Top 15 Times Wrestling Fans Turned on Wrestlers

The sound of the crowd erupting in excitement is an intoxicating sound for a professional athlete. This sound is seductive to the senses, an overwhelming euphoria to the eardrums caused by the mighty elation of fans.

Every team needs its fan base. Those who will the team to victory and pull them out of hapless slumps. Support in sport is a necessary part of any game. However, undying support is not an obligation of the fan.

As quickly as they fall in love, they will just as quickly turn into loathsome brutes who make no apologies for their newfound hatred. It's a sadistic situation but in many ways Hate is more hardening than Love.

Playing against the hatred helps build character. The notion of "everybody is a winner" is a sickening thought, a Liberal ideal set forth to make the Losers feel better about losing. Victory should not be given to anybody.

Ronda Rousey was feeling "suicidal" following her loss to Holly Holm. Quite recently, Holm lost the title she won from Rousey to Miesha Tate and nobody has heard news of Holm sticking her head into any ovens. With Ronda Rousey came along a woman who felt entitled. Rousey couldn't even entertain the thought of losing. How could this Queen of the Octagon ever fall from her Barbaric Throne? Well, some solid shots to the face caused that dethroning.

In the professional wrestling world, results are predetermined and losing may not provide the same effect. However, a loss is loss and in wrestling, it takes a lot for a company to choose its Winner and Champion.

Of course, that doesn't mean the fans will stand behind the Chosen as has been blatantly clear a number of times over the years. Wrestling fans are a Brutal Bunch who will always voice their vicious opinions.

These are the top 15 times wrestling fans turned on wrestlers:

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15 Hulk Hogan

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When Hulk Hogan decided to leave WWE to become an “actor,” millions of children were left heartbroken and without a hero. Then along came the guaranteed money of WCW and suddenly Hogan “missed wrestling” and felt compelled to return.

At first, the Hulkamania High hit as hard as ever but the substance of Hulk Hogan had been cut thin and soon fans were bored with the Red and Yellow Superhero antics. While Hogan would keep many loyal followers, the roof-blowing reactions had faded.

This would lead to the biggest heel turn in professional wrestling history as Hulk turned into Hollywood Hogan and sported the Black and White.

14 Bob Backlund

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Bob Backlund holds firm as the second longest serving WWE Champion in history behind Bruno Sammartino with a reign of 2,135 days. While Backlund begun as a popular champion, this popularity would fade nearing the end of Backlund's run.

The wrestling fans had simply moved past the idea of Bob Backlund whose bland personality and image had left them yawning in the stands and longing for someone new. Around this time, Vince McMahon was ready to place the company on the back of Hulk Hogan.

However, before this ride could begin, Bob Backlund needed to drop the WWE Championship. Backlund refused to turn heel in order to drop the belt to Hulk Hogan, therefore, The Iron Sheik would step in as the transitional champion.

13 Roman Reigns

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Are the fans behind Roman Reigns now? Some nights sounds as such, but when WWE produces their programming from hot wrestling towns such as New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, the crowd can be heard howling and hissing at Reigns.

The major turning point came at the 2015 Royal Rumble when the expectation of a Daniel Bryan victory was running high. However, WWE opted to eliminate the crowd favorite early on in the match in a vain attempt to remove any heat from their decision to put Reigns over.

This night would include a run-in from Roman Reigns' real life cousin, The Rock, who could not turn the scathing crowd over to Reigns' side.

12 Michael Cole

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While Michael Cole isn't a “wrestler,” his contributions to the WWE place him among this specific company. Once during a heel run, Cole described his fans as “Cole Miners” but these fans were not exactly visible or vocal during live events.

The truth is Michael Cole never stood a chance with the WWE audience. During the Attitude Era, Cole would fill in for the beloved Jim Ross on commentary while Ross dealt with personal problems and health issues. When Ross returned, the idea was to push Cole as the face and Ross as the heel.

However, fans refused to boo Jim Ross and in turn sent direct heat towards Michael Cole who was really just pitching in as best possible at the time. This hatred for Cole has remained a constant throughout his WWE career.

11 Batista

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The worst possible time for Batista to make a WWE return was during the rise of Daniel Bryan. In 2014, Batista found himself back in action and was set to be pushed as a babyface heading into WrestleMania. However, those plans were forcefully scrapped.

It was clear who should have won the 2014 Royal Rumble: Daniel Bryan. However, Bryan was not even included in the match and as a result WWE decided to go with Batista as the man to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX.

The fans were irate over this decision and quickly turned their back on Batista; forcing WWE to turn “The Animal” heel while willing Daniel Bryan into the main event picture.

10 Rocky Maivia

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The Average Joe wrestling fan will never truly appreciate the clean-cut Superstar with the pearly white style. Such a Superstar serves as a reminder to fans of those who has tormented their pasts.

When the WWE introduced Rocky Maivia, the third-generation Superstar was supposed to be a hit with the fans but instead the audience turned on Maivia instantly. No matter how much promise Maivia displayed in the ring, the fans didn't care.

This unapologetic hatred towards Rocky Maivia would force WWE to pull back and reintroduce the man behind the character; the man who became known as The Rock.

9 The Rock

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All of a sudden, WWE had created a Superstar who would help redefine the industry during the all-important Attitude Era. The Rock was and remains one of the most popular WWE Superstars in the history of the promotion.

And surely the people would never turn their back on "The People's Champ," right? Wrong. The flip would take place at WrestleMania X8 in Toronto where The Rock would challenge and defeat "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan.

That night in Toronto re-established Hulk Hogan, as his popularity had once again soared. Perhaps it was simply the steady dose of administered nostalgic but nonetheless, the live crowd of the Great White North turned on The Rock in favor of Hogan.

8 Lita

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The wrestling fairytale of Lita and Matt Hardy would come to a terrible and decisive end when the Diva found love in the arm of another man while still involved with Hardy. Enter, "The Rated-R Superstar" Edge.

Lita was loved by guys and girls alike. All the boys wanted to be with Lita while all the girls wanted to be like Lita. However, when news of Lita straying from Matt Hardy broke, the Diva became Public Enemy #1 in the wrestling world.

Unflattering chants directed towards Lita would echo throughout arenas, to the point where WWE could no longer ignore the hatred as they would place Lita alongside Edge on WWE programming.

7 Goldberg - Part 1

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While its no secret that much of WCW's success is attributed to the acquisition of former WWE talent, there is one man who WCW can claim as their own. This of course is the former professional football player, Bill Goldberg.

Goldberg rose through the ranks of WCW in a flash and the fans latched on despite Goldberg's lack of actual in-ring ability. With the help of a dominant undefeated streak and eventual capture of the WCW Championship, Goldberg was the new man in town.

However, the streak would come to an end at the hands of Kevin Nash and the momentum was completely lost. Goldberg went away for a while to heal an injury but upon his return was no longer greeted as a hero. Goldberg fans had checked out.

6 Goldberg - Part 2

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There was definitely a buzz surrounding the arrival of Goldberg in WWE and for a moment, the fans felt good about seeing the old WCW powerhouse finally make his way over to the WWE side.

However, Goldberg and WWE didn't quite work out as well as anybody had hoped. That indefinable presence was no longer there. Goldberg was soon just another WWE Superstar and within a year decided to leave the company.

In Goldberg's farewell match at WrestleMania XX against Brock Lesnar, who was also leaving WWE following that night, the crowd was relentless in showing their disdain for Goldberg on his way out the door (Lesnar experienced heavy heat as well that night).

5 Bret Hart 

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Bret Hart may not have worn Red and White to ring but the Pink and Black wrestling experts was always hailed as a Canadian Hero. Hart and his family are considered Canadian Wrestling Royalty.

While Canada never left Bret Hart's side, South of the border was a different story. The American fans quickly grew to hate Hart who in turn would flaunt his Canadian Patriotism in front of the live audience.

On one side of the border, Bret Hart was greeted with open arms while on the other side, "The Hitman" was greeted with furious fists, ready to fight.

4 Shawn Michaels

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Much like his archrival Bret Hart, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels was showered with praise on one side of the border while being scorned on the other side. Michaels may have been The Man in America but HBK was wanted for crucifixion in Canada.

While Bret Hart certainly spoke much slander towards the American fans, Shawn Michaels pushed the Canadians fans a lot harder with his Degenerate antics which included shoving the Canadian flag up his nose and simulating sex with the flag.

Many years have gone by and many Canadians remain bitter towards Shawn Michaels for his disrespectful actions and his involvement in The Montreal Screwjob. Michaels may never have Canada full on his side ever again.

3 King of the Ring 1995

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If you didn't know about Extreme Championship Wrestling prior to the 1995 King of the Ring Pay-Per-View, you certainly knew about ECW at night's end. The event itself would take place in Philadelphia; home of the Extreme.

During the King of the Ring tournament final between Mabel and Savio Vega, the crazed Philadelphia fans began a loud "ECW" chant while members of the promotion sat ringside during the event.

On this particular night in Philadelphia, the WWE audience actually turned on the WWE. Vince McMahon would take notice of this and eventually work with ECW on minor "invasion" storylines (Which were much better than the "Invasion" of 2001).

2 WCW Fan Base

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It is hard to believe that the mighty WWE was once staggering in the fight against WCW. This was a time when Eric Bischoff had it all going on in WCW. However, the "slow and steady wins the race" technique of WWE proved triumphant.

So, what happened to WCW? For over eighty consecutive weeks, Monday Nitro would win the ratings battle over Monday Night Raw. Then one day, the tide turn and WWE was back on top. However, WCW was not that far behind.

The problem at that point was that WCW as a whole had burned out and could not catch up to WWE; falling farther and farther behind each week. At the War's end, WWE was doubling WCW in viewers. Yes, the WCW fan base turned on every wrestler in WCW.

1 John Cena

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When did this turn occur? Can anybody really pinpoint the exact moment when the fans turned on John Cena? Sure, the kids never left his side and most young women at WWE events still ogle over Cena but what happened?

John Cena was made into the New Face of WWE back in 2005 when he captured his first WWE Championship from John "Bradshaw" Layfield at WrestleMania 21. At first, the hatred was not as hard.

However, over time John Cena would transition into the biggest Face and Heel in WWE. Somewhere along the line, somewhere, in some arena hosting a live WWE event, the fans (mainly male) turned on Cena.

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