Top 15 Times Wrestlers Were Fired On Air (And Whether They Were Real!)

Sometimes finding a job is a difficult thing to do. When you find that job, it may be you're dream job and under ideal circumstances you would stay with the same employer for your entire adult life. Due to differences in personality between you and your employer, or fellow employees, it is not always a match made in heaven. If that is the case, leaving under your own accord would be the second best option. Unfortunately life doesn't always work the way we want and, at times, no matter what you do, it is unavoidable to hear the words "you're fired."

Professional wrestling is no different then any other employer. No matter how well a wrestler performs in the ring, behind the scenes they may not be a model employee. Whether the termination is because of insubordination, general disdain towards the job, or an inability to get along with their fellow wrestlers, the reasons all lead to the same result. While other times they are fired simply because they are no longer needed with the promotion. To the joy of all of us at home, and in the arena, that termination of an employee will occasionally happens on screen for the world to see.

Then there are the times when the wrestler is fired kayfabe just to advance a story or to make the crowd either feel empathy towards the face, or satisfaction when the heel is fired. Mr McMahon with his low growl and extended pronunciation has made the moment something to look forward too. While Vince has portrayed arguably the greatest on-screen boss in wrestling history, he isn't the only one to fire people. Commissioners, owners and general managers have all had the honor of firing talent on screen for the world to see. We've found the top 15 instances where someone was fired on screen and we will let you know whether it was real or part of the story being told

15 15. Chavo Guerrero Jr. 

14 14. Eric Bischoff 


13 13. John Cena 


12 12. Mick Foley 

11 11. Paul Heyman 

10 10. Bret Hart 


9 9. Vickie Guerrero 


8 8. Cody Rhodes 

7 7. Jim Ross 

6 6. Sabu


5 5. Bobby Heenan 

4 4. Hulk Hogan 

3 3. Vince McMahon


2 2. Daniel Bryan


1 1. Jeff Jarrett 

The final WCW Nitro was aired on March 26th, 2001. During Raw that week, there were numerous backstage segments with Vince McMahon, who had just purchased WCW, watching both shows and commenting on both of them. In one unforgettable segment, Vince mocked Jeff Jarrett by saying they will be pronouncing his name in a different way from now on "G-double o double n double e Goonnee!!". This firing of Jarrett was real and stemmed from the end of Jarrett's previous run with WWE.  Jarrett's contract expired the day before he was scheduled to lose the Intercontinental belt to Chyna. In order to lose the belt, Jarrett got a very nice payday from Vince which was widely considered as blackmail.

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Top 15 Times Wrestlers Were Fired On Air (And Whether They Were Real!)