Top 15 Times Wrestling and Hip Hop Crossed Paths

There are many fans of the WWE Universe, including celebrities from all around the world. Whether its actors, musicians or comedians, nobody has stayed away from showing their love for the WWE. The only thing better than being a fan from a far is being a fan up close and personal. Celebrities are not only seen front row at various shows around the world, but some even had the chance to be inside of a WWE ring and interact with fans and wrestling Superstars.

This past April, Shaquille O'Neal was a surprise contestant in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 and was actually pretty impressive for the time he was in the ring. Everybody remembers when Floyd Mayweather, Jr. had a feud with the Big Show and literally broke his nose with a three piece combo. However, the biggest celebrity fans of wrestling may be the Hip-Hop/Rap community.

When many celebrities are asked what they would be if they weren't doing their current job, many say they want to be a rapper or singer. When it comes to the WWE, they are no different then anybody else. Superstars like John Cena and Randy Savage actually pursued rap careers despite being professional wrestlers. Although they have a passion for wrestling, they also have a love for music. Here are some artists in the industry today that feel the same way about the WWE. Although they have a passion for music, they have appeared on WWE events and showed their love as a fan.

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15 No Limit Soliders with WCW

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Led by rapper Master P, The No Limit Soldiers faction was formed after Master P signed a deal with WCW. The group consisted of Master P, BA, Chase Tatum, Konnan, Rey Mysterio, 4x4, and Swoll. During their short time there, they were in a feud with The West Texas Rednecks. Master P did not like the reception of the fans while he appeared in WCW, causing the stable to eventually break up.

14 Salt-N-Peppa Perform at WrestleMania XI

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After a confrontation between Pro Football Hall of Fame Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow at a Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View, a match was made between the two at WrestleMania XI. Bigelow had Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Corporation that consisted of King Kong Bundy, Tatanka, Irwin R. Schyster, Kama, and Nikolai Volkoff in his corner. Taylor had players form the NFL that included Ken Norton, Jr., Chris Spielman, Rickey Jackson, Carl Banks, Reggie White, and Steve McMichael in his corner. To make Taylor's entrance even better, Salt-N-Peppa stood at the entrance and perfromed their hit single "Whatta Man." Taylor went on to win the match and actually looked pretty good in the ring.

13 Run-DMC Perform at WrestleMania V

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To start off WrestleMania V, the iconic rap group Run-DMC performed "The WrestleMania Rap."  With the turntables set up in the ring, the group came out and did their thing to start off the show. The song was made entirely for WrestleMania V, where they rapped about various wrestlers in the WWE. This was different than any other performance by any other artists because this song was not a generic song and was created for this specific event.

12 Machine Gun Kelly Performs at WrestleMania XXVIII

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The official theme song for WrestleMania XXVIII was "Invincible" by Hip-Hop artist Machine Gun Kelly. On the biggest stage of them all, Kelly performed the song live along with singer Skylar Grey. In addition to this being the theme song, this was also the intro song for John Cena for his match against The Rock. While Kelly and Grey were performing, a slideshow was shown in the background of Cena throughout the years. Kelly performed for Cena because he said Cena was the underdog in this match and Kelly felt that he was also an underdog at his craft.

11 Snoop Dogg Performs Sasha Banks' Entrance Music at WrestleMania 32

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WWE Superstar Sasha Banks was in for the biggest match of her life at WrestleMania 32, a Triple Threat match for the Women's Championship against Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Banks knew how big a moment this was and "The Boss" came to show off at the biggest stage of them all. Banks brought out her real life cousin, hip-hop icon and WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg. Although Banks lost the match, she had one of the best entrances at WrestleMania 32.

10 Ice-T Performs at WrestleMania 2000

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WrestleMania 2000 started off with a bang, as the event would kick off with a tag team match between The Godfather and D'Lo Brown against The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan. As Brown and The Godfather walked to the ring, they were led by rap icon Ice-T, who performed his hit "Pimpin Ain't Easy." The team may have lost the match, but they definitely had the better entrance!

9 Diddy Performs at WrestleMania 29

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The official theme song for WrestleMania 29 was "Coming Home" by Diddy (or Puff Daddy to 90s kids). With WrestleMania being in his hometown of NY, he chose to come perform the song live  Instead of doing one song, Diddy surprised everybody by doing a mini concert, performing hits "Victory,” “Mo Money Mo Problems,” “It’s All About The Benjamins” and “Coming Home” with Skylar Grey. Diddy got the crowd fired up with his classic hits and firework show.

8 Wiz Khalifa Performs on Raw

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In his home town of Pittsburgh, rapper Wiz Khalifa put on a show for the WWE fans. Khalifa performed his hits "We Dem Boyz,” "Black and Yellow,” and "Go Hard or Go Home" while wearing a "You Can't See Me" John Cena shirt. Khalifa also did a promo with Damien Mizdow or "Wizdow," as Wizdow spit a freestyle backstage for him in front of The Miz. It was entertaining and had the crowd laughing the entire time. Wizdow even came out with Khalifa at the end of his performance and took a bow with him.

7 Timbaland Hosts Raw

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In 2009, on an episode on Monday Night Raw, multi-talented artist Timbaland was the guest host for the night. Timbaland was a big fan of the WWE growing up, liking wrestlers such as Ric Flair, The British Bulldog, and Dusty Rhodes. For the main event, Timbaland came down to the ring to announce the contestants with a John Cena shirt on. The main event was between John Cena and Sheamus for the WWE Championship, which did not last long as Sheamus got disqualified for putting his hands on a referee.

6 Flo Rida Appears on Raw

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On a episode of Raw earlier this year, Flo Rida appeared in his home state of Florida for the WWE Universe. With Flo Rida in the ring, The Social Outcasts came out to the ring to interrupt him  While in the ring, Heath Slater suggested that Flo Rida have a rap battle against Bo Dallas or "Bo Rida." The crowd enjoyed the segment as the two went back and forth before Flo Rida finally ended his rap by bringing out The Dudley Boyz.

5 Snoop Dogg Hosts Raw

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In a Divas match between Jillian Hall and Melina, with Chavo Guerrero was ringside as Hall's manager. Guerrero tried to interfere in the match but was stopped by Hornswoggle. Guerrero then started to attack Hornswoggle, causing Raw guest host Snoop Dogg to run down to the ring. Guerrero then pushed Dogg and taunted him, eventually pushing his face. With Hornswoggle behind him on his hands and knees, Dogg clotheslined Guerrero over his back. Dogg then speared Guerrero and brought out the WWE Divas to dance with him and Hornswoggle.

4 Flava Flav Hosts Raw

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Most people know Flava Flav from his time as a reality show star and his time in the rap game, but Flava Flav changed it up when he was the guest host of Raw in 2010. During a scene backstage, William Regal claimed that Flava Flav had no talent. Flava Flav then challenged Regal by saying "I bet you can't rap."  This surprisingly led to Regal doing a freestyle, which actually wasn't that bad and was decently funny.

3 Busta Rhymes Appears on SmackDown

On a 2002 episode of SmackDown in Atlantic City, The Rock came out to an electrifying crowd. The Rock then brought out rapper Busta Rymes, which made the place go even crazier. Rhymes started off by doing a rap about women, causing The Rock to stop him before it got out of hand. Then Rhymes and The Rock entertained the crowd with their "Under the Broadwalk" freestyle. This was a very entertaining promo that had the fans hyped up throughout.

2 Snoop Dogg Brings Out Hulk Hogan

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The Raw before WrestleMania 31 had several celebrities, including rap icon Snoop Dogg. Snoop came to the ring to talk but was interrupted by Curtis Axel, who was still doing his "AxelMania" gimmick at the time. Prior to Raw, Axel had been talking on Twitter about Snoop Dogg. With Snoop and Axel in the ring at the same time, Snoop said, "Im ready. What you want to talk about? AxelMania? SnoopMania? WrestleMania? But see it's one thing that you're missing and that's the most important 'Mania of them all. This one." Snoop then pointed towards the entrance as Hulk Hogan's music hit. Axel then tried to punch Hogan, but come on, its Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan beat him up and Snoop threw him out of the ring and did his best Hogan impersonation by ripping off his shirt, revealing a Hulkamania shirt underneath.

1 Kevin Owens Powerbombs MGK Off Ramp

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On a 2015 episode of Raw, Machine Gun Kelly guest appeared to perform a song for the crowd. After he was done performing, MGK walked back up the ramp as Kevin Owens was waiting for him at the top of the entrance clapping his hands. MGK noticed Owens and went to shake his hand. As MGK held his hand out for Owens to shake, Owens just looked at it. This caused MGK to get mad and push Owens, a decision he will regret for the rest of his life. Owens then kicked MGK and sets him up for a Powerbomb off the stage, sending MGK crashing to the floor. It was shocking to see a celebrity put in a situation like this.

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