Top 15 Times Wrestlers Called Each Other Out in Real Life

Most of the WWE is staged and choreographed. Storylines are written. Promos created. Wrestlers know who will win the match beforehand—usually. And they know which major spots will take place before they walk to the ring. Wrestling is theater. It's similar to going to the circus and watching performers jump and swing from ropes, back flip into the air, and play with fire.

What makes professional wrestling different than other type of entertainment is that the performers often have real-life beef with each other that often plays out in the squared-circle (e.g., Hardy, Edge and Lita). And, at the very least, if they do have beef that doesn't culminate in an intense storyline, they often still have to square off in the ring. Wrestlers have to entertain thousands of fans who know nothing about their personal differences, but still expect a high quality product.

One problem fans often have with professional wrestling (mostly WWE) is getting behind babyfaces and heels. Some wrestlers are great at creating kayfabe heat while others struggle. Kevin Owens, for example, knows how to work a crowd. He knows when and how to taunt and how to sell a performance. Others struggle. Wrestling is a show, and in order for storylines to register with viewers, the performers need to come off as real as possible.

Much of what we'll discuss involves unique and sometimes high-profile backstage arguments and fights between wrestlers. Some of these, as we mentioned before, were made into storylines and the results were fierce, tense and memorable. Others didn’t lead to an in-ring feud, but were simple social media or interview rants that allowed fans to get a brief glimpse into the real life of professional wrestling.

15  15. Kurt Angle Calls Batista "Horrible"

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14 Triple H Says Hogan Only Cares About the Money


13 Rene Dupree Says Johnny Ace Isn’t a Family Man


In the mid-2000s the WWE was giving Rene Dupree a major push alongside John Cena. Around the same time, Dupree’s mother was suffering from cancer so Dupree asked John Laurinaitis, his boss, whether he could occasionally go home to check on her. He responded by saying:

"Well asking for time off is like the kiss of death, especially during the biggest push of your career," said Dupree. "I don’t know if you guys realize this but cancer doesn’t go away in a weekend, it’s a process. So, I never heard from him again and basically they don’t give a shit about what is going on in the wrestler’s personal lives. You are there to work and make them money and that’s all they care about. It makes them look good because they are a publicly traded company and if it makes them look good well whatever then. Good luck to them is all I have to say."

12 Triple H Believes Goldberg Isn't HOF Worthy


Triple H and Goldberg both had illustrious wrestling careers, depending, of course, on how you look at it. To Triple H, Goldberg was a passing fad and, because of that, doesn’t belong in the WWE Hall of Fame with wrestlers who dedicated many more years to the industry's service.

In an online interview to promote WrestleMania XXVII, Triple H and Shawn Michaels gave their opinion on whether Goldberg would be inducted into the Hall. Triple H responded by saying, “So, when you say, ‘What about Goldberg,’ no offense to Bill, but you’ve got guys like Bruno Sammartino that were legends with longevity that should be in there, but they’re holding out because they think they’ve got one more run. Just using Bill as an example, how many years did he wrestle? Not many.”

11 Mr. Anderson Loves That Orton Got Injured


10 Paul London Says Triple H is a “Nerd”


Paul London’s WWE career spanned five years, from 2003 to 2007. During that time he won the Tag Team Championship and Cruiserweight Championship. After spending time in the WWE, he returned to the independent circuit and competed for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

9 Randy Savage Dedicates Rap Album to Hogan


It’s not something you’ll ever hear on the radio, but Macho Man once created a rap album and titled it “Be a Man,” in honor of his former friend and enemy Hulk Hogan. Hogan was the WWE’s go-to-guy for most of the 1980s. Prior to Cena and Stone Cold, Hogan was the first “face that ran the place.” But in the late 1980s another superstar emerged: “Macho Man” Randy Savage. The two Superstars eventually joined forces as a tag-team called Mega Powers, but they eventually clash over Miss. Elizabeth who Savage was fiercely in love with and protective of.

8 Lana Accuses Paige of Bullying Her


Sure, maybe there were more historical blow ups we could have put on this list, but this entry is very significant considering it involves bullying—something the WWE makes an effort to curtail. WWE’s Be a STAR program is the company’s anti-bullying initiative. The program has 58 alliance members, including National Education Association Health Information Network, GLAAD, STOMP Out Bullying, and the United Federation of Teachers.

In November 2015, the two women got into a vicious Twitter spat. Lana accused Paige of being a “phony ‘anti-diva’” who “bullied” her in NXT. Paige shot back by saying, “Ok sweetheart. You were [in NXT] barely 2 months. If it was true you wouldn’t have deleted [the bullying message]."

7 Batista Calls Out Bubba Ray Dudley


Bubba Ray Dudley, one half of the legendary tag team The Dudley Boyz, has made quite a few real-life enemies over the years. Batista is one of them. In a tag match between The Dudley Boyz and Randy Orton and Batista, a few of the wrestlers, including Bubba, suffered injuries. All of the wrestlers blamed Bubba, who then blamed them for hurting his back when he stepped on Orton's foot mid match.

6 WWE Women Unhappy With “Divas Revolution”


The “Divas Revolution” has been a mixed bag of reviews since it first began in early 2015. When the WWE called up Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch from NXT, fans worldwide were overjoyed. Finally, the bathroom-break women’s matches would be a thing of the past. Or, so they thought. While matches have been much longer and of better quality, not all of the talent has been happy with the “Revolution's” direction.

5 Bret Hart Says Ric Flair “is a Nobody”


While Bret Hart and Ric Flair are undoubtedly two of the greatest wrestlers of all time, the two don’t think very fondly of each other. In fact, I’m going step aside and let the two of them describe their feelings:

Ric Flair on Bret Hart, in his autobiography: “I feel sorry for Bret Hart. He is a legend in his own mind. He lives in his own little world. He has the nerve to compare himself to me. Let’s get realistic. If you put Bret Hart in your left hand and me in your right hand…compare the career. Who is Bret Hart.”

4 Triple H Has Reservations About Chyna and HOF


During one of his podcasts, Stone Cold asked Triple H: "Chyna...when is she ever going to the hall of fame?" Triple H took about a full minute to finally admit why she'll probably never get in:

"Bit difficult though," said Helmsley, "And this is the flip side of the coin that no body looks like. I got an eight year old kid. And my eight year old kid sees the Hall of Fame and my eight year old kid goes on the Internet to look at Chyna, 'I never hear of her. I'm eight years old, I've never heard of her' so I go type that in and punch it up and what comes up."

3 Steve Austin Still Disgusted with 2002 Creative Team


Those who grew up watching "Stone Cold" Steve Austin wreck havoc on the WWE know how difficult it was to watch him walk out of the company in 2002. While he’s mended fences with Vince McMahon and says he “handled the [Brock Lesnar] situation like a total ass,” you can tell he’s still bitter about how Creative handled his character.

“I’m laying in a hotel, just kind of resting up for the match because I got into town early and made the drive," said Austin. "[Jim Ross calls] and told me...they wanted Brock to beat me. And I’m thinking, okay, hold it…So now all of a sudden you want me to do a job for a guy, now I love Brock Lesnar and he’s a monster…but for me to do a job for him without any kind of buildup."

2 CM Punk Rolls Over WWE 


1 Matt Hardy Becomes Part of a Fatal Love Triangle


The real love triangle that took place between Matt Hardy, Edge, and Lita is something even Hollywood would struggle to write up.

After the Hardy Boyz broke apart in the early 2000s, Matt Hardy moved to WWE's Thursday night show, SmackDown! He found some success there, and the company eventually moved him back to their flagship program, RAW. His stay on the program was short lived, however, because he suffered a knee injury, which put him on the shelf for a period of time. During this time he was also dating Lita.

As Hardy recovered, Lita grew close to Hardy's long-time rival (kayfabe) and friend Edge. Hardy eventually found out about the affair and went off the deep end. The WWE would eventually release Hardy, partly because he couldn't get himself together.

After working the independent circuit for a short time, Hardy returned to the WWE and attacked Edge on RAW (kayfabe), beginning a feud with Edge and Lita. During a promo, immediately after the attack, he called Lita a "whore" (something which stuck with her for the rest of her WWE career) and told the WWE to "kiss his ass." Whether his promo was a work or not is still debatable because he took to his website the following day and posted a rant. Here's a quick excerpt:

"I can now finally join the Movement because I am no longer controlled by the WWE. The McMahons, the Johnny Aces, and all of the WWE management can kiss my @$. I did what I did tonight because for me to live with myself, Adam "Feces" Copeland must pay. I'm not going to let the WWE forget that they f**ked up when they released me instead of that scumbag home-wrecker. And Amy Dumas, you know what's it's like to have me as your closest ally--but you're gonna hate to see what it's like to have me as your worst enemy b*tch."

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Top 15 Times Wrestlers Called Each Other Out in Real Life