Top 15 Times Stephanie McMahon was Dissed, Embarrassed, or Ridiculed

Stephanie McMahon – daughter of the boss – was first introduced to the WWE audience back in 1999 when she was involved in a storyline with The Undertaker – an angle which would see Stephanie abducted by 'Taker and almost forced to join him in an unholy union.

Stephanie began her on-screen WWE career as the innocent offspring of Vince McMahon but as time progressed so would Stephanie. She was soon involved in a storyline marriage with Triple H, turning her heel and ushering in the McMahon-Helmsley regime. This on-screen romance would of course develop into real life full-blown love as Triple H and Stephanie were married a few years later.

Over the years, Stephanie has been involved in many WWE storylines. From her first glimpse of innocence to her alignment with Triple H to her purchase of ECW and subsequent involvement in the Invasion angle. Stephanie was also the very first General Manager of SmackDown. Today, she assumes a role in The Authority along side her husband.

Throughout her tenure in WWE, Stephanie has often been the subject of mockery for many of the superstars – all of which she has taken in stride. Stephanie has been called a lot of things and accused of many actions all for the sake of entertainment – truly indicative of her profession. The McMahon DNA is clearly evident when we look at some of Stephanie's past angles and segments.

In this article, we will take a stroll back to some of our favorite Stephanie McMahon memories. Particularly, those which have been less-than-flattering towards the daughter of the boss. Stephanie has endured many harsh words and hard humor since first appearing on WWE television – and the following are some of the most memorable.

These are the top 15 times Stephanie McMahon was dissed, embarrassed, or ridiculed:

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15 Daniel Bryan Talks Trash and the Letter "B"

SummerSlam 2013 marked the biggest achievement of Daniel Bryan's wrestling career when he defeated John Cena to capture his very first WWE Championship.

However, the celebration was short lived when Triple H – who appointed himself special referee for the match – decided to pedigree Bryan and have Randy Orton cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

The following night on Raw, Stephanie McMahon would make her way down to the ring to confront an angered Daniel Bryan – stating that what her husband had done was simply “best for business.”

Stephanie would inform Daniel Bryan that while he is not an “A,” he was a solid “B+.” Bryan, not taking too kindly to this grading, would insinuate a word that began with the letter “B”in regards to Stephanie.

Prior to the alphabetical slander, Bryan would also refer to Stephanie as “trash.”

14 The Undertaker Tells the "Truth"

Survivor Series 1999: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is ran over by a car in the parking lot of the Joe Louis Arena. This was done as a way to write Austin off of television as he required neck surgery. The operation would keep Austin away from competition for nine months.

Upon his return to the WWE, the speculation as to who was behind the wheel that night in Detroit began to circulate throughout the locker room. With constant accusations being thrown around, Stephanie McMahon took it upon herself to call out The Undertaker on an episode of SmackDown and accuse him of being the culprit.

The Undertaker would then enter the ring and tell the “truth.”

13 No Handshake for CM Punk

SummerSlam 2011 was the height of the “Summer of Punk.” The Straight Edge superstar was set to do battle with John Cena to determine who was the real WWE Champion. Once again with Triple H serving as special guest referee.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon was on hand to wish both competitors luck. When meeting face-to-face with Punk, Stephanie would mention Punk's pipebomb promo and his inflammatory remarks. Stephanie would then proceed to extend her hand to Punk and wish him luck in his match.

However, CM Punk would refuse the handshake for certain reasons.

12 Trish Leaves Stephanie in the Hay

No Way Out 2001: Steve Austin and Triple H did battle in a brutal Three Stages of Hell match. Meanwhile, The Rock defeated Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship – setting up the second Austin/Rock WrestleMania main event.

On the card that night was another match: a bout of female competitors when Stephanie McMahon would face-off against Trish Stratus in a match fueled by hatred. Stephanie and Trish had been at odds for quite some time and were ready to settle their score but not before Trish would find a way to embarrass her nemesis on on episode of SmackDown.

While backstage in Kansas City, Trish would attack Stephanie and leave her laying in a pile of hay and dosed in a suspicious brown liquid.

11 Chris Jericho/Edge/Christian: The Zit Hat-Trick

During the Invasion angle, Stephanie McMahon would make a fair amount of enemies from the WWE side of things and would often be the focal point of their humor.

While backstage one night, Stephanie would run into Chris Jericho – a constant thorn in her side. Jericho would point out a zit on Stephanie's face which she was attempting to conceal.

That is when Edge and Christian would enter the scene and continue to add fuel to the fire already ignited by Jericho.

10 DX Propose a Shower

When Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were first “married” on-screen, it was presented as a farce marriage – that Triple H had drugged Stephanie and the pair were wed at a Las Vegas drive-thru chapel.

Before the storyline transferred into Stephanie actually going along with the marriage and turning on her father, a comical backstage interaction between Stephanie, Triple H, and X-Pac took place where the boys proposed that Stephanie join them and the New Age Outlaws in the shower.

9 The Rock Sings "Happy Birthday"

The Rock has been known to sing a song or two during his time in WWE – putting on “Rock Concerts” for the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and John Cena.

The Rock has also been known to sing a little number in the middle of a promo or interview – a random, ramblin', Rocky rendition.

When it came time to celebrate the birthday of one Stephanie McMahon, The Rock found the time to take a few moments and send his best birthday wishes to Stephanie – serenading her with a very special version of “Happy Birthday.”

8 From the Bottom of a Stone Cold Heart

When it was reveled that Triple H was in fact the mastermind behind the running down of “Stone Cold' Steve Austin, The Texas Rattlesnake would unleash a violent outpouring upon the WWE unlike ever before.

In the lead up to No Way Out 2001 – where Austin and Triple H would do battle in an epic Three Stages of Hell match – a stipulation was put in place whereas both men where not to have any physical contact with the other prior to the Pay-Per-View.

However, this rule did not apply to Stephanie McMahon as Stone Cold would take out some of his verbal and physical aggressions on Mrs. Helmsley.

7 Randy Orton Steals a Kiss

WrestleMania XXV: an evolutionary main event between Triple H and Randy Orton for the WWE Championship was set to take center stage.

The former Evolution members would develop a strong animosity towards one another as the weeks passed by and the world prepared for the big event. In the midst of heated promos and physical altercations, Randy Orton would take it one step further.

With Triple H handcuffed in the corner, Orton would plant Stephanie McMahon face first into the mat with a vicious DDT. Orton followed his assault of Stephanie with a kiss – planting one on an unconscious wife as her helpless husband look on in horror.

6 Triple H Defends his Manhood

The WWE has seen a fair share of odd and unexpected pairings and partnerships over the years. Often times, sworn enemies will become allies for the greater good or evil. One of the strangest and certainly unexpected pairings came when Chris Jericho aligned himself with Stephanie McMahon.

Jericho had been the biggest nuisance in Stephanie's life for the longest time. The originator of many Stephanie-themed insults. These circumstances changed when Chris Jericho became the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion – soon after; developing a working relationship with Stephanie McMahon – en route to WrestleMania X8 where Jericho was to defend his gold against Triple H.

The heat was on between Triple H and Jericho/Stephanie as Jericho was now defending the honor of his new associate. Meanwhile, Stephanie would take every chance she could to slander the name of Triple H – even going as far as exposing his “manhood.”

The Game, not willing to sit idly by while Stephanie bad mouthed his character, would respond to her remarks with his own personal put down of Stephanie's “womanhood.”

5 Chris Jerich Finds Suitors from Another Planet

All right, as much as a Jericho/Stephanie alliance was a welcomed change, let's get back to one of Jericho's favorite pastimes; tormenting Stephanie McMahon.

Chris Jericho would often insinuate that Stephanie was a promiscuous young woman – frequently making reference to men she had been with. One night on Raw, Jericho took it upon himself to help Stephanie out and find her a suitable mate.

Y2J would then introduce Stephanie to her suitors, members of the Planet of the Apes.

4 Brock Lesnar vs. Stephanie McMahon

During Stephanie McMahon's tenure as General Manager of SmackDown, she spent a great deal of time at odds with her father and his on-screen mistress, Sable.

Eventually, Vince would test the very fiber of his daughters being when she was given an ultimatum: leave her position as GM or face Brock Lesnar in a match. Stephanie chose the latter and despite insurmountable fear was set to face Lesnar in the ring.

The match itself never officially started but still Stephanie was subjected to physical abuse at the hands of Brock Lesnar – all under the devious watchful eye of her father.

3 'Till Triple H Do Us Part

Triple H made a memorable comeback to WWE in January of 2002 on Monday Night Raw live from Madison Square Garden, following months away due to injury.

That year, Triple H would enter and win the Royal Rumble, earning himself a main event match on the “Grandest Stage of Them All.” During this period in Triple H's career, his on-screen marriage to Stephanie was dwindling.

In an attempt to keep Triple H on her side, Stephanie would fake a pregnancy – a circumstance to which Triple H would soon become aware.

In an elaborate setup, Triple H and Stephanie were set to renew their wedding vows on live television but instead Triple H would unceremoniously dump and humiliate Stephanie in front of the live audience.

2 Stone Cold and a Sticky Beer Tray

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Stephanie McMahon have had a tricky relationship over the years in WWE. Stephanie has taken her share of Stunners while Austin has taken his share of slaps.

There was once a time when Stephanie was the biggest fan and advocate of Stone Cold when The Texas Rattlesnake stepped in as the leader of The Alliance.

One night, while the duo were foes, Stephanie would put Austin to work but not in a wrestling capacity. Instead, Austin was forced to sell beer and hot dogs with the ramifications beings that he would never again be afforded a title shot should he fail to complete his task.

Austin would indeed sell ever last beer and hot dog by night's end to The APA and with that take a little souvenir from Stephanie.

1 Chris Jericho and The Rock Switch Hit Insults

The Invasion angle which took place following Vince McMahon's purchase of WCW has been heavily criticized as many feel the use of the WCW brand was not properly executed.

While this is an argument for another day, the angle was not an absolute failure as many would have you believe. It was during this angle when Stephanie McMahon would take a major onslaught of insults and put-downs – some of which were the most entertaining of her career.

The top of these insults coming from Chris Jericho on Monday Night Raw – with an assist from The Rock – who was out to address Booker T who was standing in the ring along side Stephanie and Rhyno. This night, Jericho would take making fun of Stephanie McMahon to another level.

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