Top 15 Times WWE Superstars Botched Their Own Finisher

WWE Superstars are professionally trained athletes. They are athletes that have spent years perfecting their craft and designing an innovative move-set.

Despite all of that hard work, on live TV things can and usually do go wrong. Injuries happen to Superstars on a daily basis. The toughest of them all manage to finish the match and look for treatment after, but the likes of Sin Cara, force a match to end after they've broken a finger.

This just goes to show how inconsistent live TV can be. It doesn't matter how prepared the Superstars are, there is always something that can go wrong. This goes for finishing moves as well.

Every Superstar has their own signature and finishing move. This move is something that they do more than any other so it's not usually something that can be botched. But as already mentioned, live TV often allows many botches, on some of the simplest of moves.

All it takes is for the opponent to jump into the move wrong or for them to be in the wrong place and suddenly the entire ending to the match needs to be remade in a matter of seconds and the entire WWE Universe knows that you messed up.

It's not an accolade that many Superstars want, but the list below details 15 Superstars and the times that they managed to deliver their own finishing move wrong, and the fact that they didn't cover it well enough so the watching audience knew that it was a botch.

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15 John Cena's FU On JBL

John Cena is one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, there was a time when his name alone could help sell out an arena and WWE knew that he was destined to be the face of the business.

That's all changed now, seemingly WWE has focused their attention on a much bigger future for their company and Cena is now wrestling on a part-time basis. that being said, Cena's FU or Attitude Adjustment as it's now known is one of the most commonly known WWE finishing moves. But at Backlash 2008 when Cena was fighting Triple H, Randy Orton and JBL for the World Championship, he didn't fully deliver his finishing move. JBL could be seen to mostly be at fault here since he's the one who jumped into the wrong position, but luckily Cena recovered and managed to deliver the move without a problem.

14 Gail Kim's Eat Defeat On Michelle McCool

Gail Kim is now widely considered to be one of the greatest female professional wrestlers in the world. Her time in WWE followed by and incredible run in TNA has helped to secure this for her but it has mostly been helped by her incredible finishing move.

Eat Defeat sees Gail force an opponent into her foot while she's falling to the floor and has become somewhat effective over the past few years. With every finishing move there is always room for disaster and Gail's was in a match with Michelle McCool. The former Women's Champion went for her finisher but McCool didn't manage to hold on to her foot and instead fell to the ground. Luckily the duo recovered to end the match, but the move was shown to be a huge botch on Michelle's behalf.

13 Kane's Chokeslam on Big Show

Kane is one of the longest running veterans still in WWE but even he has some bad days sometimes. His Chokeslam is something that has been used in WWE for the past two decades and is thought to be one of the easiest moves to deliver, to a much smaller opponent.

Kane came up against The Big Show on an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2012 and after a boot to the face, Kane hit the Chokeslam but it wasn't the kind of slam the WWE Universe were used to. It's obvious that Big Show was much heavier than Kane anticipated and he knew he was unable to pick him up so they decided on a different variation of the same move, this was just as effective but not quite good enough to trick the watching WWE Universe.

12 Mickie James's Long Kiss Goodnight On Gail Kim

Mickie James was and still is an incredibly gifted wrestler. Her title reigns have proved that much and the fact that she is the only woman to have held both WWE Women's titles and the TNA Knockout's Championship. That being said, she obviously still makes a few mistakes from time to time.

This botch came in a match between Mickie James and Gail Kim on Monday Night Raw. Mickie went for her jumping DDT finisher but it seems that Kim failed to jump it and it just went completely wrong. Mickie decided to hit her Long Kiss Goodnight finisher instead but Kim wasn't close enough and the kick never actually landed on her face so Mickie had to resort to hitting her in the face with an elbow for the win. Mickie was visibly annoyed following the match, but both women failed to cover up what was essentially a triple botch ending to a decent match.

11 Jack Swagger's Gut Wrench Powerbomb On Alex Riley

Jack Swagger is a former amateur wrestler. He has the background and he has the experience to get things done in the ring. When he first came to WWE he looked like he would be a Superstar destined for great things with the company, sadly that hasn't been the case.

Despite all of his experience, Jack still makes the odd mistake and the one that has been highlighted here is from an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2011. Swagger faced Alex Riley in a one-on-one match and Swagger looked to be going for the win with his Gut Wrench Powerbomb but he couldn't lift Alex up. Even the commentator's commented on it and it took a good few seconds for Swagger to correct himself and finally deliver the Powerbomb to Riley. It definitely wasn't a smooth transition through for either man involved.

10 Melina's Primal Scream On Jillian Hall

Melina was, without a doubt, one of the most innovative female wrestlers that WWE had ever seen. From her ring entrance to her in-ring ability, Melina had it all. Or she seemingly had it all, despite the fact that she was an incredibly talented wrestler, Melina still botched in a lot of her matches.

The most noticeable one being in her match with Jillian Hall on an episode of Monday Night Raw in 2009. Melina had just been drafted back to Raw and was facing Jillian in an attempt to win the Divas Championship back. Melina was supposed to win of her split-legged DDT which she called Primal Scream but Jillian took the move wrong and fell on the floor. This meant that Melina had to pick her back up and hit her with Last Call instead. The awkwardness of the movements after made this botch look much worse and is perhaps the reason WWE decided to take the title from Jillian in the first place.

9 Wade Barrett's Wasteland On John Morrison

For a long time, Wade Barrett was the only British Superstar on the active WWE roster and he was a very talented wrestler. He could easily have been pushed much further up the ladder than he ever was, but the company never found the right time.

Barrett rarely ever botched in the ring, which is why this one had to be highlighted. It was in a match with John Morrison on Monday Night Raw back in 2011 and it saw Morrison go for a springboard move before Barrett caught him over his shoulders. It seems the momentum of Morrison was much more than the duo had anticipated and it took Morrison over to the mat. Barrett picked him back up and delivered Wasteland to him afterwards but by then it had already been made obvious that it was a botch.

8 Trish Stratus' Stratusfaction On Mickie James

Note: Botch occurs at the 6:30 mark of the match.

Trish Stratus is the most decorated WWE Women's wrestler of all time. A seven-time Women's Champion and Diva of the Decade, not to mention a Hall of Famer! Trish managed to do it all during her short time in WWE, but she made a lot of mistakes in the ring. Botchamania is filled with video's from Trish's early days in the ring, but shockingly this botch came much later.

This was taken from a match during Trish's final year with the company when she teamed with Candice Michelle to take on Mickie James and Victoria. Torrie Wilson acted as the guest referee and after getting in Mickie's way she found Trish an opening to deliver Stratusfaction, but Trish didn't climb the ropes properly and almost fell before she hit the move. It didn't seem like it connected as well as it should. She still gained a victory for her team, but the move is now on video forever.

7 Batista's Batista Bomb On Booker T

Note: Botch occurs at 16:20 mark of the match.

Batista is a former WWE World Champion turned movie star after his role in James Bond's latest outing, but when he was inside the squared circle there was no room for a rehearsal.

The Batista Bomb was an incredibly impactful Powerbomb and after years of delivering it, there shouldn't have been a reason for Batista to botch it, but he did. It was in the World Heavyweight Championship match between himself and Booker T at SummerSlam back in 2006. Batista went for the Batista Bomb but it seems he just couldn't lift Booker into the right position. This went on for a few seconds before he finally dropped him, but it must have gone on a lot longer for the duo involved in the match and the officials watching backstage.

6 Brock Lesnar's Shooting Star Press on Kurt Angle

Brock Lesnar's F5 is thought to be one of the most devastating moves in WWE. But back at WrestleMania XIX in 2003 Lesnar was only just becoming The Beast that WWE fans all now know and love.

He faced off against Kurt Angle in the main event of the biggest event of the year and decided to head up to the top rope and deliver a Shooting Star Press. This is something Lesnar has easily delivered many times but this time, it didn't go as well. Lesnar landed almost fully on his head and had to lay on the mat for a while to evaluate what he had done. Worse than that, the move didn't get anywhere near Kurt so it just looked horrific to the WWE Universe watching from home and was made blatantly obvious that it was a botch.

5 Randy Orton's RKO on Chris Jericho

Randy Orton's RKO has become incredibly famous on Social Media over the past year after edited videos have seen the move being delivered 'from outta nowhere.' The move has gained a lot of fame with fans now chanting for it to be delivered at every show, although even Randy does it wrong sometimes.

Back in 2004, Randy was only young and when there are a lot of people in a WWE ring, it makes it much harder to put all your moves together. Chris Jericho had Batista locked in the Walls of Jericho and Orton was supposed to arrive to break up the move by RKO'ing Jericho. The problem is that Orton slipped and failed to grab Jericho's head so he just ran and fell across the ring. It turned out to be a very embarrassing day for Randy Orton.

4 CM Punk's GTS On Kane

CM Punk was once the self-proclaimed Best in the World, and much of the time he managed to back this up in the ring. Plus the fact that his 434 day run as Champion also gave him a lot of leverage, but that doesn't mean he gets away with botches in the ring.

Punk was a part of The Straight Edge Society for a while following the incredible 'Summer of Punk' and that included putting him in many matches with the likes of Kane. Who, as you can see from above, has a few botches of his own. Punk went to hit the GTS on Kane and it is evident that Kane is much heavier than Punk anticipated. Instead of then allowing Punk to knee him in the face, Kane falls to the ground and ruins the whole move. Bravo, Big Red Machine.

3 Paige's Paige Turner On AJ Lee

Note: Botch occurs at the 2:50 mark of the match.

Paige is, without doubt, one of the greatest female wrestlers to come out of the UK and the only ever British trained female to sign with the company. That being said, she could have made her debut on the main roster a lot more memorable.

Paige came out to defeat AJ Lee for her Divas Championship the night after WrestleMania XXX back in 2014. AJ goaded Paige into the match and then locked in the Black Widow, but Paige fought out and hit a rather lacklustre version of The Paige Turner to then cover AJ and win the match and the Divas Championship. Considering this was the first time many of the WWE Universe were seeing Paige in action, the former NXT Superstar couldn't have picked a worse moment to botch.

2 Lita's Moonsault On Jeff Hardy

Lita is now considered to have been one of the bravest and craziest WWE Women's wrestlers of all time. Her partnership with The Hardy Boys was something that inspired many women to take up wrestling, but it is also the source of many of her mistakes in the ring.

Lita was often used as a run-in distraction during The Hardy's matches and that is what happened in this highlighted botch here. Lita goes for the Moonsault and manages to take out both Jeff Hardy and Essa Rios which doesn't seem like it was the planned outcome. Not only that, Lita doesn't land the Moonsault safely and it looks like she may have hurt herself in the process. Of course, fans would grow to admire the fearless approach Lita would take in the ring which would help make her a legend of the industry.

1 Triple H's Pedigree on Marty Garner

Note: Botch occurs at the 3:25 mark of the match.

Triple H's Pedigree is one of the best-known finishers in WWE. It is also one of the easiest for many other wrestlers to copy when needed as well, but it seems that sometimes even Triple H has problems pulling off his own finishing move.

Back in 1996 Hunter Hurst Helmsley (Triple H) took on Marty Garner in what turned out to be a rather flashy match from both men, but it is the finish of the match that is most remembered by the WWE Universe. Triple H hit the Pedigree just a few minutes in but he managed to drop Garner completely on his head. It looked like a painful landing for his opponent, but it luckily doesn't seem like there were any lasting effects for Garner despite how bad the botch looked.

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