Top 15 Times Triple H was Selfish

Along with being one of the biggest stars of his generation, Triple H is also one of the most polarizing figures in all of wrestling. There doesn’t seem to be a middle of the road when it comes to opinions on The Game, as people either hate him or love him.

Despite putting on some terrific matches, and having some of the best heel work of all time, many people seem to mix up Triple H the character with Paul Levesque the person. To be honest it is pretty understandable, as the lines of reality have been blurred to the max in regards to Triple H’s actual stroke in the company. He is legitimately the Executive Vice President of Talent and has actually been the son in law to Vince McMahon for over a decade.

Perhaps his influence backstage is what has led him to main event so many WrestleMania shows, and countless secondary pay per views. Whatever the reason, Triple H has been thrust into an elite status in WWE and whether it was on purpose or not, he has thrown his weight around on multiple occasions.

Remember that blurred line we talked about earlier? Well here is where it comes into play, because Triple H is in all reality a gifted athlete and performer; conversely, there is no way all of the things listed below are pure accidents or coincidences.

So it is up to the reader to interpret whether or not these are acts of business or selfishness. If the internet has proven anything, it’s that there is always something else wrong with Triple H, so as always please leave a comment below and let us know what we missed.

With all that, here are the top 15 times Triple H has been selfish.

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15 Trying to Bury Rocky Maivia

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It was clear from the get-go that WWE had big plans for Dwayne Johnson. While his rise didn't go the way they intended, he did it his own way. There was one guy trying to rise up the WWE ladder at the same time though and he tried to ensure Rocky Maivia wouldn't surpass him.

After Maivia beat Hunter for the Intercontinental title, Triple H suggested to Vince McMahon that the newly turned heel Bret Hart beat the rookie for the title. This was clearly trying to kill two birds with one stone, as Hart beating Maivia would mean a demotion for Hart to the midcard and a nonsensical defeat of a guy the WWE had billed as their next top star. Thankfully Hart refused, saying a win would do nothing for either him or The Rock.

This was Triple H trying to bury a professional rival who was going after the top spot like him and possibly corroborating with HBK to knock Hart down a few pegs. Perhaps this is why The Rock and Triple H's rivalry was so good in the past. There clearly was some professional animosity and both guys were hungry to climb the ladder. Triple H just decided to play it dirty.

14 The Booking and Beating of Sting

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This entry is the most recent development in the Triple H selfishness saga, as his handling of Sting’s WWE debut is highly questionable. The Icon Sting was the only WCW holdout to never sign with WWE, and after waiting over a decade, the WWE Universe finally saw...Triple H beat him at WrestleMania 31.

Now an argument can be made that Sting should have lost at Wrestle<ania, due to his part time status and relatively older age. However most fans agree that Sting should have been given a warm up program leading up to an eventual angle with The Undertaker. Instead we were treated to another basic Triple H match, including the normal cast of sledgehammers, interference and Pedigrees.

13 Ending the Summer of Punk

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Triple H ended the Summer of Punk, after defeating him at Night of Champions in 2011. CM Punk was coming off the hottest angle in all of entertainment after dropping his infamous pipe bomb promo earlier that year.

Triple H originally booked Kevin Nash to wrestle Punk soon after, but soon substituted himself into the match, essentially coming out of retirement to do so. Punk and friend Colt Cabana noted this fact on The Art of Wrestling podcast after Punk's release, claiming that Triple H came out of retirement just to beat him and retired again right after.

12 Activated World Heavyweight Championship for Himself

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After Undisputed Champion Brock Lesnar was traded to Smackdown from Raw in 2002, Raw was left without a Heavyweight Champion. Seizing the opportunity to establish a new Heavyweight division on Raw, WWE creative held a tournament to crown a new champion… Just kidding, they actually just handed the title to Triple H on television.

Yes that is right, at the beginning of his reign as the son in law to Vince McMahon, Triple H was literally handed the World Heavyweight Championship by Eric Bishoff just for being Triple H.

11 His Epic Theme Music

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This may be a cheap observation, but Triple H seems to get more effort put into his theme music than any other superstar in WWE History. On five separate occasions musicians have been brought in to make awesome songs for The Game.

From his intial My Time theme, to his Evolution theme Line in the Sand, and his iconic The Game, Triple H as always had a theme song that resonated with fans. The time, money, and effort that it took the band Motorhead to record King of Kings could have easily been used to develop an iconic song for another Superstar. Hey but at least entrance music doesn't take screen time from other wrestlers matches like...

10 His Long Entrances

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Every WWE wrestler has had a quick version of their normal entrance except Triple H. For example if Steve Austin wanted to speed things up, he’d only hit two corners instead of all four for his signature turnbuckle mount. Triple H’s entrance literally takes longer than some matches on Raw do, and that’s just accounting for his weekly entrance; WrestleMania is a whole other story.

Every year at WrestleMania, Triple H has an extravagant grand entrance that spares no expense utilizing props, extras, pyro, thrones, glass, and the list goes on. Many superstars don’t even get a chance to appear on camera during WrestleMania, so wasting five minutes on an entrance for a guy past his prime is pretty selfish.

9 Defeating Umaga Three Times in a Row

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Umaga was repackaged in 2006 as a Samoan bulldozer, who could be a monster heel for the Raw roster. The new gimmick worked out pretty good, as Umaga went on to win 34 straight matches on television; only losing to John Cena at a pay per view in a title match.

Due to the character development, Umaga was still believable as a monster, until he fought Triple H at three straight pay per views...and lost all three. Yes Triple H in his infinite wisdom thought it would be a good idea to defeat a monster heel repeatedly in an effort to make himself look strong upon a WWE return.

8 Cheating on Chyna

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We can’t bash Triple H for falling in love with Stephanie McMahon, as you can’t help who you love. We can however criticize the way he went about initiating his relationship with the Billion Dollar Princess. Triple H had a very public relationship with Chyna during the late 90s, and allegedly went behind her back and cheated on her with McMahon.

Adding insult to injury, the newly formed power couple of McMahon and Triple H exiled Chyna out of the WWE, and she has remained there ever since. It seems that getting rid of her completely was the easiest move for Triple H and in the scheme of things it helped his career move forward.

7 Going Over Goldberg

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At SummerSlam in 2003, Triple H was the World Heavyweight Champion going into an Elimination Chamber Match against Goldberg, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash. The match was pretty simple to book; Goldberg comes out of his pod last, and wrecks everybody.

For the most part the match did play out the way you would think, except Triple H didn’t drop the title. In fact due to Sweet Chin Music, Triple H is actually knocked out for most of the match.

At the time the crowd was actually behind Goldberg and Trips was hurt with a groin injury, so putting the strap on Goldberg would have actually been a good idea. Instead The Game won the match with the help of his trusty sledgehammer.

6 Favoring NXT Stars

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Have you noticed that the stars who are getting pushed in WWE, are ones that were products of NXT? If you don’t agree, go ahead and look at the WWE power ranking on their website. Eighteen of the talents on that list are NXT alumni, with seven Superstars being in the top five (Wyatt Family is grouped together).

Triple H has actively ignored WWE talent who have not gone through his performance center. Wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler who aren’t in the pocket of Triple H, are not being given the same opportunities as his creations. 

5 Continuously Pushing Randy Orton

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Ever since Randy Orton entered the WWE in 2002, it seemed that the third generation Superstar was destined for a good career. When Orton joined Evolution a year later and was taken on as a pet project for Triple H, he was destined for a great career. The Game has pushed, and pushed, and pushed Orton on WWE programming year after year, often ignoring the fact that fans were tapped out.

Orton does deserve credit for his in ring ability, being one of the best when he is on his game, but it often seems as if he isn't fully invested in the match; yet he is still pushed.

The Viper gets away with tons of things because of his relationship with Triple H, so much so that he is one of the few Superstars who hasn’t been fired for multiple drug test violations. Keeping a locker room cancer, who is a hot head and drug user isn't good for business. 

4 Beating Sheamus WrestleMania 26

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In 2009 Sheamus was on a fast track to become a top star in the WWE. In his first year alone the Irish born wrestler won the WWE Championship, defeating John Cena at the TLC pay per view.

Though he lost the title a short time later, Sheamus was still hot in the eyes of fans, and challenged Triple H to a match at WrestleMania 26. Winning a match at WrestleMania against Trips could have solidified Sheamus as a bonafide top star, instead he was sent into the mid-card because of a veteran deciding to go over.

3 Beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXIX

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Brock Lesnar is an absolute beast, who may have been the most unstoppable force in WWE history upon his return in 2012. So it would only make sense that Triple H would defeat the legitimate Ultimate Fighting Champion in a match at WrestleMania 29 right? Well, it depends on who you ask I guess.

Lesnar already had lost one match by this point in his return to John Cena, effectively having him lose steam, and this second loss surely slowed his momentum. In fact some speculate that the reason Lesnar was chosen to break The Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak, was a direct result of the loss he suffered from Triple H the previous year. Speaking of the streak...

2 Taking Three Cracks at the Streak

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Many men have tried to end The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania, but only one man has tried on three separate occasions; take one guess who. After WWE blatantly tried to bury the fact that the two Superstars had already faced off at WrestleMania X-Seven, they pushed the rematch as a spiritual successor to the two classic Shawn Michaels matches from the two years prior.

The subsequent match at WrestleMania 27 is universally considered not as good as either of the HBK/Deadman bouts. Despite the outcry from fans, and lack of a storyline, Triple H continued his feud with Taker into WrestleMania 28 instead of pushing a younger talent in that position. If Taker was going to go over in the end, it would have made more sense business wise to elevate a younger talent, instead of stroking the ego of the COO.

1 Burying Booker T

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Where do we begin on this one?

In 2003 Booker T won an over the top rope Battle Royal defeating the likes of Randy Orton, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Kane and The Rock and earned a title shot at WrestleMania 19.

His opponent Triple H, decided to completely bury Booker’s past accomplishments, as well as his talents by making racially insensitive comments and false insinuations. All of the personal build up would have been fine, if Booker would have come out on top at WrestleMania. Instead Triple H won that match prompting many to examine the personal nature of the feud. Why would an already established Superstar need to degrade another wrestler so bad if he was going to win anyway? The answer is selfishness.

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