program with Randy, who never took the little guy very seriously, claiming that all of his recent success wasn't thanks to his hard work, but because of Eddie.

While cutting a promo against the the master of the 619 on SmackDown, Orton told Rey that he shouldn't be looking up for Eddie because he wasn't up there, but that he was in hell. It's one thing to insult, or even attack, a rival's family like Orton did when feuding with John Cena, as that's very clearly part of the show, but it's hard to imagine that the comment Randy made on that night to Rey didn't ruffle more than a few feathers in the Guerrero family. The WWE wasn't as scripted then, so it's possible Randy came up with that line himself, and likely had to clear it with Eddie's family. The reason isn't so low on the list is because of the uncertainty involving this promo.

13 Multiple Suspensions

It's interesting that Randy Orton would come out and poke fun at Brock Lesnar for failing a recent drug test before his fight at UFC 200 considering his own checkered pass with WWE's wellness policy. His first suspension in 2006 technically wasn't because of the policy, but for "unprofessional conduct," as he was allegedly seen backstage at a SmackDown taping rolling a joint in the locker room, earning himself a 60 day vacation for the stunt.

It only took roughly five months for his first official violation to take place, getting himself suspended again, but for violating the Wellness Policy this time. A year later, in August of 2007, a report was leaked out that listed a total of 11 WWE performers were receiving performance enhancing drugs of some kind, with Orton being one of the eleven. However, the allegations were before the Wellness Policy was in place, so he avoided his second strike, until 2012 that is.

That's when Orton officially failed his second Wellness Test and earned another 60 days off, this time for testing positive for an enhancer called Dianabol. Maybe there have been some enhancements in Viperville after all.

12 Trashes A Hotel Room


The European tour is often a time where wrestlers really like to cut loose, go out a little later or make some decisions that they normally would never make while on the usual grind.

What should come as a surprise to no one reading this, Randy Orton took things a step too far in 2007, when he was found passed out in his room that looked like a tornado had just passed through. When all was said and done, there was roughly $50,000 worth of damage done to the room, earning Orton a trip home for unprofessional conduct, yet again. Randy managed to avoid any fines or suspensions from the WWE somehow, but did have to pay for the damage done to the room himself.

11 Allegedly Berating Fans At Airport


There's nothing worse than getting off a long flight and not being able to relax. We get that, but there's a right way to handle things and a wrong way to handle things and this list wouldn't exist if Randy Orton chose the right way.

The WWE crew was flying back from a European tour, landing in Albany, NY, as fans were there waiting to grab a photo or, if they were lucky, an autograph from their favorite Superstars. Since they're always in the limelight, you'd think that wrestlers would get used to these sorts of things, but on this night, Orton allegedly had enough of the whole situation.

According to the people that were there, Orton started berating the fans following the long tour and flight, letting his emotions out for the world to see. When you're a professional athlete of any kind, fan interaction comes with the territory. Berating fans for being fans is no way to go about it.

10 Threatening Talent Backstage


There's a lot of things you can learn by being a WWE Referee, like how terrible wrestlers really can be backstage. According to former referee and Superstar Brad Maddox, Randy Orton fits that bill, as he displayed some very childish behavior in front of him. If something happened during a match that Orton didn't approve of, or if he thought the match wasn't as good as it could have been, Randy wasn't one to let that slide, tearing into his opponent as soon as the two got on the other side of the curtain.

Maddox says that Orton would occasionally even go so far as to threaten the unfortunate soul that was his opponent for that night, no matter who was around to see and hear whatever horrible things he'd be yelling and there tended to be more than a few around. Considering that Orton would yell at fellow wrestlers in the gorilla position, the area just behind the curtain where producers and big wigs sit to watch the show, it wasn't uncommon for Vince McMahon himself to bear witness to these actions.

9 Gives Insulting Radio Interview

Randy Orton has never been known for his bedside manner, but in an interview with a local radio station, he took things a little too far, even for his standards. Orton was clearly shooting from the hip on this day, as he let loose and let his true feelings be known on a few different subjects. Most egregiously of them all were his comments about Kelly Kelly, claiming that the young lady had slept with a minimum of ten of his co workers, but he wasn't keen on stopping there.

He went into a story about how he had heat from the management about comments he made about The Rock, pretty much saying that John Cena is a better mic worker than The Great One, and that he thinks that The Rock went over his head to complain to the big dogs instead of bringing it up to Randy himself. To cap it all off, he insulted both of them at the same time when he was asked by the host if he thinks The Rock slept with Kelly, responding with "He may as well have."

8 Helping To Get Kennedy Fired


For the entirety of his WWE career, Mr. Kennedy always seemed to be walking a tightrope between breaking through into the main event scene and being let go. He put his foot in his mouth a few times and did a few things that the guys in charge couldn't have been too happy about, but he had the ability in the ring and on the mic to overcome his self made hurdles.

His injury history was something that he had a much harder time getting over though, as it seemed like every time he was in position to get sent to the top, the injury bug sent him back down. After recovering from his most recent injury, he stepped into the ring with Randy Orton. Orton was coming off an injury himself, having had surgery to repair his shoulder when the two collided in a multi-man tag match on Raw where Kennedy executed a sloppy back drop that sent Randy down on his shoulder.

Orton was none too pleased with Mr. Kennedy... and addressed the situation backstage about his carelessness in the ring that proved to be the death knell in Ken's WWE coffin.

7 Flipping Out On Reporter

As a top star in the WWE, it's widely expected for you to give out interviews to pretty much anyone that asks, so you can spread the good word of Vince McMahon, giving off a positive vibe for the company and trying to draw some more eyes onto whatever program it is you're there to promote.

That all sounds simple enough, but it seems as if that was too much to ask of Randy Orton while he was being interviewed by for a Mexican network to promote an upcoming event in the area. The reporter started off with an odd but simple question, wondering what Randy usually has for breakfast, which seemed to annoy Orton but he didn't lost control yet. It was when the reporter began digging into Randy's injury history and asking if he was fragile that sent Orton over the edge. Randy began losing it on the reporter, intimidating the much smaller man for doing his job. It's not 100% known if this was a work or a shoot, but considering Orton's history, this came across as far too genuine to be scripted.

6 "Latino Ms. Piggy"


When you have as big of a following on social media as Randy Orton does, there are certain things that you just can't do. That includes insulting someone who took a picture with you in a tweet to your girlfriend, which really should go without saying.

Now, to be somewhat fair to Orton, the lady in the photo had allegedly been harassing him and cyber bullying his girlfriend for a while before the two happened to run into each other at a gym in Texas. The women in the photo also said The Viper was a douche when she tweeted out the photo, but there's no excuse for tweeting a vicious insult about anyone to your millions of fans, as he reposted the image on his Twitter feed, calling her the latino Ms. Piggy. That sounds like something he would call Vickie Guerrero in a storyline on television, not something a real person should say to another.

5 Yelling At Kofi Kingston During A Match

These days, it seems like it'll be impossible for Kofi Kingston to ever climb his way out of the mid card and into main event relevancy, but there was a time where he was tapping on that glass ceiling and was just about to break through, thanks to a feud with Randy Orton.

Kofi was finally getting more serious and looked more threatening than he ever had up until that point and seemed to be right on the edge of truly cementing himself as a main guy for years to come... until he got up too early. Towards the end of a match involving Kingston and Orton, Kofi was supposed to stay down on his hands and knees to eat a punt kick, but got up to his feet to suffer an RKO instead. Orton clearly didn't like that and let everyone watching know by yelling at Kingston and calling him stupid multiple times before going for the cover. We don't know for sure whether Orton complained about this to the folks backstage, but it just so happens that Kingston's big push ended there.

4 Allegedly Spits Gum At A Fan


As you should be well aware of by now, when Randy Orton isn't in the mood to sign an autograph or take a photo, he's really not in the mood, as a young fan learned outside of a restaurant.

After snapping a pic of Orton, a 15 year old fan requested that The Viper pose for another picture, which is something that Randy did not take very kindly to. The story goes that not only did Orton deny the request, but he did so in classic Legend Killer fashion, spitting gum in the fan's face and calling him a derogatory name in the process. Unsurprisingly, the young fan's mom took umbrage with Orton's actions and wasn't afraid to let Randy know about it, to which he replied "so sue me" before getting back in his car and leaving.

3 Going AWOL


It seems that even as a teenager, Randy Orton had a certain aloofness about him, making him think that commitments and rules that everyone else adhered to wouldn't apply to him. You don't have to look any further than his rather short stint in the United States Marine Corps for proof of that, as he was unwilling to hold up his end of the bargain.

Apparently, shortly after signing up with the Corps, Randy found that life there wasn't exactly what he had in mind and wanted to get out as soon as humanely possible. After trying to injure himself and even pretending to not be able to walk for weeks failed to get himself sent home, Orton decided to take things into his own hands and head home himself hoping to be arrested by the military police and discharged from service. Things didn't work out exactly the way he had hoped though, as it seems as if no one really cared that he was gone, forcing Randy to turn himself in back at base camp, where he his superior was willing to put him back to work. Orton wasn't about to let that happen though, so he did the only thing that he could at that point and blatantly disobeyed his superior, landing him time in military prison and the discharge papers that he worked so hard for.

2 Destroying Personal Property


Poor Rochelle Loewen was just trying to get through her first day with the WWE, in what would surely be an exciting, yet terrifying time for anyone, when she made the mistake of not recognizing Randy Orton backstage.

The story goes that after Loewen failed to realize who she was talking to, Orton stormed off in a huff, getting their relationship off to a bit of a rocky start. Later in the day, Randy continued to torment the new hire with various juvenile antics until he found the golden opportunity to strike. While Rochelle was off doing a pre-tape interview with Eric Bischoff, Orton snuck his way into the female locker room and found himself alone with a bag containing all of Ms. Loewen's personal belongings. The story that goes around the internet these days is much worse than reality, as he didn't defecate in the bag as many believe, but instead poured baby oil and tanning lotion inside the bag, ruining everything that was in there. Welcome to the WWE Rochelle!

1 Taking A Fan's Camera


If there's one thing for you to take away from this list it's this: under no circumstances should you try to take a picture with Randy Orton. One fan learned that the hard way back in 2007 when he asked Orton for a quick picture to which Randy replied "Everyone just wants a quick picture" before taking the fan's camera and throwing it! Another patron was able to catch the camera before any serious damage was done to it and gave it back to the original fan, who noticed that the memory card was missing from the camera.

Someone who paid attention to the incident had called the police, but Orton was able to avoid any serious trouble by giving the camera owner a $100 bill for his troubles. It wouldn't be Randy Orton if that was the end of it though, as the hush money had a personal note on it that said "To: Dips***." Classy!

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Top 15 Times Randy Orton Was A Huge Jerk